Love Story (Part : 46 The Mehendi Function)

“Cabil Chachu Cabil chachu , mumma daddy ka hai ? Musu ko unke sath photo kichwani hai. (Where is mumma and daddy ? I want to click photos with them.)” Muskan came running toward Cabir and asked about her parents from him because he always used to tell her about them. Because his eyes were everywhere.

“Musu , I don’t know and never ask me about them.” Cabir knew that where they were but he denied thinking about the last time how his both brothers had punished him. Muskan was looking at him shockingly.

“Chachu pal apko toh humesha pata hota tha , Aaj ku ni pata ? Nhi aap hi bataoge mujhe mumma daddy kha hai. ( But Chachu you knew about them always but what happened today? No you will only tell me where they are.)” Musu said stubbornly. Cabir turned around and ran from there before Muskan could convince him for telling about her parents. Muskan made sad pout.

Next moment only her eyes started shining with happiness and a cute smile spread across her face when she saw her parents coming toward her only , having smile on their face. She ran toward them happily. Adi picked her up in his arms and kissed her cheeks and Zoya caressed her hair lovingly.

“Daddy.. Mumma.. Mein aap dono se kati hoon. Aap dono musu ko bina batae ka chalegye thai.

(Where you both left without telling Musu? I am angry from you both. )” She said angrily.

“Iss bal toh cabil chachu ne bhi nhi bataya.(This time even Cabir chachu didn’t tell me.)” Her tone changed from angry to sad.

“Chalo ush din ka kuch toh asar hua mere bhai par. This means I should start giving him dose more oftenly .” Adi thought in his mind. While Zoya said sorry to Muskan. Adi also said sorry to Muskan and kissed her forehead.

The Sangeet function got ended smoothly. Next day the garden was decorated for

Mehendi ceremony. The view of mountains was making the decoration look more beautiful. Everything was pink there. A pink swing decorated with flowers was kept in the middle for the bride. Nandini was sitting there , wearing the pink lengha and the jewellery made  up of flowers. She was looking pretty and her face was glowing with happiness. Two Mehendi experts were applying henna on her hand. On her one hand , they were drawing Manik’s picture and on the other hand , they were drawing the Nandini’s picture.

“I am so happy for you my bacha.” Ram said , holding her face , standing in front of her. Nandini passed him smile. He kissed her forehead and she closed her eyes in response. Giving a small smile to her , he left to meet other guests.

Manik entered in the garden and like always , he got lost in her. “How could anybody every time looks so beautiful.” He thought, staring his beautiful angel without blinking his eyes. Nandini eyes fell on him and she blushed , looking down when she found him staring her. After a moment she again looked at him , moving her eyelashes upward. She found him , still staring her. She smiled broadly and shook her head in a disbelief, looking down.

“If you will keep staring her like this. Khi ushe teri hi najar lag jaye Manik.” Zoya’s words bring him back on the earth. He looked at her and then shyly looked down , having smile on his face. He was shying like a small baby after getting caught, staring his soon to be wife. Zoya chuckled and left from there not before pulling his cheeks.

Nandini looked upward again and he got disappeared from her eyesight. Her eyes started finding him everywhere in the garden like a desperate soul and her heart beat became fast.

“These eyes are finding me , right.” Nandini’s heart skipped beating for a moment when she heard his voice from behind , near to her ear. He was standing leaning down behind her , having smirk on his face. She turned her face and looked at him through the corner of her eyes.

Manik eyes moved from his angel’s beautiful face to her hands which were looking more beautiful with the henna. He felt like to kiss her hands. Nandini was going crazy because of his closeness. She could feel his hot breath on her neck which was making her crazy. She craved to feel the touch of his lips all over her neck. Manik was having no idea that what was happening to his angel because of him , he was lost in looking at her hands.

“You know bhabhi, The darkness of the mehendi colour on a bride’s hand represents the deep love between the would be couple.” Mukti said , coming there with Neyonika and Zoya. Mukti’s words brought manan back on the earth.

“Then I am sure , your Mehendi is gonna be darkest.” Manik said  in low voice which was audible to Nandini only. He was still standing behind her , leaning down. Nandini couldn’t able to  stop herself from blushing , listening his words. She smiled shyly , looking down.

“I have also heard that the mehendi’s colour also shows the love and understanding between the bride and her mother-in-law. So make sure Nandini , the colour should come dark.” Neyonika said and everybody laughed including her.

“If the colour will come light also , then also I will love you like my daughter.” Neyonika said lovingly and kissed her forehead , holding her face. Nandini closed her eyes and a drop of tear fell down from her eyes.  She had never got the mother love and affection. But seeing Manik’s mom treating her like her own mother. She got little emotional.

“You are the best mother in law in this world, Mom. I am very lucky to get you.” Zoya said , hugging Neyonika from behind, encircling her hands around her neck. Neyonika smiled , putting her hand on Zoya’s face. Nandini was smiling broadly, seeing the bond of them.


Muskan was showing her Mehendi to everyone , roaming all around in the garden. She had worn a beautiful white green and pink lengha. She loved henna.  She applied it for the first time and this was something new and exciting for her. Adi was running behind her and taking care of her because Zoya was busy. Now Adi was understanding that how much it is difficult to handle his naughty and Stubborn daughter.

“Muskan.. now you will eat something and you have to listen me.” Adi said strictly , picking Muskan in his arms. Muskan giggled.

“Daddy aaj toh aap mumma jesa behave kal le ho. (Today you are behaving like Mumma.)” she said and laughed loudly. Adi also laughed and his eyes fell on his Zoya who was sitting far away from him. Two Mehendi experts were applying henna on her hands. He always used to feel blessed to have the life partner like Zoya in his life. He took care of everyone so perfectly.


Everybody were dancing and Nandini was enjoying their dance , having smile on her face. After one day , she would be called as Nandini Manik Malhotra. She never thought that Manik would become so important part of her life in just a month and her heart would ever start loving him after the betrayal. Everything was unexpected for her. The day Manik had entered in her life , the things started getting changed. She started smiling and enjoying the life again because of him only. Her broken heart started healing slowly. She again started listening to her heart. The walls which she had formed around her  ,  Manik was breaking them one by one. She was happy and lucky to meet him.

Nandini looked at Manik who was standing beside her. He was busy looking at his happy family. She started admiring the person who would be called as her husband very soon. There was nothing wrong in him , he was perfect person from his looks to his heart. Manik looked at her and raised his eyebrows because he had never seen her staring him like an idiot. She just shook her and he smiled. She smiled back broadly.

Mukti pulled Manik and Nandini on the dance floor. They started dancing , moving their hands slowly, looking into each other eyes and having smile on their face. Suddenly Manik pulled her toward himself, holding her bare waist , making her shocked. She looked at him , opening her eyes widely. He smirked, tugging her hair behind her ear. Her eyelashes moved down and she smiled shyly. His touch on her waist was making her  crazy. He left her waist and again started dancing , moving around her and everybody were dancing around them. Adiya were also dancing and Muskan was in his arms. She was dancing , making cute cute expressions.


After the party all husbands and boyfriends were feeding their wives and girlfriends with their own hands. Manik was feeding his angel and Nandini was just lost looking at him. He was sitting on the swing beside her.

“Thank you for always understanding me and for always avoiding my mistakes. I promise you. I will give my best to this marriage.” She promised , looking at him.

“I am sure. You will. I just only want one thing from you that you will never hide anything from me. Bat chayai kitni bhi badhi ho yah choti ho , you will come to me and share with me.” He gave him small smile and said , putting hand on her face. She just nodded her head in yes.

“Aahu..” Adi shouted  when Zoya bit tip of his finger. He glared at her and she laughed cutely. Next moment he also laughed.


Nandini was sitting on the edge of bed and Manik was sitting on his knees in front of her. He was finding his name in her Mehendi. Her hands were kept on her lap. Nandini was controlling herself from laughing because he was looking so funny and adorable the way he was finding his name in her Mehendi. He felt like to pull his cheeks.

“What happened? Is my Rockstar not able to find his name ?” She said in the flow. Manik stared at her shockingly , listening the word ‘my rockstar. She bit her lower lip and closed her eyes, realising that what she had said. Seeing her reaction Manik smirked.

“What did you just say , Angel?” She opened her eyes and he asked , raising his eyebrows.

“I said Rockstar. Aren’t you a rockstar ?” She said  and tried to act smart.

“No.. no.. before Rockstar.” He asked and she thought for a moment. Manik was just smiling, looking at her.

” aa.. I don’t remember.” She said and looked downward. She scolded herself cutely, closing her eyes. Manik was just smiling , looking at his adorable angel. He loved the way she called him as her. He was happy.

“Manik do you forget that you were finding your name in my Mehendi ? Find fast now.” Nandini tried to change the topic , saying this. She said , forwarding her both hands in front of his eyes. He chuckled softly looking at her. She again looked downward while smiling.

“You really don’t need to hesitate calling me yours because I am completely yours. My body , my soul and my heart , you have more right on them than me. Calling me yours , it is only your right , my angel and nobody else.” He spoke each and every word through the core of his heart. Nandini was looking at him unbelievably. He always made her speechless with his words.

“I will find my name in your Mehendi on our wedding day. You should take rest for sometime. In few hours only , you have to get ready for cocktail party. So rest is important.” He said concernedly , getting up. She was still looking at him unbelievably. She was not understanding that what she should say to him. She became speechless , seeing his care.

“Come on get up.” He said , making her get up , holding her shoulder and laid her down on the bed. He covered her with the blanket. She was just staring him and he could see this.

“Stop staring me , Angel. Now close your eyes and sleep.” He said , caressing her hair. She just closed her eyes and he kissed her eyelids, leaning down. He took her breath away from her with those kiss. When his lips touched her eyelids. She felt like he took away all her tiredness and pain. He took away all the tears which she had shed all her life. She opened her eyes and found him smiling , looking at her. She smiled back. Then he left the room last time glancing her.


“So it’s time to change the clothes of my beloved wife.” Adi was standing behind Zoya. He said  and pulled her toward himself, holding her bare waist. Her back collided with his front and increased their desire. Adi never left a single change to spend romantic time with his beautiful wife. On this trip , their cute romance breaker was giving them alone time together by spending time with her grandparents.

“Adi my mehendi has dried. I can change my clothes myself..” Zoya said but before she could say more , Adi’s next act made her shocked and quiet. Ignoring her words, he pulled the strings of her lengha and her lengha fell down , revealing her sexy legs. Zoya closed her eyes when he started moving his hands on her thigh. She took a deep breath when his one hand touched her inner thigh. Her whole body started burning with his touch.

But making her more shocked , he removed his hand. He moved little away from her and untied the dori of her blouse.

“Hands up jaan.” He said and she did what he asked her to do. He pulled up her blouse and removed it. He threw it the corner of the room. He kissed her back , pressing her boobs. Then he went to take out comfortable clothes from the bag. Zoya was shocked.

“Adi aren’t we continuing it ?” She asked dishearteningly, walking toward him. He was busy taking out dress from bag which was kept on sofa. When he didn’t answered her , she hugged him ,wrapping her arms around him from behind and buried her face in his back. Adi turned around , removing her hands.

“Now it’s time to make you wear this.” He said showing her blue casual gown. Zoya was looking at him sadly.

“Adi that’s not fair. You can’t stop in the middle. I need you right now.” Zoya complained like a small kid and this made Adi smiled.

“Jaan.. we will continue it tonight. You need to take some rest. I don’t want to make you tired now.” He said concernedly , putting his hand on her face. She nodded her head in yes sadly. He smiled and kissed her forehead. Then he took her in his protective arms.


After two hours Manik called Nandini , sitting in his room. He got worried when her phone was coming switched off. He immediately left to check her in the room. She was not in her room. He checked balcony and washroom too but she was nowhere. He became restless , thinking about his angel. He sat on the bed , holding his head. But the question was that Had something wrong happened with her or had she  left him.


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