Love Story (Part : 6 The Mysterious Person)

He immediately check his phone after waking up and became happy seeing her reply.

“Thank you for understanding me and i hope, i can trust you”he smiled, reading her message.

“One day , you will trust me Nandini” he spoke confidently , looking toward the phone screen . He was having full confident that one day she would surely trust him but it was not going to be easy.

“Good morning”he send the message and waited for her reply. He was getting desperate to talk with her. He was falling in love with her slowly slowly. He was the Rockstar , behind whom , million of girls were crazy. But he was crazy for one girl and that girl was Nandini Kapoor. He was in love with her pure and beautiful soul. He didn’t want to lose her at any cost.

On the other side , Nandini came out from the bathroom taking bath. She was looking very pretty in pink off shoulder top and black jeans. Her long wet hair were making her more beautiful. She started cleaning her room. Her eyes fell on her phone and she felt like to check the phone. She smiled lightly seeing his message which was received few minutes ago.

“Good morning”she replied back with the smiley emoji , setting on bed.

There , he was waiting for her message from five minutes. He became happy seeing her reply and that smiley emoji made him more happy. That emoji also made him remind of her beautiful smile which was very precious for him.

“Can we meet , today?”he sent the message with expectation that she would get agree to meet him.

Reading his message , Nandini thought for a moment. Then She started typing her answer.

“Sorry but today it is not possible. I have work in my art gallery. After that i have appointment with Doctor for Regular check of Dad”she sent the message but felt bad to deny like this.

On the other side , Manik became little sad , reading her reply because he really wanted to meet her.

“Actually tonight i am going out of Mumbai for a video shoot. I want to see you before going. Because it is a one week tour.”he sent the message making sad face. He was going out of town for 1 week and before that he really wanted to meet her. For the first time , he was feeling like to cancel the shoot because he couldn’t able to spend a week without seeing her. He met her two days before only and in two days only , she did a magic on him.

“I thought to spend a whole day with you”he send another message before getting her reply.

“I am really sorry but today it is not possible. We can meet after 1 week”he sadly read her message. For her it was very easy to say that they could meet after 1 week. But she didn’t know that for him , spending one week without seeing her was very difficult.

“It’s okay. Don’t be sorry , i can understand” he replied her. He took deep breath then keeping the phone on side table , he went to take bath.

“I am so sorry Manik. I would have asked you too meet me at Art gallery but I don’t want you to come there.” She thought, looking at phone screen. She was feeling sad after denying him. But now the question was that why she didn’t want him to come at her Art Gallery.


He was standing under the shower and thinking that how to meet her. “I will meet her today or else i will cancel the shoot”he said in serious tone , turning off the shower.

He came outside , wrapping towel around his lower body. He looked toward his phone as it was ringing. He picked up the phone from table.

“Yes Peter , I remember that we have to leave tonight.” He shouted , picking up the phone. Peter was his Personal Assistant who always made him remember about his events and song recording.

“Boss , is there any problem ? You are shouting on me for the first time and that too , without any reason” Peter said disbelievingly because for the first Manik shouted on him. Listening his words , He realised his mistake. He took a deep breath , closing his eyes.

“I am sorry Peter , i will call you later on” he cut the phone after saying this.

“This girl is making me crazy. I shouted on Peter without any reason”Manik thought holding his head.


Ram was sitting on sofa. Nandini hugged him tightly, wrapping her hand around his neck.

“Good morning my Pyaare pyaare daddy (loving Daddy)” she wished him cutely after kissing his cheeks from behind.

“Good morning, Daddy’s Princess”He wished her after kissing her hands. She smiled broadly in response.

“Just coming in two minutes”she went in kitchen to make coffee.

“Hot hot coffee is ready” after few minute, she came back with two cup of coffee. Both passed each other smile. She gave him one cup of coffee , sitting beside him.

“Nandini , Are you happy ?”he asked after taking one sip of coffee. Nandini gave him confused looks.

“Yes , i am happy papa”she replied back immediately , putting her one hand on his face. His father smiled , listening her words. Then they started drinking coffee with their usual conversation and jokes.


“Where are you going so early in the morning without even taking your breakfast ?”Manik got stopped on the doorstep , listening Zoya words. He turned back and found her standing in front of him.

“Bhabhi, it is important work” he lied immediately looking at him.

“Manik , you know that you can’t lie in front of me. Are you going to meet Nandini ?” She caught his lie and he looked at her shockingly.

“Bhabhi , how you always come to know everything?” He said like a small baby in crying tone and she laughed on him.

“Because Devar ji (brother-in-law) , you don’t even know that how to lie”she said , controlling her laugh. He gave her sad looks.

“What’s going on ?”Neyonika asked coming toward them happily.

“Maa , your son was leaving the house without taking breakfast”Listening Zoya’s words , Neyonika gave him angry looks. He gave his mother sorry looks.

“Manik beta , i told you many times that we should not leave the house without taking breakfast”Neyonika scolded him and he made sad pout.

“Maa , now we don’t need to be worried about him . Now His wife is coming to take care of him.”Zoya said to Neyonika.

“Bhabhi..” He said looking toward Zoya.

“What ? Maa , Have i said something wrong ?” She asked from Neyonika and she nodded her head negatively. Manik made faces.

“Maa , he is going to meet Nandini.” Zoya told her while Manik closed his eyes.

“So why are you standing here Manik ,go. Meri hone wali bahu ko zada itzar mat karna” Neyonika said and Zoya laughed covering her mouth with her hands. Manik left after nodding his head.


Manik was going to meet her in Art Gallery without informing her. On the other hand Nandini reached Art Gallery. She used to sell there the paintings which she used to make herself. She was a great Artist. She entered inside happily. Then only somebody pinned her on the wall from behind , holding her one hand at the back and other hand , he pinned on the wall.

“You bastard, leave me”she shouted angrily , trying to come out from his grip. The person laughed crazily, holding her hand tightly from behind. She became more angry.

She came out from his hold , putting her full force. She was about to slap him tightly but before she could, he stopped her holding her hand and then spoke

“No , baby doll. You can’t slap me” She gave him disgusting looks.

“Leave my hand”she shouted angrily looking toward him. He was just smirking , looking at her.

“I heard that you are getting married. How can it be possible ? You love me and marrying to someone” He said after leaving her hand. Nandini was looking at him angrily.

“I don’t love you. I hate you”she shouted angrily.

“But I remember , you said that you love me”he said like a psycho lover.

“It was a mistake. Now just Get lost from here , get out”she shouted loudly pushing him out of her Art Gallery.

“You are Mine , Nandini. You can’t marry anybody” he left after saying this. Nandini walked inside , holding her head.

“Hello”she heard a male voice and immediately turned back. She sighed when she found Manik standing in front of her , having a cute smile on his face. His smile worked like a magic on her as It made her forget her all worries.

He had worn black jacket and also worn the hoodie of the jacket. He removed the hoodie , looking at her.

“Hi”he said forwarding his hand in front of her.

“Hey”she said holding his hand and immediately withdrew it.

Finally he looked around and started admiring her beautiful Art Gallery. He was loving all the paintings , not knowing that the all the paintings were made by her. When he was busy admiring her paintings. Nandini was looking toward the door worriedly. She was scared about that person. She sighed after locking the door.

“I must say , Nandini. Whosoever made these paintings. He is a great Artist”he said looking toward her and she gave him small smile.

“These all paintings are made by me”she told him casually and he looked toward her shockingly , widening his eyes.

“Really ?”he asked unbelievably walking more close toward her. She nodded her head in response.

“That’s mean , my would be wife is such a great Artist. “he said happily looking at her. She gave him small smile. He was smiling broadly.

“I am so lucky that i am getting marry to such a great Artist” he said happily.

“Even i am lucky that i am marrying to a person who is great and a popular singer”she spoke looking at him.

“You know , my one friend is crazy for you. I didn’t even told her that i am marrying to you”she told him happily about her friend and his crazy fan . He smiled , listening her words.

“I am scared, what will be her reaction”she spoke looking at him and found him staring at one painting. She became little sad when she saw that painting.

“This is so beautiful piece of work “he said walking toward that painting and she walked behind him. In that painting , a mother was feeding her child, sitting under the tree.

“I have never seen my mother. She died after giving birth to me. I drew this painting, imagining her feeding me. I wanted her to feed me like this”she said in sad tone , looking toward the painting. Manik was looking toward her sadly. Her father had given her everything but it said true that no one can take place of a mother.


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