Love Or Sin (Part : 21 Broken)

Manik was calling her constantly while searching her in the whole club. He was regretting badly for leaving her alone. She was completely wasted and not in a state to go home herself. His tension was increasing with each passing second. He couldn’t let anything happen to her. If something happens to her, he would never able to forgive himself.

He stepped out of the club, putting the phone on his ear. “Where are you, Nandini?” He shouted frustratedly as she didn’t answer his call again. He was becoming restless. His heart was thumping with fright. He was anxious for her. He would only get relief after seeing her fine in front of his eyes.

On the other side, Nandini was driving the car, having tears in her eyes. She was lost in the world of her pain. Manik’s words were echoing in her ear constantly. She was trying to be strong, and she didn’t want to cry for him anymore. But she couldn’t control her emotions any longer, and her heart couldn’t bear more pain, tears were mechanically trickling down her cheeks. Her phone was continuously ringing in her sling bag which was hanging on her shoulder. Unluckily it was on silent mode.

As she saw a jeep, standing in front of her car, she applied the brake and moved forward. She saw three men who jumped out of the jeep and approaching her car. She gripped the steering and her heartbeat accelerated with fright. Before she could do anything, one man stood beside her car. She looked at him, horrified, and he gave her a lascivious smile. She immediately started the car with her hands which were shivering because of fear.

“Ahaaa…” She jumped and yelled loudly as the man broke the glass with the wooden stick and few pieces of glass pierced into her skin. Within a few seconds, she was taken out of the car by one man.

“Who-who are you? What do you-do you want from me?” She shuttered, her eyes were filled with fear and lips were trembling. They were raping her with their eyes which were filled with lust. She was constantly struggling to come out of the grip of his hands.

“We have come here to destroy you completely tonight. It will be so much fun.” Then another man snickered, coming close to her. She looked on another side, closing her eyes. Three of them smirked at each other.

“Leave me, help-help, ” she was screaming for help when two men were dragging her into the jungle by grabbing her arms. Another man was coming behind them. In all this, her sling bag slipped down on the floor. The one man who was holding her arm, he shut her mouth with his palm to suppress her screams. She wanted to kick them and run away but her body was giving up because she was completely wasted and she had become very weak after the last night.

Within a few minutes, Manik with the police force reached the place where she had been attacked by the goons. They reached here by tracing her number. He stopped the car behind Nandini’s car. He came out and ran to her car. His breath got stuck in his throat when he didn’t find her inside the car. He widened his eyes in shock and froze as he saw the broken window, he became sure that Nandini’s life was in danger.

“I think, somebody attacked her and took her inside the jungle because there is one more car.” The police Inspector assumed, pointing at the other car while police constables were already searching Nandini in the jungle, and one of them was searching her in the car. Manik became completely numb at that moment because Nandini’s life was in danger. The girl whom he loved her more than his life. So many horrible thoughts were running in his mind and his soul was shivering in fear because of those thoughts.

“Sir, here is her phone.” Manik came on the earth as he heard the constable’s voice who was standing holding her phone and sling bag. Manik rushed to him and snatched the bag and phone from his hands. Fresh tears streamed down her cheeks.

“I won’t let anything happen to her,” he uttered in a serious tone and wiped his tears, staring straight in determination. Then he ran into the jungle, screaming her name. Inspector with few constables followed him.

On the other side, Nandini was screaming for help lying on the cold floor of a dirty cottage. One man pinned her hand above her head and the second one pinned her leg against the floor. The third one was opening the button of his shirt, standing in front of her, he was leering at her. The poor soul was trying hard to come out of their hold and constantly resisting them. Only the thought of getting raped by them was killing her soul. She was constantly praying from God to send somebody to save her. Her throat was inching because of screaming but still, she was screaming for help in hope that someone would listen to her.

They all were laughing evilly and raping her through their eyes. Nandini cried loudly, shutting her eyes as the man hovered over her after throwing his shirt. He directly attacked over her neck, Nandini shook her head, crying in agony. She was trying hard to move her hands and legs, but they gripped them tighter, digging their nails. He cupped her mouth to suppress her screams with his one hand and tore one sleeve of the black dress, scratching her arm with his other hand. He bit her shoulder and arm too. The poor soul was crying miserably and helplessly under him and feeling so disgusting with his touch. The pain was unbearable for her. Her mind was becoming numb because of the torture which they were doing with her. She was feeling like they were making her body dirty with their touch. She was throwing her head on the hard floor and trying to come out of their grip.

She instantly opened her eyes as she heard the sound of a gunshot. The two men who were holding her down against the floor, they left her wrists and legs. The third one was thrown away by a person and that person was non-other than Manik Malhotra. She stared at him in utter disbelief, and he looked at her having guilt and pain in his eyes.

Her hair was missy, blood was oozing out of many parts of her body, there were scratches on her arms, her ankle and wrist became completely red, eyeliner was smudged around her eyes and the most painful thing was her neck and shoulder which were filled with the marks of bite, the blood was oozing out of those marks too. Her condition was clearly showing that those three men had treated her with extreme cruelty. Her condition was breaking his heart into millions of pieces and feeling like to kill those bastards at the moment only for making her this condition. But now his priority was Nandini. He had to handle her.

As he sat down beside her, she buried her face in his chest and cried, clutching his blazer. She was crying loudly in agony. He held her in his arms tightly and he also cried with her, closing his eyes. He wanted to keep her safe forever in his arms. Her screams were breaking his soul. He was feeling like somebody was constantly stabbing the thousands of knife into his heart. He was feeling guilty because he couldn’t protect her at the right time. He failed as a lover. He was blaming himself for her condition. Her pain was killing him. His soul was shivering inside, seeing her in this condition.

Cops left after arresting those three bastards, leaving Manan alone. Manik had no time to look around. He was just thinking about Nandini and regretting badly for leaving her alone at that time. She was crying and shivering in his arms because of the fear and pain.

“Don’t touch me…” but suddenly she shouted and pushed him away. She scurried to the door after getting up. He was taken aback. She was not even getting peace in his arms. Her mind was only thinking about the torture of those bastard. She was in great shock. She was not feeling safe and her condition was killing him.

Manik rushed behind her to stop her. He held her firmly from behind, pulling her closer to himself and buried his face in her neck. His one arm was wrapped around her chest and other was wrapped around her waist. She was crying painfully, asking him to leave her and trying to remove away his hands. She was in a shock that she wasn’t even recognising the touch of Manik. The touch which had always given her peace and the touch which she had always craved for. She was in so pain that his touch was also not giving her relief. She was not feeling safe anywhere. She was scared.

“You are safe, Nandini. You are safe now. I won’t let anything happen to you. I will never let anything happen to you. Your Manik will always keep you safe till his last breath. Just trust me. Everything is fine, Nothing has happened to you. You are safe.” As Manik whispered those soothing words in her ear, she stopped resisting. His words were calming her down and giving her little relief. She again felt safe in his arms, forgetting about those bastard. She closed her eyes, placed her hands on his arms and rested her head over him, getting lost in his touch. Manik kept whispering in the ear that she is safe and he wouldn’t let anything happen to her.

He knew that she would take time to get out of this trauma and he promised himself that he would not leave her side at this time. He would not let her cry anymore. He would do anything to bring a smile on her face. Now her first duty was to take her out from this pain and bring happiness in her life. He was ready to do anything for that and he had decided that he would not let her suffer more. He would not let his love suffer more pain.


  1. Oh god that was so terrible 😭😭😭
    She has gone through so muchh already she is in lot of pain and now this💔💔😭😭
    It literally broke my heart while reading this 😭😭😭
    The moment manik entered I sighed a relief because he is there to protect her heal her ❤️

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  2. ohh damn ohh damn Nandini was in so much pain. You know what Mehku I literally cried while reading this one. These retards men I mean what kind of pleasure they get by taking away a woman’s dignity. I just such people to die the worst death and rot in hell for forever. They ain’t human for sure.

    My innocent Nandini how much she will suffer. This scene reminded me of KYY pandit vala track. How hurt she was at that time the strong Nandu was lost somewhere but Manik got her back. And this time it ain’t less. It just reminded me of that scene. Her hurt her pain her disgust from her own self. The lack of self- confidence she suffered the mini monster Nandini was lost the strong Nandini was lost. And this is no less. It’s too much to handle. Firstly she was hurt because of Manik and now this. It’s too much for an innocent soul like her to handle.

    But Manik her saviour came on time. The way he consoled her, hugged her so protectively and just calmed her down it was magical. That moment was so beautiful. She was so shattered that even Manik’s couldn’t gave here piece. It was so heart breaking but evetuallyManik calmed her down. And I know only Manik can heal her from this pain. He will surely bring the old nandini back. His love will erase all her pain and hurt… And I’m actually excited to read that how Manik will bring her back.

    The update was super amazing Mehku and the way you’re portraying each and every emotion of MaNan it’s so magical and the way you’re writing about it… It’s just so beautiful… It’s lovely…

    Lots of love and luck to you..


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  3. Amazing update mehku or should I say magical update mehku! 💯💯💯

    The way manik hold her, the way manik consoled her damn!!! That was such a magical moment!

    That particular hug.. Clearly shows tht if two person is in true love then they don’t need anything more thn that!❤

    I’m so excited to read further now!💯

    Keep writing mehku!😘

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  4. I am numb the chapter was so heartbreaking and painful
    I don’t know what to write because I can’t even imagine nandu’s conditions and her pain because of this incident

    I was feeling like cry seeing her situation
    Why god is making a kind hearted soul suffer so much
    She don’t deserve any of this
    Those bastard I so feel like killing them
    Literally man how can be they so so heartless
    Kya kisi ke emotions ki koi bhi value ni hai

    For bastard like these girls is just a toy
    I so want them to suffer I hope manik makes them pay for their deeds
    They deserve every torture and pain so they don’t even think about doing such a disgusting thing with any girl

    My heart was beating so fast I can’t even tell
    I was feeling so anxious ki pta ni kya hoga kya manik time Par aa paega and all those negative thoughts
    But I took such a deep breath jab manik aa gy
    Literally man itna sukoon Mila dekh kar ki manik aa gy but fir nandu ki condition dekh kar utna hi dad hua

    She is such pure soul and kitna suffer karna padh rh hai usse
    Pta ni kaise bahar aaegi wo iss trauma se
    Those bastards were so so cruel with her 😭😭😭
    Plz make them suffer they deserve to suffer

    Literally man the whole time my heart was in my mouth
    I was dying ki pta ni kya hoga aage because u r so unpredictable ki kuch guess ni kar skte
    Bhale ki nandu ke sath zada extreme ni hua but still jo bhi hua wo bht painful th
    Pta ni how she will be able to come out from this trauma
    She will need manik so much by her side at this time

    Only with manik love and care se hi wo bahar aa paegi iss bure incident se
    And I know she is very strong she will survive this phase too she is warrior….. She will fight with her demons
    I have full faith on her

    And manik needs to be so strong at this point for her
    For once I hope he won’t think about shivansh and will only focus on nandu
    Because this time she needs him badly
    She needs protection and care badly
    Seeing nandu resisting manik was very painful because wo usse incident ki wajah se feel hi ni kar Pa rh th ki wo manik ki arms mai hai

    Manik’s ki arms mai bhi usse peace  ni Mil rh th
    And I really felt crying that time because I was so worried about her but baad mai she starting feeling save and at peace so I was a little relieved

    I hope and pray ki manik ko pta chal jae ki ye sab usse rahul kamine kutte ne kiya that son of a bitch needs to taught a lesson ki agar dam hai usse toh seedha manik se fight krta
    Aise ladki ke sath disgusting kaam krne se he won’t a man

    Pta ni shivansh kaise react karega jab usse ye sab pta chalega
    This Whole phase of life is so fucked up right now ki koi idea hi ni hai ki kab kya hoga aage

    And seriously yr u r so so bad kitna aur torture karegi humne 😭😭😭 aur kitna Roe hum apne manan ko kitna pain mai dekh kar
    Agar tujhse pyar na karte hai toh ghar se uthwa lete tujhe but tu bht pyaari hai isliye kuch krte ni tere sath
    Ni toh choddna ni th teko bhi humme

    Super excited to see ki aaage kya kya new Twist and turn life Le kr aaegi inke liye and kaise ye sab face karege usse

    Simi ❤


  5. God😭
    So Heartbreaking
    Do Something Of MaNan😭 Can’t See Them Like This
    Work Was Amazingly Awsm Mehaku😘❤
    Nandu Suffering so much 😭

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  6. Goosebumps!!!! That’s what i felt when I was reading it…💆

    I mean really you are just Phenomenal 😍😍 how can you write everything so realistically… Like really you have got so so much of talent boss 💝💝…

    When the chapter started qnd it proceeded I was really angry on Manik and really saying toh now also m really very much Angry on him 😖😖.. Directly or indirectly it’s all bcoz of him whatever happened… And then what’s the use of regretting..😟😟…

    Poor Nandini she is just suffering and suffering.. 😭 You know when I was reading that part I really have had goosebumps all over my hands 🙇🙇 like only reading it I was feeling the pain 😭.. how can someone be so Cruel like Aren’t they humans 👊👊.. how can anyone stoop so low… Seriously this Mindset sucks 😭😭..

    Thank god Manik came on time yaar though I knew it that he will come but still you know I was so afraid.. 😖 Poor Nandu she was not even in state of what’s wrong or right…

    And am happy that atleast now Manik will be with her but still am afraid that again he will hurt her for his friendship and again that poor soul will have to suffer 🙇.. I just hope nothing like this sort of happen…

    Well again Di you are Just One of the Awesomest Writer I have ever came across of… 💝💝💝💝..

    And I Really Love You 😘😘for giving such a beautiful story 💝 which will be Always My Top Favourite 💓💓…

    Thank You again 💝..

    Will be waiting for the next update..🤗🤗..

    Love 💖

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  7. Goshhhh… 😣😣😣

    The chapter started off an a sad note..
    Oh my God…Right Now I am so Heartbroken 😖😖 I mean it is an Awesome work but devastating Yaar 😣😣
    Please MaNan ka kuch karo.. 🙁🙁

    Such a emotional n painful part.. Very sad.. Awesome detailed description of the pain endured by both.. I felt so bad, I felt their pain too..😣😣

    Just Wowwwwwww….
    A woahhh Chapter.. This is like increasing anticipation for the next chapter..

    This story is so captivating that i get Goosebumps whenever I read it..

    This story is bliss to read.. It gives Goosebumps
    When u described MaNan Struggle, Anger Situation, Pain, Guilty n all emotions, Looking forward to see how story unfolds..


    I Feel so connected with Manik and Nandini.. Life can be real hard but then to emerge out of that as winner post fighting and that too with support from someone who respect you, Love you makes the bond more stronger.. And yha mai characters se connected feel kar rhi hu.. And jb someone can support you n respect your love life more easier ho jaati hai..

    Okay.. Starting from the start.. I loved the females ladies in your stories, they are really so strong and independent.. Be it Nandini Or Zoya, they are just like the women who exist in today’s world and have thier priorities set right.. They carry thier selves with pride and I miss developing a huge girl crush on them both 😂😂

    PS; The female leads are the best and the male leads complete them, but the main fact is that ur story is the REAL HERO..

    My curiosity is increasing with every update.. This story seems much much much more interesting and thrilling.. I am loving Nandini nd her way of living life but I wish she will get her chirpy self back..Nandini is a girl of few words but heart full of nothing but love and fear.. Her calmness, Her silence said everything about her inner strength and her strength Came from her tough and hard situation..
    I am loving Manik and his care, love, Protectiveness towards Nandini and how he understands her very well.. I am strongly attracted to Manik’s character..He has an Aura, he has an something special..☺☺☺

    I really don’t know what say about manik and his condition.. He did wrong usne nandini ko club me akele chhod diya..Vo guilty bhi hai restless bhi.. Nd I know tmhare hote hue nandini ko kuch nai ho skta.. 😍😍

    I feel sad for Nandini.. For hard feeling n situation she had to cross.. The circumstances she’s in.. So lonely she is.. She is right at her place.. I can feel the pain by which nandini is going through right now.. Manik ke harsh words vo bhool nai paa rhi hai..
    Shitt Maine last update me bhi bola thi nandini aisa kuch mat karna ki regret karna pade.. Manik ki helplessness n yha nandini problem me aa gyi.. 😣😣😣

    Really angry for those bloody bastards 😡😡
    Aise bloody people’s ki wajah se girls not safe..
    She’s in trouble n Manik helpless hai.. Biggest Helplessness problem apne love ko aisi situation me dekh kar bhi save nai kar paaya n guilt not able to protect her.. Manik one moment such a cute lover boy and ruins it next moment 🤷‍♀🤷‍♀🤦‍♀
    Nd ye protect na karne ki guilt n I know protect bhi kar loge 🙁
    Don’t worry bloody loosers manik ko aane do vo tmlog ko destroy karega 😡😡

    My heart goes out for these two 💔
    I wanted to manik come n destroyed the bloody bastards.. I feel very disheartened.. Please stop manik aise useless thoughts mat socho, nd I know tm nandini ko kuch hone hi nai de skte.. Manik I can’t see u like this 😢😢

    One moment I am in tears.. I will kill that those bastards 😡😡😡😡
    Himmat kaise hui nandini ko touch karne ki.. Poor soul or kitna bear karegi… 😭😭
    I feel really restless after reading this chapter 😭😭
    Really feeling sad for nandini I feel so sorry for her..😭😭 Though she is portraying a brave face n jb tak usme energy thi usne scream kiya..

    Right now feeling disgusted 🙄🙄😡😡
    Jis tarah se bloody bastards ne nandini ko treat kiya ussi tarah unko extreme level ka torture milna chahiye.. Right now I’m very angry 😡😡😡

    Sorry for saying this manik but ab guilt karne se kya faida.. I know nandini ki ye condition heart me stabbed kar rhi hogi but please don’t blame yourself.. Right now she needs you.. 😖😖

    But finally I am happy atlast manik Nandini ke rescue ke liye right time par pahuch gya.. N he takes her in his arms n calm her down.. I say it again don’t blame yourself manik please.. Such a emotional n Heartbreaking scene.. Right now she needs your help love, n care.. ❤❤

    This scene remind me KYY Season 1 Those loosers ne nandini ko bhut hurt kar diya hai..😖😖
    Manik please heal her n I know in healing process they will come more close.. Nandini’s conditions very bad but manik heal kar lega..
    Your Manik (This words) 😍 Finally manik ko apna love realize ho rha hai nandini ke liye.. Nd finally those soothing words finally works.. ☺☺
    Nandini again lost in his touch..

    Now I am excited too see manik’s lover side.. Kaise manik nandini ko care karega n lastly mujhe both side ke love dekhne hai.. N I know manik nandini ke face par smile laane ke liye kuch bhi karega.. ❤❤

    Just loved the update and so eager to know what’s in store for both of them and I think that might be it will be a start for them to know they feel for each other like they want each other to be happy and also that he/she deserves all the love and happiness in this world… And not to forget he is doing all things for her that he never did for anyone just like she does all the time ❤❤❤
    I feel whatever is meant to happen will happen..
    What they feel for each other is already very strong, pure n selfless..

    This story is going to be one of my favorite.. I can already tell..!!! The last few chapters I read left my heart aching so bad..!!!!!! And for a reader, that is a sweet ache.. 😊😊

    You’re a best writer SWEETU and I don’t say this aise hi 😍😍

    I know I might sound greedy and annoyed but I want another update soon..!!! The craving to read further is unbearable for me.. But still I want more.. 😍❤

    Waiting very eagerly for these two to meet and see how story goes forward…
    Loved the chapter… 😍😍❤❤

    Allah bless u n Keep writing 😍😍😍

    And ab aa jao ludo khelna hai 🤣🤣😂😂

    Love u soo so much Meri Sweetu 😘😘😘

    Gudiya ❤💋

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    • Thank you so much meri gudiya. Like always I got feels reading your comment( feel aagye…) your comment is best baby❤️❤️❤️🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🤗.
      Love you a lot❤️❤️🤗😍😍😍😍❤️❤️

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  8. Awesome update .

    So much emotions anger ,helpless ness,guilt everything was pinned down awesome byour very own mehak di.

    Anger for those bastards .
    Helpless ness for seeing ur love in that state .and not able to save herself from them.
    Guilt for not being their for her to protect her .

    But atlast he was there for her to take her in his arms and calm her down .and she was in her loves arms .
    In the. Healing process they will come more close .
    Waiting to read another awesome update .
    Thank you for the update di .
    Lots of love .
    Take care

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