Love Or Sin (Part : 42 A Night)

Manan were in the car , they were going back home after visiting Shivansh . They left his mansion after leaving Mukti with Shivansh. Cabir was out of India.

Nandini was completely silent after meeting Shivansh. Manik tried to talk to her but she didn’t respond. She was blaming herself for Shivansh’s condition and the guilt was killing her from inside. She never wanted to see him in this condition, never. He was in so much pain because of her and she couldn’t do anything to make him feel better.

“Nandini…” Manik called her when the driver stopped the car in front of his mansion. He closed his eyes dejectedly because she didn’t respond and kept staring straight. He opened eyes and in gesture , he asked driver to go because he wanted privacy.

“Nandini..” he shook her after holding her shoulders. She finally looked at him , having no emotion in her eyes.

“Star , it was written in our destiny , stop blaming yourself. One day , he will be fine. I’m with him. I need your support at this time , don’t fall weak , I really need you. Please, for me be strong.” He begged her to be strong. He couldn’t see her in this condition. He broke Shivansh’s heart for her happiness only. He was standing strong for her only. He wanted to see her happy.

“Shivansh is in so much pain , Manik. I broke his heart.” She started crying. “He loved me so much. I really didn’t want to hurt me. Why I couldn’t able to love him , why? I’m not feeling good, Manik. I broke his heart..” she burst in front of him.

“I’m so bad. I don’t deserve happiness. I hurt him so much.” Manik took her in his arms and she kept cursing herself. He let her cry and cried silently with her while hugging her tightly.


Mukti slowly walked inside Shivansh’s room , which was completely messed up , nothing was on its place. The room was dark, only a small yellow light was switched on. Shivansh was lying on floor , resting his arm on his forehead and his arm was partially covering his closed eyes and the broken bottle of scotch was also lying beside him. Mukti never thought that she would ever see Shivansh in this condition.

She was horrified seeing the blood which was oozing out from his feet because a small piece of glass was pierced in his feet. She immediately knelt down and slowly forwarded her hand to take out. She took her hand away and looked at Shivansh , having tears in her eyes. She hissed in pain and took the glass piece out. She was shocked because Shivansh didn’t respond. She threw the piece of glass away and walked toward his face.

“ Shivansh..” She knelt down and called him , putting her hand on his face.

“Na.., Nandini.” He uttered removing his arm from his forehead. He opened his eyes slowly and everything was blurry. Suddenly the small yellow light went off and the room became completely dark.

“Nandini.. , I knew that you will come back to me. I love you so much.” Shivansh sat in front of Mukti and cupped her face thinking that she was Nandini. He was not in his senses , he was completely drunk.

Before Mukti could stop him , he started kissing every inch of her face. Mukti couldn’t able to stop him. She got lost in his kisses. After every kiss , he was saying ‘I love you’. She didn’t come to know , when he started kissing her lips and then neck. She was completely lost in him. She knew that whatever , which was happening in between them, it was wrong but still , neither she could able to stop him , nor herself.

After sometime, Mukti and Shivansh’s clothes were scattered on floor. They were lying naked on floor. Shivansh was sleeping on his front , beside Mukti, wrapping his arms around her waist.

Shivansh was not in his senses and he spent the night with Mukti thinking that she was Nandini. Mukti knew about this but still he didn’t stop him , not even for once. She became weak in front of her love.


Nandini was crying from more than one hour , sitting on the bed and holding her knees. Manik was sitting in front of her and trying to console her but it seemed like no word was affecting her. She was so lost in guilt. She was going in the darkness and Manik couldn’t let this happen. He couldn’t lost his star.

He cupped her face and captured her lips to bring her out of her thoughts which were taking her to darkness. She froze when his lips touched her lips. She was craving to feel his lips on her lips and finally this was the end of her cravings. As his lips started doing their magic , she forgot everything. He was softly kissing her lips which were like rose petals. He wanted to take away her all pain with this kiss. She was feeling like he was kissing her soul.

Her hands clutched the collars of his shirt and pulled him closer. They deepen the kiss and the soft kiss turned passionate. They were kissing each other hungrily like they were craving for this , from ages. They were completely lost in the kiss which was filled with love. This kiss made them forget all their pain.

After getting breathless, they broke the kiss and looked into each other deeply , breathing heavily.

“I love you , my star.” He whispered near to her lips while his thumbs were caressing her soft cheeks. Her hands left his collars and reached to his face.

“I’m sorry, Manik. I know , I’m becoming weak. But this guilt is killing me from inside. I know , you are also guilty but you are standing strong for me.” She touched her face with him and spoke out whatever was going in her mind.

“How , Manik ? How are you so strong? I also want to be strong like you.” She asked moving little away from him.

“Because of you , Nandini. You are my strength.” He said holding her hand with his both hands and his eyes were looking in her eyes.

“I’m tired , Manik , I’m so tired. When everything will get fine?” She uttered sadly bowing her head down.

“I want to live peacefully with you. But I can’t , I can’t live with this guilt.” She again started crying looking at him. He cupped her face and touched her face with her.

“Please , try to understand , Nandini. It’s not your fault. If you doesn’t love him , it’s not your fault. Please , stop blaming yourself , please.” He begged her to stop blaming herself.

“Trust me , everything will get fine. Just give some time. For me , please be strong. At this time , I really need you , my star. I need you a lot..” He also broke down in front of her and started crying with her because the guilt was killing him too but he was trying to be strong for her. He needed her support.

Nandini moved her face little away from him and her heart broke down when she saw him crying like this. She realised that she was becoming his weakness. At that moment , she decided to be strong for him , for her love. She would become his strength.

“I’m always with you , Manik. I love you.” She held his face between her hands and started kissing every inch of his face. She sucked his all tears. The way she was kissing him , he was feeling better. He felt like she was taking his pain away from him. Her kisses were doing magic on him. It said true that love can conquer any pain.

They didn’t come to know , when their lips met and started doing their magic. Nandini’s knees were around his thigh and her hands were in his hair. She was kissing him crazily like her life was dependent on this. Manik was responding her with equal flavour and tasting every inch of her mouth with his tongue. His one hand was inside her hair and other was on her face. They were kissing each other like there is no tomorrow.

“I love you , Manik.” She whispered resting her forehead on his forehead, as they broke the kiss. They were breathing heavily.

“I love you more , my star.” He whispered after pecking her lips. They smiled slightly looking into each other eyes. Their love was their only strength at this moment which was helping them to fight from their guilt.


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And what do you think , how will Shivansh react when he will come to know that he spent night with Mukti ?

Love Mehak


  1. Shock par shock 😲🤭 shivansh n mukti will end up like this 😲😲 Waiting for shivansh reaction subh toh ho 🤭🤭 nd Interesting one 🤩🤩

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  2. Ohhkayyyy so now what’s gonna happen with mukti 😣😣😣 hope shivansh try to move on
    Manan should be really strong and become each other’s strength to fight against the world and they will too because their love is true♥️♥️♥️

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Wow writer ji tum to bht barabar ki hisab kitab karti ho!! 😂😂 Shivansh n mukti ki romance kahani dikhaya to manan ko v q piche chodhna ryt?? 🤔 😉😉😉😉


  4. Pata tha mukti ko shivansh k life me lane k liye writer ye kandh karegi!! 😂😂😂 Mujhe nahi pata tumne aage shivansh ka reaction kya likha but iss trha se wo mukti ki aage faas jayega.. He’ll be bounded by this kind of unwanted relationship… 😒😒


  5. Ye kya?? I think pehle divorce ho jana chahiye.. Fir nandini ko manik k sth uska ghar jana chahiye.. Nahi to ye saab yeisa hi lagega na ki pati ko chodh k dusre mard k sth cheating kar rhi hai wo!! 🙄


  6. Awesome update diiiii……

    I seriously didnt thought shivansh and mukthi will ended up like this …..but u always surprises me by ur amazing writing skills…

    About manan they have to be each other strength …they have to face it with each other …..

    Loved it diiii…waiting to know shivansh reaction ……

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  7. Jitni bhi mushkil kyun na ho pyaar do tarfa ho yaa ek tarfa ho apne pyaar k hifazat woh har haal mein karta hain mukti ko pata hain use kabhi shivansh ki mohabbat nahin milegi lekin woh kabhi bhi apne farz se mukarti nahin aur chahein jo bhi ho kismat mein agar sari life dukhi rehne se better k cheeson ko time do kyunki humesha pehla step hi difficult hota hain uskein baad sabkuch dheere dheere asaan ho jata hain

    Painful but amazing update ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤@mehaklovely tytytytttttgyyyyyyyyssssssssssmmmmmmm for the update waiting for the next part eagerly

    Happy new year one second

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