Love Or Sin (Part : 8 Good Bye)

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Please try to read Love Or Sin , not only thinking about Manan. They can also be wrong at some point may be. Don’t hate Shivansh. He also loves Nandini and loving his wife , it’s not a mistake. So think about his character too in this story.


Their lips were just about to touch and create a magic. But Manik pushed her little away from himself when his eyes fell on her nuptial chain which she was wearing around her neck. Nuptial  chain made him realise that she was not his. She belonged to somebody else. She was married to somebody else and that somebody else was his best friend. How could he come in between Shivansh and Nandini ? How could he snatched his wife from her ? When did this happen? When did she start loving him? Why didn’t he realise ? Why this happened ? He questioned himself and held his head with his hands.

“We need to go home Nandini.” He spoke looking at her and found her , looking at him with a sad pout. Why was she so adorable and irresistible ? Why couldn’t she be his ? Why things were so complicated ? he was thinking , looking at her.

“I don’t want to go.” She instantly denied , nodding her head like a cute baby. Manik felt like to pull her cheeks.

“I am enjoying here a lot.” She twirled in front of him , opening her arms. Manik just stared her without blinking his eyes. She was looking more beautiful to him in the rain. She stopped and walked toward him.

“With you.” She whispered, holding the collars of his shirt and again stood on her toes. Both stared into each other eyes. He could feel her hot breath on his lips. Their proximity was driving him crazy. It was getting difficult for Manik to resist her. He wanted to claim her there only.

“We are going home.” He spoke , holding her shoulders and pulled her away from himself.  She made a sad pout. Then he started to walk toward their car. Nandini walked behind him sadly. He opened the door of car for her. She gave him angry glares and sat inside. He walked toward another side and sat inside , opening the door. Before starting the car , he looked at her. She was sitting, crossing her arms around her chest and looking out of the window. He took a deep breath and started the car engine.

In no time , they reached Oberoi’s Mansion. It was still raining heavily. Nandini walked inside and he followed her. Nandini was walking upstairs with her trembling legs , holding the railing. Manik wanted to pick her up in his arms and take her upstairs. But he was controlling himself and walking upstairs beside her. She tripped but Manik caught her in his protective arms on the right time. She got scared. She gripped his shirt’s collars and shut her eyes tightly. Manik was looking at her without blinking his eyes. She was looking more beautiful to him from so close. Their wet body came in contact and started burning them with desire. His eyes could only see her glossy lips. He was craving to taste them and mark her lips his forever and always.

“Just kiss me Manik please.” She  opened her eyes and requested him, putting her hand on his face while through their eyes , they were already kissing each other souls.

“I want to feel your lips on mine. Don’t think anything, just kiss me and end the cravings of my lips. ” She whispered in husky tone while her thumb caressed his lower lips. Her acts and their proximity was driving him crazy. He was forgetting that she was forbidden to him. At that time , only he wanted to kiss her lips and make her breathless.

He started to come close to her lips. Both of their breath became heavy. She closed her eyes and waited for his lips to meet her lips. Both of them were completely out of his senses and they even  completely forgot that what was right and what was wrong at that time. They were ready to cross every line. Their body shivered and a electricity ran down their spine when their lips which were craving to feel each other , they finally came in contact. They felt like each and every cell of their body became alive with the touching of their lips. They felt like they touched each other souls when their lips touched. The feeling was heaven.

Manik came on the earth back when his phone started ringing which was in his jeans pocket. He immediately moved away from her and made her stood straight. Nandini started to curse the person under her breath who had called him, sitting on the stairs. Manik turned toward another side , facing his back to Nandini because he couldn’t resist her more. He sighed deeply and took out phone from his pocket. Seeing the caller id , he felt more guilty for his acts. It was Shivansh’s call. After composing himself, he finally picked up the call and put the phone on his ear.

“Manik , I will be back at home in an hour. What’s your status ? Where is Nandini ? She is not picking up my calls. Is she fine ?” As Manik picked up the call , Shivansh started throwing up lots of questions on him. Manik could see that how much he was concerned for Nandini. He loved her a lot. What went wrong that Nandini stopped loving Shivansh and started loving him? He thought for a moment.

“Actually Shivansh , she is drunk. She is not in her senses. You.. ” Before Manik could complete his sentence, Nandini snatched the phone from his hand , standing  behind him. Manik turned toward her and in front of his eyes , she cut the phone and threw it down angrily. Manik gave her angry glares.

“No , Don’t dare to speak a single word now.” Manik warned her , putting his forefinger on her lips  when she opened her mouth to speak something.

“You are coming upstairs with me. You will change your clothes and sleep.” Manik was giving her dangerous looks. He instructed her and she nodded her head meekly getting scared from him.

He started walking upstairs and she followed him. Manik opened the door of her room for her. She looked at him like a innocent baby and he asked her to go inside in gesture. She walked inside sadly , bowing her head down. She looked at him and she was about to speak something but before she could , he again shushed her , putting his finger on her lips. Both stared into each other eyes for few seconds.

“Change your clothes and sleep.” He again instructed her and removed his finger from her lips. She nodded her head in yes , looking at her like a innocent kid. Then he left to his room which was adjacent to her room. When she heard the sound of closing of door of his room , she sadly closed the door of her room.


Manik was standing in the balcony , holding the railing. He was in blue denim shorts and black vest. His eyes were staring the sky full of stars. His eyes were moist because of the guilt and pain of never getting what he wanted. After knowing that Nandini loved him , he was feeling more guilty because he was thinking that he came in between Nandini and Shivansh. He snatched his best friend’s wife. He ruined their happy married life. He shouldn’t have come there. The guilt was eating his heart from inside. He had never wanted to snatch Shivansh’s happiness from him.

He had happily accepted his one sided love for Nandini but he never thought that Nandini also loved him. Knowing the fact that she also loved him , it would be more difficult for him to live with her , pretending that he didn’t love her and  it would be more difficult for him to leave her even. Her confession made him confused that now what he should do. Should he leave her Or should he stay with her ?

“I will leave tomorrow. I can’t stay here any longer. I should have never stayed  here. I spoiled everything. If Nandini loves me then she has to forgot me. I will never show my face to her after tomorrow. May be I am just her attraction. Everything will be fine like before after my disappear. Nandini will love Shivansh like before. ” saying this Manik came in his room and started putting his clothes in a bag. Sometime you just need to accept that some people can only live your heart , not in your life. Manik had accepted this long back ago.


Manik was standing , holding the knob of Nandini’s room. His mind tried a lot to stop him from meeting Nandini. But he couldn’t control himself from seeing her for the last time and saying her good bye. Deep inside he knew he loved her a lot and he couldn’t live without her. He needed her badly in his life. He wanted her to complete him. But he has to leave her because she was belonged to somebody else. She was married to his best friend. Saying good bye was difficult but he has to say goodbye to her forever.

He took a deep breath and opening the door , he stepped inside. His heart was racing. He found her sleeping on the bed in her wet clothes only. She was sleeping wearing her footwear also on bed. Manik shook his head in a disbelief, seeing her condition. He walked toward her and sat down on his knees in front of her. He started removing her footwear while his eyes were looking at her beautiful angelic face. He was having a constant smile on his face , seeing her sleeping so adorably with open mouth.

After removing her footwear, he covered her with the blanket. He leaned down and tucked her hair behind her ear which were coming in her eyes and disturbing her slumber. Then he couldn’t stop himself from kissing her. His hand caressed her face lovingly and then he placed a kiss on her forehead. She smiled slightly in her sleep also when his lips touched her skin.

“Good bye Nandini. Hope you get all the happiness of your life. Shivansh loves you. Hope you also love him the way he loves you always and forget me. I know , I am just a attraction. You love Shivansh only. You are happy with him. You both look perfect together.” He got up and spoke , looking at her. His body and his heart was aching at the thought of never seeing her again. Few tears rolled down from his eyes. Wiping the tears with the back of his palm , he turned around to walk.

But he got stopped because Nandini held his hand. He heard her voice. She was murmuring something. Controlling his tears , he turned around to look at her. He leaned down and tried to hear what she was saying.

“Don’t go please.” She was constantly saying this. He felt a sharp in his his heart , listening her words. He put his free hand on her face and rested his forehead on her. Instantly she stopped murmuring. She calmed down with his touch. Manik again kissed her forehead and he was just about to kiss her lips but stood straight in a shock when his eyes fell on a photo frame which was kept on the other side of bed. It was Shivansh and Nandini marriage photograph. He tried to control his cries, pressing his lips and shutting his eyes. He wanted to be on the place of Shivansh. She wasn’t ready to leave his hand.

He forcefully took out his hand from her hand with the help of his other hand. He was crying. Her acts were making the things more difficult for Manik. He wanted to stay with her forever.

He walked toward the door hastily , wiping his tears with back of palm and opening the door , he saw Shivansh. He was standing in front of his eyes.

“How is Nandini ?” Shivansh asked worriedly and Manik could see that how much he loved Nandini.

“She is sleeping now. She is fine.” Manik sighed deeply and replied, putting his hand on his shoulder. Shivansh hugged him and thanked him. “Thanx for taking care of her.” Manik felt more guilty because Shivansh trusted him so much and he was breaking his trust.

“Manik why you cut the phone suddenly? After that your phone was coming switched off.” Shivansh asked confusingly.

“Actually my phone got switched off. Nothing else.” He lied and Shivansh made O shape mouth.

“I need to tell you something.” Manik said in low voice. Shivansh raised his eyebrows, asking in gesture what.

“I am leaving tomorrow morning for a business project.” He told him and Shivansh immediately asked that when he would come back. And Manik lied again that he would come back with in few weeks. The truth was that he was never going to come back. They wished each other good night and went to their respective rooms.


Manik was lying on the bed and couldn’t able to sleep. He was just changing his position. Nandini’s confession and the words when she was asking him to kiss her was echoing in his ear.Manik was thinking that Why she loved him ? Did she stop loving Shivansh ? Why she stopped loving Shivansh? She was so happy with him. They were so happy with each other then what went wrong ?

“Obviously I came in between them. It happened because of me.” Suddenly he shouted and sat up on the bed , holding his head.

“She loves me then also she can’t be mine. Why the things are so complicated ? Why ?” He yelled and threw the pillows on the floor angrily. He got up and took out cigarette box and lighter from the drawer. He took out one cigarette from the box and put in his mouth and then burn the other end of it with lighter. He started smoking, standing in the balcony and his eyes were staring the stars.


Next morning

Nandini woke up next morning holding her head. She was feeling like her head would get explode. She tried to remember about the last night but she only remember that Manik had left with Mukti for dance and after that everything was black. She tried to remember but nothing came in her mind. She cried out in frustration.

“Good morning wifey.” Shivansh walked inside the room with the glass of lime water. She gave him small smile. He kissed her forehead and then gave her the glass of limewater. She drank it in a one go. He took the empty glass from her hand and put it on table. He sat beside her and held her one hand.

“Nandini Are you feeling better now ?” He asked concernedly , putting his other hand on her face. She just nodded her head and blinked her eyes, looking at him.

“I am sorry , I think I drunk too much last night. I don’t remember anything. Who dropped me at home? “she asked confusingly, looking at him.

“You should say sorry to Manik. He dropped you home last night. He handled the drunk you last night.” Shivansh told her and chuckled. Nandini became worried knowing this.

“I hope , I didn’t say something to Manik about my feelings. I need to talk to Manik.. to confirm it.” Nandini thought worriedly and started moving out of the bed.

“Where are you going?” Shivansh asked , holding her arm and stopped her.

“I am going to apologise from Manik and also I want to say thank you to him for handling me last night.” After answering him , she again tried to move out from the bed but Shivansh stopped her again , holding her hand.

“Manik is not at home. He went for a business trip.” Shivansh told her and she became sad , listening this because she couldn’t live without him. She had become habitual of seeing him every morning. Then She immediately asked that when Manik would come back.

“In few weeks.” Shivansh told her making her more sad.  She started thinking that how she would spend few weeks without him.

“Why I am getting sad ? I should be happy. Now it will be easy for me to spend time with Shivansh.” Nandini though in her mind , looking at Shivansh who was playing with her hands and kissing them. Nandini admired him the way he loved her. She didn’t know why she couldn’t love him.

“Jaan.. don’t drink too much. It is not good for your health. If something is there , you can share with me. You know I am always there for you , right?” He tried to explain her lovingly , cupping her face. She smiled faintly and nodded her head in yes. He kissed her forehead and then kissed her eyelids.  After caressing his nose with her , he pecked her lips. Nandini encircled her hands around his neck and moved close to his face to capture his lips herself because she wanted to forget Manik.

But before their lips could meet , Shivansh’s phone started ringing. They pulled apart. After pecking her lips , Shivansh went to pick up his phone which was kept on the table.

“I am Manik’s friend. Who are are you ?” Shivansh spoke confusingly when from other side somebody asked his relation with Manik. Shivansh was feeling like something was wrong. Nandini was also looking at him suspiciously.

His face became pale , listening the next words and the phone slipped down from his hand. Nandini ran toward him after jumping out of the bed worriedly.

“Shivansh what happened ? Who was on the phone ?” Nandini asked worriedly, shaking him but he didn’t reply. Nandini picked up the phone. Her heart was racing fast. She knew something was really wrong.

“Hello..” Nandini spoke picking up the phone from the floor. Her hands were trembling with the fear and her heart was racing.

“Hello mam.. come fast to the Lifeline hospital. Manik Malhotra has been admitted there few times minutes ago. He met with an accident on the Pune highway. His condition is very critical.” Nandini’s heart skipped beating for a second, listening the news. She got completely blank. She didn’t want to lose him at any cost.


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  1. Wooohhh!! 😰😰 Accident!! I think maybe aab nandini shivansh k samne kuch confess karegi ya uski haarkato se kuch shak hoga shivansh ko.. πŸ™‚
    Btw, awesome update.. It was too emotional.. I was having tears in my eyes.. 😒😒😒

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  2. Argh nandini!! 😑😑 U did a big mistake by kissing shivansh.. 😐😐😐 U r giving him wrong signal and also playing with his feelings.. 😑😑 U r gonna to regret it very soon… πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Yuppie kissi vissi ho gayi hai… πŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜ Dear writer this is for you 🌷🌷 itna emotional torture k baad kuch khush khabri dene k liye.. 😜 😜 😜

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  4. Yeah.. Isme shivansh ka koi galti nhi hai.. Love can happens to anyone at anywhere, anytime.. πŸ™‚ Wo aapna pati hone ka farz nibha rahe hai.. Pyaar kar k usne v koi gunah nahi kia.. Nahi manan ne kia.. Baas halat bura hai.. Aur kuch nahi.. πŸ˜‘

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