Love Or Sin (Part : 2 Living Under the Same Roof)

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Manik came downstairs after composing himself. He saw Shivansh , talking to someone. The person’s face was not visible to him because he was standing , facing toward another side. He reached there.

“Mr. Abhimanyu Singh..” Manik said surprisingly seeing that person. Shivansh was also surprised to know that Manik knew Abhimanyu.

“So this party is for this Manik Malhotra.” Abhimanyu asked while his eyes were still looking at Manik. They shook their hand with each other, passing each other a warm smile.

“You both know each other..” Shivansh asked to confirm , looking at them and moving his index finger from Manik to Abhi.

“We met in America during a meeting few months back. And how I can forget about that meet. I was so impressed by him.” Abhi told Shivansh while Manik was smiling. Shivansh made O shape mouth. There was one more person who was listening to their conversation and that person was Nandini. She was standing few steps away from them.

“But how you both know each other?” Manik asked raising his eyebrows. Shivansh opened his mouth to speak but Nandini said before him coming toward them.

“He is my brother.” Nandini said holding Abhi’s elbow and rested her head on his shoulder cutely. Manik rubbed his forehead looking down. Nandini’s presence was affecting him alot. He couldn’t able to resist her.

“And she is my little sister.” Abhi said and kissed her hair. Manik looked toward Abhi and passed a small smile to him. Shivansh was smiling , looking at them. Then Cabir and Mukti also came there.

“Let’s just eat something. Rats are jumping in my stomach.” Cabir said pointing his finger toward his stomach and everybody laugh looking at him.

“Tu bilkul nhi badla mere bhai..” Manik said encircling his hand around his neck. Cabir smiled looking at him.

“You are saying absolutely right Manik. He is still crazy and our drama queen.” Mukti said and everybody bursted into laughter. Cabir was staring at them angrily.

“Don’t raise the anger of hungry lion.” Cabir warned them pointing his index finger toward them. Everybody were still laughing. Nandini patted Manik’s biceps unknowingly while laughing and she  again caught his attention by doing this . He got lost in her winsome laugh. He didn’t want to look at her but he was again looking at her.

“Even I am also feeling hungry. Let’s take dinner then we will talk.” Nandini said and listening her voice , Manik came on the earth back. He looked down , scolding himself. Then everybody went to take dinner.


Nandini was writing something in her personal diary , sitting at the study area. Study table was kept in her bedroom only. The room was huge and well furnished. The theme of room was black and white which was giving a classy look to the room. She was in nightdress , lose top with polka dot lower. Shivansh walked inside the room with the cup of coffee for her beautiful wife.

“Here is your coffee Mrs. Oberoi.” He said keeping the coffee on the table. She passed a smile to him picking up the cup of coffee. She took one sip of coffee. She was feeling the taste of coffee closing her eyes. He kissed on her cheeks. She smiled in response looking at him.

“The coffee is so tasty.. like always.” Nandini said and took another sip. Shivansh smiled staring at her , wrapping his hand around his chest.

“Because I made it with so much love for you.” He said lovingly and she just gave him smile.

“Now get up.. and come to the bed. You must be tired.” He said patting her back.

“You sleep Shivansh. I need to do something.” She said putting the cup of coffee on the table and picked up the pen.

“Can’t you share your secrets with me rather than writing in this diary ?” He asked pointing his forefinger at her diary. She looked toward him silently.

“Wait.. How do you know I am writing secrets in it ?” She asked raising her eyebrows and resting her hands on the table.

“Then What ?” Instead of giving answer to his question, he asked.

“Uhmm.. You can’t call them as secrets. Just my talk with my mind and heart.” She said and both chuckled.

“Don’t worry. I will never keep any secret between us. So now you can sleep comfortably Mr. Oberoi.” She said and he just smiled. He went to bed after kissing her forehead. She was looking toward him , having smile on her face and then turned her face toward table. She thought something for a moment and then after taking a deep breath , she opened the diary and started writing.

On the other hand Manik was not able to sleep. Whenever he was closing his eyes , Nandini face was flashing in his mind. He sat up on the bed holding his head. He was going crazy, thinking that what was happening with him. He didn’t want to think about her because she was his best friend’s wife. If she wouldn’t be Shivansh’s wife , he would be smiling at this moment , thinking about her . But the things were different now , Nandini was not single.

Manik ran in the balcony to get some fresh air. He stood holding the railing and his eyes were staring the stars in the sky. He loved to stare the stars from childhood. Stars gave him peace. From childhood he was a lonely kid. His parents used to remain busy in handling their big company. He never hated them for this because he always knew that his parents were doing this for him. He never questioned their love. One day that lonely kid found his peace in the friendship of Shivansh. Shivansh was also as lonely as Manik. They started sharing everything with each other and became best friends. Time started passing and their bond became unbreakable. But stars always remained his friends because they were his first friends.

He spent the whole night sitting in the balcony and talking to stars. In the morning he went to get fresh. He came out of the bathroom in black coat suit. He dried his hair and then set his hair with the hair gel, standing in front of mirror. After two years , he was visiting to his company. In his absence  , the work had been handled by the managers for two years . He was excited and happy to join his company back. When he was wearing his watch. His phone rang up which was kept on the side table of bed. He went to pick up the call.

“Manik where are you ? I came to your home and got to know that you are living in hotel because your house is renovating. What is this yaar Manik ? When your friend is here then what’s the need of staying in hotel ?” As Manik put the phone on his ear , Shivansh freaked out on him. Manik made faces listening to him.

“It’s just the matter of few days Shivansh. I am fine here. Don’t worry and stop scolding me.” Manik said sitting on the sofa.

“I don’t want to listen anything Manik. You already disappointed me a lot. Now you are going to live with me in my house. And it’s final. Meet me tonight at my house with your bags.” Shivansh said stubbornly and didn’t let Manik to speak a single word.

“Shivansh.. listen.” Before Manik could say something, Shivansh hang up the call.

“Now I have to live in his house. Already I made him angry , now I can’t deny him. He has no idea that since the last night , how much guilty I am feeling. I couldn’t even able to sleep at night. My mind is blasting.” Manik said to himself , getting up from sofa.

He took a deep breath and said “I can’t ran away. I need to face her.” Saying this , he left for the office.


“Manik will live here with us for few days. Actually his house is renovating.” Shivansh told Nandini when they were taking lunch , sitting at the dining area.

“That’s great. You will also get more time to spend with your best friend. And don’t worry. I will manage everything. I will make a room ready for him and also cook special dinner.” Nandini said and Shivansh was just smiling looking at his cute and loving wife.

“I know meri jaan you will manage everything.” He said taking her hand in his hand. She smiled slightly looking at him.

“I am so lucky to have you in my life.” He said and gently kissed her knuckle. She was just smiling looking at him.


At night

Manik walked inside with the luggage in Oberoi’s Mansion. A servant  came and took the luggage from him while another servant came and made him sit in the hall. Then the servant went to call Nandini. Manik was sitting there  twiddling his thumbs. He was waiting for Shivansh.

“Hello Manik.” He instantly raised his head when he heard the sweet voice of Nandini. He looked toward her and she gave him a warm smile. She settled down beside him and his heart skipped beating for a moment because of her closeness. He stood up immediately , making Nandini confused.

“What happened ?” She also stood up and asked confusingly.

“No.. nothing. I just.. I just need to use washroom.” He stammered a bit while talking to her. She nodded her head , making O shaped  mouth.

“Then I should show you your room.” She said and he nodded his head in yes. She started walking and he followed her. Manik was going crazy because of the storm which was going inside his heart and mind.

“So this your room and there is washroom. You can go.” She said pointing her finger toward  washroom as they walked inside the room. Manik nodded his head and immediately went inside the washroom. He took a deep breath after closing the door of washroom. Her presence was making him crazy.

After few minutes , Manik walked outside, composing himself and making himself ready to face her. He found her sitting on sofa and doing something on her phone. He cleared his throat and said “Hi.” She looked at him , raising her head and got up. She greeted him again , waking toward him.

“Where is Shivansh?” He asked after a few seconds of silence.

“He just called me to inform that he will come late tonight.” She said showing her phone to him. He nodded his head , avoiding eyes contact with her.

“You get fresh an up and until then I arrange the dinner.” She said and exited from the room , closing the door. Manik sat on the bed taking a deep breath. Her presence was affecting him a lot and he didn’t know why.


Manik walked outside. He found her arranging the dinner on the dining table and few servants were helping her. Manik took a deep breath and started walking toward the dining area. With each step , his heartbeat was increasing. Nandini looked toward him and passed him a smile. Manik smiled slightly. He sat on the opposite side of where she was standing. She also sat down in front of him. Servants served him. Manik was trying to avoid eyes contact with her because he knew if he would look into her eyes , he would get lost in them.

“So , How was your day Manik ? I mean you joined your company after two years.” She asked , starting the conversation. She ate one spoon of rice and then waited for his reply , looking at him.

“It’s was good.” He said and looked at her for a second only. Then he again looked down , rolling the spoon in the bowl.

“Look , I am not habitual of sitting quiet while even at the time of eating. So you can talk to me.” She ate another spoon of rice and then spoke , looking at him. He looked toward her and just pass a small smile.

“Oh hello. I asked you to talk , not to smile.” She complained when he still didn’t say anything to her.

“The food is very tasty. You cook amazing.” He said , looking at her and then again looked down.  She started laughing and he looked toward her confusingly thinking that what happened to her suddenly.

“I didn’t cook the food.” She said while laughing , palming her mouth. He made 0 shape mouth.

“You should say thank you to Rashmi.” She spoke and finally stopped laughing.

“Say thank you to her on the behalf of me ?” He said and ate another spoon of rice , looking at her. She passed him smile.

“What you do ? Shivansh didn’t tell me about your profession.” He asked after few minutes of silence , looking at her.

“I work in NGO and I am writer too.”She said and again Manik made a O shape mouth.

“What you write about?”he asked curiously.

“I write romantic novels. Even few of my books got published.” She said and he nodded his head.

“I also read romantic stories and this is my secret.” Manik said in low voice , coming close to her. She listen to him , having smile on her face.

“Don’t worry. I will keep your secret safe with me because I am good at this.” She assured him and he murmured thank you to her. Both chuckled.

“So tell me , who is your favourite writer ?”she asked excitedly , raising her eyebrows. Now they started talking , forgetting about their food even.

“Pretty Angel is my favourite writer. She writes so beautifully . Really I am completely fallen for her writing. Specially the book  ‘Is It really love ?’. I really want to meet her one day. I really want to kiss her hands for penning down the things so beautifully and perfectly.” Manik was telling her about his favourite writer like a excited kid and she was listening him , having a a smile on her face.

“But sadly I have no information about her.” He said becoming sad and huffed , resting his back at the back of chair.

“Then kiss my hands.” She said forwarding her hand in front of him. Manik moving forward, looked at her surprisingly.

“I am your favourite writer Pretty Angel.” She told him.  He stood up , staring her with wide open eyes and mouth. He wasn’t expecting her to be his favourite writer. Nandini chuckled , seeing his reaction.


So here we go with second update of the story. Don’t forget to do comments and votes. They are very precious to me.

So how do find the update?

Do you liking the way Manik is attracting toward Nandu?

How do you find Manan conversation at the end ?

What do you think , is Nandini  also attracting toward Manik like the way he is attracting toward her ?

Love Mehak

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  1. The way you described manik’s feelings made me actually feel them. You were so amazing bro it’s like a real life story not like a fanfiction seriously I’m enjoying reading this♥️♥️♥️

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  2. I don’t understand why people didn’t respond on this part !! It’s a good story with nice concept.. Its really deserved lot of cmnts.. But 2nd part me only 1 cmnt tha.. N 70 votes.. 🙄🙄 Like seriously!! 🙄 Agar wo log update padh sakhte hai votes de sakhte hai to ek chota hi sahi but ek cmnts chodhne me kya jate hai!??? 🙄🙄

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Wooohhh.. 😰😰 Manik to aab fully faas gaya.. 😧😧 Aab kiss karo.. 😜 😜 Bechara.. 😅😅 Veise ye nandu ki dil me shivansh k liye kuch hai to nahi na?? 😕😕 Ye itna smile q deti rehti hai!! 😑😑😑
    Btw, superb update dear… U penned the feelings so nicely.. 👌👌


  4. Ok I’m writing it in middle of the update.. There’s some mistakes about surnames n gander.. cabir, mukti, abhi, nandu k same surnames hai.. Kapoor.. R they related to each other?? 🤔 No.. There are not.. It’s ok.. Don’t mind.. Mein baas iss liye bola taki tum thik kar do.. Taki next jo new readers hai unhe confusion na ho.. 🙂🙂 N yeah 1st part me v manik ka ek dialogue pe Shivansh Malhotra tha.. 🙃

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Ok, avi taak 2md part read nahi kiyi.. Q ki title se hi cmnts karne ko maan kia.. 😜😜 Ek to banda bhagna cha rahe the upar se writer ji ne usse ek hi chadh k niche settings karwa di.. 😅 😅 Bechara manik.. 🙃🙃

    Liked by 1 person

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