Love Story (Part : 84 The Hot Honeymoon Begins)

“Don’t you want to go Disneyland with daddy and Mumma?” Adi asked from Muskan , standing in front of her. Muskan who was looking on another side angrily. She looked at her father with open mouth.

“When?” She stood up on bed and asked excitedly walking toward him.

“This Saturday.” As Adi told her , Muskan jumped on him. Like a monkey , she hugged him tightly , wrapping her hands around his neck and legs around his stomach. Adi chuckled and hugged her back.

“You are best daddy. I love you so much.” She said cheerfully. Adi smiled at Zoya who was already smiling at them. She showed him thumbs up and mouthed “ well done”.

To convince the stubborn kid like Muskan was a difficult task but her father can do anything to make her daughter happy. Nothing was more important than her for him.


Finally after 10 hours of journey, the plane was going to land. Nandini was so excited to know their honeymoon’s destination which was a surprise for her.

“What is this ?” Nandini asked confusingly from Manik after seeing a blindfold in the hand of Manik.

“I’m going to make you blindfold now. When we will reach in our room. Then, I will open it.” He told her , showing the a piece of cloth of red colour.

“Manik , I want to know. That’s not fair.” She complained like a small baby. He smiled and placed a kiss on her cheek. She blushed , looking at him.

“Everything is fair in a love and a war , angel.” He chuckled and tied the piece of cloth around her head. He was increasing her excitement.

With in an hour , they reached to their destination. Nandini was wearing black blazer but still she was feeling so cold. She understood that it was some cool place.

“Manik , Can I open this , now?” Nandini asked getting frustrated now. Manik smiled , standing behind her. Manik leaned down to kiss her neck , she froze on her place when she felt his hot breath on her neck. Her breath became heavy and she fisted the hem of her blazer. He started placing soft kisses on her neck and she got so lost in him that she didn’t even come to know when he removed the blindfold from her eyes and that piece of cloth was lying on floor now. Her eyes were closed and she was enjoying his touch which was not less than heaven for her.

He stopped kissing her neck and grinned, seeing the affect of him on her.

“Now , don’t you want to see that where are you ?” He asked coming close to her ear. She came on the earth back , listening his words and opened her eyes.

She was looking at the place with her wide open mouth and eyes. She found herself standing in the luxurious room made of glass. It was a circular room , the walls were made of glass and the outside view was clearly visible. The place outside their room was completely covered with snow. She found the place so beautiful. She was mesmerised and got lost in the beauty of that place.

Manik was smiling , looking at her. He planned all this to see her this expression only.

“This place is so beautiful.”She screamed turning toward him. “Which place is this ?”

“Finland..” he told her.

“I didn’t even know about such a beautiful place. Thank you so much for bringing me here, Manik. Really , this is so beautiful place.” She thanked him by hugging him tightly. He hugged her back , having smile on his face and kissed her hair. He wanted to see her happy like this always and for that , he could do anything. Her happiness was everything for him.

“I’m happy that you like this place.” Manik spoke after breaking the hug.

“I am in love with this place.” She went toward the glass wall and admired the outside view putting hand on the wall. The view was breathtaking beautiful. Trees and the whole ground was covered with snow.

Manik walked toward her. She shivered when his front body rubbed her back body. He wrapped his one hand around her waist and other hand , he kept on her hand which was on wall. Her heart started beating rapidly and her breath became uneven. His touch started making her crazy like always.

“And I am in love with you , angel.” He whispered in her ear. He bit her earlobe and she closed her eyes.

He turned her toward himself swiftly and he captured her lips after pinning her hand above her forehead , against the glass wall. Nandini was taken aback. He started kissing her lips hungrily like he was craving from ages. Nandini felt irritated because she wanted to touch him but he was not leaving her hands.

He broke the kiss and smirked looking at her , seeing that how she was struggling to make him leave her hands. “What do you want , angel?” He asked near to her lips.

“I want to touch you , Manik. Please , leave my hands.” She opened her eyes and requested him to leave her hands.

“Sure..” He said and left her hands.

As he left her hands ,she wrapped her arms around his neck and started kissing his lips like a wild cat after pulling down his face. Manik held her waist and pulled her closer to himself. He rubbed her front body up and down against her. She got completely turned on after his this move.

Her hands started removing his jacket , he broke the kiss and himself removed his jacket. She was opening the button of her blazer and he helped her in removing her blazer. He cupped her face and captured her lips, pulling her face upward after throwing her jacket in the corner of the room. After few minutes, he broke the kiss and hastily removed her pink colour top. He attacked toward her neck after throwing her top. She arched her back and threw her head back to give him complete access to her neck. He was nibbling and kissing every inch of her neck while his hands were squeezing her twins over the fabric. Nandini was completely lost in him. The temperature was so low but their body was on fire.

“I want to taste you , Can I ?” He asked in husky tone and Nandini understood that what he wanted to taste.

“You never have to ask , I’m all yours.” She blushed and he grinned , listening her words.

He knelt down in front of her and opened the button of her jeans. He started pulling down her jeans with her inner wear and his eyes were looking at his angel whose cheeks had become like a red tomato.

He pulled her jeans till her knees and looked down. “You are beautiful.” He looked at her and she blushed, closing her eyes.

“You are so wet.” He placed his hand on her throbbing inner thigh. She gasped when his hand touched her there and she closed her legs in response.

“Open your legs angel , I want to taste you.” He removed his hand from there and asked , looking at her.

She nodded her head and about to open her leg but he stopped her “Wait..” he pulled down her jeans and inner wear and she stepped out from them.

He held her hips and opened her legs looking into her eyes. He placed kisses on her milky thigh. Then he kissed her inner thigh. Nandini rested her hands on his shoulder for support. He started sucking and nibbling her inner thigh. She was moaning , digging her nails in his shoulder and fisting his hair. He was making her crazy and taking her to heaven. He held her one leg and sucked her hard after putting her leg on his shoulder.

Nandini was about to release but he stopped. She looked at him sadly.

“You know that I will let you cum when I will be inside you.” He smirked, looking her.

“Then do it fast.” She was irritated and yelled , holding the collars of his shirt.

“My desperate angel , I like it.” He got up and whispered coming close to her lips. She unbuttoned his jeans and started pulling down his jeans with the boxer hastily. He was grinning , seeing his angel who was so desperate for him.

“Let’s try something different today.” He said and she looked at him confusingly.

Don’t forget to tell , how do find the update. It just the beginning of their Honeymoon 😜.

Love Mehak


  1. Awesomee mindblowing update….
    Awww muskan ko kese manana hai usko parents achese jante hai dats y adi came up with the idea of Disneyland and as expected muakan left her anger and jumped on adi like a monkey aww she is so damn cute…
    Hehe nandu is do much excited to see the place bt manik had other plans he made where blindfold so she wont know where they are which made nandu agitated bt still she went along with it bt she got an idea it is an cold place as it was chilly even with her wearing a jacket…
    Ate he dono ka honeymoon chalu hou gaya she nandu happy made manik excited for her and they had an hot make out which made nandu hungry for manik…
    Bt now wants to try something new what can it be??


  2. From Muskan’s side it was so so cute & beautiful

    From our manan’s idea it was carefree,full of love & promise with hot romance without any hurry & with full of hotness 🔥🔥🔥

    Liked by 1 person

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