Love Story (Part : 17 Dinner With His Family)

Nandini was lying under Manik. They were looking deeply into each other eyes. The urge of kissing each other was increasing with each passing second. He put her hair stand behind her ear. She closed her eyes in response when his hands touched her face. Then he started coming close to her lips, looking at her. Her eyes were closed. She was feeling that he was coming close to her. They felt each other hot breath on their lips. This increased their desire to kiss each other. They both took a deep breath when their lips got touched with each other. She felt like every inch of her body got alive when his lips touched her lips. After so many years , she felt alive with only one touch of his lips . She didn’t want him to get stop. She wanted him to continue. She wanted to feel alive completely. Same was with him , he wanted to taste every inch of her lips and wanted to love every inch of her beautiful body.

But their bad luck. As Manik phone beeped up. This brought them back on the earth. Manik immediately moved away from her and got up from the bed. Nandini was still lying , closing her eyes. She felt disappointed and shy , both at the same time. She felt disappointed because she badly wanted him to kiss her lips and she felt shy because they were just about kiss each other which was really big thing for both of them. It is normal for every girl to feel shy at that moment.

She never thought that one day she would ever feel like this again for any Man after what had happened with her. His touch was making her weak . She never felt this for anyone before. It was like a strong force was pushing her toward him. She was going crazy. She forgot the whole world when she looked into his eyes. She even forgot herself when he looked into her eyes. She wanted him to lock her up in the room of love. She wanted love. She wanted to love someone unconditionally. But she was scared to get hurt in love again.

“Nandini, I know it’s too earlier for both of us  to kiss each other. I don’t know what is happening to me. You are attracting me.” He spoke , looking toward Nandini. Listening his words, she opened her eyes. She sat on the bed , looking at Manik.

“Manik , i think we should go downstairs. Everyone must be waiting for us.” She said , getting up from the bed. She changed the topic as she was feeling shy to discuss about their kiss miss. He nodded his head positively in response. Then he started walking outside and she walked behind him.


They came back to the hall again. Cabir , Mukti , Zoya , Muskan and Manik’s parent , everyone were presented there. Nandini greeted them ‘hi’ politely and they responded in the same way. Everybody settled down there and talked for sometime. After that they all went to dining area to take dinner. Manan were sitting opposite to each other. They were taking dinner , looking at each other after every minute. Whole time , they were remembering about their kiss miss.

“Mr. Malhotra where is your elder son , Aditya?”Ram asked about Aditya from Raj.

“He was having meeting in Pune today.” Raj said , looking at Ram.

“Zoya beta call him and ask when he will come back.” Zoya was feeding the dinner to Muskan when Raj asked to call Adi. She nodded her head looking at him.

“Mumma call daddy. Muskan will eat helself (herself)” like always she said , taking the advantage of the situation. Everybody laughed, listening her words. Zoya shook her head disbelievingly , looking at her.

Then Zoya went to call her husband after excusing herself. Muskan smiled happily as the plan was going her mind to skip the dinner.

“Chachu , come here.” In gesture she asked Manik  to come close to her. Manik moved her face downward, looking at her confusingly. Nandini was seeing them only.

“Chachu , Musu ta (ka) aaj bilkul bhi kuch khane ka man ni hai. Please aap meli chapati khalo. Please chachu.” She requested so cutely. A smile came on his face , listening her words. He looked toward her. She was looking at him , making cute puppy face.

“You have to eat this , okay.” He said after putting the half chapati in her plate and half chapati in his plate. Muskan happily smiled, nodding her head. She was happy as she had to eat only half chapati instead of full one chapati.

Seeing this , Nandini understood everything. She was getting impressed with his every acts. Manik looked at her. She smiled and he smiled back.  They talked through their eyes. Cabir and Mukti laughed , seeing them lost in each other.


“Jaan , i am coming with in two hour. And please you take dinner, don’t wait for me.” Adi said when Zoya called him and asked when he would come.

“No , Adi. I will take dinner with you. If i will take dinner then you will come more late. I know you. And i also know that if I won’t take dinner , you will try to come more earlier for me.” She said having smile on her face. She knew that how much her husband loved her. Adi also smiled , listening her words.

“And now after Listening my words you will come more earlier. ” she spoke , making him confused.

“What ?” He asked confusingly.

“Your daughter has gifted a very hot saree to your wife for today’s dinner. And she got ready for you in that saree.” She said making him excited to see her. After Listening her words, he wanted to reach their with in a second. He closed his eyes disappointedly because he couldn’t reach home more earlier than  an hour.

“Come soon Mr. Malhotra.” She said and cut the call , having smile on her face.


“Everybody Listen to Musu , she wants to tell something.” Muskan said when everybody were eating desert. She caught everybody attention with her words. Everyone were looking at Muskan and they were waiting to know what she wanted to tell.

“You know what Muskan did today ? Muskan forced Chachi to kiss Chachu on his cheeks” She told everyone about that kiss. Manan eyes popped up , listening her words. When Everybody looked at Manan , they both immediately looked down shyly. Muskan laughing loudly. Everybody also started laughing loudly. Manik looked toward them. But Nandini was still looking down. She wasn’t understanding that how to face everybody.

“It’s okay Nandini. You don’t need to feel shy. It’s a modern world. These cheeks kisses are normal in this house. Adi and Zoya every time , they kiss each other. And near future , you both also will do this.” Neyonika said being a modern mother. Nandini chuckled , looking at her. Then she looked toward smiling Manik , having smile on her face.

“Mumma..” Zoya said and nodded her head disbelievingly , looking at Neyonika.

“May god give a mother like this to everyone.” Cabir said in fun tone and made everybody laugh.

“Your mother and my wife is best.” Raj said , holding Neyonika hand. Then he kissed her knuckles. Neyonika smiled , looking down shyly.

“See this type of kisses are normal here , Nandini. I told you.” Neyonika said and Nandini was just smiling , seeing her.

Her heart was happy , seeing the lovely family. She was more happy because she was going to be the part of this lovely family very soon. Same was with her father. He was very happy for his daughter that she would get loving family after the marriage. Where people love each other more than anything else.


Zoya was helping maids in putting the dishes back in the kitchen after completing of dinner. Just few minutes ago only , Nandini and Ram left the house. After that Everybody left to their respective rooms. Muskan was with Manik. Zoya was waiting for her husband to come home. After completing of work , she asked all maids to go and sleep. A maid was washing dishes, she asked her also to go. She herself started washing the dishes to pass her time. From starting she was from a rich family and very down to earth. For her no work was small or big. Every work was equal for her.

That time only , Aditya came back from the Pune. He directly went to check her in the kitchen. He stopped on the door only , seeing his wife in the blue sexy saree. After admiring her , he went near her. From behind he wrapped his hand around her bare stomach under her Saree pallu. Zoya closed her eyes to feel his touch and leaned her head on him. Putting her all hair on one side , he touched her bare back with his cold hand. A shiver ran down her spine and she closed her eyes more tightly. She felt so good when his lips touched her bare back. Her hold on the utensil became more tighter. His hands started moving upward , kissing her back. Zoya moaned his name when his teeth bit her back  and his hands pressed her boobs.

“Adi we need to stop , we are in the kitchen.” Zoya said difficultly in low voice. Adi left her, realising that they were not in their room. She turned toward him having smile on her face. He was also looking at her having smile on her face.

“You are irresistible , Jaan. Seeing you , I lost my control on my mind. Now i just can’t wait to rip this sexy saree from you.” He said , pulling her toward himself, holding her waist. She smiled , looking down.

“Can i eat you in the dinner instead of food? Because my favourite food is you.” He asked and she nodded her head positively because she also wanted to eat him in her dinner. She shouted when he picked her his arms. He started taking her toward their room.

“Adi put me down , Someone will see us.” She said . He kept walking toward his room , ignoring her words.


“Hey , reached home ?” Manik sent the message to Nandini. Muskan and Manik were sitting in the blanket. Muskan was playing game  in her tab.

“Just now.”

“Today’s dinner was amazing with your family. Everyone are so sweet in your family. ” he smiled reading her message. She just entered in her room when she received his message. She started chatting , standing on the door only.

“It’s great that you are liking my family.”

“I forgot to tell you that the prathas were amazing” he sent the messages to her. Now She smiled , reading his message.

“Thank you” she sent the message with the smiley emoji.

“Manik , can we talk after few minutes. I have to change my clothes and ready my bed.” He made sad face , reading her message because he wanted to talk to her.

“Okay.. but don’t forget to message me before sleeping. Or else i will get angry.” She chuckled reading his message. She sent the laughing emoji. Then she put the phone on table and went in washroom to change herself in night dress.


Zoya was only in petticoat and blouse. Her saree was lying on the floor which had been removed by her husband few seconds. Aditya was kissing her lips , pinning her hands on the wall above her head. He started kissing her neck.

“Adi please..” Zoya pleaded. She was going crazy, she wanted to touch him. But he was enjoying. Her moans was turning him on. Looking at her , he left her hands. And as soon as left her , she started kissing him wildly , holding his face.

“I love you my wild cat.” He said when they just broke the kiss. She bit his upper lip in response. He chuckled. With they again started eating each other lips. His hands started pulling down her petticoat and her hands started opening his jeans button. He entered his hand inside her panty and she entered her hand inside his boxer after , pulling down his jeans upto his knees. Both started giving each other immense pleasure. Their are hands were doing their job and their lips were doing their job. They were moaning in each other mouth.

“We should do it fast before Muskan comes.” Aditya said , breaking the kiss. Zoya nodded her head. With this they immediately pulled down each other inner wear. He didn’t wait for a single second and entered inside in one go. She moaned loudly. Luckily their rooms were sound proofs. Both went in another world. They were just about to orgasm but before they could, Somebody knocked the door. They looked at each other , opening their eyes widely.

“Shit , shit” Both said together. Stopping their make out session at this time was difficult. But they were not having other options. They knew that Muskan was on the door. And if they would open the door late , they had to face Muskan’s questions.

“You go in washroom , i will open the door.” Aditya said moving out from her. She nodded her head. Muskan was constantly knocking the door. Aditya pulled up his jeans and Zoya ran toward washroom, picking up her saree. This happens many times with the couples after becoming parents.

Adi opened the door , taking a deep breath. He looked downward and see Muskan. She was standing, holding the teddy with her one hand and her other hand was rubbing her eyes.

“Daddy Musu is feeling sleepy.” She spoke cutely looking at him. Adi smiled , listening his daughter cute voice. He picked her in his arms and kissed her soft cheeks. He laid her down on the bed and himself laid down beside her. He started caressing her forehead.

“Whel is mumma , daddy.” She asked , looking at him.

“Your mumma is in washroom.” He said , caressing her forehead. She closed her eyes and he saw her , falling asleep.


It was more than a hour passed and Manik was waiting for her message , holding the phone in his hand. He was upset because he was thinking that she slept without messaging him.

On the other side Nandini was sitting with the blank face on the floor as like she was lost in  deep thought. She was sitting holding her knees tightly. Her phone was kept beside her. Next moment , tears started falling down from her eyes.


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