Love Story (Part : 60 It Feels Like A Dream)

Manik was tying  the belt of white bathrobe after helping her in wearing it. A white towel  was wrapped around Manik’s waist. There were few drops water on his muscular body which were increasing his hotness. Nandini was lost in looking at his perfect face. He was a gem and she loved him a lot. The way he called her angel , the way he assured her that he would never leave her , the way he loved her , the way he touched her , the way he looked into her eyes , she loved everything about him. Manik smiled looking at her face after tying the belt.

“You are looking breathtaking beautiful at this moment angel. I can’t take my eyes from you.”he whispered tucking her wet hair behind her ear which were coming in her eyes. She blushed listening to his compliment looking down and took away his heart.

“This is the colour of your love Manik.” She whispered cupping his face and his hand pulled her toward himself grabbing her waist. He leaned down and captured her glossy lips. He kissed her lips softly and gently pouring his all love. Nandini kissed him back closing her eyes and her fingers went in his hair. Lips kisses were pure bliss for them. From the day one both were having desire to taste each other lips and when they finally tasted them last night , it became their addiction.


“Now take some rest.” Manik brought her outside of bathroom in his arms and said after after laying her down on the bed. She nodded her head in yes because she was feeling tired after their bathroom make out session.

“Manik you also take some rest.” She spoke holding his hand when he was about to go. He smiled cheerfully because he understood that indirectly she  wanted to lay down in his arms.

“I can’t angel and it’s your fault.” Manik’s words made her confused.

“Yes , it’s your fault because you are irresistible. If I will lay down in your arms , I won’t be able to control my desires. What happened in the bathroom is the example of it.” Nandini blushed closing her eyes listening his words and gripped his hand tightly. Manik smiled broadly seeing his    angel who was looking super cute while blushing.

“But still I wanna lay down in your arms. Just give me a minute.”She opened  her eyes listening his words and then she nodded her head leaving his hand. Manik smiled and went to take out short from the bag. He came back to her after wearing the short and putting the towel on sofa. Both were smiling at each other. As he laid down beside her , she came in his arms. She put her head and hand on his bare chest and knee on his waist. Manik smiled looking at her and embraced her in his arms and kissed her forehead. She snuggled in his arms feeling so relaxed.

“I feel like I am dreaming. You are in my arms like this.. I just can’t believe that this is real. If this is a dream , I really don’t want to wake up.” He spoke after few minutes of silence. Nandini raised her face and looked at him. He was already looking at her with so much love in his eyes.

“This is the reality Manik. Last night whatever happened, Everything was damn real and beautiful . Today I am in your arms , this is also real. You won Manik , your love won. You brought me back from my fake life where I was pretending that I am happy. Now I don’t need to pretend because you gave me the reason to be happy in real. You have given me a new life. You have cured me. You have healed me Manik. Thank you so much..” saying those words , she started kissing every inch of his face crazily. She was really thankful to him for giving a new life to her.

“I really love you a lot.” At last she sucked his lips and confessed her love. Manik smiled and kissed her forehead cupping her face while his thumb caressed her soft cheeks.


Zoya stepped out from the bathroom in black full length Kurti. She smiled broadly seeing how Adi was tying Muskan’s hair in a ponytail with rubber band. They were sitting on bed. Adi was sitting behind her and as always she was speaking non stop. This was one of the most beautiful scenario for her.

“Mumma is here Musu.” Zoya shouted walking toward them making them looked at her. She stood up and jumped in her mumma’s arms wrapping her arms around her neck and legs around her back. She sticked to her mother like monkey. She hugged him back closing her eyes. Adi smiled admiring his lifelines.

“Mumma meine ek bhut bad dleam dekha lekin fil daddy ne mujhe samjhaya aur mein samjh gye ki mein toh stlong plincess hoon aap dono ki. Mein nhi dalti dleam se. ( Mumma I saw a bad dream but then daddy made me understand and I understood that I am your strong princess of you both. I am not afraid of bad dreams.)” Muskan told her mother everything in a one go and Zoya was listening to her nodding her head.

“Very good Musu. You are so sensible and intelligent. You understand everything.” Zoya said proudly and kissed her forehead.

“She is sensible because she is daughter of Aditya Malhotra.” Adi said getting up from the bed. Zoya laughed at him.

“You are sensible. Oh please Adi stop joking early in the morning . She is sensible because of me and She is naughty and stubborn because of you.” Zoya taunted him and Adi frowned while the little musu was giggling cutely and enjoying the fight of their parents.

“Oh really Zoya ?” Adi asked while frowning and Zoya nodded her head in yes.

“Leave it. Musu come let’s take bath. Let your mumma live in her dreamworld.” Adi glared her and said taking Muskan’s in his arms. Zoya was laughing seeing the way Adi was showing his anger to her. He went in bathroom and Zoya was laughing holding her stomach.


Nandini was standing in front of mirror wearing beautiful and simple red colour Plazo suit. She was going to wear saree but Manik asked her to wear something comfortable. After that she thought to wear suit because she wanted to wear something traditional on her first day after marriage. Her beautiful face was glowing more because of Manik’s love. Her eyes were shining with the happiness. The beautiful smile on her face was clearly telling that how much happy she was. She was lost in the thoughts of Manik while combing her hair.

Then her eyes fell on the love bite which was on her neck. She closed her eyes touching the love bite. She clearly remember that how Manik had given her first love bite. She could never forget this moment, in fact she could never forget the whole last night. Last night was heavenly beautiful for her. Last he made her dead soul alive with his love.

“How will I hide it ?” She shouted opening her eyes looking at the love bite.

“May be this will help.” She picked up the foundation from the dressing table. She kept it back after taking out little bit of it on her palm.

“No need to hide this by applying this.” She was just about to apply the foundation on her neck but Manik stopped her holding her hand after coming out from the bathroom. She looked at him confusingly.

“Look.. now it is not visible.” He said keeping her hair on her one side. She looked into mirror and smiled looking at Manik in the mirror. He was already smiling at her.

“You have the solution of every problem. I am highly impressed.” She chuckled softly saying this and Manik was just smiling looking at her in the mirror.

“Something is missing..” Suddenly Manik uttered making Nandini confused. She raised her eyebrows asking him what. He turned her toward himself holding her shoulders. She was looking at him confusingly.

“This..” He said picking up the Sindoor Case from the dressing table.

“Oh this , I was just about to apply this..” She spoke while he took the pinch of Sindoor and forwarded his hand to apply on the middle of her hair. She closed her eyes in response having content smile on her face when he was applying the Sindoor on her forehead. A little bit of it fell on her nose. Manik rubbed it with his knuckles and both chuckled looking into each other eyes touching their face.

“Now you are looking perfect Mrs. Nandini Manik Malhotra.” He spoke cupping her face and after raising her face , he kissed her forehead. She closed her eyes in response , putting her hand on his chest. His kisses were pure bliss for her. She used to feel like he was touching her soul with those kisses. Then he embraced her in his arms. She closed her eyes and snuggled in his arms having smile on her face.


Zoya was making Muskan ready and Adi was setting his hair standing in front of mirror. He was showing his anger to Zoya like a small kid by not talking to her.

“Musu let’s go for the breakfast.” Adi said picking up Muskan in his arms without even looking at Zoya.

“Daddy loko mumma ko toh ane do. (Daddy wait , let mumma come.)” Adi walked toward the door and stopped listening Muskan’s words.

“Musu.. You go with daddy. Mumma will join you both in few minutes.” As Zoya spoke these words , Adi walked outside of the room with her. Zoya shook her head in a disbelief seeing her husband who was behaving like a small kid.


Manan reached in the garden area for the breakfast. Everybody were already presented there and waiting for the newly married couple. Nandini was smiling happily seeing them. She had always wished to have family like this and finally god fulfilled her this wish.

“So here is new love bird of our family.” Cabir shouted looking at them. Everybody looked at him and then toward Manan who were walking toward them having smile on their face.

“You are my daughter from now Nandini. And daughters don’t touch the feet of their parents.” Nandini leaned down to touch the feet of Raj but he stopped her holding her arms in the mid way only. Nandini smiled happily looking at him and he took her in his arms while his hands caressed her hair. Manik was smiling seeing them standing behind Nandini.

“Good morning Auntie.” Nandini said walking toward Neyonika. She frowned when Nandini called her Auntie.

“Nandini how could you call me Auntie? Am I not deserved to be called as your mother ?” Neyonika scolded her and Nandini instantly nodded her head in no looking at her. Her eyes were filled with guilt.

“I am so sorry. I really having no intention to hurt you..  maa..” She apologised immediately and Neyonika smiled wholeheartedly when Nandini called her ‘maa..’ for the first time. When Nandini spoke maa , tears automatically fell down from her eyes. Before Neyonika there was nobody for her whom she could call her maa. She yearned for mother’s love the most from her childhood and finally when she got, she became emotional. Neyonika stood up and hugged her tightly. Tears fell down from her eyes too. Everybody were admiring their bonding having smile on their face.

Nandini’s father was happiest seeing her daughter because finally her daughter got what she had craved from childhood. He was happy for her daughter.

“Welcome to our family Nandini officially today.” Neyonika kissed her forehead after breaking the hug and spoke making everybody laugh. Nandini passed everybody a beautiful smile and then settled down with Manik there.

Beside them Muskan was sitting in Adi’s lap. Nandini wished her good morning pulling her cheeks and she gave her cheerful smile in response.

Nandini smiled looking at Manik when he was serving her the breakfast like a gentleman. She was falling in love with this man more and more every minute. He smiled back looking at her. After that they both started eating the delicious pasta and omelet.

“Chachu chachi aaj musu aap dono ke sath soegi.. rat mein. Kal mumma daddy ne mujhe ni sone diya aap dono ke sath. (Chachu Chachi today Musu will sleep with you both at night. Last night mumma daddy didn’t allow me to sleep with you both.)” Muskan complained to Manan. They both looked at each other and blushed remembering about the last night. They were thankful to Adi and Zoya who didn’t let Muskan sleep with them. Everybody were smiling listening Muskan’s words silently.

“Bolo na aap dono sooge na musu sath.. ?( say something, will you both sleep with musu ?)” She asked again getting no reply from them and then Manan instantly looked at her.

“Off course Musu tonight you will sleep with us.” Nandini spoke putting hand on her cheek and Musu clapped her hands happily. Everybody laughed on her cuteness.

The dinner was going with the family chit chat , lots of teasing and Muskan’s nonstop talks. Nandini was happiest after becoming the part of this family. She was smiling wholeheartedly at that time. Having breakfast with the family like this , it was one of her dream. Manik was admiring her all the time and he was happy seeing her happy.

Adi was completely ignoring his wife. Zoya was getting pissed off from him.

Manik entwined her hand with his hand which was kept on her lap under the table. Nandini shivered with his touch and instantly looked at Manik smilingly. He smiled back and mouthed I love you. She blushed looking down.

“Did you both come giving your one hand on rent ?” It was getting difficult for them to eat the breakfast from their one hand but still they were not leaving each other hand.  Cabir was sitting in front of them and he spoke noticing this. They both immediately left each other hand listening his words. Nandini  looked down shyly tucking her hair behind her ear while Manik was glaring at Cabir. Everybody ignored his words.

Nandini dropped down her fork on floor by mistake. Then she bent down to pick it up. In all this her hair fell on her back which she had kept on one side to hide the hickey. Manik immediately noticed this and with her eyes he said her in gesture to hide it. Nandini immediately put them on her one side again and both sighed deeply. But they both were having no idea that Cabir had already seen the hickey on her neck. He was smiling mischievously looking at them.


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Love Mehak

Love Story ( Part : 61 Painting Time)


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