Love or Sin (Part : 20 A Twist)

After what Manik had said to Nandini, she was numb. She was feeling nothing. She was not crying. She became completely emotionless. She had never expected this kind of words from Manik. The person with whom she was in love, he accused her for something which she had never done. He made the fun of her love. She had been enduring so much pain since the day she had fallen in love with him. She forgot that what is happiness. She forgot herself in his love. She had always kept him in her prayers and loved him unconditionally. And in return, he gave her this. He insulted her and called her love, a mistake. He pointed on her character.

Nandini was sitting in front of the mirror of her room. She had directly come to Shivansh’s mansion after booking the cab and Manik had followed her in his car. Now he was standing outside of her room and looking at her because the door was slightly open. He was in guilt for doing this with her. He wanted to hug her tightly and wanted to tell her how much he loved her but he couldn’t because Shivansh was more important than her for him. He could do anything for his happiness. He couldn’t bear his sadness. The person who had always given him the reason to smile, he didn’t want to snatch his smile for his few days love. He was dying inside more than her after hurting her. He was feeling like to kill himself for breaking the heart of the innocent girl like Nandini who loved him so much.

“No, I won’t cry for that person anymore. I had cried enough for him. It said true, Whatever happens, it’s for our goodness. Because in the end, I got to know his true colours. Now I hate him a lot more than I ever loved him. It was a phrase of life which passed away and I got my lesson.” She said those words emotionlessly looking at the mirror. With this, she was trying to convince herself that she hated him. But the truth was that her heart was still not ready to accept that he didn’t love her. She was listening to her mind and hating him.

“Now you are happy to know that she is finally going to move on from you.” Manik’s heart asked him in anger. His heart was very disappointed with him for doing this with her.

“Manik, now she hates you. It’s good. Now she will able to love Shivansh again. They both will be happy with each other one day. Your happiness is their happiness, right?.” Before he could answer his heart, his mind convinced him that whatever he was doing, he was doing right. He was a selfless person who always put other happiness before himself.

“Yes, I know she hates me now but I love her a lot and my love for her will never end. I will always protect her and follow her like a shadow. I will fulfil every duty of being a lover. I will help her to fall in love with Shivansh and bring happiness in her life.” Manik thought, looking at Nandini. He was so determined to make her fall in love with Shivansh which was never going to happen because Nandini could never stop loving him. She had given her heart to him and now she had nothing to give Shivansh.

“I will enjoy my life and one day, I will take him out of my life completely. This love made me forget how to live. This love has only given me pain that today I don’t even forget what is happiness. What was my life before him. Don’t I deserve to be happy?” She questioned herself remembering all the pain which she had been going through since the day she had met him.

“I will find my happiness. I will bring happiness to my life.” Saying this she got up and walked toward the cupboard. Her legs were trembling and she was feeling dizziness because of the weakness.

She took out a black hot dress from the cupboard and messaged her few friends to meet her at the club. She still had a high fever and cold. She was not in a condition to walk even but she was going to do party. Just to show herself that she could live happily without him. She went to her dressing room to get ready. Manik roamed in the corridor waiting for her to come back.

She was drying her hair with the dryer sitting in the dressing room. She was completely lost in her thoughts. His words were echoing in her ear, “you think, if you do this drama and I will accept that I love you. Never, I can never love the girl like you who can stoop so low. Oh now I understand, last night whatever happened, it was planned by you, you wanted to come close to me. How can you stoop so low, Nandini? I am pity of Shivansh that he fell in love with a girl like you.”

“How can he think about me like this? I know it is my mistake to marry Shivansh but how could he say that so cheap things about me. I always cared for him and loved him wholeheartedly but he thinks so wrong about me.” She spoke those words dishearteningly. She was just on the verge of crying but she composed herself on right time.

“No, I won’t fall weak at this time. I won’t cry for him anymore.” She repeated these words to make herself strong and got ready. Her phone rang up which was kept on the dressing table. She picked up the phone and Shivansh’s name was flashing on the screen. She took a deep breath to compose herself before answering up the call.

“Nandini, How are you ?” Shivansh asked concernedly as soon as she answered his call.

“Shivansh, I am fine. I am going out to spend some time with my friends.” She answered him.

“I don’t know why I have been getting negative thoughts since morning. Please, you just take care of yourself.” Shivansh was sounding worried for her more than usual days.

“Shivansh… What happened? Is everything alright ?”Nandini asked getting up from the chair.

“Nandini, everything is fine but still I don’t know why I am feeling like this. I know, I am sounding crazy. It just that I don’t want to lose you and I can’t see you in pain. You know how much I love you, right.” Shivansh’s words made her feel so relieved at that time. She was happy to know that somebody was there who cared for her like she cared for Manik.

“Shivansh, I am fine. Please don’t worry. You just take care of yourself and don’t worry about me, I will take care of myself.” Nandini assured him that she was fine.

“You will never leave me, right?” Shivansh asked making Nandini quiet. She had no answer to his question. Nandini loved Shivansh like a friend. He had become an important part of her life until now. She was living with him since one year. She didn’t love him but she got attached to him. His happiness also mattered to her. That’s why it was difficult for her to say that she could never love him. She didn’t want to break his heart.

“I got my answer. You just take care of yourself, bye.” After a few minutes of silence, Shivansh spoke disappointedly and hang up the call before Nandini could say something.

“I am sorry, Shivansh. My life is so messed up. I don’t know if I could ever love you. But now I will not keep in you in darkness anymore. When you will come back, I will tell you everything. Then rest you will decide that you want me in your life or not.” Nandini walked out of the dressing room after talking to herself.

As she came out, Manik got completely lost in her standing at the window. She was looking stunning in that black dress. She applied the heavy heavy makeup to hide her dark circles. She felt like he was around him. She started looking everywhere and Manik immediately stood on the side before she could see him.

“Stop thinking about him for god sake, Nandini. Why he would be here? He doesn’t care for you. You need to move on from him.” Her mind scolded her and her eyes brimmed with tears because she felt sharp in her heart.

She composed herself by shutting her eyes and didn’t let herself cry. She was trying to be strong from outside but inside her soul was shattered completely. She was not feeling anything.

Nandini was completely drunk and dancing crazily with her friends in the club. She was completely out of her senses. Manik was standing in the corner, wearing the hoodie and keeping his eyes on her. Seeing her condition, he was regretting every second for doing wrong with her. But he had promised himself that he would protect her always.

Manik’s eyes shot up in anger when he saw a man in a white shirt trying to touch Nandini intentionally while dancing and he was ogling her hips. The man was about to spank Nandini’s hip but before he could, Manik grabbed his hand and closed his mouth from his other hand. Before anybody could see him, he dragged him outside with him.

“How dare you look at my Nandini like this.” He roared after grabbing his collars, his eyes were spitting fire. Before he could say something, he started punching his face. He was feeling like to kill him for seeing his Nandini like this. Nobody could see her like this and on the top of that, he was about to spank her. Manik lost his all control, he was punching him constantly and cursing him. He was boiling in anger.

“If I see you around my Nandini again, then I will bury you inside the earth.” He warned him, giving him the hard punch on his face and that person fell on the floor in blood. Manik walked inside wearing his hoodie last time glaring at him.

“I am sending you the picture of a girl. Just take care of her. You know, What I mean ?” As Manik left, that person called somebody and said having an evil smile on his face.

“That girl is gone. You have beaten Rahul Khanna. Now your girlfriend has to pay for your deeds.” Rahul sat on the floor and said mischievously, wiping off the blood from the corner of his lips.

On the other side, Manik walked inside but he got worried because Nandini was not there.

“Where you went Nandini ? I shouldn’t have left you alone.” He was regretting baldy for leaving her alone.

Screen divided into two parts, one side there was Manik’s worried face and other side Rahul smirking face.


  1. Wowww did I just see MY NANDINI so finally he remembered ki he loves her woww that’s amazing huh😒😒
    This guy Rahul Khanna is creeping me out 😢😢 hope everything is gonna be fine and Nandini will be safe

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  2. Just mind blowing update dear… Super duper Wowsome… & now who’s this Rahul Khanna?? 🤔 Naam to yeisa bata rahe the like he’s Shahrukh Khan!! 🙄 🙄 Aab nandu kaha gayi??


  3. Awesome update… Finally manik success ho geya nandu apne se alag karne me… Manik ne kitna kuch bol diya nandu ko…firvi nandu ka dil yeh sab manne ko ready hi nhi hain..dusri taraf shiv nandu se kitna pyar krta hain..nandu Shiv ko sab bata dena chahti he sahi hain…nandu ready ho kar party me jati hain taki woh sab kuch bhul paye nd party me ek boy nandu ko galat irade se touch krta hi hota he tabhi manik uss boy ko bahar nikal k pura marta hein or bolta he tumhari himmat kese hui use chune ni….wow itna pyar krte ho manik aur hurt v krte hoo….👌👌👌 update

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  4. Mehku i just feel like to kill you. You are so bad. You make me cry so so much. Seeing Nandini in such a deep pain my heart just wrenches like anything. And the way you write i could literally imagine the whole fucking scene right in front of my eyes. And I feel more bad. Like why Nandini has to go through so much? Just because she married a wrong man and now when the right man has arrived he happens to be his husband’s best friend. Where’s her fault? She’s such an innocent soul. All she’s craving is for love. Nothing else. Is it too much to ask for? Nandini is in so much pain she was sick too but still, she just went away. And yet she proved that she’s the strongest even after all this she made herself understand that it’s just a phase. She will overcome that but Nandini loving Manik wasn’t a mistake it can never be. Love can never be a mistake Nandu and the same applies to Manik as well. I know he doesn’t want to hurt his friend but Manik just to save your friend from being hurt you’re hurting too much way too much and it will only lead to the destruction of the three of you. None will be happy why aren’t you seeing this. And you can’t fucking make someone fall in love forcefully damn it. Manik you don’t need to make such a huge sacrifice. None of you deserves this. You deserve happiness, Nandini deserves happiness. Just don’t snatch it away just like that.

    I know Manik is equally hurt maybe more than Nandini as not only he has to stay away from her but also to hurt her even if he didn’t want to. Like no one will ever understand his pain. Like how much it actually takes from you to hurt and betray someone who you love just like anything who can’t be yours. Seeing hatred and anger in the eyes where he just wanted to see love and adoration and care for him. Seeing that person crying and breaking bit by bit in front of our eyes and the reason is no one other than the person us. It breaks a lot of things which no one ever realizes. People just blame, Because they can only see their pain and it’s human nature not to be blamed. Even though Manik’s intentions are pure but eventually he will be blamed at some point for hurting Nandini for making her suffer but no one will ever see his pain. Manik’s pain has always been the most underrated. No one ever acknowledged. Nandini is hurt but Manik is hurt too. And seeing my MaNan like this it makes me so upset. I just wish their sufferings end soon.

    And Shivaansh ohh damn I adore him so much. Such a wonderful person he is. Like why have you made Shivansh so amazing like why? I feel so bad for him like he will be hurt so so much. He doesn’t deserve this. Oh damn. He is perfect. A perfect husband a perfect best friend. I just hope when Nandini confesses which I know she will never be able because I know it’s him who will catch them. But I just hope he won’t hate them. He’ll be hurt I know. But I just hope he understands the situation and won’t blame Manik. But I know Manik will be blamed not only blamed but will be hated for this and I’m seriously preparing myself for that day when you will reach that part of that story. I’m gonna cry buckets for sure.

    And Nandini please don’t hide,. Manik knows how hurt are you. You needed rest and here you’re handling yourself in this situation I felt so bad.

    Manik seriously neither you’re going near her but you’re jealous. Dude why just don’t you accept that you can’t bear anyone so near to her. And here you were making yourself understand that Shivansh and Nandini will fall. You can’t see a boy touching her you just punched him and you’re thinking about shivaansh. Why Why?

    Ab yeh kya nayi musibat hai bhaai ab yeh naya kaun aagaya.. Ek toh vaise bhi problems kamm nii h upar se ab yeh bhi. And Nandu bhi gaayab ho gayi.. Kitaa rulaaegi hume tu …. 😒😭😭🤦‍♀️🤷‍♀️

    the update was as usual super amazing Mehku and the way you’re writing it’s just very beautiful. Lots of love and luck to you ladki. I’m just loving it how the story is shaping up. Make more cry because you know how much I love such stories.. 😛😛🤣❤


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  5. U r so so so bad…. U made us cry so much 😭😭😭😭
    U r torturung us and manan so much
    Oh my gosh my heart always break seeing them in this condition

    Manik words had broken nandu so much
    Ek toh wo waise hi itna suffer kar rh th and ab manik ki baate sun kar
    Usse samjh hi ni aa rh ki kya kare ab
    She was trying to be so strong but her heart was breaking into pieces

    Everyone is right at their places and wrong at the same time
    Manik is also right wo kaise apna pyar confess kar Le nandu se and shivaansh ko hurt kar Le
    He can never live happily by hurting his best friend like this but at the same time he should have for once think about nandu usse nandu se wo sab ni bolna chahiye th

    Usse pyar se samjhta that he doesn’t love her or he can’t love her because she is his best friend wife
    Manik ke words ne bht dard diya hai nandu ko
    Pta ni kaise sambhalegi wo apne aap ko
    They can’t even share her pain with anyone
    Andar hi andar Mar rh hai dono but samjh ni aa rh unhone ki kya kare

    I can’t see them like this
    Kab khatam hogi unki ye suffering and pain
    Jab bhi socho shyd ab sab thik hoga tabhi sab aur kharab ho jta hai
    It’s hurt so much to see them crying for each other so much love

    Today even shivansh got so much hurt because of nandu’s silence
    He cares so much for nandu
    Usse feel Hone lag gy th ki kuch galat Hone wala hai nandu se shyd and end dekh kar toh
    He loves her so much but he can never get that love in return
    Sab kitne ache hai yr still everyone is suffering or yearning for love
    Nandu ke silence se bht hurt hua hai shivansh but isme nandu bhi kya kar skti hai
    She can’t even force her heart to love shivansh because uska dil toh ab uske pass hai hi ni

    Thar bloody jerk how Dare he try to touch nandu
    Bht sahi kiya manik se usse maar kar …..Kutta kahi ka
    But end scene was really scary yr
    Pta ni wo pyscho rahul kya karega nandu ke sath
    Maine saale ka muh todh dena hai agar usne nandu ke sath kuch bhi galat kiya toh
    Wo janta ni hai manik malhotra ko ….manik usse zinda ni chodega agar usse kutte rahul ke kuch bhi galat karne ki koshish ki toh

    I feel like to kill these type of boys
    Kamine hamesha ready rhte hai kisi bhi ladki ka faeyada uthane ke lite
    Sharam naam ki cheez hoti hi ni hai aise kutte insaan ke pass
    I am so scared for nandu…. Shivansh ki feeling sahi th ki kuch bura Hone wala hai

    I hope manik nandu ko kuch na Hone De
    I just hope manik usse jdi dhund le
    And after thar I hope wo rahul pahul ki chatti bnna De
    Uss jaise jerk ko itni easily ni chodna chahiye
    Unhe toh ache se lesson dena chahiye

    Simi ❤


  6. Shocking And Disheartening Ending😶😢
    He First Break Her Heart And Now Saying MY NANDANI😏 She Was So Much In Pain
    Hurtful Update But I loved It
    I Think You Are A Professional Writer ❤
    I So in Love Wid You Writing Skill
    I Become You Fan Babe😘😍
    The Way You wrote Was just Make Me Speechless
    Every Word I Can Easily Read And Understand 🌹

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  7. Hell Amazing Chapter and I really don’t think that I need to tell you that you again did the marvelous job of connecting me to the Story Hayeee 😍😍😍😍

    Ok so coming up to the Update…

    Firstly I m confused that whether to beat Manik👊👊 Or to cry for him.😭😭. Like What is he doing?? Ok I know he is being selfless her and is thinking about his friend well and good🙃 but he is hurting HER Dammit.. What kind of Love is this that first Hurt Her and then take care of her… And then after hurting her feel guilty too .. When he knows that She don’t love Shivansh then why he is doing so.. What does he think that he will leave her and then she will fall in love with Shivansh 🙇🙇 Bulshit.. Somebody plz ask him that can he too fall for somebody else again😟😟.. Idiot Malhotra…

    And poor Nandini what she is getting in return of Loving Him mere shity words… 😭😭 Poor girl suffering so much.. She now had to Hate her love why?? Bcoz of that monkey Malhotra… And also Shivansh is too much hurt too..I really don’t know like whom should I cry for??😭😭😭…

    And now who is this idiot trying to hurt Nandini… No tell me something first it’s your mistake that you were trying to harass a girl and now when you got punisher still you didn’t learned.. Stupid boy… Now don’t know what will he do🤔🤔 but I hope whatever happens it happen for good and somehow bring MaNan close.. 💝💝…

    Atlast I found this chapter so small actually every chapter finish so soon na that I feel like it was so small… 😄.. But Amazinggg job di 💓 you won my heart again by the way ek hi toh Dil h kitni Baar jeetoge..😍😍..

    Love you 💝💝💝💝

    Just keep us engaged with this beautiful story…

    And Don’t take so much of time in posting another chapter…

    Do it fast..

    Love 💖😘😍

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  8. Sorry late reply not got time in morning .well the twist was suprising. .ahem Rahul Khanna .
    Nandini and manik are in mess manik for beating him and nandini without any cause . Shivansh i don’t know what to say .he is the key to manik nandini . But he is the barrier too . I guess we require third person who will love shivansh like mad

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  9. Damnnnn……. Freakkkk….. Bechari Nandu… Uska kya hogaaaa?????… Manik yaar ek cheez mangi thi tumse aur wo thi Nandu ke pyaar ko accept karlo… Uska dil tod diya.. Koi nahi apne dost ke liye kiya… But ab agar tum Nandu ko protect nahi kar payena… Mummy kasam.. Writer ke dimaag mein ghuske tumhara murder kar dungi mei

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  10. I simply loved it… ❤❤❤

    You are next level.. 💜💜

    I seriously think that you are a Professional writer.. The grace and ease with which u write is something I can’t comprehend it’s like butter and knife..
    Your story was so addictive that i totally loved your story “LOVE OR SIN”..
    From the start of the story till now you got ur readers gripped on the edge on the seat..
    I can’t explain the adrenaline rush I experience with your Cliffhangers…
    You make me hate n love Manik at the same time..
    Whereas my support for Nandu is unshakable..
    The innocence n simplicity from which you have created this nandini character is outta world..
    She’s like a distant reality, she seems unreal but i truly believe her ..

    Manik is just Love.. I won’t be able to decipher how ur experimental mind cooked up this character You r no doubt a genius with your magic of words.. ❤❤❤

    The whole plot of story is mixture of all different emotions.. 😟☺😍

    I can’t categorized it.. This can be a love story, a hidden love, Emotional, or a suspense story.. But I love all of it..
    Your observations on the minute things are praise worthy..
    The way u describe things, can get anyone to put their imagination to work..
    I love each nd every chapter u wrote.. 😍😍

    I won’t be able to include everything in this one comment there are just too many things I wanna share with u..😍😍❤❤

    I don’t know whether to laugh or cry here.. It’s a roller coaster ride.. At one time, they are like Friends each other 😄😄 and at other time they are like a Stranger 😐😐

    I feel so sorry for her.. It must be really hard for her to feel this way, realize that she is insignificant part of his life and her presence or absense does not matter to him like his does to her😢😢
    Why is he like this?? Poor nandini is already going through so much emotional turbulance, infact dono iss pain ko feel kar rhe hai..
    Honestly I do not understand manik’s stand..
    Can he not say that hurting words, manik hurts nandini alot.. It’s nandini fault that she expects too much from manik nd gets her heart broken again n again.. 💔💔

    On the other side I really feel bad for manik.. Vo nandini ko Shivansh ke liye happy dekhna chahta hai.. But he can’t realize manik ne kitne mean word bole n he realize too.. Manik jo tm chahte the vo ho rha hai.. You r wrong manik Love chahe new ho ya old, Love toh Love hota hai.. Or tm aise kaise soch skte ho ki tmhare aise karne se nandini shivansh se love karne lagegi.. 🤷‍♀🤷‍♀
    Nd manik ye sab Shivansh ki happiness ke liye kar rha hai jb itna hi guilt hai toh kyu kar rhe aisa 😐😐😐

    Sometimes I got angry on Manik that he made her sad, hurt n cry.. Slow claps for u manik Finally tm jeet gye jaise chahte the nandu waise soch rhi hai tmhare liye nd fact toh ye hai vo hate bhi nai kar skti..But my heart was crying for her 🙄🙄
    Manik please don’t listen your mind.. I am not saying ki Mind wrong hote hai but Love ke matters me Heart Always Right hote hai.. Happy ho jao manik n jo tm soch rhe Nandini shiv se love karegi so just impossible.. Manik thinks absolutely wrong nd nandini already tmhe heart de chuki hai so Shivansh ko dene ke liye uske paas Heart nai hai..🤷‍♀🙄😐

    Ahhh.. This is so frustrating! ! !
    They barely had a few days of happiness willingly n unwillingly unke beech few happy moments aaye & now back to throwing both feelings in dustbin!!! Uggghhhh!!! No this wasn’t how it was supposed to end..

    I am not feeling good at all about this.. I know the reason manik did that but again I can feel the pain by which nandini is going through right now.. Manik tmhe guilty hone ki zarurat nai hai 😒😒..
    Nandini try kar lo but tm manik ko love karna nai kam kar skti.. But nandini aisa kuch mat karo baad me regret ho.. 😟🤷‍♀

    She is right at her place.. Manik, Manik.. I don’t know What should I say for u.. You are the sweet guy who cares for her so much but then you are also that rude, arrogant person who hurts nandini by your words n action.. Nd nandini ki ye state dekh kar manik ko happy hona chahiye..
    I really feel sad for her and manik needs to realize he can’t take her for granted.. 🙄😟😢

    Really feeling bad for shivansh.. He is so loving n caring Husband.. He is Gem person Nd Shiv loves her alot.. I felt so bad for nandini shivansh ko as a friend love karti hai but mai nandini ko Shivansh ke sath bhi nai dekh skti 🤦‍♀🤦‍♀.. Very sad i felt their pain too 😢😢 Shivansh concern nd his love dekh kar kbhi kbhi feel hota hai Manik kyu aaya but Manik ko toh nandini ke liye aana hi tha coz ye destiny hai.. Nd one year me nandini apni feeling as a friend se as a Lover developed nai kar paayi 😢🤦‍♀😟 But I am also happy coz nandini ne false hope nai di..
    Shivansh was expecting some Happy ans but nandini I am so heartbroken..
    But my Question kya nandini shivansh ko sab sach me bta degi ???

    I want to see both of them.. 😭😭😭
    Sometimes I feel really restless after reading chapter Kab milenge dono 😭😭
    It was hard for her to digest that he won’t Love back but it was more hard for him to live without her.. True love hai easily move on nd end nai hoga 😢😢
    My heart goes out for these two 💔💔💔

    Biggest Twist… Really Now what will happened 🤷‍♀🤷‍♀

    Really Manik, MY NANDINI firstly u broke her trust nd now 🙄 but this time like manik ko punch kar du.. Seriously my nandini kyu kiya phr ye sab.. Damn or maaro uss jerk ko 😡 nd kind your information Rahul khanna Manik ki nandini ko kuch bhi hua toh Manik tmhe iss dunia me nai rehne dega 😒😡

    More than the suddenly Shocking n disheartening ending.. 😦 But ufff !!! Update soon..

    Thier relationship may be abnormal one from the point of views of others, but the fact is they have the best one in this world because they understand each other’s pain n feeling.. 😖😖😖

    I really can’t bear this cliffhanger!!!😟😟😟

    All in all, you have me hooked even more!!! Anyway part is super amazing.. I hope nandini ko kuch na ho n I trust manik kuch nai hone dega..
    Now I’m excited for next chapter.. 😍😍
    Keep it up ;)))

    Lots of love n love u so much Meri Sweetu ❤😘

    Gudiya ❤❤❤

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    • Aww.. tere comment padh karke humsha mera man karta ki jakar mein abhi next update likhne lag jaun.. tere comment mujhe feels dilwa deta hai😂😂😂. Love you a lot meri gudiya.. this comment is best… 😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ . And I will post the next update very soon. Bhut bura bhi hoga and then acha bhi hoga🙈🙈🙈

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  11. Aweome update.

    Twist … what will happened .
    But i seriously feel like punching manik for behaving like double personality .love 4 letter word makes everyone crazy.and manik was a gone case .

    About nandhini atleast she is not giving hope to shivansh .

    I seriously feel bad for shivash .he was a gem of person .

    Waiting to read more .lots of love take care.

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