Love Story (Part : 85 Family Planning)

“Something different, tomorrow. I just need you right now.” She grabbed the collars of his shirt and pulled him toward herself. He grinned seeing his angel who was so desperate for him like he was for her. But he didn’t miss any chance to tease her because he love to see her desperation for him , it turned him on.

“Your wish is my command, madam.” He pulled away from her and started opening the button of his shirt , staring in her eyes. Nandini bit her lower lip, seeing his hot muscular body. After throwing his shirt, he pulled down his jeans and boxer and came out of it. She was amazed to see his erection. She was looking down at him with wide open mouth. He smiled at her.

“This is what , you do to me , angel.” He whispered coming close to her. She blushed looking at him.

“Please…” she begged him , closing her eyes when he rubbed himself against her inner thigh.

“Please, what angel?” He smirked still moving moving back and forth against her.

“Please, come inside me.” She screamed and next moment, he was deep inside her.

“I love you..” he murmured and captured her lips. He started thrusting her hard and fast putting his hands on the wall around her face. He wrapped her one leg around his waist and entered inside her deeper. Leaving her lips , he attacked toward her neck. Her hands were fisting his hair and scratching his back. Their body was on fire. Knots started forming in her stomach and she exploded with him , screaming loudly.

He came out of her. She rested her head on his shoulder. Both were panting after their make out session.

He took his angel to bed , holding her in his arms. He laid her down on the bed , she was in her bra only. He placed the kiss on her forehead before covering her with the white blanket. She was smiling at him wholeheartedly. After wearing his boxer, he laid down beside her. As he came inside the blanket with her , she rested her face on his chest and wrapped her arm around his waist. He smiled and kissed her head , embracing her warmly.

“Feeling sleepy?” He asked after few minutes because he wasn’t feeling sleepy and he knew that she was also awake.

She raised her head and shook her head negatively, looking at him. “I’m thinking.” She murmured.

“Thinking about what ?” He asked raising his eyebrows.

“Just thinking about my life that how it changed after meeting you. I’m happy because of you but I’m scared too.”

“Scared of what , angel?” He narrowed his eyes.

“Leave it , I don’t want to talk about this.” Manik glared at him , listening her words. She made a sad pout and there he melted.

“Don’t keep the things inside you , angel. Please, I’m requesting you.” He pleaded her , cupping her face.

“Manik , it is useless and I don’t want to talk about these things because they disturb my mind. Try to understand, please..”She requested and he nodded his head positively, understanding her.

“I’m sorry.” She felt sorry for spoiling his mood.

“Hey idiot , Don’t be sorry. I understand , but never forget that I’m there for you always.” He stroked her face , looking deeply in her eyes.

She smiled and murmured “I love you” she kissed his lips softly after cupping his face.

“Manik…”she suddenly screamed loudly and stared at him after breaking the kiss. He looked at her , raising his eyebrows.

“You didn’t use the condom.” She yelled and he smiled making her confused.

“So what ? I know. I didn’t use it intentionally.” She stared at him shockingly.

“I will get pregnant,Manik. Don’t you think, it would be so soon to have kids ?” She asked.

“Angel, this is the right time and you know that I love kids. Don’t you want ?”As he asked , she shook her head.

“I also love kids , Manik. But I want to spend some alone time with you. It’s just that I think , it is too early to think about babies.” She explained him her point of view.

“Then leave everything on god , okay ?”

“Okay..” she smiled and stroked her nose with his nose.

“By the way how many kid do you want ?”She asked looking at him and he was playing with her hair.

“As many as possible.” She shook head in disbelief on his answer. He was grinning.

After spending the first beautiful night of their honeymoon, both fell asleep peacefully in each other arms while talking to each other and staring the sky , full of stars , from the glass ceiling.


Next morning

Nandini snuggled in his arms more and more because she was feeling cold. Manik was already awake and he smiled hugging her tightly.

“Are you feeling cold , angel ?” He asked concernedly.

“It is too cold here.” She whispered in sleepy tone.

Manik tried to pull her away but she hugged him more tightly. “Angel , leave me for a minute . Let me switch on the heater.”

“Why did you switch it off ?” She complained like a small baby.

“Because you were burning me with your hotness.” She smiled against his chest , listening the compliment.

“Do it fast.” She ordered him ,coming out of his arms , her eyes were still closed. He smiled , looking at her. He found her so cute. She covered her face also with the blanket when Manik moved to pick up the remote from side table. He chuckled after looking at her and switched on the heater.

“Do you want to sleep more , angel ?” He asked , keeping back the remote on the side table. She was sleeping from twelve hours and he was waiting for her to wake up from three long hours.

“What is the time ?” She asked after taking her face out from the blanket. Her eyelids flickered before it get completely opened. Manik smiled, finding her cute.

“It’s 1pm.” He told her , tucking her hair behind her ears which were coming on her face.

“I slept so much and I’m still feeling sleepy. I’m wasting my time in sleeping on my honeymoon. I’m such a big idiot.” She cried like a small baby. Manik was smiling because he was finding her so cute.

“It’s okay , angel. We have so many days.” He leaned onto her and kissed her cheeks.

She smiled , wrapping her arms around his neck. “Good morning” She kissed his lips after moving upward. He kissed her back , grabbing her hair.

“By the way , it is good evening , angel.” He said after breaking the kiss and both chuckled , looking at each other.

“You get fresh. I’m making the coffee.” He said after kissing her forehead.

He climbed out of the bed only in boxer and and gave her , his shirt. The temperature of room became normal now.


She was buttoning the shirt and seeing him making the coffee, standing in the open kitchen. He was standing facing his back to her , only in boxer. His hot body was making her crazy and increasing her desire. He turned his face behind and smiled at her. She smiled back and stepped down from bed. She went to bathroom to get fresh , last time glancing at her hot husband.


Manik was pouring the coffee into the mugs from the pan when Nandini walked out from the bathroom after getting fresh. She sauntered toward him. She wrapped her arms around his naked body from behind and rested her face on his back. Manik smiled , putting the pan on the platform. He held her one hand and kissed the knuckles gently before turning toward her.

“My shirt is suiting you more.” He complimented her holding her shoulders and she flushed.

“And I wanna suggest you something.” She smirked.

“What?” He asked raising his eyebrows.

“You should not wear clothes because you look better without clothes.” She trailed down her index fingertip from his chest to waist and her eyes were looking at him.

“Really ?” He snaked his arm around her waist and asked , pulling her toward himself. Her chest pressed against his chest. She nodded her head.

“And you should not wear panty , so that I have a complete access to this , all the time.” He whispered while rubbing her inner thigh with his free hand. She closed her eyes and pressed her lips together in response.

“Our coffee is getting cold , angel.” He left her and turned to pick up the coffee mugs. She was standing still because he left her after increasing her desire.

“What happened?” He asked after turning toward her , holding the mugs in his hands like he didn’t know anything.

“Do you want something else ?” He smirked and she glared at him.

“No , I want coffee only.” She went to the glass wall after snatching the mug from his hand. He chuckled , looking at her and took one sip of the coffee.

She was drinking her coffee , looking at the outside view which was so beautiful. The whole area was covered with the snow. Trees were completely covered with snow. She was lost in the beauty of nature while Manik was busy admiring the beauty of his wife. He was drinking the coffee , leaning against the kitchen’s platform and his one elbow was rested on it.

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Love Mehak


  1. Awesomee mindblowing update…
    Update he manan ke hot love making se start hua and when they where nandu realised they didnt used a condom for which manik said he wants children with her a s it was time bt nandu had doubts abt it so manik just said to leave everything on god he will make everything fine and manik wants as many kids as nandu can give him he is unbelievable hehe….
    Seeing nandus antics manik was finding her super cute and was admiring her as she was looking like angel aur tou woh manik ko chod he nahi rahi thi when he wanted to turn on heater as she was cold uff stubborn nandu br finally she left him…
    Hayeee hayeee unka morning romance was hot poor nandu manik uso excited karke bich mai chod deya And was acting as if nothing happened which made nandu angry bt manik was just enjoying it and admiring his lovely wife as she was admiring outside view…

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  2. And please do t make her pregnant so soon it’s request so some post where they post pictures on Instagram and all and yes some pictures what they where how they are standing and like u were posting on Wattpad

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  3. Amazing 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥❤❤❤❤❤❤❤speechless best weekend update it is

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