Love Story ( Part : 57 First Kiss)

Manik was waiting for Nandini , she had gone to change her clothes in washroom. Standing at the window, he was thinking that how would be their special night when they would complete each other.

“Manik..”he heard Nandini’s voice from behind and listening her words he came on the earth back. He immediately turned around and got surprised.

Nandini was smiling looking at him , standing on the door step of bathroom. She was still in that bridal lehenga. The first question which came in his mind seeing her that why she didn’t change into night dress. As he looked into her eyes , he came to know what she wanted. He could read her eyes. In love eyes speak more than the words.

“Make me yours Manik, I trust you and I love you.”Her eyes were saying to him.

“Really” his eyes asked this question from her and she nodded her head positively in response. Without using any words they were talking to each other , that’s called true love.

As she nodded her head Manik ran toward her and pinning her hand above her head on the wall , he just captured her lips. He was waiting to taste her lips from the very first day when he had seen her. The one month was like ages for him. Other side Nandini was taken aback. For a moment, she didn’t understand that what had happened with her. But the very next moment they were kissing each other like they were hungry to taste each other lips from thousands years. It was Manik’s first kiss and he was kissing her like he was a professional kisser. He was chewing her lips and tasting every corner of her lips. Their fronts were touching with each other which was increasing their desire.

Manik’s hands automatically left Nandini’s hands and pulled her toward himself grabbing her bare waist. Nandini kissed her back wrapping her hands around his neck. Manik bit her lower lip to enter inside her mouth. He wanted to explore her mouth. She also started to explore his mouth. The feeling of exploring each other mouth was more than the heaven for them. They were feeling like they went out of the world with the kiss. The kiss was magical which made them forget all their tension and stress. Nandini didn’t come to know when her hands started to rub his bare chest and Manik didn’t come to know when his hands cupped her face. Their body was moving to and fro and making them burn in desire.

“I never tasted such a delicious thing in my life before. Tasting your lips and exploring your mouth was more than the heaven for me.” He said huskily near to her lips and his thumb was brushing her lower lip. Nandini was silently looking at him and breathing heavily, she was trying to catch her breath back after their wild kiss. Their eyes were filled with only and only love.

“I want you to don’t stop until you won’t kiss, touch and taste every inch of my body. From today Nandini is all yours Manik Malhotra.” She whispered while her hands were kept on his bare chest. Her words were turned him more. He smiled slightly and she smiled back.

“So Can I taste your this place ?” He asked putting his hand on her crotch. Nandini went insane when for the first time he touched her there where she wanted him to touch her from the very first day. She threw her head backward and moaned closing her eyes. Only his one touch was enough to take her breath away from her.

“I want answer angel.” He said in dominating tone while his finger was making circle there over the fabric and making her more crazy.

“Why did you stop ?” She instantly asked as he removed his hand from there. He was smirking looking at her and she was looking at him irritatingly.

“You didn’t answer me.” He spoke like a innocent kid and she gave him shocking looks.

“At this moment you want answers. What is this Manik ?” She freaked out on him and her reaction made him laugh. She held her waist and gave him angry glares. He laughed more holding her stomach seeing her.

“You spoiled the moment Manik. It wasn’t expected from you.” Nandini said disappointedly. As she took few steps toward the bed passing by him , he turned toward her and stopped her holding her hand. He pulled her toward himself. Her back collided with his front. His this move was enough to make her go crazy.

“No problem.. I know how to again turn on my wifey with in a second.” He said huskily near to her ear while his one hand was rubbing her bare belly and his other hand was rubbing her one arm. She blushed listening his words. Her eyes were closed, their proximity and his hands were doing magic on her. She moaned in low voice when he bit her earlobe.

“I want to take your permission angel before tasting any part of your body. If you will say yes then I will proceed further or else never.” He rested his chin on her shoulder and spoke in serious tone making Nandini feel blessed to have a husband like him in her life. He was her husband now and still he wanted to take her permission before even touching her.

“You never have to ask. My body , my heart and my soul , it is all yours.” She spoke in response putting hand on his face and looked at him through the corner of her eyes. Both passed small smile to each other.

“But still I need your permission please because I don’t want to do the things which could hurt you.” He spoke like a stubborn kid and Nandini agreed to him because she knew her stubborn husband very well.

“You can never hurt me.” She spoke with full confidence after turning her face behind to look at him. He smiled back in response and kissed her forehead as a promise that he would never let a single tear fall down from her eyes. She closed her eyes in response and feel the touch of his lips. Then in the same position they started to kiss each other lips softly and gently pouring all the love in the kiss. Manik hands were holding her waist from behind and her one hand was on his face.

While kissing her lips , he opened the string of her lehenga and it fell down on floor. She was so lost in their peaceful kiss that she didn’t even come to know when he did this. He entered his hand inside her lower inner wear and started rubbing her inner thigh vigorously with his thumb. She was moaning inside his mouth and enjoying this sensation after so many years. The kiss turned passionate and his other hand started to press one of her twin. With in few moment something started to build up inside stomach. She felt weak on her knees and her legs started to shake. But before she could release, he removed his hands from there and stopped kissing her. She instantly opened her eyes and looked at him confusingly.

“I wanna taste you , Can I ?” He asked gesturing toward her inner thigh. She blushed and nodded her head positively in response looking down. As her eyes look down she realised that she was only in her inner wear in front of him. She immediately pulled away from him and closed her eyes shyly. He came in front of her and smiled seeing her cute expression. He didn’t even look down at her. His eyes were just looking at her face.

“So Can I taste and look there ?” He asked like a gentleman and she opened her eyes instantly listening his words and found him smiling at her.

“Haven’t you looked down yet?” She asked shockingly and he nodded his in no. She smiled happily and felt so blessed.

“You don’t need my permission Manik. How many times I have to say that I am all yours. Please don’t take permission.” She pleaded and he chuckled happily. Listening these words from Nandini’s mouth , he was feeling like he was dreaming. He had never thought that he would change her so soon. But he changed her with his unconditional love.

“Okay so now you will tell me what do you want next.” He said and smirked. She smiled shyly looking down.

“You know.. that what I want Manik.” She said shyly playing with her fingers looking at him. Manik was just smiling seeing his shy wifey.

“Tell me na..” he said teasingly pulling her toward himself grabbing her bare waist and she was taken aback with his sudden move. Their front collided with each other and she rested her hand on his chest.

“I want you to complete me today. I want you to make me yours. I want you to explore my whole body today. I want you to take me to the place where nobody else took me.” she started speaking whatever she wanted from him. Her voice and her eyes were filled with love. Manik was just smiling looking at her.

“Then let’s make this night special.” Manik said picking her up in his arms. Nandini laughed happily seeing his desperation and she encircled her arms around his neck. She felt so good to be in his arms like always.

“From today my every night will be beautiful and special because I will be in your arms like this.” She spoke happily looking at him , he smiled happily and just kissed her forehead. She closed her eyes in response.

So will Manan spend their first night what do you think?

Don’t forget to tell that how do you find the update? Your comments matters a lot to me.

Love Mehak


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