Love Or Sin (Part : 17 Love Confession)

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Shivansh was sitting at the car’s backseat. He was going Pune. He had been calling Manan from few minutes but their phone was coming not reachable.

“Uff… both of their phones are coming not reachable. Where are they ?” Shivansh murmured worriedly, putting his phone on the side.

“I just hope they are fine.” He didn’t know why he was feeling like something bad is going to happen.

On the hand, Nandini was sitting hugging her knees tightly and wearing Manik’s jacket in the corner of the cold storage room. She was shivering badly because of the low temperature. Manik was also shivering but his condition was stable. He was anxious for Nandini because her condition was worsening with each passing second. He was not understanding what he should do to save her.

“Nandini, we will be out, Okay. Just stay strong.” He reassured her, standing in front of her and she just nodded slightly at him. Her lips were quivering. She was feeling like her end has come. Manik sat down beside her and his heart was breaking seeing her like this. He couldn’t let her die like this in front of his eyes.

Suddenly he took her shivering body into his warm arms and whispered those words. “I won’t let anything happen to you. I won’t…” Nandini snuggled in his arms, clutching his shirt. Her face was buried in his chest and she could hear his soothing heartbeat which was giving immense peace to her soul. She was relieved after coming into his arms. He was hugging her tighter and tighter like he wanted to keep her save in his protective arms forever. She was still trembling with cold, but she was feeling better after coming into his arms. She was getting relief because of his body heat. He was constantly rubbing her back.

Few minutes passed away like this. But now the hug was also not helping her. She was feeling like she would die at any moment. She was snuggling in his arms more and more to feel better but it wasn’t helping. He was constantly rubbing her back and calling her after every few minutes to know if she is fine or not.

“Manik… I… I need to tell you something. I don’t know, if I… will live or not. But I don’t want to die before telling this to you. I don’t want to die with the regret of not telling you the truth.” She shuttered, her lips were trembling. She wanted to tell him the truth before dying.

“Are you crazy, Nandini? Nothing will happen to you. I won’t let anything happen to you.” He freaked out and pulled her more closer to himself, getting worried for her. Her words came like a shock to Manik. He couldn’t let her die like this.

He knew that what she was going to say but it didn’t matter to him at this moment. The only thing mattered to him was her life which he had to save it at any cost. Automatically tears trickled down his cheeks. He didn’t want to lose her. He loved her a lot and he couldn’t let her die.

“I really love you, Manik. I really love you a lot.” She finally confessed her love in front of him, thinking that her end has come. She cried loudly after confessing her love because this love was a sin for her and this love had only given pain.

Manik’s heart stopped beating for a moment listening to her confession. He knew that she loved him but still he couldn’t confess his love. He just wanted to save her at that moment.

“Manik, please don’t save me. Let me die… I don’t want to live. I can’t bear this pain any more. I know you will never love me and I will die every day without your love. I will be happy to die in the arms of the person whom I love.” She whispered and a small smile touched her lips.

She was saying whatever was going in her mind at that time without thinking that what he would think about her because she was thinking that she would die.

Her words were like a bomb fell over Manik. She asked him to let her die. He would never let this happen. He would save her at any cost. At this moment, nothing mattered to him except her, the girl who was his life. If she died, he would also not able to live without her. On his every breath, her name had been written.

“I will not let anything happen to you, Nandini. Are you listening to me? I will not let anything happen to you.” He shrieked loudly, cupping her face and making her look into his eyes which were filled with love. He was not saying in words that he loves her but his eyes were screaming that he loves her a lot.

“Do you want to save me for Shivansh? Then please don’t to do this. I will never able to love him because I love you. Let me die please, Manik. I don’t want to live in this guilt anymore.” As she begged in front of him, he squeezed his eyes and turned his face to other side dejectedly, and fresh tears rolled his cheeks. How he should tell that he wanted to save her for himself, not for Shivansh because he loved her a lot.

He yelled on her and shut her mouth. “Just shut up. Think about whatever you want to think. But I will protect you at any cost. I just can’t let you die because I…” he was just about to confess his love but stopped himself on the right time.

He closed his eyes and took a breath. “You need to remove your clothes.” As he said after composing himself without looking at her, she widened her eyes in shock.

Manik was ready to do anything to save her life at that moment. He had no other option at that time except giving his body heat to her. He had no idea that when somebody would open the door. He just couldn’t wait anymore. Later on, he didn’t want to regret for not doing anything to save her life. He didn’t want to get late. Her condition was worsening.

“No, I won’t let you do this. Why are you not understanding me, Manik ?“ She shouted, pushing him away from herself.

“It will be better if I die.” She stated and tried to get up but failed.

It was enough for Manik. He pulled her toward himself by clutching her arms and shut her mouth by asking, “If I were at your place and you were at my place, then would you ever let me die in front of your eyes?” She moved her head down, having no answer to his questions.

“Nandini, try to understand. We need each other body heat to survive in this room till tomorrow. We don’t have any other option. I am requesting you to please put all the things on the side just for one night.” He tried to explain her. Nandini was just staring down silently because still, she didn’t want to live and her body was freezing because of the coldness.

“Please, for me. My life is also at risk.” He pleaded and he was trying his best to convince her. When it comes to his life, she agreed immediately nodding her head slightly at him.

“I know this is wrong but only the thing which is matter to me right now is to protect you.” Manik thought, gazing at her. She was trying to remove the blazer but couldn’t because she was not in a condition to move even. Her body was giving up. Manik immediately removed his shirt and pant. Now he was only in boxers. He also started shivering badly after getting naked.

Nandini slumped down on the floor unconsciously in front of his eyes as soon as she removed the blazer. Manik froze for a moment and widened her eyes in shock. Then he hastily took her head on his lap and called her patting her cheeks but she didn’t respond. He was calling her and crying badly thinking that he lost her.

“I love you, Manik.” As she murmured in her unconscious state, Manik got his breath back. A smile of relief flashed on his face and tears were constantly cascading down his cheeks.

“I won’t let anything happen to you. I will save you.” He murmured with determination and wiped his tears with the back of his palms. He immediately removed her saree and covered her with it. His body was also giving up but he was keeping himself strong just for her. He lay down beside her and covered himself also with her saree. Inside he removed her blouse and petticoat, his gaze didn’t shift from her face. She was constantly murmuring “I love you, Manik,” in her unconscious state.

Manik instantly pulled her in his protective arms and rubbed his naked body against her. As Nandini came into his arms, she instantly regained her conscious back. She hugged him back, and her nails scratched his back. Manik was constantly grinding his naked body against her by moving up and down, and he was also moving his hand all over back. Nandini was feeling like she was in heaven. She had always wished to come into his arms like this and finally god himself fulfilled her that wish. The feeling of being in his arms was heavenly beautiful for her.

She was feeling so save and secure in his arms. She wanted him to store her in his warm arms forever like this. Her heart and soul, they both were at peace. At that moment she was feeling like she got everything. She was snuggling in his arms, having a contented smile on her face. She forgot everything after coming into his arms. She forgot that what was right, what was wrong. She just wanted him to hold her like this forever. Now she could peacefully die in the arms of the person whom she loved.


Expected this or not ???

What do you think, what will happen next ?

Don’t forget to tell how do find the update. Your response matters a lot me.

Love Mehak

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  1. Now that was really unexpected 😍😍😍 I literally got goosebumps while reading this chapter and the way nandini confessed ♥️♥️♥️♥️
    I hope everything gets well soon♥️😭

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  2. Wowsome update.. My mind is doing 💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃 manik is too strong.. His is a gem.. 💕 💕 For his friendship he’s still hiding his feelings from nandini.. 😔😔 But kaab taak.. 😟😟😟


  3. Ohh my freaking god. So mera andaza sahi tha cold storage me kuch hot hone vaala hai. I was expecting something like this only.

    And nandini she’s in so much pain. Ohh gosh i can’t see her like that. She thinks Manik doesn’t loves her. Nandu why are you so innocent. Manik loves you like anything. Plzz someond tell her. She can’t die like this leaving my manik. 😭

    And manik why are you stopping yourself. I know you don’t wanna betray your friend but why isn’t he understanding no one will be happy with this. None of the trio will ever be happy. Confess krdo manik.

    Dono kitna zyada pain mein hain. Apna apna pyaar chhupa rhe hai. But nandu nii hide kr paai.. she loves him so much that she even wanted to die. This was so hurting and heartbreaking 😭😭😭

    And I’m feeling bad for shivaansh inn sab mein end mein voh sabse zyada suffer krega.. 😓😓 i just so wish no one had to suffer. And love is the most purest emotion it can never be a sin. How someone can even call it a sin. Love its a feeling and u cannot contrroll that.

    Love is a bliss not a sin but right now for MaNan its a pain
    And I hope this sufferimg and this pain ends soon.

    The update was super super amazing mehku. Maza aagya padhke. And it was hot. So excited to read further. 🤩😍😍💃💃💃💃


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  4. Suparbbb….shivansh manan ko continuously phn kar raha tha he was feeling like kuch galat hone wala hain.. N sahi v hain galat toh ho raha tha manan k sath woh log bohot badi prblm me the lekin mujhe lagta hain ye prblm jaruri thi manan k liye.. Cold room me nandu puri thand me shiver kar rhi thi manik nandu ko uss halat me dekh hi nahi pa raha tha..nandu ko lag raha tha ki aaj uski last day hain par use kya pata ki manik ka hote hue use kuch nhi ho sakta…jab nandu Manik ki bol rahi thi ki mujhe tum se kuch kehna hain fir se me bol ne k liye rahungi ya nhi tab manik nandu ko bolta hain ki me tumhe kuch hone nhi dunga…suddenly nandu manik ko apna love confess karti hain manik ko tho pehle se hi pata hain ki nandu bohot pyar karti hain usse firvi woh kuch nhi kar skta apne feelings k bare me bata nhi sakta manik Nandini ka pain me dekh nhi pata woh bach nandu ko save karna chatha hain kisi v halat me woh apne love ko marta nhi dekh sakta nandu bolti hain ki don’t save for shivansh q ki me usse kavi pyar nhi kar paungi kavi v nhi tab manik bolta jo sochna hain socho mujhe sirf itna pata hain ki tumhe save karna mere liye jaruri hain..but manik bata nhi pata ki me tumhe mere liya bachana chahta hu agar tumhe kuch ho geya toh me g nhi paunga…i wish bata deta..manik bolta hain ki aab ek hi rshta hain bachne k liye body heat..nd manan hug each other nandu manik ke arms me aa kar sab kuch bhul jati use bohot acha lagta woh hamesha se yeh wish karti thi jo aab pura hua..nd nandu pura life aise hi rehna chahti hain…par chahne se kya hota aab dekhte hain kya hota hain…👌👌👌👌👌👌👌

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  5. Oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my fucking gosh
    I need to take a deep breath and relax
    Oh my I can’t stop smiling 😍😍

    This was such a beautiful update hayyeee mere manan ❤❤❤
    I know they were in a very bad situation but right now I definitely not care about that
    They were together that too so close
    Hayyee meko toh belief hi ni ho rh hai

    Manik kitna pareshan and tensed th usse samjh hi ni aa rh th ki wo nandu ko kaise bachae
    And nandu she just doesn’t want to live anymore ……she doesn’t want to bear the pain and guilt anymore 😢💔

    But aise kaise manik apni life ko apne samne Marta hue dekhta ya usse marne deta
    He can happily die for her and she was saying to let her die pagal ladki

    When she was confessing her love it was such a beautiful as well as emotional moment
    She was happy that if she was dying atleast she is dying in the arms of her life
    That was beautiful and freaking emotional

    And hats off to manik kya control hai ladke ka ek baar bhi apni feelings ni batae
    Hamesha control kr leta hai apne aapko
    Kyu ho tum itne strong manik kash ek baar tum bhi bol dete that u also love her a lot 😢

    And the last scenes hayyee who cares at this moment what is right or wrong
    They deserve these moments bht suffer kiya hai dono ne ye pal unka haq hai because I know hmri writer itne cute cute moments dene ke baad bht rulane wali hai
    Zada derr tak khush ni rhne degi humme

    Jitne pyare pyare moment De rh hai kitna dard bhi degi 😭😭😭😭
    Jab jo bhi ho baad ki baad mai dekhege apni I am gonna fully enjoy these moments
    And gonna prepare myself for the  coming storm

    Simi 💕❤

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  6. Tujhe maza aata hai na humme rula kar kamini 😭😭😭

    Starting mai I was shocked for a sec I was like what the hell I just missed ye kya hua manik ka accident
    And fir pta chala ye toh nandu ka nightmare hai

    Aise koi krta hai kya bina baat ke heart attack De rh hai tu kamini 😤😤

    Shivansh kitna acha hai yr….. Kitna kuch kar rh hai manik ke liye
    Wo ready ho gy manik ke liye uss ladki se baat krne ke liye

    Wo kuch bhi krega manik ki khushi ke liye
    When shivansh was telling him that his love is not wrong
    I was just thinking ki iska kya reaction hoga jab usko pta chalega wo ladki koi aur ni uski khud ki wife hai

    And manik yr kitna suffer kar rh hai kitni koshish kar rh hai move on krne ki but chaha kar bhi nandu ko bhul ni Pa rh hai 😭😭😭😭
    Kyu suffer krna padh rh hai manik ko itna yr

    Why god is testing them so so much
    Shivansh kitni koshish kr rh th dono ko khush krne ki but usse kya pta manan ki khush ek dusre mai hai

    Wo kitni bhi koshish kar le unke pain ko kam ni kar skta
    Sirf manan hi ek dusre ko pain khatam kar skte hai

    It was such a painful scene when manik nandu ko imagine kar rh hai and nandu manik ko 💔💔

    Dono ka dil kitna dukhta hai ek dusre ke bare mai soch kar
    I am so excited and nervous to see ki kya hoga jab dono ek dusre se itne dino baat milege

    P. S stop making us cry…… Ek chotu sa cute and scene De De
    Dream sequence hi De De but kuch toh De

    Simi ❤

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  7. Seee I was correct she would propose him but now what will happen if sivanash will see them like that in that position ohh noooooo I cant imagine what would be shivansh reaction would be 😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😱😱😱😱😱😱

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  8. OMG This Chapter 😍🙈
    First of all Thank u so much for the “BIRTHDAY SPECIAL” Update Sweetu ❤😍

    Oopsss… I am so sorry to comment late on this absolutely fantastic n amazing chapter.. Seriously lacking in words after reading your manuscripts..
    I’m late but i hope the comment will make u smile Sweetu 😉

    Loved every single word of your writing.. It’s so amazing that even now when I pick any chapter of “Love Or Sin” It’s so splendid.. Every word depicts the whole scenes so perfectly.. Thanks a lot Sweetu giving such good book to your readers..

    I have read many books, and to be honest most of the books are judge by their first chapter.. But Love Or Sin always steals my heart away ❤❤😍😍

    I wish this book never ends!!! I wish I could read this till my end.. I wish I could make you publish this as a book, Real Book.. I wish I could make you create a show with this book.. I wish I could meet you.. I wish I could have a beautiful evening with u spending time discussing about Love or Sin nd Other story as the thoughts behind your magical writings.. I wish to see you once and give some memorable gifts as you’ve given us Awesome Awesome Books.. Finally I wish as pray for your health.. Your work front n family shall be blessed and taken good care by Almighty ☺☺😚😚😚😚

    Coming to the update.. I do not have words to describe one.. This is beautiful,
    Enthralling, Magnificent and i am running out of adjectives to describe this one 😂🙈

    So much happy that nandini again confessed her love n feeling to manik..She said it.. She actually said it.. Gosh I’m in love wid them 😍😍
    But situation not suitable.. Never thought nandini would confess her love like this.. I thought she will probably confess her love jb vo lots n lots of pain me hogi unbearable ho jayega ye pain..😟😟

    God he’s so caring.. But at the same time he want to protect her and nandini don’t worry manik ke hote hue kuch nai hoga tmhe.. Nd ye situation manik ko pareshan kar rhi hai.. And that’s why he wants her full attention on himself but ye hug bhi work nai kar rha.. 😟😟

    I can’t believe she again confessed.. I never thought nandini aise confess karegi n nandini manik tmhe kuch nai hone dega.. Really it’s very painful moment for manik nd what a way of showing his concern towards nandini’s health..
    She thinks uska love sin hai, but nandini love kbhi sin nai hota..😞
    But nandini thinks that manik doesn’t love her but kaun bataye nandini ko that manik loves her alot…🤦‍♀🤦‍♀
    Nandini ko smjh nai aa rha vo kya bole jaa rhi hai.. Nandini manik tmhe kaise marne de skta hai, coz he’s madly n deeply in love with u vo bhi love at first sight..

    At that moment mujhe laga Manik bhi apna love confess karega.. But lil bit sad when he’s didn’t..😐😐😐 I really cried when she said I love u to her… Nd the way u put manik’ reaction to it shocking n helpless..
    Manik bol dete na tm nandini ko apne liye save kar rhe ho.. Falling shorts of words how to describe this moment 😭😭😭

    Okay, I never mind a surprise but u gave me a shock this time.. Look at the way you just put them, and at the end.. It’s unexpected n expected both..
    I appreciate nandini for this survival ke liye body heat ke liye ready ho gyi.. Koi galat nai.. First both pyar karte hai n second jb zinda rehne ke liye karna hoga.. And i dont find anything wrong.. Hope sab theek ho..

    Nd most difficult next morning kya hoga..
    What if shivansh aa jaye.. But agr shivansh aa bhi jaata hai toh vo situation ko smjhne ki koshish karega but hopefully I think he will not come..
    Nd agr aa gya toh what will happen next.. 😖😖😖
    Manik ka kya hoga n nandini.. This situation really unexpected.. Nd That scene nandini unconscious just made me cry 😖😖 mai manik ko rote hue nai dekh skti.. Nandini ke liye kuch bhi kar skta vo..

    It was so sudden but it was very beautiful.. SPEECHLESS.. Nandini finally has her heart desire but ye guilt na ho bss.. You know sweetu i think jab sab theek ho jayega so nandini thanks manik for caring for her.. If he will show emotions..Then Vo toh weak pad jayega na..Nd manik ne jo nandini ke liye kiya just perfect.. ❤❤

    3 times I have read these chapters again n again.. 😍😍
    Phewwww,,, every time it evokes same emotions.. Hmmm!!! I wish so badly that i get to see these 2 people live and in flesh 🙂
    I wonder such pure love exits anywhere????

    The story as I can understand will be unfolding in a lot of Impeccably bizzare ways and I can not just wait..
    You’re a gem in this writing world..
    I’m in so much love in this chapter… ❤❤❤

    You wrote it so sweetly, I felt like I was actually living the moment.. 😍❤

    I just loved this story everytime just loved it loved it loved it.. 😍❤🙈

    Eagerly looking forward to it..;)

    Till then, keep racing your wild imagination and keep writing.. 😂😂🙈🙈

    Love u so so so much sweetu.. 😍❤💋

    Gudiya ❤❤❤

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    • Your have really made me speechless this time with your comment. Yes completely speechless. Just I wanna say.. I am blessed to have a reader , friend and a sister like you. Love you a lot Meri gudiya. Thanx a lot for always bringing smile on my face with your comment which is so precious for me. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️.

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  9. I expected this body heat thing… I mean come on… They had to do this for their survival… I don’t find anything wrong in this.. Agar zinda hi nhi bachoge.. To what right and what wrong?… I just hope that Shivansh understands the situation… Loved the update

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  10. Ohhh laa laa..🤗🤗

    Well I knew something like this is coming but THIS ….. Not expected…🙈🙈

    Woww this was so so so amazing chapter yaar 💝💝

    And I was so happy that Nandini again confessed her feelings to Manik but was a lil bit sad when Manik didn’t 😖

    This chapter shows allthe love💝💝 I am so happy after a long time a small trailer of their love… Poor Nandini she thinks that Manik doesn’t love her back and hence wants to die 😭 but who will tell her that Manik loves her To no extent..💝💝

    And I so loveeee Manik he is doing so much for her he is just perfect.. Sach me Maza aa gya…

    This chapter was the most favourite chapter of whole book and I know further their will more chapter come which will be my favourite too😘😘

    And now m seriously getting tensed too *biting nails* what will happen the next morning 🤔🤔 what of Shivansh came 😖😖 But I think he will not come… But there will be someone though who will come and see them like this… What will happen 😟😟..

    Di plz ek request just don’t keep me waiting till long otherwise I’ll go in depression thinking this 😭😭 plz plz update soon🤗🤗

    But all in all this chapter was so beautiful 😍😍. I enjoyed reading it and hence didn’t knew when it got finished…😄

    Thanks for the beautiful update 💝

    Will be waiting for the next part….✌✌

    Love you .💕💕💕💕

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      • No need of Thanks just keep writing such beautiful stories for us 😘😘..

        And today m gonna start your another book Love Story 💝 which I found today.. sorry in advance if I didn’t gave Comments in every chapter coz m pretty much curious reader Naa 😊😊😊


      • No need of Thanks just keep writing such beautiful stories for us 😘😘..

        And today m gonna start your another book Love Story 💝 which I found today.. sorry in advance if I didn’t gave Comments in every chapter coz m pretty much curious reader Naa 😊😊😊

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  11. Will Shivaansh Understand Them After Get To Know? Aur Ek😂 Mujhe Yeh Saare Questions Ke Answers Chahiye Mehak Wo Bhi Insta Pe😁🙈


  12. Expect Bhi Tha Aur Nai Bhi😁 But I love Update But My Mind Will Exploded Till Getting Next Update Bcoz What Will Happened In Morning? What If Shivaansh Back From Way? Who Will See Them Like This? Will They able To Survive Without Guilt? What Will Happened Will That To Know That They Are Doing Wrong With Shivaansh? Again Saperation? Uff😶😂 Bolo Tha Na My Mind Will Exploded
    Update Soon Please🤣


  13. Awesome update

    Finally nandini confessed …..
    I can get the scene front of my eyes of manik helpless ness to save his love to confess his love .so much .could find words totally feel like seeing in front of my eyes .thank you writer di .lots of love .take care .and waiting to know more and more


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