Love Story (Part : 55 Wedding Gift)

Manik reached his room where his beloved wife was waiting for him. Smile was not leaving his face for even a single second. It was his first night with his wife. He stepped inside after opening the door. The room was decorated beautifully with red Roses. Candlelights were illuminating the dark room making the atmosphere romantic. His eyes were finding his angel in that room. He smiled broadly when finally he found her standing beside the bed facing her back to him. She was shining like a star in the dark room.

Nandini knew that he was standing behind her but she didn’t turn because she was little nervous. She was playing with the dupatta of her lehengha and her eyes were closed. Her heart was racing fast like it would get explode.

Manik reached toward her taking long steps. Next act of Manik surprised her. He picked her up wrapping his one arm around her from behind and before she could even react , he started twirling her.

“I am so happy Angel.” He was just repeating these words while twirling her . Nandini was laughing happily seeing his happiness. Few seconds ago she was nervous but Manik took away her all nervous with his act. Nandini asked him to put her down between her laugh but he was not ready to get stop. His happiness was having no bound. He was the first person who was so much happy after his marriage.

After few minutes, he finally put her down. She turned toward him having broad smile on her face. They looked at each other and started laughing crazily. They sat down on the bed while laughing.

“Why are we laughing ?” Nandini asked looking at Manik in between her laugh. Manik shook his head because he was also having no idea that why they were laughing. Nandini tried to control her laugh taking a deep breath.

“Today is our first night after marriage Angel. You know what happen at first night.” Manik spoke mischievously looking at her. Nandini smiled shyly moving her eyelashes down and her hand started playing with the dupatta of her lehenga nervously. Manik was just smiling looking at her. He loved the way how she used to shy.

“So are you ready ?” He asked suddenly making her shocked. She looked at him widening her eyes listening his words. Manik raised his eyebrows and controlled his laugh seeing her reaction.

“Manik..  I have a gift for you.” Nandini said changing the topic , getting up from bed.

“Wow wedding gift. What is it ?” Manik asked like a excited kid , standing in front of her. Nandini chuckled seeing his excitement.

“You have to close your eyes first.” She spoke excitedly. He nodded his head like innocent kid and closed his eyes. Nandini smiled seeing him and felt like to kiss him. Then she went in the corner of room where her luggage were kept.


On the other side Muskan was crying from few minutes because she wanted to sleep with newly wed couple on their first night and her parents were not allowing her to sleep with them. Aditya were trying to make her understand but the stubborn Muskan was not ready to listen them. She was not even changing her cloth. She was sitting on floor and crying.

“Mumma you  aal vely vely bad. Musu ko ku ni sone de lahai ho chachu aul chachi sath ? Musu ka itta man hai. (Mumma you are very bad. Why you are not letting me sleep with chachu and chachi ? Musu wants to sleep with them.)” She said to Zoya while crying and rubbing her eyes with her both hands. Adi was in bathroom that time.

“Musu you can sleep with dada dadi today. Tomorrow you can sleep with your chachu and chachi. Actually they fell asleep today.” Zoya spoke sitting in front of her. She was still in lehenga. She didn’t get time to change because Muskan was crying and she was trying to make her understand.

“Yes musu dada dadi ke pass hi soegi kuki Mumma daddy se katti hai musu.(yes Musu will sleep with dadi dadi because musu is angry from mumma and daddy.)” She spoke angrily rubbing her nose and got up from the floor. Zoya sighed deeply because finally her stubborn daughter stopped crying.


“Angel Now can I open my eyes ?” Manik was asking this question after every few seconds when Nandini was taking out the gift from her bag. He was getting desperate to see the gift. Nandini smiled looking at him and asked him to wait for few seconds more.

“Now you can open your eyes.” She spoke and he immediately opened his eyes. He looked at her face smiling face first. Then she asked him to look down through her eyes. He moved his eyes down and got surprised seeing the gift. Nandini was standing in front of him holding the painting and he was looking at it with wide open mouth and eyes. It was the beautiful painting of Manik and Nandini in the same wedding outfit which they were wearing at that time. It was the side look of them. In that paining , Manik hands were on her waist , he was kissing her forehead and Nandini’s eyes were closed.

“It’s… beautiful..” only these words came out of his mouth at that moment and he was looking at their beautiful painting without even blinking his eyes. He got lost in the beauty of that painting.

“Did you make it ?” He asked taking the painting from her hand and his eyes looked at her. She nodded her head in yes looking at him.

“How.. ? I mean this is so beautiful Angel. I am getting short of words seeing this painting.” He spoke unbelievably and his eyes again started staring the beautiful painting.

Nandini was just smiling looking at him.

“I am happy because you liked my gift.” She spoke happily looking at him. He smiled back looking at her.

“I didn’t like it. I mean I loved it. This is the most beautiful gift I have ever get.” He spoke hugging the painting tightly near to his heart. Nandini chuckled seeing his cute act. They were smiling and their eyes were looking at each other.

“Seriously your hands have some kind of magic.” He put the painting on the bed and spoke holding her both hands and his eyes were  looking at her face. He leaned down and kissed the knuckles of her both hands. Nandini smiled contently closing her eyes when his lips touched her skin.

“By the way I also have a gift for you.”He spoke looking at her and now her eyes started twinkling with the excitement.

“It is not beautiful like your gift but I just really hope that you like it.” He spoke nervously looking at her.

“I am sure the gift will be the most beautiful for me.” She spoke confidently looking at him and he just grinned listening her words.


“Where is Muskan ?” Adi came out from the bathroom and he freaked out when he didn’t find Muskan in the room. That time Zoya was removing her earrings standing in front of mirror. She turned around to look at him.

“Adi relax. She didn’t want to sleep with us that’s why I left her with Mom and dad. You made our daughter stubborn, it’s your fault.” Zoya spoke last sentence in fun tone to change his mood.

“No.. I have to bring her back. She is not safe there.” Adi was about to leave saying this but Zoya stopped him holding his hand. She went in front him. Adi was looking down. She held his face with her hands and made him look at her.

“Adi I know you are sacred for Muskan. But your behaviour is not good. I know what had happened with Muskan , after that you are scared that it can happen with her again. That’s why you want to be with her every single second. But you can’t be with her every second to take care of her. The future is unexpected , anything can happen but that doesn’t mean we will always think about the unexpected future and spoil our present.” She tried her best to make him understand but at that time her words weren’t enough to take away his fear.

“You are not understanding Zoya. Muskan is so small. She only needs her parents. She got kidnapped because I left her alone. Now I can’t leave her alone. I can’t take any risk. I can’t lose her.” Adi said loudly making Zoya quiet. He left to bring Muskan back. Her heart was crying seeing his condition.  The incident affected him a lot. She wasn’t understanding that what she should do.


“Manik.. What are you doing ?” Nandini stammered and asked when Manik started opening the buttons of his Sherwani. Manik was just smirking looking at her.

“Sh..” she was about to say something more but he shushed her putting his index finger on her lips. Both stared into each other eyes.

“Do you trust me ?” He asked looking deeply into her black eyes which were filled with innocence. She nodded her head in yes , looking at him and he removed his finger from her lips.

“So be quiet for a moment and wait.” He spoke and she again nodded her head in yes , putting her finger on her lips. Now both chuckled looking at each other.

He again started opening the buttons of his Sherwani looking at her. Her heartbeat was increasing and her eyes were looking at his hands. He was just smiling naughtily looking at her. When he was done opening the all the buttons of his Sherwani, he started removing his Sherwani revealing his muscular body and his six packs abs , Nandini shut her eyes tightly instantly. She was getting shy in looking at his husband who was getting naked in front of her eyes. Manik smiled broadly seeing her reaction.

It was many girls dream to look Manik Malhotra naked from the top in front of their eyes. But he gave this right to his angel only who was his wife now. Only his angel was having right on his body , his soul and heart.

“If you won’t open your eyes then how you will able to look at your gift angel.” He whispered coming close to her ear. Nandini heart started racing and her breath became heavy because of their proximity. She closed her eyes more tightly clutching her lehenga.

“Fi.. first you wear your Sherwani. Then.. then I will open my eyes.” She stammered because he was driving her crazy. She could feel his hot breath on her ear and she was getting weak on her knees. She sighed when he finally moved away from her.

“If I will wear Sherwani then how will you able to look at your gift.” He spoke and she instantly opened her eyes to ask that what he was trying to say. She opened her mouth to ask but her mouth remained open when his eyes fell on his chest. He had inked her name on his chest. It was written Nandini my angel. She felt so special seeing that tattoo and became speechless.

“It’s really beyond beautiful.” She spoke still looking at the tattoo and her hand traced the tattoo which was on his chest. Manik closed his eyes in response when her hand came in contact with his skin.

“It must have hurt you , right.” She asked raising her face and looked at him. He opened his eyes listening her words. He just nodded his no looking at her.

“It didn’t hurt me.” He replied and gave her a small smile.

“Through this tattoo I just always want to keep you near to my heart. And I also inked your name here because I want to show you that my body belongs to you. I am all yours Mrs. Nandini Malhotra.” Manik spoke cupping her face and now his words made Nandini speechless. She was just looking at him unbelievably and he was looking at her having so much love in his eyes for her.

Nandini bent down and placed the kiss on his chest where he had inked her name. He instantly closed his eyes when her soft lips touched his bare chest and he took a deep breath like finally he got his breath after ages with the touch of her lips. He felt so good with the touch of her lips. The feeling was heavenly beautiful for him.

At that moment he felt like to grab her hair , pull her face toward himself , capture lips and kiss her until she doesn’t become breathless. She was having no idea that her kiss on his chest turned him on and increased his desire to kiss her and to feel the touch of her lips all over his body.

“You never leave a single chance to make me feel special Manik. I am so blessed to have you in my life.” Nandini spoke looking back at him and he instantly opened his listening her words. He smiled in response.

“Manik I want to tell you something.” She spoke and he raised his eyebrows.

“Now you are my husband. I just want to say that like your body belongs to me and my body belongs to you. It’s our first night and you have all right on me. Today don’t get stop because of me. I myself giving you right to spend night with me and make me yours forever.” Nandini spoke looking deeply into his eyes and her hands held his face. Both were breathing heavily and their heart were racing fast. Her words were unexpected for him. She herself wanted him to spend first night with her and make her his.

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