Love Or Sin (Part : 9 Magic Of True Love)

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Shivansh was driving the car in full speed. Tears were constantly falling down from his eyes. The flashes of all the moment which he had spent with him coming in front of his eyes. The biggest fear of his life was coming true. Manik’s life was in danger. He didn’t want to lose him at any cost. He was not only his best friend. He was his life. He wanted to reach hospital as soon as possible and wanted to see him fine in front of his eyes.

Nandini was sitting beside him. She was looking out of the window blankly. After listening about Manik’s accident , Nandini’s mind became completely blank. His smiling face was not leaving her mind for even a single second. She didn’t want to lose him. She had never felt so scared in her life before. She was just praying to god to keep him fine. Her heart was beating fast because of the fear of losing him because she loved him.

They reached hospital with in an hour. That one hour was not less than one year for them. They immediately rushed inside the hospital. Nandini bumped with someone. That person said sorry to her but she without even looking at that person , she ran toward reception.

“Ma.. Ma..nik Malhotra.” Shivansh stammered in taking the name of Manik at reception because of the fear of losing him. Nandini was standing beside him having fear in her eyes. She was also not in condition to speak a single. She just wanted to see him fine.

“He is in ICU , 5th floor sir.” Receptionist checked the list on her computer and told him. As she said , they ran toward the elevator. There were two elevator. He hurriedly pressed the button of both. With in few second, the door of elevator opened and both walked inside. Nandini immediately pressed the button of fifth floor. They both were becoming restless. Tears were constantly falling down from his eyes and he was wiping them off with his palms.

Nandini wasn’t crying. She was completely blank at that moment. She wasn’t understanding that why this was happening with her. The complications of her life were increasing. She had accepted her feeling and was living with it. But then why this happened?

As soon as the door opened , they ran toward the ICU which was on the right side. A nurse walked out and Shivansh ran toward her.

“How.. how is he ?”Shivansh asked worriedly. Nandini was also looking at the nurse worriedly and her heart was racing.

“His condition is critical. We can’t say anything right now.” Nurse left from there after saying this. Shivansh slumped on the floor in agony and started crying , palming his face. Tears started to run down from Nandini’s eyes too. Her heart was crying inside. She didn’t want to lose him. His presence used to give him peace. His one smile was enough to make her day happy. He was the missing peace of her life. She didn’t want to lose that missing piece again.

Nandini cried looking at Shivansh who was crying sitting on floor and his face was covered with his hands. Nandini knelt down beside him. As she put her hand on his shoulder , he turned toward her and hugged her tightly. He started crying more badly and she too cried, rubbing his back.

“I don’t want to lose him Nandini. I don’t..” he said in between his cries. Nandini shut her eyes tightly and cried with him. She also didn’t want to lose him.

“He will be fine.” She started to say these words constantly like a prayer.

“Yes , you are right Nandini. He will be fine. He can’t go living me alone like.. like this. I won’t let him go.” Shivansh uttered after breaking the hug. Nandini slightly nodded her head having tears in her eyes. Then they both stood up wiping their tears.


After sometime Nandini was sitting outside of the ICU , looking straight blankly. Shivansh had gone downstairs to fill some forms. She was feeling like everything was getting end. All the moment which she had spent with him were revolving in her mind. Their first hug , his smile , their conversations , all the moments were coming in front of her like a movie was playing in front of her eyes. There were very less memories of Nandini with Manik but all of them were very precious , special and best for her which she could never forget.

Doctor walked outside from the ICU. Seeing Doctor, Nandini stood up and ran toward him immediately.

“How is he Doctor?” She asked in one go from doctor worriedly and her heartbeat become fast. Instantly her mind started praying to god for a positive answer from doctor.

“We are trying our best. Now also we can’t say anything. He is not responding to our any treatment like he didn’t want to live.” Doctor said making Nandini cry more. She took few steps backward in a shock. Why he didn’t want to live ? What the pain he was hiding ? Now these questions started running in her mind. She had always seen pain in his eyes but she couldn’t able to gather courage to ask from him about his problem.

She had no idea , the pain which she was going through , Manik was also going through the same pain. Pain of not getting what he needed the most. Pain of falling in love with her which was a sin for him. Pain of controlling his feelings. Pain of seeing her every day with somebody else. Pain of living in a guilt after falling in love with his best friend’s wife. The pain was killing him from inside that he didn’t even want to live.

She went near to the door of ICU and looked at him through small glass. Seeing his condition, she cried in agony shutting her eyes and she pursed her lips to control her cries. He was lying on the bed unconscious and many wires were attached to his body. She cried resting her forehead on the door. It was getting difficult for her to see him in worse condition. Her heart was burning inside her.

Next moment she opened the door and walked inside . She couldn’t able to stop herself from seeing him. Luckily there was no one in the ICU at that time and she took the advantage. She walked toward him , taking slow steps. Her both the legs were trembling. Tears were falling down from her eyes constantly. Her heart was racing fast. His condition was making her weak.

She stood beside him and stared him for few minutes without even blinking her eyes. Tears were constantly falling down from her eyes. She moved her hand toward his face. Her hand was shaking and her eyes were crying , seeing him in pain. She had never wished to see him in this condition. She had always wished to see his smile. She had never felt like this seeing somebody in pain before. Her heart was breaking inside. She was feeling like her soul was shivering inside because of the fear of losing him.

“You have to be alright Manik. You don’t even know that what you are for me Manik. You have no idea what you are doing to me. Your small smile make my entire day happy. A small conversation with you make me feel happy. Each and every second I crave to come in your arms. I love you Manik.” She finally realised that she loved him. The fear of losing him made her realise that how much she loved him. She was standing, putting her one hand on his face and tears were constantly falling down from her eyes.

“Yes I love you Manik. I know it’s a sin. And You will never love me back. But I can’t stop my heart from loving you. My heart is only beating for you Manik. On my every breath , your name has written. If something will happen to you , I will also not able to live without you. I can’t live without. I will die Manik without you.” he leaned down toward his face and held his face with her both hands. Then she spoke and cried.

“I know , I will get nothing from this love but my heart will never stop loving you. I will always love you without any expectation. I only want to see you fine and happy in your life. I can’t lose you manik because I love you.” She whispered and cried touching her face with him. As her tears fell on his cheeks, he moved his finger in response. She kept crying, touching her face with his face in agony. It was clearly visible that how much she loved him.

She wasn’t expecting anything from this love. She only want to see him happy. Only his happiness matters to her. Her happiness was in his happiness. His happiness was peace of heart.

“what are you doing here ?” She came on the earth back after listening the famine voice. She instantly stood straight and looked at the person , wiping her tears with the back of her palm.

“Mam No one is allowed to come here. You have to go out.” Nurse spoke and she nodded her in yes. She looked at Manik before walking out. Fresh tears rolled down from her eyes to her cheeks seeing him in pain. She ran outside of the ICU covering her mouth with her hand.

She saw Shivansh who was coming with Doctor sadly and his eyes became red because of crying constantly. Doctor walked inside the ICU and Shivansh slumped down on the bench. He rested his head on the wall and closed his eyes. All the happy and sad moment which he had spent with him , they again started revolving in his mind. He couldn’t imagine his life without him.

Nandini sat down beside him and put her hand on his shoulder. Shivansh looked at her, opening his eyes slowly.

“What happened to my Manik , Nandini ? Doctor is saying that he is not responding to any of their treatment. Why he doesn’t want to live ? What is the pain.. which he is hiding ? Why can’t he share with me ?” Shivansh asked while crying. He was clueless. Nandini also having no answer of his questions. She also had no clue that what was his pain.

Before Nandini could say something to him , they both heard doctor’s voice and they immediately looked at them.

“He is out of danger now. He starts responding.” Shivansh and Nandini smiled , listening doctor’s words. They both took breath of relief. Finally he was out of the danger. In her mind , she started thanking god.

“It’s like some miracle happened. Few minutes ago , he had stopped responding to any of our treatment but when I came back , i found him completely fine. His heartbeats are normal. It was like something had happened” Doctor himself was shocked. He was having no idea that this wasn’t any miracle. This was the magic of Nandini’s true love which made him fine. Her words encouraged him to fight back from his pain. He started responding only because of her. She was the reason that he got fine.

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    his broke down you wrote it so well and emotional
    described his true frndship so osmlly
    nailed it
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    This chapter was so painful and emotional
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    That shit was so painful …my heart is hurting so much for them because teeno ye sab kuch deserve ni krte

    They deserve only love and happiness
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    Simran ❤❤❤❤

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