Love Story (Part : 11 A Accident)

Day 3

Nandini was in art gallery. She talked to Manik in morning after waking up for just 5 minutes because he was having his early morning shoot. After that no messages and no calls . She was worried for Manik after getting that message from  the person, who was behind her. Nandini was lost in her thoughts thinking about her life. But she came out of her thought , listening the news on T.V. She was stared the TV , widening her eyes.

“The Rockstar Manik Malhotra has been met with the accident just now. He has been immediately taken to near by hospital. We will be soon back after a short break and will keep you updated.” Nandini got shocked, listening the news. She felt guilty because she was thinking the person who was behind her , he had hurt Manik. She started blaming herself for challenging him. She immediately called Manik but he was not picking. She felt like crying at that moment. She was not understanding what she should do.

“Now you listen to me. I won’t let this marriage happen. You will only marry to me. Nobody can snatch you from me. Just wait and watch” that person words echoed in her ear and she became hell angry. She clenched the phone tighter, having anger in her eyes. Her eyes were spitting fire. She immediately called that person.

“How could you do this ? You planned Manik accident just to stop me from marrying him. You are disgusting person. I start hating you even more from today. By doing this , you can’t stop me. You can’t scare Nandini Kapoor, Understand. And if something happens to Manik then i will kill you without any regret.” She shouted on him as soon as he picked up the phone. She took out her all anger on him. After shouting on him , still she didn’t get relief. Because her heart was worried for Manik.

“What the F**** ? I didn’t plan anybody accident. ” she got shocked, listening his words. “I can do anything to get you baby but You know that i am not that much bad that i will try to kill someone” he continued and with his each word , her anger was increasing. She without saying anything further, just cut the call.

“We just got the information that Your Rockstar is really a hero. As he got hit by the car while saving a kid. And you don’t need to be worried about him. We also got to know that now he is absolutely fine and will be get discharged soon.” Nandini sighed, listening this. She felt like she got her breath back finally after knowing that he was fine but still wanted to talk to him.


On the other side Neyonika also got hell worried, knowing that his son had been met the accident. Zoya was also worried but side by side by , she was constantly trying to calm down Neyonika. They were also constantly trying to contact Manik but he wasn’t picking up the calls. With each passing second, a mother fear was increasing for his son. She just wanted to listen her son’s voice.

“Please, Zoya do something. I just want to talk to him. I am not feeling good. Please do something.” She said in crying tone to Zoya. She looked toward Neyonika helplessly and tried to call Manik again.


“Oh shit. I should inform at home that i am fine. This  Media like always , they has been made my small accident also so big. Mom must be so worried. Why can’t just this Media leave me alone.” Manik was talking to himself when Doctor was bandaging his hand. There were just few small scratches on his arms. He was perfectly fine. When he put his hand inside his pocket to take out the phone , he realised that he had forgotten his phone in hotel room only. Taking the phone from Doctor , he immediately called his mother first.

“Hello” He heard Zoya’s voice from the other side.

“Bhabhi , how is mom ?” His first question was about her mother. Because he was worried for his mother as he knew that she must be crying for him.

“Manik..” As soon as Zoya say Manik. Neyonika snatched the phone from her hand.

“How are you Manik ? Why you were not picking up the calls ? You know what was my condition. So many bad thoughts were coming in my mind.” Neyonika said in crying tone. Listening his mother’s crying voice , He closed his eyes sadly.

“Mom , i am absolutely fine. ” taking a deep breath , he spoke. “Please stop crying now. Please” he requested her to stop crying. Neyonika wiped her tears , having smile on her face after listening his voice. She finally got her breath back. They talked for something and then hang up the call.


“If he is fine then why he is not picking up my calls.” Nandini said to herself sadly. She was still worried for him. After the accident, Manik didn’t call her and even he was not picking her calls . In news , she heard that he was fine but she would get relief after talking to him.


Manik reached back in his room  after the unexpected day. He was so tired. First early morning shoot and then that accident. He laid down on the bed. He closed his eyes. A smile came on his face , seeing Nandini face. Remembering about Nandini , he immediately sat up on the bed.

“She also must have seen the news. How could i forget to inform her. She must be worried for me” he said to himself and also scolded himself.

“Where is my phone”he shouted angrily , finding his phone under the pillow. He was angry with himself that how could he forget her. He found his phone on table.

“Oh shit” seeing her so many miss calls and messages , he freaked out. He immediately called her and decided to read her messages afterward. He was hell disappointed with himself for not calling her.

“Thank god , you called. Are you alright ? I heard that you met with the accident. Should i come to Delhi to see you ? From the time i heard the news , i am trying to call you. Why you were not picking up my calls ?” Nandini started asking questions , picking up the calls. Manik was smiling , listening her voice. His anger , his tension , his all stress and his tiredness vanished away in the air , listening her voice.

“Relax. It was just a small accident. I am absolutely fine. And i am sorry that i couldn’t able to pick up your calls . Actually , i forgot my phone in my room only. ” he explained her everything and she sighed relief , hearing his words. He again laid down comfortably on bed again , putting the phone on his ear.

“I also heard that you met with accident while saving kid. I am really happy to know that there is still some people in this world who think about others before themselves. People who helps others. You are one of them. You did very great.   Today you have earned my respect . I have really started to respect you from my heart.” She said each and every word through the core of her heart. Manik felt so great to hear those words from her mouth. His heart felt happy.

“Thank you , Nandini. I am glad to hear these words for me. I happy to earn that respect.” He said , having smile on his face.

“So tell me , what you did whole day ?” He asked after few second of silence.

“I remained in Art gallery and called you so many times.” She laughed , saying this. His heart felt happy, listening her laughs. He didn’t know why her smile and her laugh used to make him so happy.

“I want to see you.” He said suddenly and she stopped laughing, listening his words.

“I mean , can you send me your picture of now. Please. ” he requested as he really wanted to see her.

“I have no problem but on one condition.” She said in serious tone and Manik got confused.

“And what is that condition?” He asked confusingly and waited for her reply.

“The condition is that you will also send me your picture. ” she again laughed , saying this. Manik was just , smiling like an idiot. He was happy because she was laughing. His heart was getting some kind of peace.

“Did you get scared when i mention about the condition?” She asked and excitedly waited for his reply.

“No . I got confused that what could be the condition.” He replied back immediately. They started talking to each other. Nobody could say , seeing Manik that he was tired , few minutes ago. They decided that they would send their pictures after cutting the call. They talked to each for half an hour. They both wanted to talk more but Nandini had to attend the customer that’s why they cut the call.

“She is amazing.” Manik said after cutting the call , having smile on his face. He took his selfie and sent to her. He laughed , remembering about her condition. He was lying , closing his both eyes but sleep was far away from his eyes. Because he desperately wanted to see her , means her picture. He got up and sat comfortably taking the support of bedpost. He opened his Instagram to see her pictures. His Instagram was filled with so many notifications and Direct messages. Ignoring everything , he searched her account. Opening her account , he started seeing her pictures , having big smile on his face.


She sighed when the costumer left. She asked Shekar to call her when any other costumer would come. She went inside the room. She opened the message and big smile spread all over her face , seeing the picture of her would be  husband. She stared his picture for few seconds. Opening the Camera, she took her selfie with the smile. She was just about to send him but before she could , somebody snatched the phone from her hand , making her shocked.


“Navya.. you” she turned around and shouted, finding Navya. She showed her tongue to Nandini ,hiding the phone behind her back.

“Navya , give me my phone back , right now.” Nandini said in angry tone.

“Okay”she said forwarding the phone toward Nandini. When Nandini was about take it. She took the phone away from her. Nandini gave her angry glare.

“But before let me see , what my dear friend was doing” she said , unlocking the phone. Nandini was just looking at her angrily.

“Navya , just give me my phone back right now or else I won’t ask Manik to follow you on Instagram and even I won’t ask him to meet you” Nandini used Navya’s love for Manik at right time. She knew that with this threat of not meeting Manik , Navya would surely give her phone back. She knew about her friend very well.

“But on one condition” Navya said and Nandini gave her confused looks.

“That you are going to icecream Parler with me to have ice cream.” Navya laughed , saying this.

“Okay baba done. Now give me my phone.”Nandini said forwarding her hand toward her. She gave her the phone back.

“By the way , what you were hiding from me. That you got so hyper when I snatched from you” Navya asked , moving her eyebrows upward. She sensed something fishy.

“Navya. Nothing is like that. I am not hiding anything from you. Now will you please wait for few minutes outside , i am just coming.” Nandini requested and Navya walked out , looking at her suspiciously.

She took a deep breath before taking her one more picture with the smile. She immediately sent the picture to Manik before anybody could again snatch the phone from her. She found that Manik had immediately seen the message. She staring his picture , waited for his reply.


On the other side , Manik was staring her picture. She was looking so pretty . He found her smile as always perfect. Nobody could replace her prefect smile. For him , her smile would always remain a perfect smile. Her smile was having a power to take away his all stress. Her smile had power to make his heart go crazy with in just few second. He got lost in her photo for few minutes.

“Speechless, you are breathtaking beautiful. The back colour suits you a lot.” He replied her back with the smiley emoji.


Nandini smiled , reading his reply. She sent the message ‘thank you’

“His compliment always bring smile on my face. He is really doing something to me. I hope just everything goes well this time.” She thought, walking outside of the room , having serious look on her face.


Finally after seeing Nandini’s picture, he slept and went into the dream world of Nandini. From the day , he met her. He was seeing her dreams. Before meeting her , he used to see dream of a girl daily and after meeting her , finally her dream girl got the face. He started living his life more happily. Her words and her thoughts were enough to make his day even more brighter. He couldn’t wait for that day when she would start living with him and she would be called his wife.


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