Love Story (Part : 8 Falling In Love)

(Shining In The Shade In Sun Like A Pearl Up On The Ocean

Come And Feel Me

O Heal Me

Umm Waise To Maan Mera

Phele Bhi Raaton Mein

Aksar Hi Chahat Ke Haan

Sapne Sanjota Tha

Phele Bhi Dhadkan Yeh

Dhun Koi Gaati Thi

Par Abb Jo Hota Hai Woh

Phele Na Hota Tha)

After the tea session. Kids forced Manik to sing. Nandini denied them but Manik  agreed to sing for them. He started singing for them. Nandini got lost in his song. She knew that he was singing for her. For the first time , she was listening his song live in front of her eyes. And that too , he was singing the song for her. She felt special and good. He was singing the song through the core of his heart. He was saying to her through his song that before meeting her also , his heart used to prepare dream at night and it also used to beat . But after meeting her whatever is happening with him , it didn’t use to happen before.

(Tera Hone Laga Hoon

Khone Laga Hoon

Jab Se Mila Hoon)

He completed the song indirectly conveying all his feelings to her. He said that from the day he met her , he started becoming her. He started losing himself and started getting lost in her.

All the kids clapped happily when he completed his song. Manan were looking at each other , having smile on their faces. He was sitting on the chair and she was standing beside him. Kids were super happy and Manan got lost in each other.

“Now we will take selfie with Bhaiya. Didi please give your phone to us” Listening kid words , Manan came on the earth back. Nandini gave her phone to him.

“Yippee… we will take Selfie with our rockstar” All the kids gone crazy and ran toward Manik. In this , they pushed Nandini. And She directly  fell on his lap. She held his shirt’s collar , closing her tightly. He stared her from so close , holding her arms. Slowly Opening her eyes , she looked into his eyes innocently and they again got lost in each other. Their heart beat became fast and their breath also became heavy. Sitting in his lap , she was feeling safe and good. Like always , his touch was making each and every dead cell of her body alive. They went to another world , forgetting everything. They could feel each other hot breath because they were so close to each other.

“Hahah..” listening Kids laugh, they both came back to the earth. She immediately tried to get up but couldn’t as the chain which she was wearing around her neck , it got stuck with his shirt button. They again looked into each other eyes. She  tried to remove the chain hurriedly but couldn’t. Kids were laughing and clicking their pictures in Nandini’s phone.

“Wait” he asked her to stop , showing his hand.

“Let me do this”he said and she nodded her head positively , looking at him. He started removing the chain from his shirt button. She looked at him without blinking her eyes.

“It’s done”he said looking at her. She got up immediately without looking at him.

Then kids started taking pictures with Manik and pushed Nandini also towards Manik for taking selfies with them. Manan looked at each other when their body got touched with each other. They both smiled , looking toward the phone for selfie.

“I think, i should leave now , Nandini”he said after seeing the time in his wrist watch. Nandini nodded her head in response.

“So , we will meet again” he said and smiled , looking at her. She smiled back.

“Bye bacho. It was so nice to meet you all”he said to kids.

“Bye Rockstar”all kids  said together and Manan smiled , looking at them. Last time looking at Nandini and after wearing his hoodies and shades , he walked out from there. Nandini stood there silently like a statue, thinking about him. She also smiled like an idiot  , thinking about him. This shows that she was also falling in love with him slowly slowly. How could anyone would not fall in love with the person like Manik. After being so rich and popular, he was so down to the earth. He was not arrogant at all. He used to behave so nicely with everyone. She had never thought the person like Manik would be like this. But She was happy that he was proving her wrong.


Zoya was helping Manik in packing of bag and Muskan was entertaining them with her cute talks.

“Chahu , Musu teliye dhel  sale toys lana (Musu ke liye dher sare toys lana). Et mu.. mummy ke naam ka , et daddy ke naam ka aur dadu , dadi , cabil chahu , Mukti massi. Sabke nam ka musu ke liye toys. (Chahu , bring lots of toys for Muskan)” she cutely said , looking at Manik. Zoya and Manik smiled looking at her.

“Chahu , smajh gye na aap achai se ? ( do you understand Properly , Chachu ?)”she asked cutely and Manik nodded her head positively, looking at her. She smiled cutely , showing her all teeth to them.

“But Musu , chahu ko ek bat smajh nhi ae ki agar aap sabke nam ke toys le logi toh Chahu unke liye kuch na lae” Manik asked , moving his eyebrows up and waited for her reply.

“Ale chahu , aisa nhi hai.. aap sabke liye lao lekin musu ko sabke naam ka toys chayie. Jese mumma mule (mujhe) , sabke naam ka khana khilati , vese hi mule sabke naam ka toys chayie “Muskan explained her Chahu smartly while Zoya was shocked that her trick of making her eat food had backfired her.

“Musu , don’t try to be act over smart. Okay. Manik bring only one toy for her” Zoya said strictly.  Muskan sat down , making sad pout.

“No mumma , this is very wrong.”she said angrily looking at Zoya. Zoya stared at her angrily.

“Chahu will bring lots of toys for his baby doll”As soon as Manik said this , she hugged Manik tightly jumping on him. He hugged her back , having smile on his face. Zoya was about to say something but Manik blinked his eyes.


“Bye Mom”Manik said , hugging Neyonika before ,sitting in car. She kissed his forehead, cubbing his face. He was leaving for Delhi. Zoya was also standing, holding Muskan in her arms.

“Bye bhabhi ” he said  , looking at Zoya.

“Have a save journey”Zoya said with the smile.

“Bye , my baby doll”he said kissing Muskan’s cheeks.

“Chahu , bye. And chahu , don’t forget about my toys”she said again making him remember about her toys. They all laughed , listening her words. Manik sat inside the car and waved his hand , looking at them through the window.


Before going to Airport, Manik came to meet Nandini at her house. He stopped the car in front of her house. He  just wanted to see Nandini again before leaving for 1 week. He called her after coming out of his car.

Nandini was reading novels, sitting in her room when her phone rang up. She took her phone from the table. Automatically a small smile came on her face ,seeing the caller id.

“Hello”she said immediately picking up the call.

“Come in the balcony , i want to see you” she became confused, listening his words.

“Are you here?”she asked shockingly.

“Yes, now will you please come”he requested.

“I am coming”she spoke and ran outside. When she ran , the Ziggling sound came out from the payal.

She got shocked to find him standing downstairs with support of his car at night. His one hand was inside his jeans pocket and from other hand , he was holding the phone . He smiled , looking at her. He was looking so smart like always.

“What are you doing here at this time ?”she asked on the phone , looking at him for answer.

“I wanted to see you for the last time before leaving.”he spoke and looked at her , making innocent face. Nandini became silent for a minute, listening his words. They stared each other silently for few minutes.

“You are looking so beautiful in the moonlight”he spoke breaking the silence. She smiled, listening his words. His compliment like always made her smile.

“Thank you”she thanked him in low voice , looking at him. Manik held the phone from his other hand.

“I think , you should leave or else you will miss your flight”she spoke with smile.

“First you go inside , then only i can able to leave from here. Or else i will keep staring you like this. You don’t even know, what  you are doing to me.” He got so lost in her that he said whatever was going in his mind. She looked at him shockingly , widening her eyes.

“I think , I should leave now” He immediately cut the phone saying this after realising that what he had said to her. He sat inside the car without, looking at her. She laughed crazily seeing his acts.

“You are big idiot Manik. What  she will be thinking about you” he scolded himself after sitting inside the car and made cute faces like a small baby.


Zoya was making Muskan sleep but she was showing tantrums. She was lying , hugging her mother. Adi was going crazy because he wanted to sleep after getting good night kiss from his wife but his daughter was not ready to sleep. He made sad pout , looking at Zoya.

“Aww.. poor baby”Zoya mouthed , looking at Adi. He looked at her pleadingly . Through his eyes , he was requesting her to make Muskan sleep fast.

“Musu , now sleep baby. Or else police will take you and lock you up in the jail” Zoya tried the best way to make her daughter sleep.

“Really mumma ?”she asked , looking at her mother , having fear in her eyes. Zoya nodded her head positively . She hugged her mother tightly and then with in few minutes, she fell asleep. Zoya looked toward Adi and found him looking at her having smile on his face.

“Great job Mrs. Malhotra”Adi said ,getting impressed with her wife. Zoya smiled , listening his words.

“Now it’s your turn to do your job , Mr. Malhotra”she said and he immediately understood about which job she was talking about.

“Come fast”he got up after this and went to washroom , last time looking at her.

Zoya carefully came out from her daughter arms and made her sleep with teddy. She covering her with blanket properly ,  She also went to washroom , kissing her princess forehead. As soon as she entered inside the washroom, Adi slammed her lips with his lips after pinning her both hands on the wall , above her head. Their kiss was showing their desperation and also showing that how crazily they loved each other.


Manik was sitting in lounge and waiting for announcement  of his flight.

“Hi”he sent the message to Nandini on Instagram, hoping to get her reply.

“Hi”he smiled broadly , getting her reply.

“Still you haven’t boarded your flight”he got her another message with in few second.

“Flight has been 1 hour delayed”he replied back immediately.

“So i am here to pass your time , don’t worry”he smiled broadly , reading her next message. Her message showed him that she was getting comfortable with him and this thing was making him super happy.

They talked to each other for half an hour about each other likes and dislikes. Then Manik asked her to send all the photos to him which kids had taken in the Art gallery. Nandini opened the photos in her phone gallery. She got lost seeing the photo of her and Manik. The photo had been clicked when she fell on his lap. In that picture , they both were looking deeply into each other eyes. They were looking so beautiful together. Automatically a smile came on her face , seeing that picture.

“What happened? send me the picture” she came on the earth back , when his another message popped up on the screen . He was getting desperate to see his pictures with Nandini.

Taking a deep breath , she send him all the pictures. Manik started seeing the pictures and like her , he also got lost in that same picture. He also understood that why she had taken so much time in sending the pictures to him.

“Beautiful”this word came out of his mouth automatically, seeing that picture.

“We are looking so perfect together, like made for each other”he said , zooming in  that picture.

“All pictures are beautiful and specially that one”he send the message , having smile on his face. Nandini also smiled , reading his message.

“I will message you after reaching at Delhi”he send the message to her when his flight name was announced. She sent him the smiley emoji in response. He got up , having smile on his face and went to board his flight. He could talk to her for 24/7 hours.

Keeping her phone on the side table , she tried to sleep but couldn’t because of Manik. She thought to read novel . She sat back and started reading novel. She smiled like a fool , thinking about Manik. On the other side , Manik was smiling , seeing their pictures , sitting in plane.

After 2 hours, the plane landed at Delhi Airport.

“Slept?”Manik messaged Nandini , coming out from the Airport. Expecting that he would not get her reply.

“No” But shockingly , he got her reply immediately. He stopped for a moment , making himself believe that he was not dreaming. He was feeling that she didn’t sleep because she was waiting for his message.

“You should sleep now. It’s too late.” He message her , sitting inside the cab which he had already booked in advance.

“I don’t know why but i am not feeling sleepy”Nandini messaged him. He chuckled, reading her message because same was happening with him too from the day , he met her.

“Okay. So , we will talk until you won’t fall asleep”he send her the message.

“No , You should sleep. Tomorrow you will be having lot of work to do” she liked his idea but she sent the message , thinking about him. Which showed that she cared for him.

“Okay. So , we will talk until I won’t sleep.” She smiled reading his message.

“Okay”he smiled , reading her message. He was happy because she got agreed.


Manik called her after getting fresh. He was standing in balcony of his room and seeing the stars. On the other side , Nandini was sitting at the window and staring the stars. She was waiting for his phone call. Her phone which she was holding in her hand , started ringing. She immediately picked it up without seeing the caller id , having smile on her face. But as soon as , she heard the voice of the person from the other side of phone. Her face became pale. She immediately cutting the call , threw the phone on floor angrily.

When Manik called her. He got confused thinking that with whom she would be talking at late night as her number was coming busy. He didn’t call her again , thinking that might be she had slept. Then he  went inside and laid on the bed. He fell asleep, seeing their pictures.

“Should i tell Manik about him?”She asked this question from herself, lying down on bed.



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