Love Or Sin (Part : 14 The Separation)

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At that moment Nandini couldn’t stop herself and hugged Manik tightly in front of everybody. She forgot about the consequences. She forgot everything. She just wanted to make him fine at that moment. Everybody was staring at her in shock and even Manik was shocked with her sudden move. He stopped coughing because of the shock. He didn’t think that she would hug him in front of everybody

Next moment she immediately broke the hug as soon as she realised what she had done. She couldn’t meet her eyes with them. She was trying to find the reason playing with her fingers nervously and Manik was also looking down.

“I hugged him to distract his mind. Look he stopped coughing. My plan worked.” She answered their unasked question and everybody were convinced with her answer. Manik was now looking at her. He could see that she was scared from inside.

“I must say, Shivansh, your wife is more intelligent than you. Nandini you should teach something to Shivansh also.” Cabir spoke in fun tone. Nandini plastered a smile but inside her heart cried.

“She is smartest and I love her,” Shivansh confessed cheerfully, taking Nandini in a side hug. His words broke Manan’s heart and they difficultly controlled their tears from falling down.

“I just come.” Nandini exited the room before anybody could even stop her because she couldn’t control her emotions. She wanted to cry and take out her all pain. Manik was so helpless because he couldn’t even do this.

“Shivansh, I want to take Manik to my home. I don’t have any work this month. I will take care of him.” Mukti spoke catching everybody’s attention.

“Mukti, if you are free then this is a good idea. We will take Manik in our home.” Cabir agreed, looking at Manik who was silently looking at Shivansh waiting to hear what he wanted.

“No need of it, Mukti. I am taking off from my office for a month. I want to take care of my friend.” As Shivansh spoke, Manik gave him angry glare.

“Shivansh, you don’t have to take off from your office for me. I will be fine soon. Mukti you are taking me to your home tomorrow and that’s final.” Manik said in a strict tone making Shivansh quiet. Shivansh didn’t force Manik to stay with him. He respected his decision.

Manik wanted to stay away from Nandini and it was the best opportunity for him which he didn’t want to lose at any cost. His heart wanted to be with her but for Shivansh he could do anything. He wanted to give space to Nandini and Shivansh so that Nandini start loving Shivansh again forgetting him.


Nandini was crying, sitting on the bed, hugging her knees near to her heart. She loved Manik so much but couldn’t show her love. She wanted to tell the truth to Shivansh but she didn’t want to hurt him. Sometimes she hated herself for being so good. She couldn’t hurt anybody. She couldn’t see anybody in pain. She could bear his hatred but didn’t want to become the reason of his pain.

She immediately wiped her all the tears as she heard the sound of the opening of the door. Shivansh walked inside and his eyes fell over Nandini. He immediately came to know by looking at her wet eyes which became red that she was crying. He reached to her, taking slow steps. She gave him faint smile. He sat in front of her on the bed. She was still sitting hugging her knees.

“Nandini, I know you were crying.” As Shivansh uttered in serious tone after taking a deep breath, Nandini widened her eyes in shock.

“I am your husband, Nandini. You can share anything with me. I am seeing that you are sad from few weeks. You don’t say anything to me that doesn’t mean I will not come to know anything. I can read your eyes because I love you. I am waiting for the day when you will love me back the way I love you. Am I expecting something big from you ?” She felt more guilty after listening to Shivansh’s words. She didn’t want to hurt the person who cared for her a lot. She couldn’t even hurt him for her happiness.

She crossed her legs and spoke, “Shivansh, I just need more time. I am sorry.” Her voice was filled with guilt. Shivansh nodded his head sadly and went to the washroom without saying anything to her.

“I am really sorry, Shivansh that I am spoiling your life and giving you false hope that I will love you one day.” She again burst into tears as Shivansh closed the door of the washroom.


“Mom I don’t want to get married. I want to make my career first, please.” Nandini pleaded her mom who had been forcing her to meet Shivansh from more than one week.

“Nandini, for me meet him. He is a nice person. His parents also like you. Even he also likes you.” Her mom was trying her best to convince her stubborn daughter.

“I know him, mom. I know he is a nice person and he likes me. The thing is that I am not ready.” She tried to explain her, but next moment her mom started to cry. After a few minutes, Nandini got ready to meet Shivansh for her mom. She couldn’t see her mom in her tears.

Next day she went to meet Shivansh. They spent a nice time. Nandini enjoyed his company. Shivansh told her that he would give her complete space and he also told her that he was getting married so soon because of his parents. Nandini also agreed for this proposal because she didn’t have any reason to say no to him. Shivansh was rich, handsome and kindhearted. He was a complete gentleman. She thought one day she would also fall in love with him.

Shivansh loved her a lot. He cared for her. He had been giving her complete space since they got married. Before falling in love with Manik, she was happy with him. Slowly she was trying to come close to Shivansh and accepting him as her husband. But the day Manik arrived in her life, she lost all her hope to fall in love with Shivansh. What she felt for Manik, she had never felt for Shivansh. After meeting Manik, she came to know the meaning of love. Shivansh was like a friend for her always. She had never loved him the way she loved Manik.

Flashback Over

In evening, Shivansh went to the office to distract his mind from the problems of his life. The two most important people of his life, they both were hiding something from him.

He asked Nandini to take care of Manik for one day. He also told her that from tomorrow Manik would live with Mukti and Cabir. Nandini was shattered knowing this because she wanted to take care of him and to be with him. She couldn’t stay away from him.

It was hard but she accepted the truth that it was good for her to stay away from him. She thought with time she would forget him.

Mukti and Cabir left at night leaving Manik and Nandini alone. Nandini was sitting beside him on the bed and she was feeding him rice with her one hand and in other, she was holding the plate. Both shared a small eye lock. Nandini wanted to read his eyes but he wasn’t letting her read his eyes. She was sure about one thing that he was hiding some pain from everybody. She could clearly see the pain in his eyes.

After feeding him the dinner she went to keep the plate in the kitchen.

“Mam open the shirt of Sir. I have to apply the ointment.” The full-time Nurse which they had hired for Manik, she asked Nandini to open the shirt of him when she came back from the kitchen. Nandini and Manik both looked at the nurse with wide-open eyes in shock. Then they both looked at each other.

Nandini strolled to Manik. She sat beside him and started opening the first button of his shirt, having no other option. Manik was just gazing at her. He didn’t leave a single chance to admire her. She was more beautiful than the stars in sky for him. He could spend his whole life admiring his most beautiful star like this.

He could see that she was opening the button of his shirt nervously. Few strands of hair were coming in her eyes and disturbing her. He forgot everything and tucked her hair behind her ear automatically. She instantly looked at him and they both got lost in each other eyes. Nandini tried to read his eyes and Manik was so lost in looking into her beautiful black eyes which were filled with love.

“Mam, do it fast.” Nurse’s words brought them back on the earth. Nandini shook her head and this time she opened the button of his shirt within a few seconds. Manik was looking everywhere except her.


Next day Cabir and Mukti took Manik to their home with them. Nandini felt like they took a part of her with them. She felt empty inside when Manik left with them. She wanted to stop him but didn’t know, how. She cried the whole day sitting in her room. She didn’t eat anything the whole day. Shivansh also didn’t come back home. The whole day he remained with Manik.


“How is Manik ?”Nandini asked from Shivansh after a week when they were taking dinner sitting in the dining room. She was worried for him. She hadn’t seen him from a week. She used to spend the full day in NGO but her mind thought about him twenty-four hours. Her heart is beating for him.

“He is recovering fast,” Shivansh answered sadly after eating one bite of chapati. Nandini looked at him confusingly.

“He is recovering fast, that’s good. Then why are you sad ?” She narrowed her brows in confusion and asked, holding the spoon tightly getting tensed for Manik.

“He is in pain. He is not happy. He smiles from outside, but inside he is in pain, I know, We all know.” Shivansh gazed at her with gloomy expression, holding his head with his both hands. Shivansh was breaking down every day seeing his friend in pain and Nandini could see this.

“Then ask him. You are his friend. He will surely tell you.” Nandini reassured him, putting her hand on his shoulder after composing herself. Shivansh looked at Nandini helplessly and then he left to his room silently. Nandini shut her eyes tightly and few tears trickled down her cheeks.

After a few days

Manik was recovering fast from outside but his inner pain was increasing. Everybody used to remain with him but still, he used to feel lonely because Nandini was not with him. He wanted to be with her. He even started imagining her. He was going crazy. Same was happening with Nandini. Nandini tried to keep herself busy in NGO but she used to feel empty from inside. She wanted to meet Manik but stopping herself because her love was a sin for her. Both wanted to forget each other but it was not easy. It was impossible. The separation was not helping them rather it was making them crazy. They were yearning to meet each other every day. They were yearning to see each other face.

Shivansh stayed with Manik at night. He woke in the middle of the night and found Manik crying in sleep. He tried to wake him up from slumber shaking him. Manik sat up breathing heavily and sweating badly after a few minutes. Shivansh put his hand on his shoulder, sitting beside him. Manik stared at him, having tears in his eyes. Shivansh heart broke down after seeing tears in his eyes. He composed himself by taking a deep breath.

“Manik, today you have to share your pain with me. You will feel better, Manik. I can’t see you like this. Please share it with me.” Shivansh pleaded while Manik cried palming his face.

“I am in love with a girl,” Manik spoke in serious tone looking at Shivansh, removing his hand from his face. Shivansh was not at all shocked listening to this, he had been thinking this only from starting that it was girl matter.

“Tell her name. I will bring her to you. I will tell her how much you love her. She has no clue what she is losing. You don’t need to be worried about anything, Manik, until I am with you. I promise you that I will do anything to bring that girl in your life. You just tell me her name.” Shivansh promised him, having no clue that Manik was in love with his wife. But his words showed him what was Manik for him. He could do anything for his happiness.

Shivansh’s words made Manik more guilty. Shivansh was saying to him that he could do anything for his happiness and on the other side he was snatching his happiness from him. He was snatching his wife, his love from him. He couldn’t snatch his happiness by telling him the name of the girl. Manik was sure that Shivansh would leave Nandini happily for him when he came to know the name of the girl. His friend could do anything for his happiness. Then why can’t he could hide the truth for Shivansh happiness?

“The problem is that she is married.” Shivansh became silent after listening to Manik’s next words. He was looking at Manik in shock. Shivansh didn’t expect this.

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  1. As usual the chapter is beautiful 😍😍
    Now what’s gonna happen 😱😱🥺🥺 whatever might happen I don’t want manik and shivansh’s friendship to break 😢😢😢


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    Btw, awesome update.. Fabulous.. 💕 💕

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    Veise ye kand to hai writer ki.. Meri nandu ko jo attyachar karna hai.. 😜😜😜

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  4. Why this is so emotional and painful 😭😭😭
    I am reading this story after so long
    I missing this story so much but still I was avoiding to read it because it’s so so painful

    And I get attached to character so much that I become so sad whenever they are upset or crying

    Things are just getting so complicated for them
    The pain is just increasing yr
    It’s hurt so much to see everyone in so much

    They all are in pain they all want to share it with someone but chaha kar bhi kuch share ni kar Pa rh hai

    Nandu is trying so hard to control her emotions
    Kitna roti hai andar hi andar but kbhi kisi ko dikhati ni
    She is breaking piece by piece from inside but still she can’t do anything

    And nandu ko aisi condition mai dekh kar manik ko bhi kitna dard hota hai
    Wo chahta hai uska pain kaam karna ….uske pyar ko accept karna but shivansh ka khayal usse hamesha rok leta hai

    Manik ko lagta hai mukti ke sath uske Jane se shyd nandu usse bhul jae and it will be good for everyone
    But usse ye ni pta durr Jane se aur dard badhega

    Abhi kaam se kaam nandu ko dekh toh pta hai
    Mukti ke ghar Jake toh wo bhi ni kar paega
    Na usse dekh paega ya nandu ki presence ko feel kar paega 😞😞😞

    I got so pissed at nandu’s mom seeing the flashback
    Unki koi galti ni hai fir bhi mai gussa Hu unse
    I wish wo nandu ki baat mann jati and uski shaadi ke liye wait kar leti
    Ya fir nandu ki shivansh ke liye na bol hoti

    But destiny had already stored pain for them so koi kya kar skta hai

    I was even feeling so bad for shivansh
    The most important people in his life are so sad and are in so much
    But still wo chaha kar bhi kuch ni kr Pa rh hai

    He loves nandu so much and he is hoping that some day nandu will also love him back as much as he loves her but usse ni pta ki she won’t be able to love him back ever

    Wo already apna dil kisi aur ko De chuki hai and chahe wo kuch bhi kar le wo uss person ko pyar karna ni band kar skti

    Both are in so much pain yr 😭😭😭😭
    Ye dard kab khatam hoga inki life se
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    Har ek sec they are suffering and every sec they are yearning for each other but kuch ni kar Pa rh hai

    End scene was heart breaking and so so painful 💔💔
    He was crying in his sleep for her
    He can’t even sleep peacefully and soe bhi kaise wo peacefully jab uska pyar itne dard mai hai 😢😢😢

    And shivansh yr he is such a good friend yr
    Mtlb wo kuch bhi kar skta hai manik ke liye
    If someone tells him na ki he has to die so that his friend can live his life peacefully

    Toh wo bina kuch soche samjhe apni life end kar dega sirf aur sirf manik ki happiness ke liye
    I adore their bond so much
    It’s so rare to see a bond like this
    I really wish ki chahe kuch bhi ho…. Chahe doono ko kitni bhi prblms face karni padhegi but bs kbhi inka bond na toote

    Their bond is really very precious and rare ❤❤❤❤

    When manik told about the girl
    Shivansh was ready to do anything to get that girl so that manik can be happy again
    ND manik is really right agar shivansh ko pta chale ki dono ek dusre se pyar karte hai toh wo sach mai unki khushi ke liye

    Nandu ko chodd dega and durr chala jaega unse
    He will bear any pain to see manik and nandini happy

    U r making me feel things which I don’t want to feel and sucks so much but I still love ur story so I am gonna read it anyway
    I well try to read this story while eating ice cream so that thoda pain kaam ho skte

    Simmi ❤

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    • This comment just made my day simo. Thanks a lot baby ❤️❤️❤️. Really missed your comments ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍😍😍😍😍. Jaldi padh sari story mujhe recent updates par bhi tere comments chayie.. greedy me🤭🤭🤭.


  5. Amazingggggggg update…but aab kya hoga finally manik ne apna prblm bata diya shivansh ko lekin manik apna love ka name bata nhi payega q ki use pata hain ki shivansh ka heart break ho jayega.. Aur jab manik ne bataya ki wo married hain tho shivansh shock ho gaya..iska matlb shivansh manik se ye expect nhi kiya tha..n mujhe lgta hain ki aab manan ko shivansh se sach bata dena chahiye q ke shivansh agar kisi aur se pata chalega tho wo jyada matlb bohot jyada heart hoga..nd manik ko v Nandini se apne feelings k bare me bol dena chahiye q k manan ek dusre k bina nhi reh pa rahe.. Kya pata shivansh accept kar le apne pyar aur apne Frnds k liye….chalo dekhte hain kya hota aab…..super updat..

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    Loved it as usual.. Every time manik’s behavior leaves me baffled.. He cares but doesn’t want to show.. Infact i get to understand only when nandini understand his thoughts.. Mai pehle bhi bol chuki hu n abhi bhi bolungi this chapter n u made me speechless..

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    Gudiya ❤❤

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    • Baby your comment is best like always. Your comment gives me feels to write more😂😂. Ab mein likhne ja rhi hoon next update 😂😂. I am so happy that you are loving this story so much.💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻. Love you a lot Meri gudiya and thank you so much for this special comment❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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  8. It is a nice story. I loved it.
    I have a feeling that Shivansh might be knowing about the blooming love between Manik and Nandini. He must be wanting them to disclose it by themselves.
    It is your story, you can only tell what will happen.

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  9. I just read this story at a stretch and this is just my favorite story.. The friendship the pain the love everything is so godamn beautiful…. I am in love with this

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  10. Loved the update
    I have a feeling Shivansh will have a idea now that it’s Nandini maybe
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    Ok to start with Manik😭 He is just I’m so so so much of Pain gosh why😧😧… He is going through so so much that he can’t even Do anything to it😭 and look at the front Neither he can share his Pains with His Bestest friend Nor He can Confess to His Love💝.Can his life be more Painful I guess Naag😧😧..

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    Now Shivansh 🙄 then let me tell u more than MaNan m feeling Like crying for Him😭. The pain he is going through is not less.. One side His best friend whom he loves the most and he can do anything for him is not sharing his Pain😧 and other side the girl wh he Love 💝 is neither responding his love nor sharing her miseries.. He is also going through alot and I can just feel pity on him😧. He don’t deserve this.. He deserves a girl who will love him Too much💝…

    So all in all The whole Chapter was just way too Emotional 😭😭 seriously made me cry…

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  12. Loved it .

    About shivash he was a husband that every girl wish for .and a awesome frnd.but they are doing wrong with him if he comes to know he will be hurt.but seeing his frnd in pain he is feeling helpless.

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    Manik crying in sleep for his love proves that how much he loves her .the guilt of snatching his frnds love was killing him.

    Most painfull thing .
    Writer has pinned down awesomely hatsoff mehak do.

    Lots of love.take care…….

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