Love Story (Part : 54 She Is My Soulmate,My Wife ,My Angel)

Manik’s happiness was having no bound after finally getting married with Nandini. Nandini had become his wife and now nobody could separate her from him.  He was having a broad smile on his face and his eyes were shining with happiness. Nandini was also happy after getting married to a man like Manik. He was perfect definition of true gentleman. He was sweetest, kindest and his heart was pure like crystal. Nandini always felt blessed to have a person like him in her life.

Priest asked them to get up and take blessing of their elders by touching their feet. Manik got up and found her struggling in getting up because of her heavy lehenga. He leaned down and forward his hand in front of her. She looked toward his hand first then toward him. He blinked his eyes and she smiled. She put her hand on his hand and he held it tightly. He helped her in getting up by holding her shoulder with his free hand and both were staring into each other eyes. Everyone were getting mesmerised seeing the newly wed couple.

Then Manan took the blessing of Manik’s parent by touching their feet. They hugged Manan. Then they went to touch the feet of Nandini’s father. Ram hugged Nandini tightly. Nandini closed her eyes and felt so secured in the arms of his father. He kissed her forehead , holding her face after breaking the hug. Manik was just smiling, seeing them.

“I promise you uncle , I will not let a single tear drop down from her eyes. I will always try to bring smile on her face.” Manik promised him. Manik said those words which every father wants to listen at the time of giving her daughter to somebody else. Nandini smiled broadly looking at him. His words made Nandini smile too because He was already becoming the reason of her happiness.

“I trust you Manik. Every father wants a man like you for their daughter and I am very lucky to find you for my daughter. I am tension free by giving my daughter to you.” Ram said having full trust on Manik. His words made Manik happy. He smiled and they both hugged each other. Nandini was smiling seeing the bond of her father and her husband.


When they stepped out of Mandap. Manik found that his shoes were missing. Nandini was smiling because she knew who did this. It was done by Navya. Because it was ritual. In this bride’s sisters steal the shoes of groom and gave him back after taking pretty good amount of money from him. Nandini looked at Navya who winked at her. Nandini chuckled and Manik looked at him raising his eyebrows. Nandini nodded his head in no.

“Jiju , are you finding your shoes ?” Navya came toward them. She asked and smiled mischievously looking at Manik. He innocently nodded his head in yes having no idea about this ritual.

“I steal it.” Navya told him proudly making Manik confused. He instantly asked”why ?” Then Navya told him about the ritual to him. Manik made O shape mouth.

“I was having no idea about this ritual. So say How much money you want my saali Saiba ?” Manik asked taking out his wallet from the pocket of his sherwani. Navya was having a victory smile on her face.

“Bhaiya.. your shoes is here. No need to give money to anybody.” Navya was about the tell the amount but she got stopped listening Cabir’s voice. They all looked toward Cabir who was coming toward them holding Manik’s shoes. He was smiling showing his all teeth. Mukti was also coming behind him. Navya made a sad pout. Cabir reached there with the shoes and winked at Navya. She gave him angry glares and turned her face to another side in attitude.

“Cabir give the shoes to Navya. It’s her right to ask money from me. It is a ritual.” Manik said in strict tone which made Navya smiled broadly and her eyes started twinkling. Nandini also smiled listening his words.

“This is wrong  bhai.” Cabir and Mukti spoke in union sadly. Navya winked at him now and Cabir glared him.

“We found your shoes. Now you will give money to us instead of her.” Cabir said hiding the shoes behind him. Then suddenly somebody snatched the shoes from Cabir’s hand from behind. They looked at the person who snatched the shoes from his hand , she was Cabir’s girlfriend , Sanaya.

“Sanaya why did you snatch shoes from my hand ?” Cabir asked in angry tone.

“Because I am on the bride side today.” Sanaya said and stood beside Navya. They gave high five to each other happily. Cabir and Mukti  were looking at them and fuming in anger because now they lost. At the end Manik gave the money to both of them without any argument making them happy.

He wore his shoes and found that Nandini was struggling in wearing her sandals. Manik knelt down in front of him to help her without caring that how many eyes were looking at them. Nandini’s eyes shot up in a shock. She looked around and found that everybody were smiling seeing them.

“Manik I will do it myself. Get up.” She tried to stop him holding his shoulder but Manik was Manik , he didn’t stop. He got up only after helping her. Photographer clicked few candid pictures of them when he was helping her in wearing the sandals.

“I  can kneel down in front of you anytime . It’s doesn’t matters to me that how many people are looking at us. It doesn’t matters who are looking at us.  Nothing matters to me except you. I don’t get embarrassed   rather I feel happy to help you , to help my wife.” He spoke after getting up making Nandini speechless with his words. His last words ‘to help my wife’ made her smile  broadly.


Manan were having a beautiful wedding photoshoot after their marriage for the photo album. Manik was standing behind her holding her bare waist and he was nuzzling his face in her hair. It was becoming difficult for Nandini to be normal at that time. Their proximity and his touch was driving her crazy. Her body was burning with desire. She had never thought that the wedding photoshoot could also become so difficult for her.

Then the photographer explained them the next pose. They stood facing each other. Manik’s hands were holding on her waist. Nandini’s hands were holding his arms. Her heart was racing fast inside her and her breath was becoming heavy because of his touch and their closeness. Then their eyes met and they got lost in looking into each other eyes which were filled with unconditional love.

Howz it ??

Photo session ended and Nandini took the breath of relief. Manik was smirking seeing her condition. He very well knew that what his touch did to her.

“I think , this photo session had become very difficult for somebody.” Manik whispered in her ear. Nandini first looked at him shockingly that how did he come to know. Seeing smirk on his face , she blushed and shut her eyes tightly shyly. She was looking so Adorable  , Manik felt like to eat her up at that time.

Manik kissed on her cheeks and her eyes shot up in a shock. Manik was smiling naughtily. She shyly looked down when she heard the laughs of photographers. Manik smiled broadly seeing his angel who had become red like tomato till now.


Now it was the time for Manan to speak few words for each other for the video. Manan were sitting on the sofa. Videographer was setting his camera in front of them. Manan were looking at each other having smile on their face. Videographer showed his thumb and Manik started speaking after clearing his throat.

“I can write a complete book on my angel. I just want to say that she completed me. She gave a motive to my life.” Manik spoke entwining his hand with her , looking at Nandini. He kissed her knuckles after bringing her hand near to his lips. Nandini smiled contently and shiver ran down her spine when his lips came in contact with her hand.

“I was happy in my life before meeting her. I am frankly saying that girls used to irritate me. Even I never wanted  to get marry. But when I saw her for the first time , my heart said to me that she is the only girl who is made for me , don’t lose her ever. What I feel for her , I never felt for any other girl before. She is different , She is special , she is a pure soul and now she is mine.” He said last words looking at her happily. He was so happy to make her his.

“Her one smile is enough to make my day happy. And when tears fall from her , it hurts here.” He said , pointing his finger toward his heart.

“I can do anything for her one single smile. For me her happiness matters the most now. She became a very important part of my life. On my every breath her name has written and my heart beats only for her. She is my soulmate, my wife and my angel.” Manik spoke loudly and proudly looking at her. Nandini could clearly see that how much he loved her. Not only his words, his eyes were screaming that he loved her a lot. At last he kissed her forehead and she closed her eyes in response. She had a content smile on her face when he kissed her forehead.

“I have nothing to say about him. I don’t have a single word which can describe him. He is not perfect, he is beyond.. perfect. More perfect than Beyond perfect.” Nandini spoke and Manik was looking at her widening his eyes because she was praising him beyond his expectation. He was surprised.

“Yes you are Manik. Seriously you don’t have any idea what a magic you are doing on me.” She said looking at him still she couldn’t able to believe that he changed her a lot in a short span if time. A month ago she was a broken soul who was pretending that she was happy. But in one month , he made her truly happy. He was not less than a god for her. She seriously don’t have a single word to describe him.

“I am very lucky to have in my life. He came in my life like a ray of light in my dark life. He gave me hope to live happily. He encouraged me to fight with my fear and still he is encouraging. I was weak and he became my strength. He is the reason of my smile and happiness. I was so angry with god for making my life hell but I had never thought that when I was cursing god and my life that time god was busy in planning to send a angel in my life in the face of him. Now each and every second, I say thank you to god for sending him in my life. I am so happy to become the wife Manik Malhotra , not because he is a famous rockstar. I am happy because he is a best human being. He is my god for me.” Nandini put her heart in front of him with her words and at last she said proudly looking at him that she was wife of Manik Malhotra.

Manik couldn’t able to believe that she was the same Nandini who had called him psycho rockstar and who was not ready to accept him in her life a month ago. He was surprised that he changed her  a lot in a short span of time. Reality was that his true love changed her a lot.

He was the happiest person to see the changes in her. His heart was jumping inside with the happiness. He was sure that the day was not too far when she would confess her love and would say him that she trust him completely.

She started to trust him but she only feared to lose him like she had lost her first love. She had a fear that he would also leave her one day. She didn’t want to compare Manik with him but her mind never left any chance to make her remind the betrayal of her first love. She wanted to trust Manik completely forgetting everything but it wasn’t easy for her. She suffered a lot. Her inner wounds were deep which would take time to heal.

Love Mehak

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