Love Story (Part : 68 I Trust You)

Manik was standing on the door having tears in his eyes. Zoya had heard everything. She walked toward him. He looked at her like he would start crying loudly next moment only.
“Bhabhi, she is misunderstanding me. I hurt her. She is angry with me. She don’t want to talk to me.” He cried looking at him.
“Manik , her anger is justified. You hid such a big thing from her. Give her some time , she will surely understand you , Manik.” Zoya spoke putting hand on his shoulder and squeezed it. She tried her best to calm him down.
“I am guilty. I should have told her.” He looked down in guilt.
“Manik don’t feel guilty. You hid this news for her only. I am telling you , she will understand you. Give her some time.” She held his face and made him look at her.
“I never wanted to hurt her bhabhi but I.. I hurt her. I broke my promise. Today she cried because of me.” He cried resting his forehead on her shoulder. Zoya tried to console him by rubbing his back and let him cry for few minutes.
“I am bad husband..” he said looking at her. His words were clearly showing that he was disappointed with himself for hurting his angel and for bringing tears in her beautiful eyes.
“Stop talking like that Manik. Don’t say this in front of Nandini.” She spoke angrily cutting his word.
“Mumma..” Zoya was about to say something but she got stopped listening Muskan’s voice from behind. Manik immediately wiped his tears with the back of his palm seeing Muskan.
“Chachu aap lo rhai thai na ? Musu ne sabh dekh liya. (Chachu , you were crying, right? Musu saw everything.)” She reached toward them and asked from Manik.
“Chachu batao na aap kyu lo lai thai ? Musu ko jana hai kuki aap toh kabhi nhi lote. (Chachu tell me , why were you crying? Musu wants to know because I never saw you crying.)” she asked and shook him holding his hand. Manik was looking at him blankly. At that moment , he wasn’t understanding that what he should tell her.
“Musu , Chachu wasn’t crying. Actually something went in his eyes.” Zoya handled the situation on right time. Muskan looked at Manik for confirmation and he nodded his head in yes.
“Ab nikal gya kya ? ( Now Is it come out ?)” she asked from Manik. He smiled faintly at her and nodded his head in yes putting hand on her face.
“Mumma chalo mele sath , musu ko aapko apni painting dikhani hai (Mumma come with me , Musu wants to show you her painting.)”She said holding her mother’s hand.
“Take care.” Before going with Muskan , Zoya mouthed to him. Manik nodded his head in yes slightly. Then Muskan took Zoya with herself holding her hand.
Muskan was drawing something sitting on sofa while Zoya was roaming in room worriedly. She was hell worried for Manik. She had never seen him crying like this before. She was trying to call Adi but he wasn’t picking up the call.
“Adi , why weren’t you picking up my calls ? I was calling you from half an hour.” She yelled on the phone when finally he picked up the phone.
“Jaan , I was in a meeting. What happened? Why are you so angry and why were you calling me continuously? Is everything alright?” Adi asked concernedly. Zoya sighed deeply and told him everything.
“Zoya , they are husband and wife now. These small small fights are common between husband and wife. See us only , how much we fight but it doesn’t affect our love. In fact our relationship become more stronger with every fight. Now don’t think too much about them.” She smiled slightly understanding his words.
“What’s the matter , Mr. Malhotra? When did you become so sensible ? I am highly impressed.” Adi was grinning listening her words.
“Oh madam , I am sensible from my childhood. It’s not my fault that you didn’t come to know before.” Adi spoke in attitude and Zoya laughed.
“You are very cute Adi.” She said between her laugh. Adi was smiling listening her laugh. Her laughs were giving peace to his soul.
“Seriously Adi , I am highly impressed by you today. But still I want you to talk to Manik for once. You can explain him more better than me.”Adi smiled listening her words. He was blessed to have a wife like her who cared for him and his family equally.
“Off course I will talk to him , you don’t need to say this to me. I will give him a tight slap also for crying like a small baby.” Both laughed on his words.
Manik walked out from bathroom after splashing water on his face. He was rubbing his face with the white towel. He stopped rubbing his face and pulled down his hand when his eyes fall on Nandini who was walking toward him. He kept the towel on sofa.
“I am sorry.” Both said in union looking at each other when she reached in front of him.
“Why are you saying sorry?” He asked looking at her confusingly.
“Because I shouted on you without any reason. I shouldn’t have behaved like this with you. You care for me so much. I should have listened to you. I just said.. that you don’t trust me without thinking anything. I should have thought that there would be some reason for keeping that news hidden from me. I am sorry” The guilt was clearly visible in her eyes.
“Don’t be sorry angel. Your anger was justified because I hid such a big news from you.” He cupped her face and made her look at him.
“But I misunderstood you.” She spoke having guilt in her voice and eyes.
“It’s okay. I can understand. But I am so happy that now you understood me without any explanation.” He spoke happily and she smiled slightly.
“I didn’t want you to come across this news because I didn’t want you to get upset after reading it. I wanted to keep you away from the negativity. I have already seen you in so much pain that now I can’t bear even a single tear in your eyes.” Nandini was looking at him having so much love in her eyes while his thumbs were softly caressing her cheeks.
“I trust you Nandini. I knew that you will not judge me by reading this news. I hid the news just to keep you away from negativity.”
“I know that you trust me , Manik. I really love you and I am so lucky to have you in my life.” She held his hand and kissed his palm closing her eyes.
“I love you more , Angel” he also confessed tucking her hair behind her ear which were falling on her face. She smiled at him.
“But Manik , who leaked this news and why ?” She asked confusingly looking at him. He sighed and told her everything.
“Just to make the song popular, how could he defame you ? Manik he should be punished.” She freaked out.
“People will be saying so bad about you.” She became sad.
“Relax angel . Everything is under control. I have kept a press conference and after that everything will be fine. People will talk about this for few days and after that they will forget. Don’t worry.“ he cupped her face and explained her calmly. She nodded her head understanding him.
“Now, I am getting late for the press conference. I have to go. You take care and don’t worry , everything will be fine.” He kissed her forehead and she closed her eyes in response.
“I also want to come with you.” He turned to walk but she stopped him holding his hand.
“Nandini.. you can’t come.” He said turning his face toward her and she became sad.
“I don’t want you to face those bullshit questions of reporters , angel. Please understand.” He walked toward her and said while caressing her hair.
“Manik I can face anything with you and for you. Your love has made me strong. So don’t worry. Please..” she requested him and he nodded his head in yes. But he was worried for her and it was written on his face.
“If they will say something wrong about you then you see me that how I will shut their mouth.” She said having anger in her eyes. Manik was looking impressed with her. Then they walked out from the room holding each other hand.

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Love Mehak


  1. In every relation it is very important to understand each other if there is any problem by discussing & saying it to eachother we can solve it easily and when there is a supportive family, soul mate we have beside us then nothing is impossible,unbeatable and difficult for any one .

    Eagerly looking forward to read you more updates from your different stories. Seriously you become a nourished & good writer slowly but steadily you are grabbing our means us”audiences” aka readers attention towards your love,passion and work.see you soon and love you sssssmmmmm❤❤❤❤❤@mehaklovely 💋💋💋💋💋💋💋😎😎😎

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  2. Awesomee mindblowing update….
    Zoya ketne understanding hai when she heard abt the fight she came to manik to talk to him bcoz clearly understood that he was sad and manik tou zoya ko dekhar tut gaya he started trying as he was feeling damn guilty for manik nandu cry he was blaming himself dat he was a bad husband and all thar ofcousre he is the beat husband nandu can get…
    Awww muskan is soo cute manik ko ketne pyaar se puch rahi thi woh ke kya hua chachu why are you crying as she has never seen her strong chachu cry bt when zoya reassured her he was nt crying she got satisfied and took zoya away…
    Zoya ketne caring she was tensed thinking abt manik n uparse adi was nt picking up the call bt when adi explained she understood and even called adi cute hehe…
    Aww manan are soo cute the moment they saw each other dey said sorry nandu was feeling guilty for shouting on him without listening to him n even telling him dat he doesnt trust her bt when manik explained her everything she was shocked and sad bt manik ke samjane ke baad she became normal par aab woh gaye manik ke sath for the conference aab kya hoga???

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  3. And hamare adiya they are love and yeah he is correct fights se hi to pata chalta hain hamara pyaar Kitna gehra hain and yaa adi you definitely slap manik yaar he is to emotional yaar and cry baby but thank god finally end main sab thik hoo gaya manan wali felling aa gayi


  4. Wahhhh wahhhhh sulahh ho geya…hayee bechara mnk kitna rou liya nd musu kitni cute hay…chalo now manan samjh geye 😀😀 nd wahh last pe strong wali nandu dikhi…lovely chappy 💚

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  5. Shows nandu’s journey from broken to healed a girl who used to avoid people as much as possible except her father is ready to answer nasty media questions, true love is that confidence and trust not blind but based on knowledge rather than flowery words and manik is me I cry when I am angry and also when others are angry at me that’s the 1 reaction, 30 mins of bawling my eyes out my brain starts working in right direction sorry I babbled too much

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  6. Always waiting for the update like this there love and trust for each other are couple goals loved it awesome update mehak now waiting for new update in both story love and sin , and in love story .

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