Love Story ( Part : 72 A Car Ride with Musu)

“Adi , why did you stop the car?” Zoya asked from Adi when suddenly he stopped the car at the deserted road. He looked at her having smirk on his face.

“Muskan is not with us and I can’t leave this opportunity my love.” He spoke putting hand on her face.

“Adi , we will get late..” He shushed her putting finger on her lips.

“Don’t worry , we will say them that our car broke down.” Zoya shook her head disbelievingly listening his words and he was smiling at her.

“Adi , we can’t be get late , it’s Manik reception party.”

“Zoya , you are wasting our time in fighting. You know that I am not going to start the car.” Zoya glared at him angrily.

“You are so stubborn, Adi. Muskan is completely like you. You both never listen to anybody.” Zoya said angrily.

“Jaan , you know that how much I love you. I just want to spend some quality time with my wife inside the car. I want to refresh our old memories.” He said while stroking her face

“Do you remember that how in colleges days , we used to meet in car and then..” he whispered while moving close to her lips and few hair strands which were coming in her eyes , he gently tucked them behind her ear. She finally smiled remembering about those days.

Adi leaned down and attacked toward her neck. He started placing soft kisses there. Zoya moaned closing her eyes and started moving her fingers in his hair. Adi hand were moving at her back. He found the zip of her gown and started pulling it down. From his other hand , he slightly pulled down her grown from her shoulder. Kissing her neck , he reached to her shoulder.

“What you are Zoya? I never get satisfied from you.” He whispered looking into her eyes and his hands cupped her face.

“ I also never get satisfied from you , Adi” Zoya pulled him closer to herself holding his shirt’s collar and whispered near to his lips before capturing his lips. They started kissing each other like hungry animals. Kissing his lips , Zoya came on his lap. He pulled down the car’s seat pressing a button. Now Zoya was above adi. His thighs were between in her knees. Zoya was rubbing their downward part with each other by moving back and forth while kissing his lips. Her hands were encircled around his neck and her fingers were moving in his hair. His hands were moving all over her back.


“Chachu aapko ka hua. Aaj ab bhut sad se lag rhai ho , smile bhi ni kal lhai ho.( Chachu what happened to you ? Today you are looking very sad , you are not even smiling.)” Muskan asked sitting on Nandini’s lap. Manik smiled slightly looking at Musu and then concentrated on the road back.

“Musu actually, chachu is not getting something.” Manik glared at Nandini listening her words. She winked at him. She was in fun mood.

“Kya nhi mil rha hai chachu aapko. (What are you not getting Chachu ?)” Muskan instantly asked looking at Manik.

“I want something from your chachi , musu but she is not giving me.” Manik spoke making a sad pout looking at Muskan. He winked at Nandini before looking back on the road.

“Chachi , aap mele chachu ko kya ni de lhai ho ? Ale dedo na.. dekho voh smile bhi nhi kal lhai hai. (Chachi , what you are not giving to my chachu ? Look , he was not even smiling.)” Manik made sad face like a small kid and nodded his head looking at Muskan. Nandini was controlling her laugh seeing Manik’s acting and the cute expression which he was giving.

“Mere Chachu ki smile world’s best smile hai. Chachi ab aap unhai dedo jo bhi unhai chayie and unhai smile kalwado jaldi se. (My Chachu’s smile is world’s best smile. Chachi, now you give him whatever he wants and make him smile fast.)” Muskan asked Nandini to give Manik what he wanted , the poor Musu didn’t know that her Chachu wanted a lips kiss from her Chachi which he couldn’t get in front of her.

Manik was smiling and his eyes were at the road. He was excited to see that now what his wife would do.

Nandini held his hand and kissed his palm looking at Manik. He instantly looked at her.

“Your Chachu wanted a kiss from me.” She left his hand and said looking at Muskan. Muskan opened her mouth in 0 shape. Manik smirked as something naughty came into his mind.

“But I wanted the kiss here.” Manik spoke pointing his finger on his cheek. Nandini shook her in disbelief looking at him.

“Chachi , toh de do kiss Chachu ko cheeks par. (Chachi , so give the kiss to Chachu on his cheeks.)” Nandini moved forward and kissed his cheek making him smile.

“Chachu , agar fil kabhi chachi apko kiss na de toh musu ko bata dena. ( Chachu, if Chachi will not give you the kiss again then tell Musu.)” Both laughed on her words loudly and Nandini kissed her cheeks. She was really damn and her talks were more cute.


Manik stopped the car in front of the venue. A valet opened the door of car for Nandini and she stepped out from the car with Muskan. Manik also came out and gave the car’s key to Valet. The news reporters and camera men ran toward them.

Manik wrap a hand around Nandini’s waist to pose for the photo. Both smiled looking at each other and camera men clicked their photos.

Muskan was standing beside Nandini and she was also posing for the photo, putting hand on her waist. She was looking super cute.

“It’s your reception and we won’t take your lot of time. All your fans want to hear something about your beautiful wife from you. So would you like to say ?” A reporter asked coming toward Manan. As Manik nodded his head , reporter forwarded the mike in front of Manik to speak.

Before saying something, he looked at Nandini having smile on his face and love in his eyes. She was already looking at him lovingly.

“She is my angel and the girl who rules my heart.” He spoke looking at the camera. He brought her hand near to his lips and kissed her knuckles looking at her. She was smiling at him.

“The man who rules hearts of millions girls. Nandini is the girl , who rules his heart. I hope now all the fan must have known that who is his wife for him. I am Soniya with Camera man Sajit , be with us and keep watching news24. We will come after a short break.”The reporter spoke when Manan went inside the hall hand in hand.

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Love Mehak


  1. So so cute musu is. Manik ne kiss pane ka Rasta dhundh hi liya hahaha but Adiya to road ke bich me hi chalu ho Gaye Inka kuchh nahi ho sakta


  2. Awesomee mindblowing update…
    Uff yeh malhotra brothers are same when it comes to romance unke mind mai humesha kuch na kuch naughty chal raha hota hai dats y adi stopped the car so that he can do romance in the car as muskan was nt there with them at that moment zoya was resisting bt uske baat koi sune tou and that how they started there kissing and hot make out session inside the car….
    Aur dusri taraf manik was just sulking as he didnt get a kiss from nandu and aab tou muskan ne bhi point out kar deya ke her chachu is nt smiling and is looking sad so to bring smile on his face she asked manik wht is the problem and after knowing dat she forced nandu to kiss manik and make him smile and she even advised manik to tell her if in future if nandu refuses to give manik kiss which made manan laugh hehe…..
    Hayeeee manik is soo cute and he loves nandu soo much the answer he gave the reporters was soo romantic nandu ketna special feel kar rahi hogi uss time pai….

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Seriously for the first I smiling sorry laughing like hell seriously musu ki baat par like how cute she is the way is she saying that chachu aaj aap smile bhi nahi kar rahe ho I am laughing like hell seriously I mean I must say manik was so clever I mean the way he turned the table hayyyyyyy that was so cute


  4. ❤❤❤❤❤🔥🔥🔥😂😂😂😂💛💛💗💟💖💘💓😍👌🙈waiting for the next part eagerly please post it asap and musu rocks again


  5. Awesome…and Muskan is so cute apne chachu ke face par smile lane ke liye kuch bhi kar sakti hai…and Manik’s cute way of asking Muskan a kiss from Nandini loved it.

    Liked by 1 person

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