Love Story (Part : 32 A Twist In Engagement)

“Daddy , yeh uncle kon hai. Aul ko ni hogi yeh edegement ?Musu toh kabse wait kal lhi hai.(who is this uncle? And why this engagement will not happen ? Musu has been waiting for this so long.) ” When everybody looked toward the person shockingly , the innocent kid ‘Musu’ cutely asked from her father. Adi put his finger on his lips and in gesture he asked her to stay quiet. Muskan made a sad pout. She felt like to beat that person who had stopped the engagement. She was so excited.

After looking toward the person , Manan looked toward each other. The man who had stopped their engagement, started approaching toward them. Everybody were looking at him , having questions in their eyes. Manan were silently looking into each other eyes like their eyes were talking.

“What happened Shekar?” Raj asked from Shekar. Shekar was Ram’s friend who had stopped the engagement. Listening Raj’s word , Manan came on the earth back. Manik blinked his eyes , looking at her like in gesture he was saying to her that he would handle this and she doesn’t need to take tension.

“Didn’t this girl tell you about my son ?” Shekar asked from Manik’s family , pointing his hand toward Nandini.

“My son loved her but she used him and threw him. Now she is marrying to your son. She is a characterless women.” Shekar said and Manik clutched his hands tightly to control his anger because he didn’t want to create any scene in the party. His eyes were spitting fire. He was burning in anger because that person called his angel characterless. He called a pure soul characterless. Nandini was also looking at the person angrily.

“Enough…” Pointing his index finger toward him , Manik shouted angrily before that person could speak one word more against his angel. Now everybody looked toward Manik.

“Mr. Thakur , Nandini has already told me about you and your son’s filthy acts. I didn’t expose you here in this party before because I didn’t want to ruin my engagement party.” Manik said making Shekar shocked because he didn’t expect that Manik would be knowing about this. Everybody were also shocked. They weren’t understanding that what was going on.


(Few Minutes Ago when Manan were on terrace.)

“Manik..” Nandini called Manik from behind when they were walking toward the door of terrace. Nandini was few steps away from him. Manik stopped and turned around , listening her voice.

“I need to tell you something before this engagement. I don’t want to keep any secrets in between us.” She spoke and Manik walked toward her , looking at her confusingly. After listening her words , he was happy. Then she told him about the person ‘Aman’ who was behind her from one year. He was obsessed with her.

“Nandini tell me the name of that person. I will not leave him.” Manik said , getting angry. How could anybody hurt his angel. He felt like to kill that person right at that moment.

“Aman Thakur.” Nandini said and Manik was shocked. Because Aman Thakur was his father’s friend son. He didn’t tell Nandini about this.

“Nandini, now you don’t need to be worried about him more. Now he is my problem. I will handle him.” Manik said , putting hand on her face. She nodded her head.

“Thank you for sharing your problem with me. I am happy.” He said , cubbing her face with his both hands. They both looked into each other eyes. Then he gently kissed her forehead and she closed her eyes in response. She felt so good when his lips touched her skin. She felt like her all pain got vanished with his touch.

Flashback Over

“Your son is mentally ill and he’s obsessed with Nandini. Instead of sending your son to rehab , you are creating the scene here. Nandini was quiet till now because she was alone but now she has me.” Manik said , holding Nandini’s hand. Nandini was looking at Manik unbelievably. Few tears rolled down from her eyes , making her cheeks wet because before this nobody had ever fought for her like this. Her heart felt happy. Manik’s words touched her soul and heart.

“If your son will be seen near Nandini after this. Then you will never able to see your son again in your life. Mark my word. If you have any shame left in you then leave.” Manik warned him and asked him to leave , pointing his hand toward the door. Before this Manik had never talked to anyone like this. But he did this for his love. He could even stop the whole world for her and What he did , it was nothing.

“Raj , your son is insulting me and you are standing quiet. What happened to you ? Don’t you trust your friend?”After his insult Shekar still asked , having no shame in eyes. Manik glared him angrily. Nandini was standing, bowing her head down. She felt guilty because she was thinking that this all was happening because of her.

“I have full trust on my son. If Manik is blaming you then there must be some big reason. He can’t insult anybody without any fault.” Raj didn’t know about anything and Shekar was his childhood friend but still he trusted his son. Because he knew about his son very well. Manik smiled lightly, listening his father’s word.

Even Raj knew about Nandini too. After all Nandini was his choice and he had full trust on his choice.

“And one more thing Shekar. You have already broken our friendship yourself today by insulting my daughter in this party. You could have talked to me in alone. Insulting Nandini in front of everyone is wrong.” Raj said angrily. Nandini looked toward Raj shockingly after hearing those words. She wasn’t expecting this. Raj hadn’t known anything but still he trusted her. Even he also called her as his daughter.

Shekar left last time looking at Nandini angrily.

“Let’s just complete this engagement after the party we will talk about this.” Raj said and everybody nodded their heads, agreeing to him. Manik looked toward Nandini. She was looking down because she was feeling embarrassed to look into anybody’s eyes. Manik walked toward her.

“Nandini.” He called her in low voice. Moving her eyelashes upward, she looked toward him. Manik could see pain in her eyes. As their eyes met , she burst into tears. She was whimpering , putting her head on his chest and her hand was tightly holding his coat. Manik was numb at that moment. Her cries were like somebody was stabbing a sharp knife into his heart constantly.

“Take her inside for sometime Manik.” Raj said, putting hand on Manik’s shoulder. Manik came back to his senses after listening his father’s words. He looked around and found everybody were looking at them. He composed himself by taking a deep breath. Then he took Nandini inside the one empty room.


“Nandini everything is fine. Stop crying please.” He literally begged from her to stop crying. Nandini sobbed, looking at him.

“Please..” he requested, holding her face and his thumb wiped her tears.

“I am crying because I am happy.” She finally spoke , looking at him. Manik was surprised to hear this as he hadn’t expected these words from her. He thought, she was crying because she was hurt.

“Today for the first time someone has fought for me and my heart is happy.” Nandini said , having a small smile on her face. Manik sighed hearing her words. Her smile made his heart happy.

“Why you didn’t tell me earlier. You know , you made me so much scared. My heart was crying , seeing you crying.” He told her about his condition. Nandini smiled, wiping her tears.

“Now a days , happiness makes me cry more than the pain. I got habitual of pain but happiness , uski toh ab adat hi nhi rhi hai.” She said in sad tone and again he felt hurt , listening this.

“Don’t worry. Slowly slowly, you will get habitual of happiness and forgot about the pain.” He said , putting his hand on her face. She gave him small smile in response. Then they got lost looking into each other eyes.

“Even I am happy today.” Manik said breaking the silence. She looked toward him confusingly.

“Because today you shared about the person who was the only reason of your pain.” Manik said , having smile of relief on his face. But Nandini eyes were saying something else.

“Manik.. you are thinking wrong. Aman is not the reason of my pain. From starting , he was just a garbage. The person who had broken my heart , he was.. my everything. Aman is mentally ill. The pain which Aman gave me is nothing in front of the pain of his betrayal.” Nandini said making Manik shocked. Because he was thinking that Aman was the only person who betrayed her.


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