Love Story (Part : 13 Dinner Date)

“Cabir , I need your help.” Manik said , walking inside his brother’s room. So his idea was to take Cabir help.

(Let’s see how his dramatic brother will get agree to go with Manik)

“Today , My perfect brother needs my help. That’s something new. I am feeling so great.” He said as always doing his drama.

“So tell me ,  how can i help you?” Cabir asked , walking toward him.

“I want that you should go with me tonight.” He said and paused for a second.

“to meet Nandini” he said and  Cabir was looking at him confusingly.

“What me ? Why you want me to take with you as ‘kabab mein hadi’. ” Cabir asked shockingly. Manik was making weird faces.  He had never thought that one day he would come to Cabir for help like this.

“Because Nandini’s friend is coming with her as kabab mein hadi.” Manik said instantly, calling Navya ‘Kabab mein hadi’.

“Damn.. i shouldn’t call her like that.” Manik said , closing his eyes. Cabir was laughing , seeing his brother condition.

“You want me that i should go with you and keep her friend busy with me. ” Cabir asked to confirm . Manik nodded his head positively.

“Done but there is one condition. “He said taking the advantage of situation.

“Do You want that i should ask dad to give you one week off from office ?” Manik asked , knowing his brother very well. Cabir immediately nodded his head positively.

“Done.” As soon as Manik said this , Cabir hugged him tightly.

“Thank you so much. Now finally i will take my gf for holidays. She will be so much happy.” Cabir said happily after breaking the hug. Manik shook his head , seeing kiddish behaviour of his brother. But he came to know one thing after meeting Nandini that love makes people crazy.


“Wow , My Rockstar has booked full restaurant for us. I am loving it. ” Navya said as soon as they walked inside the 7 Star restaurant.

“Thank you so much , Nandu. Because of you , Finally my dream is going to come true. I am going to meet him. ” Navya said , hugging Nandini tightly. Navya was going crazy to meet Manik and Nandini was just making faces , seeing his craziness for Manik. 

Then a manager came to welcome them. He made them sit to their place and asked if they need something. Nandini politely denied and he left. Both were excitedly waiting for him. Nandini picked up her phone to check his message. Her phone fell down from her hand on table , listening Navya shout.

“Omg. Ahaa.. “she shouted.

“Navya , What happened?” Nandini asked , looking at her and found her looking toward the door. She looked in the same direction where she was looking. Looking there , she got to know the reason of her friend reaction. Manik Malhotra was coming toward them. Nandini heartbeat became faster , seeing him. He was looking breathtaking hot. She got lost in looking at him. He was lost in looking at her. Both of their eyes met and everything got paused for a moment. Then they passed the smile to each other.

“Nandu , who is that boy” Navya asked , seeing Cabir who was coming behind Manik. Listening Navya’s voice , she came on the earth back. Before She didn’t even know  that Cabir was also coming behind him. She was so lost in looking at Manik.

“He is Manik’s brother , Cabir Malhotra.” Nandini said , looking at Navya. She nodded her head , looking at Cabir. Navya was looking at Cabir like something was going in her mind.

“Hello , beautiful ladies.” Cabir said to both Navya and Nandini. Nandini smiled in response while Navya was now just looking at Manik. Manik looked at Navya and smiled. Then they both took the seat in front of them. Manan again smiled , looking at each other.

“Manik.. She is Navya , my friend. As you can see , she is crazy for you.” Nandini introduced Navya with Manik. He nodded his head in response , looking at Navya.

“Hello..  Navya” Manik said , forwarding his hand in front of her. But she didn’t respond , just kept staring him , resting her face on her hand. Nandini shook her by holding her shoulder. She shook her hand with Manik , coming on the earth back.

“I just can’t believe that i am seeing you. Nandu pinch me , please. ” She asked Nandini to pinch her as she couldn’t able to believe that Manik Malhotra was sitting in front of her.

“I am your big fan. My dream was to meet you one day and finally it’s come true , today. I can’t able to believe that i am seeing you.” Navya started telling him that how much she liked him as a singer. Manik was just smiling , nodding his head and sometimes looking at Nandini. Manik looked at Cabir for help with pleading eyes as he wanted to spend some alone time with Nandini. Inside Cabir was just laughing on his brother situation.

“Navya. Do you want to meet Shahrukh Khan. He has thrown the party and invited us. So you can come with me. ” Cabir lied , so that his brother would get alone time with his would be wife. Listening this , Navya looked toward Cabir surprisingly. Nandini was looking at him shockingly. While Manik was just waiting them to leave.

“Really, will you take me there ? ” Navya asked excitedly, getting up from the chair.

“Yes , Off course. You are friend of my would be Bhabhi. I can do anything for you. ” Cabir said , walking toward her.

“So let’s go.” Cabir said , winking at Manik. He smiled , looking at him. Nandini noticed this and understood everything.

“I can meet you some other day also jiju. Because you are going to marry my friend. But I can’t miss the chance to meet shahrukh. So sorry jiju , i really need to go.” Navya said to Manik. Cabir was laughing, standing behind her. Poor soul Navya , she didn’t understand that he lied to her.

“It’s okay , Navya.” Manik said and  she smiled. Biting bye to Manan , Cabir and Navya left to meet Shahrukh Khan in dreams. Manik took a deep breath, closing his eyes when they left. Opening his , he found that Nandini was staring him.

“There is no Shahrukh and his party , right ?” She asked in serious tone. Manik remained silent.

“If you wanted to meet me alone , you could have said to me. Why all this drama ?” She asked in angry tone. He became sad , seeing her reaction.

“I am sorry , Nandini. I really didn’t want to hurt you in any manner.” He started to apologise from her because he was thinking that he had hurt her. Nandini started laughing crazily, making him confused. He was looking at her confusingly. He didn’t understand that suddenly what had happened to her.

“It’s okay , Manik. I was just kidding. I am not angry.  I am laughing, thinking about Cabir’s condition when he has to face Navya anger after knowing that he had lied to her.” Nandini said while still laughing. Manik got lost in her. His heart was feeling happy , seeing her laughing like this. He could see her like this for hours. She stopped laughing noticing that he was staring her.

“You look so beautiful when you laugh. Really i never felt like this for any other girl. You are doing some kind of magic on me.” He said , looking deeply into her eyes. Both remained silent for few minutes, looking into each other eyes. It was seemed that they were going to spend their dinner date like this only.

“Do you want to order something ?” A waiter came to take order. With this , he broke their eye lock. Both looked here and there. He asked him to  bring dinner for them. Waiter left from there. He looked at her and found her doing something on phone. He also did something on phone and next moment, she looked toward him. He smiled and she chuckled. This was happening because Manik had messaged her on Instagram ‘hi’.

“You are cute.” She spoke , looking at him. He looked at her widening his eyes because for the first time anybody said him cute.

“I think it because of you , i am becoming cute. So all credit of my cuteness goes to you. ” he said making her laugh again. Like this they started their conversation. They were loving to spend time with each other. Nandini was getting comfortable with him but still she wasn’t ready to tell him about her past. Still she was not ready to trust him. Something was there which was stopping her from trusting him. That something was fear of breaking down again. She didn’t want break down again by trusting someone. She didn’t want to go through the same. Because of her past mistake , she was still suffering. No one knew that there was so much pain hidden behind her smiling face.


“From half an hour, you are taking the round of one place. Didn’t you know the address of the party.” Navya said frustratedly , looking at Cabir. He was driving the car and she was sitting beside him. She noticed that he was making fool of her.

“Because Madam , you haven’t told me your address. If you will tell me your address then only i can able to drop you at home. ” he laughed and said. Navya looked at him confusingly.

“What do you mean by dropping me home ? What about Shahrukh’s party ?” Navya asked , freaking out. Cabir again laughed , concentrating on driving the car.

“Listen” he said , looking at her after stopping the car.

“Bhai needed to spend alone time with his would be wife. I mean with your friend , Nandini. That’s why i took you out from there.” He explained her and she gave him angry glares , listening about his lie.

“You Mr. whatever you are. How dare you lied to me ? You could have said the truth to me. I must have surely given space to my friend. I just wanted to meet Manik for once. He is my favourite singer. Or else i wouldn’t have spoiled her dinner date. ” she shouted angrily on Cabir. He closed his ear with his hands.

“Shut up.. ” he shouted and she became quiet.

“You almost spoiled their date madam. I saved their date by taking the headache with me.” He called her headache , making her more angry.

“You called me headache. You are a big lier and a headache . You lied to me. ” They started fighting with each other crazily,saying bad words to each other. Nobody was ready to back off. It was seemed like their fight would continue till infinity.


“Come close” suddenly Manik asked Nandini to come close to him when they were having dinner with passing of smile to each other. Nandini looked at him confusingly.

“Come..” he said again. She came close to him , looking at him confusingly.

He took the tissue paper and started cleaning the corner of her lips. They were so close to each other. He was cleaning her lips and she was staring him. Her heart was beating so fast , like it will be get exploded next moment. Her breath became heavy. Both could feel each other hot breath which was making both of them crazy. After cleaning it , Manik looked at her. For few seconds they both got lost in looking into each other eyes.

“Thank you.” Nandini thanked him when he moved away from her. He wanted to kiss her lips hard at that moment. Only he knew that how he had control himself.

“Really this girl is making me crazy” he said to himself in mind.

“What was that ? I never felt like this for anyone before. What he is doing to me ?” Same was with Nandini , she also felt like to kiss his lips. But she was confused that why this was happening with her because this feeling was new for her. It was clearly visible that she would take time to understand her feelings.


“No daddy , musu toh (ko) big wali kilket (kitkat) chayie. Musu want kilket… a big one” Muskan said when his father brought chocolate for her. He could have brought full packet of chocolate for her but he was not allowed to bring. Because his wife had given him strict order to not bring lot of chocolate for Muskan.

“Today , you eat this. Tomorrow daddy will bring big chocolate for Musu.” Aditya tried to convince his daughter but she was not ready to get convince. She just wanted big chocolate for her. She started crying loudly , making Aditya felt bad.

“Okay , we are going to purchase big chocolate for Musu. Now please stop crying , bacha.” Aditya said , picking her in his arms. Zoya heard their conversation, standing on the door.

“No big Chocolate. Adi , why you always get melt , seeing your daughter fake cries.” Zoya said , walking toward them. Muskan gave her angry looks. She knew about her daughter very well. She knew that she used to cry , just to convince everyone.

“Daddy , i want big chocolate. Please please”before Zoya could convince Adi , she again started to convince her father with her pleads. And how a father like Adi can deny his daughter demand.

“I am going out with Muskan and you are coming with us. And that’s final. ” he said strictly and Muskan showed tongue to her mother. He kissed Muskan’s cheeks , noticing her cute act.

“Adi , you are spoiling our daughter.” Zoya taunted him and went to take out cloth for Muskan from the cupboard. Ignoring her words , putting Muskan on bed. He started tickling her and she was laughing crazily. Zoya smiled , seeing them. She thanked good for blessing her with so nice family.


Manik stopped the car in front of her flat.

“Wait , i need to give you something.” He said when she was about to open the door of car. She looked toward him confusingly. He took out  small box from his pocket. Her eyes moved toward the box and his eyes , looked at her each and every expression. He opened the box, looking at her. He forwarded the box in front of her. First , she looked toward the locket which was in box and then toward him. It was heart shape locket.

“Do you like it ?” He asked , expecting her answer to be yes.

“It’s beautiful , Manik. ” she spoke , having smile on her face . Her eyes started glowing , seeing the beautiful locket. She took out the locket from the box and looked it from close. Manik was just admiring her , having smile on his face. Everything about her was making him happy. She looked the locket , putting it around her neck.

“Could you help me ?” She asked for his help in locking of locket. He nodded his head positively and she turned around. He held the chain of the locket and their hands got touched with each other in this. She immediately took away her hands and put her hair on one side. When he was locking the locket from behind. His hands touched her back and a shiver ran down her spine. She closed her eyes to feel his touch. She was feeling good with his touch. On the other side Manik was feeling like to move his hand on her bare back as she was wearing the backless Kurti. Forgetting everything, he started coming close to kiss her back. Her soft skin did some kind of magic on him. Nandini shivered more and her heart beat became more faster when she felt his hot breath on her back. She felt so good. Both got so lost in each other. His lips were just about to touch her milky white back.

Listening the horn of car from outside , they both came on the earth back. They moved away from each other immediately. Without looking at him , she ran from there , opening the car door. Manik took a deep breath , closing his eyes.

“What i was just about to do ? What she must be  thinking about me ? I should have controlled myself. Oh god , now how i will explain her that i am not this type of person ? But this girl is really attracting me physically also. Oh god , i am going crazy.” He scolded himself thinking that she must bet get angry with him. He was feeling guilty to touch her without her permission. His thinking was clearly showing that how nice person , he was. He drove from there last time , looking at her flat.


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