Love Story (Part : 31 (B) The engagement)

Nandini’s body was burning with desires when Manik was coming close to her face. She could feel his hot breath and hear his heartbeats. She was looking into his black eyes. She closed her eyes in response when his lips were just only few inches away from her lips. A shiver ran down her spine when his hot breath touched her lips. She felt like each and every dead cells of her body became alive. Her lips craved to feel touch of his lips and her mouth craved to taste his lips. That moment, she wanted him to kiss her like there is no tomorrow.

But Manik passed by her lips , blowing the air there and kissed her cheek. Her body shivered when his lips came in contact with her skin. She grasped his shirt in response and took a deep breath like she got her breath back after ages with his touch. She was expecting that he would kiss her lips but with this cheeks kiss only , he took her in heaven. He used to make her dead soul alive with his touch. She used to feel completely alive whenever he used to come close to her.

She wanted to give herself completely to him but her mind was only the obstacle which used to stop her. She wanted to feel alive completely. She wanted him to heal her with his love.

“Do you like my reward Miss Nandini ?” He asked , coming close to her ear. Their cheeks were touching each other. Nandini was not in a condition to speak anything because his touch was still making her crazy. Her eyes were still closed. Manik moving his face back and smiled, looking at her. Nandini slowly opened her eyes and found him smiling, looking at her. He looked toward her hands which was clutching his shirt. She removed her hands immediately, looking here and there. Manik was just grinning, looking at her.

“Nandini , I am asking something. Don’t you like the reward ?” He asked  and tried to hide his smile. Nandini looked toward him and he raised his eyebrows. She was unable to get a word out. She became voiceless. She was not understanding that how to tell him that what she felt. She was silently, looking down.

“I know , you like it.” He said and she looked at him , widening her eyes cutely. She was shocked that how he came to know.

“I don’t like it.” She lied instantly , taking few steps backward. She didn’t want that he would tease her after that. Manik was little shocked because he wasn’t expecting her lie.

“You are lying Nandini , I know.” He said confidently,  taking few steps forward.

“How can you be so sure ? I am telling you , I didn’t like it.” She said and turned around  because she couldn’t lie more , looking into his eyes. But she was adamant to not accept the truth in front of him that she liked the reward.

Her heart started beating rapidly when he held her arms , standing behind her. Next moment her heart stopped beating  when he pulled her toward himself. Her back and his front collided with each other and increased their inner desire. Manik held her hair carefully and put them on one side. His one hand held her bare shoulder and his other hand touched her bare back. Nandini took a deep breath, clutching her gown. He was caressing her bare back which was making her crazy. He leaned down to kiss her back. She shivered and her body burned when his hot breath touched her skin. Her body automatically moved little backward in response of his hot breath. She wanted him to kiss her whole back.

Manik took few steps backward when he realised that what he was just about to do. Nandini opened her eyes , coming on the earth back. He didn’t want to proceed further at any cost. First he wanted to win her trust then he wanted to proceed further. He knew that she was liking it. But he also knew that she wasn’t ready for this. He was a true gentleman. She never stopped him but he still understood her. Nandini was very lucky to have the person like Manik in her life and one day she would realise that he was such a true gem.

“I think , we should go downstairs. Everybody would be finding us.” He said and she nodded her head  , looking at him after turning toward him.


Manan were coming downstairs. Photographers started taking their pictures. Manik entwined his hand with her hand. She looked toward him and he also looked toward her. He blinked his eyes and smiled. She also smiled lightly in response , looking at him. They reached downstairs , holding each other hand.

“Bhaiya and Meri hone wali bhabhi , do you know , what is today ?” Cabir asked suddenly, coming in front of them when they both were busy looking at each other. They gave him confused looks. Then they looked at each other confusingly.

“Today is engagement of both of you but here nobody knows where you both were from half an hour. Romance can happen after party also.” He said and laughed. Manik glared him while Nandini looked down embarrassingly.

“Cabir , do you have any other work except teasing my big brother and our bhabhi? Every time only teasing.” Mukti said , coming toward them.

“Bhabhi , you don’t need to feel shy. He says nonsense always.” Mukti said , wrapping her hand around her shoulder. Nandini smiled looking at her. Cabir glared Mukti angrily.

“Haan Jese tu toh bhut kam ki bate karti hai. Sara din Manik bhai , Manik bhai karti rehti hai like a small baby. Manik bhai ki chamchi.” Cabir said angrily . Mukti made angry pout.

“Just shut up , Cabir. Don’t fight with me in the party.” Mukti shouted angrily , pointing her index finger toward him. Mukti was about to say something more but Manik came in between them to stop their fight.

“Mukti.. relax. What happened to you ?” Manik left Nandini hand and went toward Mukti. He said and took Mukti in a side hug.

“And you Cabir , she is saying right. You really have no other work except teasing me.” Manik said to Cabir. Mukti showed her tongue to him happily.

“But now If you won’t tease me , I would feel incomplete. Because I have became habitual of your teasing.” Manik said taking him also in a side hug from another side. They all smiled happily.

All the while Nandini was silently looking at them , having smile on her face. She was admiring the bond of siblings. She was liking their bond. She could clearly see that how much they loved each other. Seeing their love , it brought few tears in her eyes. She felt happy because soon Manik’s siblings would be called as her siblings too. She was happy about this.

“After marriage, my first priority will be Manik’s family. I will try to keep everyone happy. For the first time , god is doing something good to me by making this family mine. After marriage, I can also say that I have also family. I will never let them go away from me.” Nandini wiped her tears , having a small smile on her face. She said to herself, seeing Manik , Cabir and Mukti who were busy laughing then she looked toward Ram and Neyonika who were talking to guest. At last she looked toward Aditya , Zoya and their cute daughter Muskan , they were dancing and Muskan was in Aditya’s arm. She thanked god for blessing her with the loving family. She also promised herself that she would always keep them happy and would never let them go away from her. Nobody knew the value of family better than her. She dreamed of having a family from childhood.


Manik was making Nandini meet the few special guests. While on the other side , Aditya get a chance and he dragged Zoya in the corner where nobody could see them.

“Adi.. are you crazy ? Why you took me here ? Why..” Zoya shouted on him. Adi shushed her , putting finger on her lips. Both looked deeply into each other eyes.

“What I should do ? It is the fault of god who has created the beauty. Seeing you , I can’t able to control myself. Whenever my eyes falls on you ,  I feel like to kiss you and love you  a lot.” He said , tugging her hair behind her ear. Zoya blushed , looking down and then she looked toward him.

“So tell me , Is it Really my fault ?” He asked , coming close to her lips. He took away her breath  from her by doing this. She just stared him. Their lips touched and created the magic.

“Mumma..Daddy.. ,  Musu caught you both.” They heard Muskan’s voice and pulled apart immediately. Muskan was their big romance breaker. Adi and Zoya became habitual of this. She was walking toward them and giggling cutely , putting hand on her mouth.

“Muskan.. , Mumma and Daddy were just coming to you. You came here yourself, this is more good.” Adi said , picking Muskan in his arms. She was still laughing. Then she suddenly pecked her father’s lips , putting her tiny hands on his face.

“Daddy aap Mele lips ko kissy karlo kuki meine lipstick ni ladae letin Mumma ko ni kalo valna mumma ki lipstick khalab hodaegi . (Daddy you kiss my lips because I didn’t put the lipstick but don’t kiss Mumma or else her lipstick will get spoiled.)” Like Always she instructed her father like she was his grandmother. Adi and Zoya smiled looking at her and then kissed her cheeks together.

“Mumma Daddy , Musu aap dono kiti bal smajhae mule yaha kissy mat kalo kuki mela make up khalab hojaega. Aap dono.. vely bad. (Mumma daddy , How many times Muskan would make you both understand that don’t kiss me here Because my make up will be get spoiled. You both are very bad.)” Muskan yelled on them , getting angry. She cutely wrapped her hands around her chest , making angry pout.

“Mumma and Daddy are sorry. Won’t you forgive us?” Zoya apologised, holding her both ears. Adi also said sorry , holding his one ear because from other hand , he was standing , holding Muskan. She was looking at both of their faces , thinking that she should forgive them or not.

“Musu ne aap dono ko folgive kal diya kuki Musu toh bale dil wali hai. Mujhe yaad mumma jab apne mujhe ek din kha tha ki bala dil wala vohe hota hai jo duslo ki galti ko maaf kalke unhai ek muka deta. (Musu forgave you both because Musu has big heart. I remember one day mumma you told me that the person who forgives people and give them another chance, he has a big heart.)” she said cutely while Adi and Zoya were proudly looking at her daughter. She was smiling , looking at them. They again felt like to kiss her but this time they didn’t.


Manan were on stage , their eyes were on each other and everybody’s eyes were on them. They were just about to exchange the rings with each other. Manik was smiling, looking toward Nandini. His eyes were shining because he was very happy. Nandini was something looking at him and something looking down. Her heart was jumping with happiness inside because finally she was going to be get engaged. After the engagement Manik would be called as her fiancé. Manik was smiling. He couldn’t even imagine his life without her. She became the reason of his happiness now. To the world , she would be one person but for him , she was his world. With this engagement , they would not only exchange rings,  they would exchange promise. Promise to be together always.

“Chachu.. Chachi , Aap Musu toh aul kita wait kalwaoge. Ab ling phena bhi do. Musu ko itzal kana acha ni lagta. (How much more you both will make me wait. Now exchange the rings. Musu doesn’t like to wait.)”She was in her father’s arms and said cutely. Everybody laughed loudly on her words.

Mukti gave the ring to Nandini. She forwarded her hand , looking at him. He put his hand on her hand , looking at him. He was grinning. Nandini looked toward his father. He smiled , blinking his eyes. She smiled back in response, looking at him. She took a deep breath and forwarded her other hand , from which she was holding the ring. After this engagement, there would be no turning back. It was very big step for a girl like Nandini. She was looking at everyone and Manik was only looking toward his angel.

“Stop.. this engagement can’t be happened.” Nandini was just about to slide the ring in Manik’s finger. But she got shocked. Her hand trembled with the shock and the ring slipped down from her hand. Everybody looked toward the owner of that  voice.

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