Love Story ( Part : 53 Happily Married)

So finally the most awaited part is here , Manan marriage. I tried to show all the rituals of marriage in my best way. Hope the update will be upto your mark.


Manik , the groom was dressed up in ivory sherwani with pale pink stole that matched with Nandini’s lehenga. He was looking the most handsome groom in his attire. He was standing in front of huge mirror and his stylist was setting his stole. The hot and charming smile wasn’t leaving his face. Butterflies were flying in his stomach because of the excitement of getting married. After few hours, Nandini would be called as his wife. Manik had waited for this day a lot and finally that day arrived. He was going crazy with the happiness. Anybody could say by seeing his face that how much happy and excited he was. And why he wouldn’t be excited ? After all  his dream was getting fulfilled. He was marrying to the girl whom he had seen in his dreams since teenage. Nandini was exactly same as princess of his dream. Her heart and her soul was beautiful and pure like crystal.

Manan Attire

“I should check Nandini. I hope she is fine.” He thought about Nandini’s bad condition and smiled vanished from his face. Doctor had told him that she would get completely fine with in few hours but he was still worried for her. He wanted to see her completely fine in front of his eyes.

He walked out from his room to meet her. On the way to her room , he started to wonder that how beautiful she would be looking in bridal look. Again a broad smile appeared on his face by only imagining her in bridal look.

Opening the door he walked inside , having a broad smile on his face. He was all set to see his beautiful bride but his smile vanished away from his face when he found the room empty. He got hell worried for her. He checked the washroom and dressing room but she was nowhere. He thought about the last night that how she got kidnapped and only the thought of losing her frightened him. “Where are you angel ?” His mind was asking only this question.

“Manik Are you finding your would be wife ?” He was just about to call Nandini but stopped when he heard Zoya’s voice from behind. He turned around and Zoya walked toward him , having smile on her face. Manik was looking at her at her confusingly. Zoya was looking as always beautiful in the designer lehenga.

Zoya’s Attire

“Bhabhi , Where is Nandini ? Do.. you know ? Is.. Is she fine ?” He started asking lots of questions from Zoya worriedly and Zoya was just smiling, seeing his care toward Nandini.

“Bhabhi, say something.” He asked again concernedly , putting his hand on her shoulder.

“Manik don’t worry. She is absolutely fine.” He finally sighed, listening Zoya’s words. But now the question was that where she was.

“Manik , she is getting ready in different room because mom said , you can’t meet her before marriage.” Zoya told him and  Manik made sad pout like a small baby who didn’t get his favourite toffee.

“So adorable Deverji.. (husband’s younger brother)” Zoya chuckled and spoke pulling his cheeks. He laughed cutely.

“But.. Bhabhi , I want to see her. I am worried for her. Please tell me.. where is she ?” Manik spoke sweetly , holding Zoya’s hand. He was trying his best to convince his bhabhi with sweetness. Zoya was just smiling , seeing his acts.

“Bhaiya why are you giving excuses. Say directly that you can’t wait to see bhabhi in wedding attire.” Cabir teased Manik , entering inside the room. Manik glared him while Zoya chuckled, turning toward Cabir.

“Bhabhi did I say something wrong ?” Cabir asked from Zoya like a innocent baby. Zoya nodded her head in no , having smile on her face while Manik shook his head.

“Look.. Cabir , It’s just that I am worried for Nandini that’s why I want to see her. So cut the crap and tell me where is Nandini.” Manik said getting irritated with his words. He just wanted to see Nandini fine at that time. Zoya and Cabir both stared at him.

“Bhaiya.. Do you really think that I am gonna tell you ? Bhaiyaji wait for sometime.. kyuki sabar ka fal meetha meetha aur bhut  pyaar pyaar bhi hota hai. ( Because the fruit of patience is sweet and lovable.)”Cabir again dared to tease Manik and this rose Manik’s anger. Manik was just about to shout on him but Zoya came in between them.

“Manik , We can’t tell you. This is mom order to let you not meet Nandini. You have to wait. Now you can only see her in mandap. It’s just the matter of few minutes. And she is absolutely fine , trust me.” Manik opened his mouth to shout on Cabir but before that Zoya spoke , coming in between them and Manik closed his mouth , listening her words. Her words gave him little relief. Manik looked at Cabir and he showed him his tongue.

On the other side , Nandini was sitting on the chair in the front of huge mirror. She was looking breathtaking beautiful in gorgeous pale pink silk lehenga. Her hair were tied up in a huge bun. She wore traditional jewellery which wasn’t only enhancing the beauty of her attire but it was taking her beauty to another level. She wore the golden colour maang tikka on the center of her forehead with beautiful diamond necklace and earrings. She also wear nath (nose ring), It represent a bride’s virginity, where it is believed that a woman is no longer a virgin once her groom takes off her nath on the wedding night. She wore chooda , ivory and red colour bangles on her wrist and Kalire which were tied to her bangles , these are small golden trinkets which serves as the blessing to bride. Each and every piece of jewellery was enhancing her beauty. Specially her glowing face was increasing her beauty and making her look more beautiful.

Her eyes were on the floor and she was blushing , thinking about how Manik changed her clothes few hours ago. She was nervous , excited and little bit sad too because she was worried about her father.  After her marriage , he would get alone in the house. She wanted to hug him tightly and never wanted to live him. Lots of things were going in her mind which was making her sad , nervous but whenever her mind was thinking about her soon to be hubby , she was smiling to the fullest , forgetting about her all worries.

She was feeling blessed to get the life partner like Manik but scared too because of the few questions which were going in her mind. Would she ever trust him completely ? Would she able to love him the way he loved her ? Did she deserve him ? She started to start Manik a lot in one month and she got to know that he truly loved her but because of her past , still she had a doubt in her mind that one day he would also leave her like Arjun had left her after getting bored from her. Her this doubt made her always sad and scared. She was now afraid to lose him because she loved him a lot. More than love she respected him.

Everybody were coming and complementing her.Her father walked inside the room where she was sitting after getting ready. She looked at him through mirror and her eyes became moist. He stood behind her and both smiled , looking at each other through mirror. He leaned down and kissed her head , giving her blessings. Nandini closed her eyes in response , a few drops of tear dropped down on her cheeks. Her father rested his face on her shoulder and touched his face with her. Nandini smiled, putting her hand on his face and having tears in her eyes. They both didn’t say a word , just keep staring at each other through mirror. Nandini was remembering each and every moment which she had spent with her father. They were the best moments of her life. Her father always fulfilled her each and every wish. He took care of her like a father and mother both.

After few minutes , videographer and photographer walked inside to catch the last few moments of Nandini with his father before marriage. They introduced them to Nandini and Ram. After clicking their beautiful pictures, They asked Ram to say few words about her daughter for the video. Ram happily got ready for this.

“She is my little princess. I never thought that I would able love someone more than my wife but she proved me wrong. She took my heart away with her toothless smile in the very  first moment when I saw her.” Ram was saying still standing behind Nandini. With his words , he was going back to old memories. Nandini was just smiling, looking at him through mirror.

“She is the best gift given by god to me. Her heart and her soul is pure like her mother. She has always taken care of me like my mother. She has made me feel  like I am alone. She has always made me feel proud and I know in future also she will make me feel proud. She became my support system and the reason of my life. She made me do the things which i never wanted to do but I enjoyed those things doing with her , I have enjoyed every moment which I have spent with her.  She is not only my daughter , she is my everything.” His father spoke each and every word through the core of his heart and in the end he covered her with dupatta. He again placed a kiss on her head and then both looked at each other.


“Manik is our cutest and innocent son. His heart is pure like baby. He is caring. He never talked to us in loud voice. He never disrespected us.”

“He is our most obedient kid. We both are really proud of him and happy for him that he found a girl like Nandini. She is completely like him. We just want to bless both of them with lots of happiness.” Neyonika and Raj said about their son for the video.


Zoya walked inside her room and she smiled , seeing the way Adi was applying lipstick on his princess lips. Muskan was standing on bed and he was standing in front of her on floor. She wore a beautiful pink and green colour lehenga. She was looking pretty in her outfit.

Muskan’s Outfit

“Daddy ki princess , if you will keep talking like this then how daddy will able to apply lipstick on your lips.” Adi spoke , raising his eyebrows because she was talking non stop as always in her babyish language. Even she was not getting quiet when her father was applying lipstick. Zoya chuckled, walking toward them.

“Adi give this to me and get ready. Let me remind you , today is your brother’s marriage.” Zoya scolded him, snatching the lipstick from Adi’s hand. Adi was about to say something , turning his face toward her but he froze on his place when his eyes fell on his gorgeous wife. He kept staring her without even blinking his eyes.

“Adi.. go” Zoya said loudly, jerking his shoulder. He shook her head , coming on the earth back.

“But first I want to apply lipstick on my princess lips.” Adi said like a stubborn kid and tried to snatch the lipstick from Zoya’s hand but she hid it behind her back before he could able to take it. Zoya knew that he didn’t want to leave Muskan that’s why he was not even going to change his clothes.

“Zoya.. give the lipstick to me.” Adi frowned and shouted , gritting his teeth. He moved his hand forward to take lipstick from behind her back but Zoya nodded her head in no , jerking his hand away. Muskan was giggling cutely, covering her mouth with her palms. She was enjoying the fight of her mumma  and daddy a lot.

“Daddy mumma biltul thik boli hai. Aap bhi leady hojao. Fil.. fil aap , mumma aul musu ,del sali selfies lenge. Jaldi jao daddy. (Daddy mumma is saying absolutely right. You also get ready. Then we will click lots of selfies. Go fast.)” Muskan said in her cute language, interrupting their fight like she used to interrupt  their romance. Now she also became their fight breaker with their romance breaker.

“Okay my bacha.” Adi couldn’t able to say no to his little princess. He said lovingly,cupping her face and placed a soft kiss on her forehead. Zoya smiled looking at them.

“Zoya don’t leave Muskan for even a single second. I am just coming with in few minutes. Please take care of her.” Adi said worriedly , looking at Zoya and his one hand was still caressing Muskan’s soft and chubby cheek. He was even afraid to leave his daughter for few minutes with her mother also. The incident affected him a lot. Zoya nodded her head in yes blankly but she was worried for him because he was not behaving normal with her. After that he went to dressing room.


Manan were getting desperate to see each other. The wait was killing both of them. Manik was roaming in his room restlessly. It was getting difficult for him to even spend few minutes. On the other side Nandini was also getting desperate to meet his groom. Everyone were complementing her but she was waiting to listen the compliment of one person who was Manik Malhotra. Sometimes she was smiling , seeing herself in the mirror , sometime she was blushing, seeing her dark Mehendi and sometime she was becoming like a red tomato , thinking that how he undressed her and made her crazy with his soft kisses few hours ago.


Adiya were taking selfies with their princess. They were standing on floor and Muskan was standing on bed. He encircled his one hand around her daughter from behind and he encircled his other hand around Zoya’s bare waist. Zoya was just about to take the selfie but she stopped and became shocked because suddenly Adi pulled her close to himself. His hand reached to her stomach and started rubbing her bare stomach. Zoya looked at him and her eyes pleaded him to stop because his touch and their proximity was driving her crazy. But Adi didn’t stop , he kept rubbing her belly softly.

“Mumma selfie lo na. Ka hua aapko ?aap selfie ko ni  lhi ?” (Mumma take the selfie. What happened to you ? Why are you not taking selfies ?)” Muskan shouted ,bringing Zoya on the earth back because she had got lost in his touch completely. Zoya again looked at Adi with pleading eyes. He just smirked , continuing his work and she gave him angry glares. She clicked few selfies while Adi’s hands continued their work on her belly.

After their selfie session ,Videographer came to make the video of them. They were making the video of each and every family and asking them to say few words about bride and groom.

“Manik is my innocent brother. He is gem. I must say that Nandini is very lucky to have my brother. He is one in millions.” Aditya said happily.

“Adi will you stop only praising your brother?”Zoya complained , hitting his biceps.

” Even our Manik is also not less lucky to have Nandini. Nandini is the sweetest person I have ever met. Both are like made for each other. I am happy for Manik because he got what deserved. I just want to wish them a happy married life.” Zoya ended her speech with a broad smile. All this while Muskan who was in her daddy’s arms , she was making cute faces and playing with her hair and sometime playing with the dupatta of her lehengha. Then they asked her also to speak few lines for her chachu and chachi.

“Mele chachu sabse best hai. Voh mujhe kabhi apne phone mein game khelne se mana nhi kalte aul.. voh mele liye khubh sali chocolate and toys late hai. Voh mujhe pyaali pyaali kahani bhi sunate hai. Voh… mujhe.. bsh itna hi.

(My chachu is best. He never stops me from playing game in his phone and he brings chocolates and toys for me. He tells me beautiful stories and he… it’s enough.)” She made everybody laugh loud with her last line. She said the last line , hiding her face in his father chest. Adi gently caressed her hair and then kissed them. Zoya was just smiling happily , looking at them.

“Ale Loko uncle mein chachi ke bale mein toh batana bhul hi gya. (Wait Uncle , I forgot to tell about Chachi.)” she said to videographer in her cute language , moving her face toward them. Again she made everybody laugh.

“Chachi.. bhut jada sweet hai. Voh bhi mele liye del sali chocolates lati hai. Mele sath khelti bhi hai khub sala aur voh mele dleams mein bhi ati hai. (Chachi is so sweet. She also brings lots of chocolates for me. She plays with me and she comes in my dreams also.)” she was making them laugh a lot with her words. Zoya pulled her cheeks and kissed her forehead.


The Mandap was setup in the middle of mountains of swaziland. The theme of Mandap was pink and cream. The four pillars were decorated with the garland of pink roses and these pillars symbolising the parents who worked hard to raise their children. The mandap was decorated beautifully with rose flowers. The path was also covered with pink roses. The view of mountain was enhancing the beauty of Mandap. The priest who was sitting there , asked someone to bring groom first. In the center of mandap , sacred fire was placed.


Now Manik was waiting to see his bride , sitting at the Mandap from few minutes. Manik was just waiting for the time when priest will call the bride. Cabir was constantly teasing him , sitting beside him.  Manik was giving angry looks to Cabir. He was also glaring at the priest who was wasting time in reciting hymns and not calling Nandini. He smiled happily when finally priest asked somebody to call bride. His face brightened up , listening this like a kid got his favourite chocolate. This didn’t get unnoticed by Cabir.

“It’s good that Pandit ji called the bride or else bhai plan was to kill pandit ji with his looks.” Cabir whispered  in Mukti’s ear who was sitting behind Manik and both laughed loudly. Manik just shook his head in a disbelief.

His heart skipped beating for a moment when finally his eyes fell on his angel who was looking  not less than the fairy. She was coming toward him , walking on the path of pink roses. Her father was also coming with her , holding her shoulders. Everyone got disappeared from his eyesights , only his eyes could see the most beautiful bride. Manik got mesmerised, seeing her beauty. Her glowing face and a broad smile on her face was giving peace to his heart. She was looking more beautiful than his imagination in the bridal attire. The pink lehenga and the traditional jewelleries were suiting her perfectly. The bridal dress and jewelleries were not enhancing her beauty rather she was enhancing the beauty of jewelleries and bridal dress. She looked at him , smiling broadly and blushed, looking down when she found him staring her without even blinking his eyes. Her beauty was doing magic on him that he completely got lost in her. Nandini reached at Mandap and he stood up instantly. His eyes were still looking at her face.

“You made me speechless. I don’t have words to express that how much beautiful you are looking at this time and what you are doing to me at this time with your beauty. Just one word , perfect. And if I will send your picture in the heaven , so many angels will hide their face in shame. You are looking divine , Nandini.”He whispered while his hand stroke her face softly. Both of them were looking deeply into each other eyes. Their eyes were talking to each other. She felt more beautiful with his compliment. He didn’t leave any chance to praise his angel.

He held her hand still looking at her and kissed her knuckles , forgetting about how many eyes were seeing them at that time. A shiver ran down her spine when his lips touched her skin. She felt little shy because everybody were staring them. she blushed and her eyelashes moved down. The people who were presented there , they were also getting mesmerised seeing the beautiful couple.

Mukti handover the floral garlands to Manan.

Manik bowed down his head like a true gentleman in front of her , making her work easy. She couldn’t stop herself from smiling with the extreme happiness. The man who was standing in front of her and the man with whom she was tying the knot , that man not leave any single chance to make her speechless with his actions and gestures. He was the only reason of her happiness. She happily wore the garland around his neck. They passed each other a winsome and beautiful smile. After that Nandini bowed down her head. He wore garland around her neck. Then he set her dupatta properly. The exchange of floral garlands expresses the desire of the couple to marry each other.

After that he couldn’t able to control himself from kissing the forehead of his beautiful wife. His hands cupped her face and then he gently kissed her forehead. She closed her eyes in response to feel touch of his lips on her skin. His kisses were blissful for her. They again passed each other smile. Her smile on her beautiful face was like stars around moon for him.

Then they both settled  down in the Mandap beside each other for further rituals in the front of holy fire. The priest started to recite hymns. Family members were sitting in the Mandap while others guests were sitting on the chairs which were kept in front of Mandap. Manan were sometime looking down and sometime looking at each other. Smile was not leaving their face because of the happiness of getting married.

Manik was not able to believe that he was finally getting married to the girl who was his dream. His happiness was clearly visible on his face.On the other side , Nandini had never thought that she would be so happy on her marriage day. Manik made her happy and changed her with his true and selfless love. She was feeling so blessed to have him in his life. Her beautiful smile was the proof that how much happy she was on her very special day.

Few minutes passed away and then priest called Nandini’s father for Kanyadaan. The moment the father gives the bride away is known as the kanyadaan. Raj and Nandini passed each other smile when he knelt down on his knees behind them. He took Nandini and Manik hand in his hands. Then he placed his daughter’s hand into his son in-law’s hand as gesture of giving his precious gift of god , his daughter to him by trusting him that he will take of her daughter properly and always keep her happy.  Then he poured the sacred water on Nandini’s hand , which flowed through her fingers and into the hand of Manik. Nandini was controlling her tears difficultly at that time and her eyes were just looking at her father. It was really emotional moment for them.

Then priest asked Manik  to put his  hand on Nandini’s shoulder , which symbolizes him taking responsibility for her wellbeing. Their fates now linked together, the bride is no longer a part of her father’s household and is accepted into the groom’s family. He did what Priest said , he placed his free hand on her shoulder. Nandini looked at him instantly when his hand touched her shoulder. He gave him smile and she too gave him small smile.

Then Priest asked them to stand up for taking sath phere (seven vows.) Everybody also stood up with with them. Muskan was all the time sitting in her father lap and asking unlimited question related to whatever was happening in front of her eyes. Everything was new and exciting for her. “Hum khale ku ho rhai hai daddy ? (Why are we standing up daddy?” Her next came up immediately as he stood up , picking her in his arms.

“Your chuchu and chachi will walk around the fire and we will throw flowers on them.” Adi answered her sweetly and she nodded her ,smiling cutely.

Mukti tied Nandini’s dupatta with Manik’s stall. It symbolize the union of the souls. Priest asked them to repeat the words of him with every vow. They both nodded their head happily. Manik entwined his hand with her hand before starting the vows and both looked into each other eyes with so much of love. Then they started to take vows of marriage , walking around the sacred fire  , holding each other. Everybody started to shower rose flowers on them. Muskan also throwing flowers on them happily. She was giggling and enjoying a lot.

First Vow

Manik : You will offer me food and be helpful in every way. I will cherish you and provide welfare and happiness for you and our children.

Nandini : I am responsible for the home and all household responsibilities

Second Vow

Manik : Together we will protect our house and children.

Nandini : I will be by your side as your courage and strength. I will rejoice in your happiness. In return, you will love me solely.

3rd Vow

Manik : May we grow wealthy and prosperous and strive for the education of our children. May our children live long.

Nandini : I will love you solely for the rest of my life, as you are my husband. Every other man in my life will be secondary. I vow to remain chaste.

4th Vow

Manik  :  You have brought sacredness into my life, and have completed me. May we be blessed with noble and obedient children.

Nandini : I will shower you with joy, from head to toe. I will strive to please you in every way I can.

5th Vow

Manik : You are my best friend, and  well-wisher. You have come into my life, enriching it. God bless you.

Nandini : I promise to love and cherish you for as long as I live. Your happiness is my happiness, and your sorrow is my sorrow. I will trust and honor you, and will strive to fulfill all your wishes.

6th Vow

Manik : May you be filled with joy and peace.

Nandini : I will always be by your side.

7th Vow

Manik : We are now husband and wife, and are one. You are mine and I am yours for eternity.

Nandini : As God is witness, I am now your wife. We will love, honor and cherish each other forever.

They didn’t just repeat the words after priest. They took each and every vow through the core of their heart. They really meant what they said while taking vows. They made seven promise to each other in the witness of their parents and almighty. Nandini decided that after this , she would only think about Manik and his family which would be her too , she would always think about them before herself. They would always remain her first priority. She would not do anything , going against them. She would always support and respect Manik and give herself completely to him. She would also fulfil every duty of  a wife  and daughter in law with her heart and soul.

Then priest asked Manik to fill her hairline with the sindoor (red colour powder.) which symbolizes her new status as a married woman. Manik took pinch of it in between his two fingers and thumb from the small box which Mukti was holding. From his free hand , he sided her mangtika and moved his hand forward to apply sindoor on her hairline. Both were looking into each other eyes lovingly. He applied the sindoor on her hairline and in response she closed her eyes , having content smile on her face. Then both again looked at each other. Manik cupped her face and pulled it toward himself and Nandini breath became heavy with their closeness. After looking into her eyes deeply , he kissed on her mangtika lovingly. Nandini again closed her eyes , feeling happy and content.

After that Mukti gave the mangalsutra to manik. The mangalsutra is a cord with two gold pendants and is tied  by the groom to symbolize the bonding of the two souls for 100 years. This necklace lets others know that the bride is married. Manik opened the necklace and moved his hands forward to tie it around her neck , looking at her. Manik was so close to Nandini when he was tying the necklace. Their proximity was driving her crazy. She could feel his hot breath on her face. Her heart was beating fast. She was sure that Manik was taking more time intentionally because she could see a smirk on his face.

“You both are  husband and wife from now.” Priest declared them husband and wife and Manan smiled broadly. “Husband.. wife..”Both whispered , looking at each other. They were getting fresh feelings after marriage. They  now became legally husband and wife. Finally Manik biggest dream came true. She became his. Now he will not have to find reasons to meet Nandini and to spend time with her. She will be with him 24 hours in his home. Finally Manan got tied by the strongest  bond which was marriage.

To be continued….


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Love Mehak

Love Story (Part : 54 She Is My Soulmate,My Wife ,My Angel)


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