Love Story ( Part 58 : I Love You 18+)

Manik laid down Nandini on bed which was covered with rose petals. Both passed each other a beautiful smile. He looked at his angel from head to toe who was lying on bed only in lower undergarment and blouse. His eyes were filled with desire to make her his forever. His stares made her blush. 

“You are looking so beautiful at this moment.” He whispered leaning down near to her lips. She shivered when his hot breath came in contact with her lips. She closed her eyes and waited for him to kiss her.

After few seconds she opened her eyes and found him lying beside her on his one side and admiring her. His head was rested on his hand and his elbow was on bed. His eyes were filled with love. She raised her eyebrows asking him that why he was not proceeding further through her eyes.

“How can somebody be so beautiful? I can stare you like this for lifetime without getting bore.” He whispered making her smiled broadly while his free hand caressed her cheeks.

“You are beautiful.” He leaned down and whispered near to her lips while his thumb was brushing her lower lip. He placed few kissing on the corner of her lips.

“Thank you so much for giving me permission to taste your delicious lips which I wanted to taste them from the very first day when I saw you in the restaurant. I feel so lucky to taste to them.” He spoke looking at her huskily. He never left a single chance to praise her.

Nandini raised her head and captured his lips cupping his face. This time she took initiative because his words and their proximity was driving her crazy. Manik kissed her back softly and his one hand went in his silky hair. He sucked her lower lip and she sucked his upper lip , like this their lips were moving rhythmically and their tongue were dancing with each other inside. The kiss took them to place where they both had never visited. They both were not only kissing each lips , they both were kissing each other soul.

“You lips are so juicy and delicious , I can eat them anytime anywhere. I want to kiss them whole night but.. I want to explore your complete body tonight. You drive me crazy angel.” He whispered after breaking the kiss kiss when Nandini was catching her breath back. She blushed and turned toward another side getting shy. Manik smiled broadly seeing his shy angel. He loved the way she used to blush and get shy with his words.

Nandini pressed her lips and shut her eyes when he felt his hot breath touched her back. She clutched the bed sheet when he started to place wet kisses on her whole back. He unhooked her blouse and placed kisses on all over her back. His one hand came in front and rubbed her bare stomach while his lips was doing magic on her back. The feeling was heavily beautiful for Nandini. She wanted him to kiss all over her body like this and tonight he would do it.  She was losing her breath with those kisses.

“Can I have permission to see my angel ?” He asked after making her lay down on her back. She opened her eyes listening his words. She immediately understood what he was talking about. She blushed and slightly nodded her head in yes. He smiled broadly while his hand  removed her blouse. Now she was lying only in her lower garment in front of him. His eyes moved down slowly and looked at her twins for the first time. Nandini was breathing heavily and her chest was moving up and down. Nandini was blushing when Manik was admiring her having a smile on his face and his eyes were filled with desire.

“You are really beautiful, I mean extra ordinary beautiful. Each and every part of you body is beautiful. I really can’t choose one.” He again praised her looking at her making her smile broadly.

“Can I have permission to touch , kiss , chew and play with them ?” Like a gentleman he was taking her permission every time before taking a step ahead . She nodded her head instantly having smile on her face. She felt so blessed to marry the person like him who was a dream man of every girl. She had never thought she would trust somebody blindly one day and that too with in a month. He cured her completely with in  only a month with his unconditional love.

He started to suck one of her twin after coming above her while his one hand cupped her other twin. Nandini closed her eyes in response and her hands started to move his hair. His hand was squeezing and pressing her breast while his lips were chewing and sucking her other breast. She was moaning his name under him. The way his lips and his hand was playing with her twins , she was feeling so good. Nobody had made her like this before. He was taking her in the heaven with the pleasure.

“Uhmm… Manik.” She moaned loudly when he bit her one nipple and his other hand pinched her another nipple. He smiled looking at her while his both hands pulled her nipple making her moan. He loved the way how she was reacting to the pleasure he was giving to her and he was enjoying a lot the way she was moaning his name. It was so peaceful to his ears.

He attacked toward her neck while his hands kept playing with soft twins. He sucked the love bite which he had given her few minutes making her moan. She arched her back and pulled his head back giving him complete access to her neck. Kissing her neck , he reached toward her collarbone. He sucked and bit her making her moan loudly. He was doing magic on her with his lips. She went in another world with the pleasure he was giving to her.

He reached to her belly kissing each and every part of her upper body for thousand time while his hands were still busy in playing with her twins which became his favourite assets from tonight. He was pressing them , stretching her nipple and cupping them. His tongue was playing with her belly button. Nandini’s one hand was in his hair and her other hand clutched the bed sheet with the rose petals. She was moaning with the extreme pleasure. She was loving the way his lips was touching each and every part of her body. She was feeling alive with his touch. Her soul was dancing inside her.

“I am blessed to kiss each and every inch of your beautiful body. The feeling is heavily beautiful. You made my night and fulfilling my every dream. I am so blessed to have you angel in my life.” He whispered coming near to her face. Nandini instantly opened her eyes listening his words breathing heavily.

“My body is all your from today. I am completely yours. You can kiss my body whenever you want and wherever you want. I will never stop you. Nandini is yours Manik Malhotra.” She whispered cupping his face and kissed his forehead after raising his head. Manik closed his eyes in response and feel the touch of her lips.

“I will make you mine you today angel.” He spoke after kissing every inch of her face. After completing his words , he sucked Her glossy lips. She felt goosebumps all over body with his words.

He reached on her waist kissing her neck , cleavage, chest ,  stomach. His hand held the hem of her panty and his eyes looked at her face. She was looking at him shyly. His hands slowly started to pull down her panty staring her face and Nandini shut her eyes getting shy. His eyes stared her inner thigh having desire in his eyes after pulling his panty down till her knees. “So beautiful.” He whispered and placed a kiss in between her thigh. Only with his one kiss , he took her breath away from her.

“You are so damn wet. I can see that what my touch was doing to you.” He spoke and she blushed after opening her eyes. He smiled looking at her. He took out her panty and inhaled the fragrance closing his eyes. Nandini smiled broadly seeing his act.

“You smell so good. Now I just can’t wait to taste you.” He said getting excited like a two year old baby and threw her black colour panty in the some corner of the room. She giggled seeing his excitement. At this moment also, he was not leaving his cuteness. She found him so adorable and forgot that she was lying completely naked in front of him.

“Get ready  to moan and scream my name to the loudest tonight.” He spoke looking at her and then he opened her legs, holding her thigh. She closed her eyes in response and waited for the magic to begin. She was already burning sensation in between thigh. She was having no idea what will happen when his mouth and hand will do there magic.

He touched her inner thigh and her hands clutched the bed sheet in response throwing her head. He smirked seeing her reaction. He started to rub her inner thigh slowly at first place. He buried his face in her inner thigh. He removed his hand and tongue started doing its magic on her. He flicked his tongue on her clit making her go crazy. His hands went upward and started massaging her twins. After few minutes he entered his tongue inside her and his thumb was rubbing her clit. Knots started to form inside her stomach and her legs were shaking. He was rubbing vigorously and his tongue was moving in and out in fast speed. Nandini was jerking her head left and right in response moaning in extreme pleasure. Her hands were moving in his black hair. When she was just about to cum , he stopped doing everything.

Nandini opened her eyes instantly breathing heavily. She looked at Manik getting irritated. He stopped like this in the middle for the second time , it was not fair. He smirked looking at her.

“I want you to cum when I will be inside you.” He spoke coming toward her face making her quiet with his words. She hugged him tightly getting shy making him laugh. He hugged her back having smile on his face. She got turned on when she felt his hard manhood on her thigh.

“Give me few minutes.” He spoke after breaking the hug. He got up from the bed pecking her lips. Nandini was looking at him confusingly. She couldn’t wait to feel him inside her now. She wanted to feel complete.

“I was really not expecting our first special night today that’s why I didn’t arrange the condom. Thank god Cabir gifted me this today.” Manik spoke and took out the packet of condom from the pocket of his lower. Nandini chuckled listening his words and hid face in the pillow getting shy when he looked at her. Manik laughed a bit seeing his angel getting shy.

“Don’t need to get shy from me Angel. Now look at me.” He pleaded her and she instantly looked at him. They passed each other a smile. Nandini became nervous when Manik hands started pulling down his lower and boxer together in front of his eyes. Her eyes widened when she saw his big erect manhood which was touching his stomach. He smiled looking at her.

“I just can’t wait to make you mine angel.” He spoke coming above her. Both were looking at each other excitedly. Nandini made faces when his manhood touched her stomach.

“Are you ready angel ?” He asked cupping her face before proceeding further. She instantly nodded her head.

“Just make me yours Manik. I want to feel complete today.” She spoke putting her one hand on his face. He kissed her forehead and she closed her eyes in response.

Both each other smiled. Then he held his manhood and rubbed it up and down on her inner thigh. Nandini closed her eyes in response.

“I want you to look at me when I will enter inside you.” He spoke in dominating tone and Nandini instantly opened her eyes. She nodded her head slightly and he smiled in response. He positioned himself on her and covered themselves with the white duvet. He entwined his hands with her hands and pinned them on the mattress. He started entering inside her slowly and Nandini opened her month feeling pain.

“You will feel better after few minutes. Just be relax.” He stopped in the middle and assured her. She nodded her head in yes pursing her lips. He again started entering inside her and she dug her nails in his hands screaming loudly. Manik gave her time to adjust him inside her. He came out and again enter inside her. He repeated this in slow speed while groaning and assuring her side by side that the pain would go away. He increased the speed and with in few minutes the pain replaced with the pleasure. She wrapped his legs around his hips and took him inside her deeper. He thrusted her harder and faster. Both moaning loudly in pleasure. He left her hands. His one hand squeezed her one of her twin and his other hand rubbed her clit. Nandini wrapped his arms around his neck and she was scratching his back with her nails. With every stock, he was touching her G spot and making moan in extreme pleasure. His hands were also doing his magic. Both climaxed together screaming loudly in extreme pleasure.

Manik came out of her and laid down beside her. Both were catching their breath back after the intense orgasm. He took her fragile body in his arms. Nandini cheeks was on his chest and she felt good to hear his favourite music which was his heartbeat. She was feeling so complete and relived after their make out session. She had never felt like this before. The feeling was heavenly beautiful for her. She was feeling out of the world. Without confessing their love , they made love because in love action speaks more than the words.

Nandini was lying naked in his arms. She was only wearing her mangalsutra. Both were lying naked inside each other arms and feeling so good. Nandini was making circle on his chest where he had inked her name while Manik was playing with his hair. Both were so happy so today and feeling complete.

“Can I ask a question Nandini ?” He spoke breaking the silence. She looked at him after raising her head. She nodded her head in yes slightly having a content smile on her face.

“You went to change your clothes and that time you needed time but what happened in the washroom which made you changed your decision.” He asked raising his eyebrows. She smiled broadly in response before answering him.

“I was standing in front of mirror and thinking about the days which we have spent together. Those days are the best days of my life. I realised that I trust you completely and I want you in my life. I really trust you Manik. I know you will never hurt me. You will never go leaving me alone. You will be with me till my last breath. I love you Manik. I really love you. I love you…” She finally confessed her love and that too three times. Manik could see that how much happy she was. He waited to see her happy from the very first day. He was feeling like he was dreaming.

“Let’s go for second round.” He spoke making her lay down her back , holding her from shoulder and he came above her with in second. Nandini was taken a back with his sudden move.

“I love you..” she again confessed her love in response and opened her legs for her him. Manik smiled and kissed her lips softly pouring his all in that kiss.

“I love you my angel. I promise from today your every day and night will be special and beautiful. I will not let a single tear fall from your eyes.”  Manik also confessed his love looking deeply into her eyes. Nandini was smiling contently looking deeply into his eyes. They both had waited for this day from starting.

“I love you.” He pinned her hands above her head and entered inside deeply in one go making her scream his name loudly. He started thrusting her deeper and harder making her scream I love you again and again. He himself was saying I love with each and every thrust. She hugged him tightly wrapping her legs around his hips and hands around his neck taking him deep inside her. They confessed love to each other more than hundred times that night. They were the happiest soul and feeling so complete. The feeling was indescribable and incredible.

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Love Mehak

Love Story (Part : 59 Blissful Morning)


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