Love Story (Part : 29 My Cute Angel)

When Nandini was changing her cloth in washroom , her phone rang up which was kept on table. Manik picked it up. It was her father’s call.

“Hello Uncle.” He greeted him , putting the phone on his ear.

“Now I know , Nandini is with you. So now I am tension free.” Ram said confidently  having full trust on Manik. Manik smiled knowing that at least her father used to trust him.

“Where is she ? Can I talk to her ?” He asked Manik to give the phone to Nandini. Manik thought for a moment and then answered.

“Uncle, she slept.” He lied because he didn’t want that Ram should come to know that Nandini was drunk. Manik never used to lie but he lied for her. He even felt guilty after lying.

“I know that you are lying.” Manik was moving his index finger on his forehead and he got paused suddenly listening Ram’s words.

“I know that Nandini is drunk.” Ram said making Manik confused. He was thinking that how did he know.

“Because She drank from my bottle.” Ram said and Manik opened his mouth making O shape.

“This is not happened for the first. She drinks sometimes when she gets very upset and sad. I just want to say , take care of her.” Ram asked Manik to take care of her. Then they ended the conversation with in a minute. Manik knew that she drank today because he was ignoring him.

“One day , you will not need alcohol to lessen your pain because I will be there with you to lessen your pain.” Manik said to himself after cutting the phone. He was having full confidence on his love. He was sure that one day, she would trust him and she wouldn’t need  alcohol to share her pain with him.


“Mumma.. Daddy.” Muskan opened her eyes. She called her parents to see if they slept or not. She was not feeling sleepy , she wanted to play. She carefully removed her mother hand which was kept on her waist and immediately got up. Then she kept her mother’s hand on her father’s waist. She giggled covering her mouth with her hand. She got down from the bed and started walking toward the door of room without making any sound.

“Musu..” she closed her eyes disappointedly and slapped her forehead cutely when her father called her from behind.

“Please daddy..” she mouthed looking at her father with pleading eyes. Pointing her tiny finger toward her mumma , nodded her head negatively asking him to not tell her mumma. Adi blinked his eyes and in gesture he asked her to go and also said that he would handle her mumma. Muskan smiled happily showing her all teeth to her daddy. She left after giving flying kiss to her daddy. Adi took Zoya in his arms.


Nandini came out of the washroom after changing her cloth. The clothes were loose to her. She was making cute faces , looking at the long sleeves of shirt when she was walking out from the bathroom. Manik eyes fell on her and automatically a smile spread across his face. He started admiring his cute angel. She looked toward him and made a cute pout.

“I am looking jhali palli (weird) in your clothes.” She said cutely looking at him after reaching to him. Manik chuckled on her word ‘Jhali palli’.

“You are looking super cute , Angel.” He said pulling her cheeks and she made cute faces. Suddenly she smiled broadly making him confused.

“You know when you call me angel. Mujhe bhut acha lagta. (I like it a lot.) I feel  happy and special.” She said and closed her eyes , hugging herself. Manik was just admiring her cuteness. Drunk Nandini was sharing everything to him and he was happy about this.

“You have to hide Nandini.” The door knocked and Manik asked her to hide. She  denied by nodding her head. He looked at her pleadingly. She melted after looking into his innocent eyes which were pleading her to hide. She pouted and went to hide behind the curtains. Manik took a deep breath and then went to open the door.

“Chachu musu aagya , aapke sath kheli kheli kalne. (Musu has came to play with you.)” Muskan said and ran inside as Manik opened the door. For the first time Manik didn’t want to play with her. He knew that if Muskan would come to know about Nandini. She would spread this news in whole house like she had spread the news about the kiss.

“Musu , Chachu is not well. He will not able to play with you today.” Manik said coming in front of her immediately because she was going in the direction where Nandini was hidden. Muskan made a sad pout looking at him. Manik felt guilty to lie again.

“Thike toh fil mein chala jata hoon. (Okay then I am going.)” she said sadly. Manik felt more guilty after seeing her sad but he was forced. Muskan turned around and started going toward the door.

“I will play with you , Musu.” Nandini said coming out from behind the curtains because she couldn’t able to see Muskan’s sadness. Manik closed his disappointedly. Muskan happily turned around.

“Chachi aap yaha. Musu ko toh kisne bataya bi ni aap yaha ho. Ku nhi batya ?( chachi you are here. Nobody told me that you are here. Why you didn’t tell me ?” She asked walking toward Manik. He was rubbing his forehead not understanding what he should do now. He was thinking that when Muskan would tell everyone about Nandini then he would have to face lots of questions.

“Now we will play.” Muskan said clapping her hands walking toward Nandini.


On the other side Zoya woke up after few minutes only. She got worried when she found Muskan missing. She tried to come out from Aditya’s arms but he was not leaving her.

“Adi.. Muskan is not here ?” She freaked out and tried to come out of his arms.

“Jaan.. don’t worry. She is in Manik’s room. She will come herself. After such a long time , I am sleeping in your arms. Let me sleep and you also sleep.” Adi said in sleepy tone , hugging her more tightly. Zoya was not at all surprised to hear this.

“Whom I should blame naughty father or naughty daughter ? She is the carbon copy of you.” Zoya taunted him and Adi smiled taking it as a compliment. Then they slept curdling each other.


Manik was sitting on the sofa and enjoying the movie of two kids. Muskan and Nandini were running in whole room. They were jumping on the bed , sofa , table and running everywhere in the room. He was forced to sit silently. His heart was happy to see Nandini happy and enjoying with Muskan. He wanted her to be carefree like this always. He wanted to take away her all pain and wanted to give her all the happiness of world. He never thought that one day , a girl’s happiness would become first priority of his life.

“Musu toh bhut thak gya..( Musu get tired)” Muskan said sitting beside Manik. She was breathing heavily and sweating also. Manik wiped the beads of sweat from her forehead.

“Me too..” Nandini said sitting on the other side of Manik. Same condition was her. Now Manik wiped her sweat. Nandini smiled looking at him and pulled his cheeks. Manik smiled in response.

“Ab musu toh nini ae hai. Mumma pass chol aao mule. (Now Muskan is feeling sleepy. Take me to Mumma.)” She said rubbing her eyes cutely with her tiny hands. Manik smiled and pecked her cheek. Then he stood up and picked up Muskan  in his arms. She hid her face in his chest. Nandini was lost in her thoughts.

“I also want kiss.” She said suddenly getting up. Like Manik kissed Muskan’s cheek ,  Nandini also wanted him to kiss her too. Manik looked at her widening his eyes shockingly.

“Later Nandini. Muskan is feeling sleepy.” Manik thought for a second and replied. He gave an excuse. She nodded her innocently.

“Stay here only. I am coming with in a minute .” He said and left the room with Muskan.


Manik came back with in few minutes but Nandini was nowhere in the room. He got worried. He immediately checked the bathroom. Then he went in balcony. He sighed when he saw her sitting on the poolside, putting her legs in water. Manik walked and sat beside her. He also put his legs inside the water. Both passed each other smile. Manik kissed her cheek and she got shocked with her sudden kiss. She opened her mouth and opened her eyes wider , looking straight.

“Why are you shocked ? You have only asked me to kiss you before.” Manik said seeing her reaction. He turned her face toward himself holding her face. She became red like a tomato with his one kiss. Her eye were looking down. Manik was smiling , looking at her. He pulled her face upward , holding her chin. Both looked into each other eyes.

“You look super cute when you blush.” He complimented her pointing his index finger toward her red cheek . She smiled in response and again her eyelashes moved downward.

“You too look cute when you blush. I have seen many times.” She said and Manik smiled broadly. He was happy to know that she used to observe him.

“Manik Can I ask something ?” They were talking and suddenly she asked in serious tone looking at him. Manik nodded his head positively.

“How long it takes to forget the betrayal of the person , whom you used to love a lot ?” She asked in broken voice and Manik was silent. He was having no answer of her question. His blank eyes were looking into her eyes which were filled with pain.

“Because it’s been so many years but still i am not able to forget. I want to move on by erasing his memories from my life. But it is not happening. He and his memories haunt me like a bad dream and it’s hurt a lot.” She started crying.

“It feels like there is hole in my heart and it is becoming bigger. I want to forget him and his betrayal. I want to move on. Please help me..” she said and cried resting her head on his chest. Few tears fell down from his eyes. His strong heart was also breaking seeing her broken angel. He wanted to take away her all pain. She was crying and was sitting there like a statue. His mind was not working after listening her cries.

“I am crazy. Why I am asking this to you ? Let’s talk about something else.” After sometime she said wiping her tears , looking at him. Manik was sadly looking at her.

“Don’t be sad because of me. I want to spread happiness not pain. Life is precious, so enjoy..” she said and splashed the water on him and laughed loudly. Manik was still silent. He didn’t react. Still her cries were ringing in his mind. He wanted to see her happy in real.

Then they talked for sometime and she fell asleep resting her head on his shoulder. Manik tugged her hair behind her ear and kissed her forehead. She smiled in sleep also when his lips touched her skin. Then he took her inside the room after picking her in his arms. He laid her down on the bed and tugged her in the blanket. He sat on the floor beside and rested face on her pillow and started admiring his sleeping angel. He was finding so much peace to see her sleeping . He could stare her for hours. His  hands automatically started caressing her soft cheek. He pecked her cheek  and she smiled again in response with his kiss. He smiled when he noticed her smile. He took her photo in his phone. Then he fell asleep on the floor only while staring her.

Next Morning

Nandini woke up early in the morning and she was feeling like her head would blast because of the pain. She sat up on the bed , holding her head with her both hands. Then she got shocked when her eyes fell on Manik who was sleeping in sitting position , putting her head on bed. She got more shocked when she looked at the surroundings and her clothes. Her mind started going in the wrong direction. She started taking everything in a wrong way.

“No.. this can’t be happened.” She said to herself, clutching the bed sheet tightly. She was thinking that Manik had taken the advantage of her drunk state.

Love Mehak


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