Love Story ( Part : 12 Meeting After 1 Week)

After 3 Days

Manik done with his shooting in 3 days. He was dying to meet Nandini. He didn’t leave a single chance of talking to her in 1 week. His morning started with her message and his day ended with her message. She was becoming his life slowly slowly. His mind used to think about her all day and night. Same was with her. Her mind also used to think about him all the time. But there was only one difference between their feelings that Manik was understanding and accepting his feelings. But  Nandini was not ready to accept her feelings. She still couldn’t able to believe that she was falling in love. She was just thinking that how could her heart making the space for him after what had happened with her.

Manik reached directly from Airport to Art gallery to meet Nandini before even going back to his home. His heart just wanted to see her first and he was the person who used to listen his heart. That’s why he was in her Art gallery. He walked inside with the bouquet of red flower  for her. He got disheartened finding Shekar sitting on the reception.

“Are bhaiya aap  ” Shekar said happily seeing Manik.

“Shekar where is your didi ?” Manik skipping all the conversation , just asked about Nandini as his eyes were craving to see her. Shekar pointing his hand toward the room , told him in gesture that she was inside. Manik smiled in response.

“Wait Shekar , don’t call her. I am going.” Shekar opened his mouth to call Nandini but Manik stopped him by his words , showing his hand. He walked toward the room , having smile on his face.

Inside Nandini was drawing painting. She had worn blue crop top with black jeans. She was completely lost in her own world. She even didn’t come to know when Manik walked inside. He got amazed , seeing her from behind. Her long hair and specially her milky while waist. He wanted to held her waist. He never felt like this with anyone. Nandini was the first one , to whom he was feeling like to touch her. She was the first girl , who attracted him. That’s why he understood that god had sent her for him. He slowly walked toward her. His heart beat was increasing with each and every step , he was taking toward her. He was standing so close her. He inhaled the fragrance of her perfume , moving his hand toward her waist.

But took away his hand , realising that he was going to touch her without her permission which was completely wrong. Taking a deep breath, he put his hand on her shoulder.

When he touched her , she immediately turned around , getting scared. By doing this, she spoiled his white shirt with the paintbrush which she was holding. First she sighed, seeing Manik. He first looked toward her and then toward his shirt which she had spoiled. Then again looked toward her. She closed her eyes cutely realising her mistake and her cute expression made him smile broadly.

“Oh god , i am ready to spoil my shirt thousand times more to see her this cute expression. She is really so cute.” Manik thought in his mind , looking at her.

“I am so sorry Manik.” She apologised, opening her eyes while Manik was lost , looking at her. Finally his eyes which were craving to see her , got relief.

“I should clean this. I am really sorry Manik.” saying this , she started cleaning his shirt with one piece of cloth.

“It’s Okay, Nandini. You don’t have to do this.” He said and stopped her by holding her hand. She looked at him having guilt in his eyes. Guilt of spoiling his shirt.

“So this is for the beautiful lady.” She just opened her mouth to apologise again but stopped, listening his words. He said , forwarding the bouquet toward her. She looked toward the bouquet then toward him , having light smile on her face.

“It’s beautiful. Thank you” she said , taking the bouquet. He smiled in response , looking at her.

“Manik , why you didn’t go home first ? Your family must be waiting for your arrival. You could have meet me afterward.” She said , putting the bouquet on the table.

“Didn’t you waiting for me ?” He asked instantly and waited for answer , looking at her. She silently  looked at him because her answer was yes. She was waiting for him but she was hesitating to accept this in front of him.

“So , should i take your silence as yes ?” He asked and she smiled in response, looking down. Then she nodded her head positively, looking at him. Both were smiling, looking at each other silently. That time their eyes were talking to each other.

“In few days only , you have started to make  space for yourself in my heart. I smile when you call me beautiful, i laugh when you joke about anything. I smile , thinking about you every time like an idiot. Every time i think about you , a huge smile came on my face. I don’t know what are you doing to me but i am liking it a lot. Spending time with you and talking to you , it makes my heart feel good. After so many years , my heart has started to like someone and i am happy. “Her eyes were saying this to him. She didn’t spoke a single word but he understood her feeling through her eyes.

“I think , you should go now. We can meet at night. I really don’t want that they should feel bad because you came here to meet me. If it is possible then please don’t tell them about our meet.” She requested him , not knowing his family would never feel bad after knowing this. Manik smiled , knowing that she cared about his family.

“Don’t worry, mom already knows that i came here to meet you. In fact she asked me to give her daughter in law proper time. So just take a chill pill. ” listening his words , she opened her  mouth , making O shape.

“Really , she said this. ” she asked unbelievably, looking at him . She couldn’t able to believe that a mother in law could say this. He smiled , nodding his head positively.

“But still you should go. You were away from them for whole one week. Please , I request you. Promise we will meet at night. ” she requested him and he was just smiling.

“I think , you don’t want that i should stay here. That’s why trying to convince me to go. “he said to tease her and she immediately nodded her head negatively , thinking that he was serious.

“No , you are thinking wrong. I really didn’t mean that. “she started  to give him explanations.

“I just..” before she could say something more , he shushed her , putting his finger on her lips. She immediately got stopped. She first looked toward his finger then toward him. Both again got lost in looking into each other eyes deeply.

“I was just joking. You don’t need to explain me anything. You didn’t say but i know you want to spend time with me like me. You are asking me to go because You just  want that i should meet my family. Because you cared for them. And i am happy to know this.” He said everything, looking deeply into her eyes. Still his finger was on her lips. She looked toward his finger again and then he immediately removed his finger.

“So , now i am leaving. Don’t forget about your promise of meeting me at night. Now only i just can’t wait for tonight” he chuckled, saying this. She smiled and shook her head , seeing his craziness. Both waved their hand but didn’t say bye as she didn’t like it.

“He is crazy but cute also. ” Nandini said to herself, having smile on her face.


Manik walked inside his house. He smiled, seeing his mother and his bhai and Bhabhi were taking lunch in dinning area. He walked toward them silently. Zoya and Aditya looked at him and about to say something but Manik asked them to stay silent in gesture. He palmed his mother’s eyes , having smile on his face.

“Manik , i know. It’s you. ” She said , recognising her son touch. He made sad face like small baby.

“Mom , how every time you recognise me ?”He  complained like a small kid. Neyonika got up from chair, having smile on her face. He touched her feet and she blessed him , putting hand on his head. She holding his face , kissed his forehead lovingly. He took his mother in his arms.

“We are also here , Manik. Don’t you meet us ?” Aditya said , walking toward him. Zoya also came toward him. Manik smiled and hugged both of them.

“How was the shooting?” Aditya asked and before he could answer him. They all heard little Muskan’s voice. She was coming downstairs, holding the big teddy from her one hand and from other hand , she was rubbing her eyes. She was coming , calling for her mother after waking up.

“Chahu.. “in the middle of stairs , her eyes fell on Manik and a big smile came on her face. She called him happily. Throwing her teddy , she started running down.

“Be careful, Musu. “Aditya said worriedly being a possessive father. She reached toward Manik and he picked her upward, holding her waist. He twirled her around and she laughed. All three of them were smiling , seeing them. He put her down and himself sat on his knees in front of her. He took her in his arms.

“Chahu missed Musu very much. How much my musu missed her chahu ?” He asked after breaking the hug , moving his eyebrows upward.

“Musu.. missed his Chahu a…. lot” she spoke , showing with her both hands that how much she missed her. Manik smiled , seeing her cuteness and just kissed his cheeks.

“Chahu, do you blought (brought) gifts for Musu ?” Her first question was about her gifts only because Muskan loved toys.

“Chahu brought so many toys for his Musu. But before that Musu has to give something to chachu. ” Manik said and she looked at him confusingly.

“What chahu ?” She asked immediately.

“Kiss” he said and she immediately kissed his cheeks without wasting a single second as she was excited to see her gifts. Manik laughed , seeing her cuteness. Then picking her in his arms , he took her inside his room to show her gifts.


In evening, Nandini was getting ready for her date with Manik , standing in front of mirror. She had worn beautiful green Plazo suit. She was looking so pretty. She was thinking about him and smiling.

“Going somewhere?” Navya asked entering inside her room. Nandini nodded her head positively, turning around.

“Yes to meet your  Rockstar.” She replied and Navya got happy to know this.

“I know you both need privacy but please just for one once , take me with you , please. I really want to meet him. ” being Manik’s crazy fan , She requested Nandini and She couldn’t able to deny her best friend.

“Okay.” She said.  Navya jumping on her , hugged her tightly and thanked her.

“I hope , Manik will not have any problem with this.” She thought in her mind.


Manik was all ready for the date in black jeans and white shirt. But he was not aware about that his date plan had been spoiled by Navya. He was about to leave his room when his phone beeped up. He smiled , seeing Nandini message.

But after reading her message , his smiled vanished away. “Navya , my friend is also coming tonight. She really wants to meet you and she requested me. I couldn’t able to deny her. I hope that you have no problem.”

“It’s okay , Nandini.” He sent the message. He was little sad but he again got happy when a idea came in his mind to spend alone time with Nandini at date even if Navya would also come with her also. He again smiled and walked outside of his room.


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