Love Story (Part : 86 First Morning of Honeymoon)

Manik was standing behind Nandini , he leaned down. “Lunch first or a bath with me?”He whispered in her ear, taking the empty mug from her hand.

She turned toward him and encircled her arms around him. “You..” she kissed his lips passionately before answering him. Both smiled at each other after the kiss.

“I think bath is the better option to give you what you want.” She blushed on his words , moving her eyelashes down.

“I just come.” He walked from there after kissing her forehead. He put the mug on the kitchen slab. Then he went toward the bathtub which was inside the room only , in front of bed. He leaned down and turned on the tap. The bathtub started filling with the warm water.

“Come..” he forwarded his hand and called her after turning toward her. She smiled and sauntered toward him. She stopped few inches away from him and started opening the buttons of her shirt , looking at him sexily. He was staring down and his look , aroused her. She removed her shirt and gently dropped it down on floor , beside her , staring at him. He was amazed to see his wife who was becoming bold. She was standing in front of him , only in her bra now.

She leaned down to turn off the tap and he became hard , seeing her bare ass.

“Let’s take a bath now.” She whispered , coming close to him. She was feeling shy but trying to hide it with her boldness and he was aware of this.

He grabbed her hips and pulled her toward himself. She stared at him with her wide eyes. “I am liking your boldness, angel.” He murmured , squeezing her hips. She moaned softly , closing her eyes.

“But I love the way , you shy.” He whispered after leaving her hips. She opened her eyes and smiled at him.

Then he stepped inside the bathtub and gave her his hand. She put her hand on him. As he held her , she walked inside the bathtub. Both settled down comfortably there.

They were sitting in relaxation position. She was sitting in between his legs , resting her head on his shoulder and her eyes were looking at him. Manik’s one hand was wrapped above her chest and other was stroking her cheeks.

“Manik , our love will remain like this always,right ?” She asked suddenly.

“No..” he stated making her looked at him shockingly.

“Our love will become stronger with time.” He said and kissed her cheeks making her smile.

“I want this only.” She held his hand with her both hands and kissed his knuckles.

He started placing soft kisses all over her neck. Nandini was enjoying the touch of his lips with her closed eyes. He pulled down the strap of her bra with his hand and kissed her shoulder. His hands pulled down the fabric of her bra and cupped her both twins. He squeezed them and gently bit her shoulder , making her moan.

“These are so soft , I love to play with them.” He whispered in her ear while massaging her twins. “Do you liking it?”

“Yes..” she screamed, as he pinched her nipples. He smiled against her neck where he was kissing.

“It’s time to give you what you want.” He whispered , rubbing his stubble against her cheeks while his one hand reached down , inside the water. She threw her head back and scratched his arms when he started making circle on her clit with his index and middle finger. He started rubbing it vigorously making her moan loudly. He was still playing with her twins with his other hand. He was kissing and nibbling her neck and shoulder.

He started entering his index finger inside her slowly and she squeezed her eyes. He took it deep inside her and then take it out. He did this for few more time and then increased the speed of his finger , adding the middle finger too. He was taking her to heaven with the pleasure. He was thrusting her with his two finger rapidly and the thumb was rubbing her clit. She was moaning loudly, jerking her head. Knots started forming in her stomach and her legs started shaking.

“Yes angel , cum for me.” Manik whispered and she exploded on his finger , screaming his name loudly and digging her nails into his arms. He took his finger out and smiled, looking at her. She was panting after the intense orgasm. She rested her head on his chest exhaustingly.

“I love you.” He murmured and kissed her lips.

“I love you more.” She confessed and both smiled, looking into each other eyes.


Both got dressed up for going out. As they walked outside , Nandini jumped and hugged Manik tightly, feeling cold. The sun was shining brightly but still it was so cold outside. She was wearing blazer over sweater but still she was feeling cold. He placed his hands around her , having smile on his face.

“I think , it is better to remain inside, Manik.” She suggested, hugging him tighter.

“Agree with you , let’s go.” Manik teased her and moved toward the door , holding her in his arms.

“I want to see this beautiful place and click so many beautiful pictures with you.” She said excitedly after breaking the hug. He was smiling at her.

“Let’s first go to eat lunch because I’m starving.” He cried like a baby moving his hand on his stomach.

“So cute , my baby.” She pulled his cheeks and he grinned.

“But before lunch, I want to do something.” She said in serious tone, moving away from him. His brows creased in worry.

She bent down suddenly and he was looking at her , narrowing his eyes. She was making him confused. Next movement, she picked up the snow in her both hands , on which she was wearing gloves. Next moment, she threw on him before he could cover himself.

“Nandini..” he yelled stepping backward and she giggled.

“Now , you see me.” He bent down and started making big balls of the snow.

“Manik , please, no.” He stood up , holding the two big balls in his hands and she hid her face with her both hands. He grinned and threw the balls on her , one by one. She screamed jumping backward and he laughed seeing her. Then they got engaged in their snow fight.

They were fighting like small kids , running behind each other to throw the snow , laughing , giggling , shouting , enjoying the moment to the fullest , forgetting about all the tension of life.


After having lunch , they clicked so many pictures. Manik hired a personal photographer to click their honeymoon pictures. They clicked selfies too. He uploaded one picture on Instagram for his fans who were waiting for his pictures from honeymoon eagerly. He uploaded it with caption “Spending best time of my life with the best person , my wife , my angel , my world.”

He showed it to Nandini when they were sitting at the backseat of car. They were going for skiing. Nandini smiled to the fullest and her eyes glowed up , reading the caption. He smiled , looking at her and his smile reached to his eyes.

Her eyes moved up , from the phone screen to him and she murmured “I love you..”

He moved his face forward and leaned down to kiss her forehead gently. She closed her eyes in response , feeling the touch of his lips on her skin. “I love you more.” He whispered looking into her eyes and touched his forehead with her.

They settled down comfortably. Nandini was looking out of the window , admiring the beautiful place.

“You know , I was getting so many messages to upload at least one picture of us of honeymoon and when I uploaded it , now I am getting messages to upload more pictures because one is not enough.” He chuckled and she smiled at him.

“Your fans are crazy for you , Manik.”

“And I’m crazy for you.” She smiled broadly looking at him , listening his words.

“I never asked this but now I want to know that why me , Manik ? So many girls would have proposed you , right ? But why me?”She suddenly asked and he was just smiling.

“You are different Nandini , completely different in every way from others. No other girl made me feel like the way you make me feel. When I look at you , I feel like to keep looking at you all day. You have touched my soul , angel. You are not a part of my life , you are my life. I’m nothing without you. I felt complete after meeting you.” He told her that how different she was from others. She just hugged him , getting speechless. Manik embraced his world safely in his arms and kissed her head.

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Love Mehak


  1. Such lovely chapter it is😍😍😍😍 their snow fight is so damn cutee😘🥰
    The answer he gave for her question was so beautiful ❤️❤️❤️

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  2. Awesomee mindblowing update…
    Manan ka bathroom romance was so damn hott the way nandu was trying to be bold and at the same time be all shy made manik get excited for her and the they had such a hot hot moment for them in that bath tub which was hot and sexy….
    Manan can always be themself when they are with each other as the way manik was cribbing about being hungry which nandu found soo cute and them they had a classic snow fight which made them forget about everything which was around them other than themself which was lovely to see…
    Manik ke fans manik se ketna pyaar krte hai that they wanted to see his pics from his honeymoon which he did by uploading a picture of him with nandu which such a beautiful caption which made his fans to request for more….
    The scene was so amazing when nandu asked manik y he married her and the answer he gave was so amazing that anyone will fall in love with him….

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  3. Last part the explanation one is amazing

    I am speechless

    I 💟uussssssssssssssssssssmmmmmmm@mehaklovely



  4. Amazing chappy nd cute tooo…after long read ur this story again nd that pic just awsmmm…howzz I wish it to be all real but love that pic nd this chappy just cute nd lovely 💝💝

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