Love Story (Part : 40 Four Days to Go)

After four Days

Nandini P.O.V.

Four days passed in marriage shopping and in the preparation of wedding. Now just only four days are left for my marriage. I am excited and nervous. After four days, my responsibilities will  be get increased and my priorities will be get changed. Manik will become my husband and his family will become mine also. Manik and his family are one in million but still I am doubtful. I don’t know why I just can’t forget that incident. I am happy after so many years. Manik is my happiness. I am fighting with my mind and fear everyday because I want my happiness. I know one day will come when this will get stop because now I am not going to turn back. I will see for how long my mind and my fear will try to pull me back. Until Manik is with me , I will fight. He calls me angel but he doesn’t know that he came in my life like an angel and still changing me for good. I want to live my life with him. I want to do everything with him. I just want to become the old me with him again , the crazy me.

But I am little sad too because this is the last day in my house with my dearest dad. Tonight we are flying to Singapore for our destination wedding. After four days , I will come back to India with different surname. My home will be get changed and my dad will be left all alone in this house with my Mom’s memories. I am happy for myself but just worried for dad. He has fulfilled each and every duty of a father and a mother both , and now when my time came , I am going , leaving him alone. Why girls have to leave their parents , why not boys?

Nandini P.O.V. Ended


Nandini was packing her back lost in her thoughts. Her phone rang up and she came on the earth back. She picked up the phone which was kept beside her.

“Hello..” She answered the call and heard Manik’s voice from the other side “doing packing or thinking about me angel?” A smile spread across her face , listening his voice.

“I was doing my packing and thinking that why only girls have to leave their parents  after marriage, why not boys? Isn’t this wrong Manik?” She asked, getting up from bed. Manik didn’t get shock from her question.

“This is wrong but now what we can do in this?” He answered her and then he immediately changed the topic.

“Well You know what , now only four days left for our marriage and after four days , I will not have to find reasons to spend time with you. I just can’t wait. My excitement is increasing with  each and every passing second.” He said  excitedly like a small kid. Nandini softly chuckled.

“Now let me complete my packing and you  complete your packing too. I will meet you soon.” She said and hang up the call before he could stop her. She smiled , thinking about him and then again started packing the bags , throwing her phone on the bed.


Zoya was putting the clothes in bag. Adi walked inside and locked the door. From four days , he was trying to pacify his wife but she was not ready to forgive him. He was going crazy. He wrapped his hands around her waist from behind.

“Adi , Still two days are left of your punishment. No touching.” Zoya turned around and said , showing her two finger to him. Adi frowned.

“Zoya.. It’s enough. I haven’t touch you from four days. I accepted my mistake and also accepted my punishment but this is limit. Okay , Now I won’t even come in front of you.” He bursted out his anger on her , making her shocked. Then he stormed out of the room. Now Zoya was feeling guilty for giving so hard punishment to her husband. She sat on the bed sadly , thinking that now what she should do.


“Mumma.. aap musu ke toys ku ni lakh le.. tinku , sweety. Mein unke bina foul days kese lepaungi. Please mumma lakho na” Muskan was constantly pleading her mother to keep her favourite toys in her bag. Zoya was denying her because she had already packed one big bag of her toys only.

“Musu.. I kept so many toys. Now there is no more space left. Where I should keep ?” Zoya asked raising her eyebrows from Muskan. Muskan cutely averted her face to another side , crossing her arms around her chest to show her anger to her mumma. That time only , Adi walked inside.

“Daddy.. Mumma mele tinku aur sweety ko ni lekar ja lahi. Please mumma ko manao na” She ran toward her father and complained about her mother to her father. Zoya was looking toward Adi but he was avoiding her. Zoya felt hurt.

“Beta tumhri mumma ko manana , mere bas ki bat nhi hai. ” he taunted Zoya and she made sad pout. He was looking at her through the corner of his eyes.

“Come.. today Daddy will pack your bags.” He said after picking Muskan in his arms. Muskan started dancing and clapping her hands happily. While Zoya just looking at Adi and waiting for him to look at her but he didn’t look at her even for once. She muttered something under her breath and walked out from the room.


Everyone gathered in the hall before leaving for the Airport. They were going to Singapore by their private jet. Everyone were staring at Adi and Zoya shockingly after seeing the numbers of bags , they had packed. A servant was bringing bags after bags from there room.

“Are we going to Singapore for a lifetime Bhaiya..” Cabir asked confusingly from Adi , still counting their bags. Adi glared him.

“Chachu five bags toh mele toys ke hai..” she said , showing her five fingers.

“Two bags mele dress ke.” She said , showing her two finger.

“Aur baki Mumma daddy ke.” She told them cutely and everybody laughed out loudly.

“Aww My Musu.. you are super cute.” Manik said , picking Muskan in his arms. Then he kissed her cheeks. Adi was still not looking at Zoya and She was feeling bad. Then they all left for the Airport


Everyone settled down in the plane. Manik and Nandini , they were sitting together. Mukti was sitting with Nandini’s father. Raj and Neyonika they were sitting together. Adi and Muskan , they were sitting at the last seat away from Zoya. She was sitting alone at the front seat. Till now everyone came to know that something was wrong with them. Cabir was not leaving any chance of teasing them. He sat with Zoya because her girlfriend , Sanaya was sitting with Nandini’s friend Navya. Sanaya was Zoya’s cousin sister. She was sweet and fun loving girl. Who could say that Cabir was in a serious relationship with her but he was.

Manik took a selfie with Nandini and uploaded it on the Instagram.

“Why do you post pictures on Instagram?” She asked when he was busy in staring their beautiful selfie. He looked toward her and she raised her eyebrows.

“You know , Even I am against of posting the pictures on Instagram  and sharing our personal life with the people who doesn’t even know. But as you know angel that I am a popular rockstar. Now it’s my duty to fulfil my fans’ wish. I don’t want that they should get upset because of me. In fact I don’t want that anybody should get upset because of me.” Nandini didn’t expect this answer from him of her small question. She was just looking at him unbelievably. The person whom she was going to marry , he was the nicest man. She always felt so lucky.

“But.. But If you don’t like it. I will not post.” He said and she immediately nodded her no. “Because now my first priority is you Angel. For me your happiness matters the most.” He said holding her hand. She passed him a warm smile and he smiled back. She could look into his eyes and see that how important she was for him.

“I really don’t have any problem of you posting pictures with me. In fact I am happy because I am becoming popular because of you.” She said and both laughed, looking at each other. Manik was really happy to see her laughing freely with him. Finally she was getting comfortable with him and trying to move on.

“daddy Mumma ko idhal bulao please.. daddy..” Other side Muskan was constantly asking her father to call her mother because she wanted to sit with both of them. Zoya herself came there. Adi looked toward her for a second and then he averted his face toward the window. Zoya made sad pout and sat beside Muskan. Muskan was grinning happily, looking at Zoya. Zoya smiled back and kissed her forehead.

After sometime

Manan were talking to each other. Cabir was sitting with his girlfriend. Navya and Mukti were talking to each other. Mukti was enjoying her company.  Muskan was sitting with her Dadi and Dada. Her Mumma and daddy were sitting together but they were not talking to each other.

“Adi.. I am feeling like to puke. I am not feeling well.” Zoya said , holding her head. Adi who was not looking at her, immediately looked toward her worriedly.

“Zoya What happened to you suddenly?” Adi shouted worriedly , holding her face. Now everybody were looking at them and started questioning.

“Just take me to Washroom.” She said in low voice , breathing heavily . Adi immediately got up and without caring about anybody , he picked her up in his arms and walked toward the washroom.

He put her down on the floor after reaching in washroom. Zoya winked at Adi , making him shocked. She walked toward the door and locked it. Adi was just staring her with open mouth. She turned and walked toward him , having smirk on her face.

“I am sorry for the hard punishment Mr. Husband.” She apologised, looking into his eyes. Then she captured his lips , holding his face. He was taken aback with her sudden wild kiss. Next moment , he also responded her with equal flavour. His hands clutched her waist and pulled her closer to himself. They were craving to kiss and touch each other from four days which were like four years for them. Finally they got their breath back.

“Wow.. my wild cat. This surprise was seriously mind blowing.” Adi said happily after breaking the kiss . Zoya was smiling, looking at him.

“But jaan.. you made me so scared with your acting. Never do that again..” he warned her and she nodded her head like a innocent kid. Adi kissed her forehead, holding her face.

“The rest will be continued in Singapore. I just can’t wait.” He said excitedly. Then they both walked outside , having a big smile on their face.


Nandini fell asleep, resting her head on Manik’s shoulder and her one hand was entwined with his hand. Manik wasn’t sleeping , he was admiring his beautiful angel who was sleeping peacefully. He tugged her hair behind her ear which were coming in her eyes and trying to disturb his angel’s beauty sleep. He kissed her forehead and a smile spread across her face when his lips came in contact with her skin. She could feel his magical touch in sleep also. He rested his head on the seat and he also fell asleep, watching her. Neyonika  smiled , looking at them. She went toward them and covered them with the blanket. She walked toward her seat after blessing them.

Everybody were sleeping except Adiya. They were lying in the one blanket and Adi was becoming naughty. He was nuzzling  against her neck.

“Adi someone will see us. Stop it..” Zoya was trying to push him away but Adi was adi.

“Who cares ? After all we are officially husband wife. Nobody can snatch the right to love my wife from me , not even you. I want to love her each and every seconds.” He whispered in her ear and then nuzzled in her hair. Zoya smiled cutely.

He looked into in her eyes and his one hand was rubbing her thigh inside the blanket. She got lost in his touch , looking into his eyes. Zoya closed her eyes and fell her head back when Adi hands cupped her inner thigh.

“Adi.. ” she moaned in low voice when his hand rubbed her most sensitive part and her hand clutched his jeans. Adi smirked on her reaction.

“Jaan.. be quiet or else you will wake up everyone.” He whispered, putting his forefinger on her lips. Zoya looked toward him , opening her eyes. She shut her eyes and pressed her lips to suppress her moans when his hand were rubbing her inner thigh vigorously .

Knots started forming in her stomach and that time only Adi withdrew his hand. She felt irritated and looked toward Adi with pleading eyes while he was smirking , looking at her.

“Jaan.. We are with family. Someone will see us. You should sleep now.” He said and kissed her forehead.

“Adi.. you are very bad”Zoya cried out in irritation. Adi took her in his arms.

“This is my way of punishing my wife.” He said winking at her. Zoya beat her hands on his chest angrily.


In the early morning , the plane landed in Singapore. After reaching to resort, everybody went to their respective rooms to take some rest. Manik’s room was adjacent to Nandini’s room. Cabir didn’t even leave this chance of teasing them. Nandini thought to go in Manik’s room to surprise him. She happily walked out of her room. The door of his room was Ajar and she was looking at him, standing outside of his room. He was talking on phone with someone. She was about to step inside , opening the door but froze on her place when she heard him saying “I don’t love Nandini. I love you. I am marrying Nandini for you.” She took few steps backward in a shock. She got numb and her heart stopped beating for a moment and her mind stopped working.


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    Just now everything is normal and now this😭😭😭
    But I trust you writerji❤️❤️ you will make everything normal heina??

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