Love Story (Part : 30 Poor Musu)

Manik woke up in the morning. His back was paining because of sleeping in sitting position. He immediately stood up , forgetting about his pain when he saw that Nandini was missing from the bed.

“May be she would be thinking  wrong about the last night ? I need to talk to her right now.” Manik said to himself and started finding his phone.

He stopped finding his phone when he heard the sound of opening of washroom door. He turned around and found Nandini walking out of the washroom in the clothes which she was wearing last night. He got mesmerised looking at her face. Her face was shining more in the morning. The sunlight was making her look more beautiful. Every morning after waking up , he wanted to see this angelic face.

“Good Morning.” She said  ,walking toward him. Listening her sweet voice like sugar, he came on the earth back.

“I am really sorry about the last night. I shouldn’t have came here in that condition. I am such a big idiot.” She apologised for last night. Manik was surprised because he didn’t expect this reaction from her.

“Don’t be sorry.  In fact I am happy about the last night. Last night Whatever happened , it was good. We both were in the swimming pool and..” He said walking  toward her taking slow step. She stepped backward looking at him innocently. Manik wanted to know indirectly that she remembered about the last or not.

“What do mean ? I know , nothing happened between us last night.” Nandini said in loud voice immediately. Manik opened his mouth in 0 shape.

“Who said something happened between us Nandini ?” He asked, moving his eyebrows upward. He walked toward her and she walked backward. Nandini opened her mouth to speak something. But next moment only she closed her mouth because she was having no answer of his question. Manik was trying hard to not smile. He was enjoying a lot this teasing session.

“Okay leave this. If you remember that nothing happened between us. So you would also remember that what you told me last night.” He said and she looked at him , opening her eyes wide. Seeing her reaction, Manik guessed that she remembered everything about the last night.

“What are you saying ? I don’t know. May be I forgot.” She immediately answered and he knew that she was lying. He also understood her reason of  not accepting that she remembered about the last night. Because she didn’t want to admit that she confessed her love last night.

“Really you don’t remember ?” He asked , walking more closer to her. She nodded her head and took one more step backward and her back bumped with the wall. He smirked , putting his hands on the both side of her face. He caged her in between the wall and himself. Both stared into each other eyes.

“I know that you are lying. You just don’t want to admit it. Because again you are listening to your mind. Last night you were listening to your heart.” He said directly looking into her eyes which was showing that he was confident about whatever he said.

“I don’t know what are you saying , Manik. I am not understanding anything .” She tried to act innocent and he chuckled. She stared him confusingly.

“You should be an Actress. You are a great actress but your acting will not work in front of me. Because looking into your eyes , I can tell that when you are lying and when you are not lying.” He said , pointing his index finger toward her eyes. He made her speechless with his words. She got blank , seeing his confidence.

“Before engagement, I will make you say again what you said last night. That’s my promise to you ,Nandini.” He promised her and they both looked into each other eyes. Her heart was beating fast like it would get explode. He removed his hands and took few steps away from her. He was not looking at her and she was looking him. She wanted him to look at her.

“You should go now.” He said after turning around . She looked at him and moved her hand to put on his shoulder. But she stopped her hand in the middle and left from there immediately.

“Oh god. She is a hard nut to crack. But I have my own ways.” He said to himself and smirked.


“Nandini , I am your father. You can share what’s bothering you. I know you drink when something bothers you.” Ram said  when Nandini came back home.

“Dad , today is my engagement and after few weeks , I will be get married. I am just worried for you. You will get alone. I don’t want to go anywhere leaving you alone.” She spoke , hugging him. He hugged her back. What she said , it was not a lie. This thing was also bothering her. But reason of getting drunk was Manik’s ignorance and her feelings. Nandini didn’t want to share this with her father.

“Oh my bacha , I know you love your father a lot. And you don’t need to be worried about me. If my daughter will live happily there then her father will also live happily here.” Ram said cubbing her face after breaking the hug. Nandini was looking at him sadly.

“I love you..” he kissed her forehead and said.


“I am seriously crazy. Why yesterday I went there ? Manik is not understanding that by saying I love you , I don’t want to give him wrong hints. I don’t know why and how I fell in love again. I thought that I would never able to love someone. Now I have started loving him. But I can’t accept in front of him. If I will accept it in front of him then he will start expecting the things from me which I can’t do. He needs to understand that I will never able to love him truly because true love means trust. I can’t trust anybody after that incident. I don’t want to hurt him by increasing expectations. I don’t know why he is loving me so much. He is making the things more difficult for me.” She was lost in her thoughts when she was combing her hair, sitting in front of dressing table.


“Mumma aapko pata hai.. kal lat ko chachi bhi thi chachu ke loom mein. (Mumma do you know ? Yesterday night Chachi was also there in Chachu’s room.)” Muskan told Zoya when she was giving bath to Muskan. Zoya looked at her surprisingly.

“Humne iti sali masti ki. Hum dono bed pal kude. Humne khub khela. Chachi bilkul meli talha hai. (We enjoyed a lot. We both jumped on the bed. We played a lot. Chachi is completely like me.)” Muskan was happily telling her mother about last night. Zoya was confused.

“Musu , you would have seen a dream. Chachi didn’t come last night.” Zoya said thinking that she might have seen a dream. Poor Musu , her mumma was not believing her.

“No Mumma. voh dleam ni tha. Sach tha.. aap chachu se puch lena. ( No Mumma ,It was not dream. You can ask from chachu.)” Muskan tried to make her believe on her words. Zoya agreed to ask from Manik for  Muskan’s satisfaction. But she was having no idea whatever Muskan was saying , It was really true.


Zoya came to ask Manik because Muskan was insisting her a lot. She walked inside Manik’s room and Muskan was in her arms. Manik was setting his hair when they came.

“Muskan would have surely told babhi everything. Now What I will say ?” He thought , looking at them through mirror.

“Chachu , Batado Mumma ko ki kal chachi bhi thi aul humne bhut khela ki. (Chachu , tell Mumma that yesterday there was also Chachi and we played a lot.)” Manik turned around. Muskan asked him to tell everything to Zoya. Manik was looking at Zoya blankly.

“Manik she is crazy. Even I told her that she would have seen dream. But she is not ready to accept.” Zoya said thinking that Manik was surprised that’s why he was quiet.

“Yes Muskan , you would have seen a dream. Last night we both played. Where Chachi come from ?” Manik immediately said and Muskan made a confused pout. Now Poor Muskan also became doubtful. She also started thinking that she would have seen a dream. Manik was feeling so guilty by lying again and again.

“Now you get a proof Miss Muskan that you saw a dream. Are you Happy now ?” Zoya asked from Muskan and she gave her confused her looks.

“Mumma voh dleam ek dam leal (real) sa tha. Musu toh ab bhi ni lagla ki voh ek dleam tha. (Mumma that dream was so realistic. Musu is still not able to believe that it was a dream.)” Muskan said still thinking about the last night. She was really doubtful. Manik was feeling sorry for taking advantage of small kid to handle the situation.


Malhotra’s family reached temple. They were waiting for Ram and Nandini. Manik was desperately waiting to see her angel and to tease her more. He worn light blue colour Kurta. Muskan worn pink colour suit. She was looking so pretty in traditional dress. Everyone were well dressed up in blue and pink.

As Nandini stepped inside the temple. Manik heart started beating fast. Like always he sensed her presence. He could even feel her fragrance in the Air. After sometime he heard the sound of her Angels. He turned around and saw her , walking toward them in beautiful pink suit. After seeing her , he just kept looking at her. She also looked toward him and looked down immediately because the way he was staring her , she felt shy.

Everyone greeted  each other. Nandini was feeling embarrassed to meet her eyes with Cabir. She remembered that last night he saw her in drunk state.

“Bhabhi ji hangover utar gya kya ?” He asked from Nandini. Nandini looked down embarrassingly while Manik stared him. Everybody looked at him confusingly.

“Are bhaiya ke pyaar ka hangover.” He laughed after saying this and everybody also laughed. Nandini was still looking down shyly. Manik shook his head in a disbelief.

Then everybody stood facing toward Lord Ganesha statue. Manan were standing together. Priest  put the tika on everybody forehead. Priest blessed Manan , putting his hand on their head. Manan looked at each and passed each other small smile. Everybody stood joining their hands and closing their eyes in front of lord Ganesha. Manik opening his eyes looked toward Nandini. When he closed his , she looked at him after opening her eyes.

After that priest gave prasad to everyone.

After sometime Manan were distributing clothes and food to the poor people and the beggars who were sitting outside of the temple. Few children took selfies with Manik.

“Somebody is looking so pretty today. I just can’t wait to see you in engagement dress.” He complimented her and she looked at him. Her eyelashes moved downward and she blushed.

“Oh someone is blushing.” He said after noticing her blush. She closed her eyes shyly. He smiled broadly seeing her reaction.

“Well You know one thing. Yesterday’s drunk Nandini was best.” He said. She looked at him widening her eyes and then looked around to assure nobody heard them. She sighed after seeing that everybody were busy in talking to each other.

“She was cutest , funniest. I love her carefree attitude the most.” He said , holding her hand. She looked at him like she was thinking something.

“Please don’t expect anything from me. Because expectations hurt. I will remain like this only. If I want then also I can’t live a carefree life. My mind will not make me live a carefree life. If you love that carefree Nandini then find someone else and marry her.” She said making Manik angry with her words.

“Listen to me very carefully Miss Nandini Kapoor. Shadhi karunga toh sirf tumse karunga varna kabhi shadhi hi nhi karunga. (I will marry only with you or else I will never marry.) ” he said angrily , holding her arms. It’s hurt him a lot when every time she asked him back off from this marriage.

“Listen I know it’s difficult to come out from the past. But at least you can try na.. ” he said after composing himself , taking a deep breath.

“Now you would say that I tried many times. But things are different now. Now I am with you.   You can share with me anything. You can take years , I have no problem. At least try.” He requested, taking her hands in his hands and squeezed them slightly to assure her that he is with her. She was looking at him unbelievably. Before him  , nobody had ever assured him like this. She got lost in his words. She was thinking that how could anybody love her so much. Their conversation ended here only because Neyonika called them.

Love Mehak


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