Love Or Sin (Part : 43 What is Love ?)

Before reading the update , Answer my question that what is love for you ? Do tell me..

Shivansh woke up and sat on the floor , holding his head. His head was throbbing with pain. There was emptiness in his heart. He didn’t remember exactly what had happened last night except some few flashes. He was in same clothes and he thought, it was a dream because this type of dream , he had seen before too.

He gathered himself and got up. He went to get fresh. All the time , one thing which was revolving in his mind that was Nandini. He was completely broken. He dreamed about a future with Nandini which was shattered now. The worst thing was that he couldn’t blame anybody else for his pain. It wasn’t anybody mistake , it was written in their destiny.

He stood under the shower , putting his hands on the walls. The water falling down from his muscular body to floor. He was thinking about the time , when Nandini was his. He was realising that he was living in a illusion that she loves him and she is happy with him and he had never tried to look at the reality. Reality was that she was never his. And the reality was breaking him from inside.

He was doing everything to make her fall in love with him, thinking that one day she would love him but he was not realising that in this he was losing himself , forgetting about his real happiness. Now, he has to realise this and has to find his real happiness.


Mukti was lying on bed , in the dark room , thinking about the last night. Last night was like a dream for her where Shivansh was with her. She didn’t want that Shivansh should come to know the truth , that’s why , she dressed him up and left the place at the mid night when he was in deep sleep.

She didn’t want that Shivansh should come to know that she had feeling for him because she knew, this would create more problems. She just wanted to see him happy and she could do anything for his happiness.

“I will take you out from this pain , Shivansh and that’s my promise.” She promised to herself and wiped her tears , having determination in her eyes.


Nandini woke up and found Manik looking at her , sitting beside her. Her hand was entwined with him. She found only and only love in his eyes. She got lost in him.

“Good morning, star.” He whispered and kissed her forehead after leaning down. She closed her eyes and felt so good to feel the touch of his lips.

She sat up , rested her head on his shoulder and held his arms tightly.

“How are you feeling ?” He asked concernedly, stroking her hair.

“With you , I feel always good.” He smiled and kissed her head. They kept sitting there silently in their own thoughts.

“Now , you get fresh. I am bringing the breakfast.”He got up from the bed after sometime and said before leaving the room. Nandini lazily climbed down from bed and went to washroom.


Manik was sitting in front of her on the bed. He was making her eat with his hand and eating himself too. Nandini could clearly see that he was relaxed and fine. She was happy seeing him like this.

“Nandini , when are you thinking to start going to NGO ? “ He asked while cleaning her face with tissue paper.

“I haven’t thought about it yet.”

“Nandini , you should right a book on your life. Don’t you think ?” He was trying to communicate with her , trying to distract her mind from the things which were hurting her.

“I don’t know , what is right , what is wrong. I’m not fine , Manik. I’m guilty.”She bursted into tears in front of Manik.

He felt hurt seeing her but he composed himself. “Nandini, please don’t cry and stop blaming yourself.” He cupped her face and begged her to stop blaming herself.

“Manik , how are you so relaxed ? I want to be relaxed like you but again and again , I’m thinking that I have done wrong with Shivansh.” She cried in guilt.

“It’s hurting , Manik. He loves me , I hurt him. He is in so much pain because of me. It’s killing me , Manik. I’m not understanding, what I should do ?”Manik took her in his arms and let her cry. He was caressing her back and head.

She stopped crying after few minutes.

“Feeling better ?” He asked after breaking the hug. She was just looking at him silently.

“Nandini , do you want to know , How I’m so relaxed?” He asked raising his eyebrows. She just nodded her head positively.

“Because I’m thinking positive. I’m seeing the positive side. Shivansh didn’t take us wrong. He is hurt and he will be fine with time. I’m with him , we are with him. I know him , Nandini. He is my friend , he will be fine. You don’t love him , it’s not your mistake , try to understand this. Why are you saying to yourself that you have done something wrong when you haven’t done anything. Try to relax your mind and think positive , then you will start looking at the things , the way , I’m looking at them.” He tried to make her understand , holding her face with his hands. He breathed near to her lips.

“Manik , Shivansh will be fine , right?” She asked after few minutes of silence.

“Yes , he will get fine. I’m with him. I will not let him fall down, leave this on me. And first you get fine. You want to see him fine , right ?” He asked and she nodded her head positively.

“Then first , you have to clear your mind. And for that you have to think positive. Now if you will cry and blame yourself, I will also start crying with you. Do you want me to cry ?” He asked and she instantly nodded her head negatively.

“I want to see you happy , Nandini. Shivansh also want to see you happy. You know , the person who loves you, he wants to see you happy , no matter what. If I was at Shivansh place , I would have also let you go happily with the person with whom you are happy. I love you , I also love Shivansh and I want both of your happiness. I could have sacrificed you for him but will anybody get happiness from this ? No , nobody. You can’t keep the person happy when you don’t love him , leaving is the better option. You haven’t done anything wrong. You want to see me happy , right ?” She instantly nodded her head.

“You were ready to leave me , yesterday because you were thinking about my happiness. That’s what love is Nandini , no matter what, whom you love , you want to see that person happy , whether it is with you or without you. Shivansh loves you Nandini , if you want to see him fine, for that you have to be happy first.”

She was staring him silently. She was now looking at the things in different way after listening to Manik. She wasn’t feeling guilty anymore. Rather , she was feeling lucky to have the person like Manik with her , who loved her unconditionally. She instantly started thinking positive and this was the magic of love.

“I love you , Manik.” She whispered and cupped his face. She slowly came closer to his lips and captured his lips. Manik’s hands went in her hair and he kissed her back , pulling her toward himself. They were kissing each other softly first but they didn’t come to know when the kiss turned passionate. Their tongues were exploring every inch of their mouth. They were kissing each other like there was no tomorrow. Their whole body was burning with the desire.

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Love Mehak


  1. Wow what a thought Manik 👌👌 I am totally agreed with manik 😍😍 Hm kisi se pyar krte hai unko khush dekhna bhi pyr hai chahe hm unke sth rahe ya na rahe 😊 shivansh is so much pain but bolte hai na ki koi na koi reason aayega pain decrease ke liye.. So mukti hai na 😍
    About manan loved it the way manik make her understand so much sweetness n calmness 😍🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. The chapter was so lovely 😍😍😍😍
    After long time positive Manan loved it ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️
    Even shivansh is thinking to find his happiness that’s a good thing yess it will be difficult but atleast he is trying
    Everyone trying to live their lives💞💞

    Liked by 1 person

  3. See u also said that love sacrifice karna sikhata hai.. Aao jisse pyaar karte ho unke khushi k liye aap aapna khushi batte ho.. Aur ye mumkin iss liyei hota hai q ki waha bishwas aur dosti hota hai.. Aab tum hi dekho shivansh, nandini, manik k bich sirf pyaar naam ka koi feelings nahi balki dosti naam ka hatiyar hai.. Jo hatiyar bishwas se chal raha hai.. Iss liyei to ek dusre k liye aapna khushi sacrifice karna chaha.. Aapna khushi dusro k sth batna chaha.. 😌😌
    So yeah.. The update was superb.. U penned it very nicely.. 👌 Fabulous.. 😌

    Liked by 1 person

  4. For me love means trust… Which comes from friendship… Yes, love is friendship.. Which can give you ultimate trust, understanding & most importantly freedom.. Agar mohabbat me aapko dosti mile to waha bishwas ka buniyad bht shakt hogi.. Aur dosti to humesha azadi deta hai khul k jeene ka.. Jis mohabbat me azadi na ho waha kavi bishwas nahi hai.. Aur jaha bishwas nahi waha pyaar nahi hai.. Mohabbat aapko azadi dete hai, keid bhari zindegi nahi.. Uss azadi se aap aapna mohabbat k liye aapna khushi sacrifice kar sakhti ho.. Q ki sacrifice karne se aap aapna pyaar, khushi uss insaan me batte ho… N ha mohabbat me agar kuch sacrifice hua v to samajh lena waha bishwas tha.. Wo insaan itna aapse deserve karte hai.. Aab haar ek sacrifice mohabbat ka nahi hota hai.. Ye jaha hota hai waha aapka kadar kiye jate hai.. Sacrifice do tarha ki hai.. Khushi khushi kuch dusro k sth batna aur dusra humesha k liye aapna saab kuch kho dena.. Julm kar k jisse aap unka khushi, pyaar ko sacrifice karwaogi waha dosti v nahi hai…
    Iss liye yehi kahungi mohabbat ka mtlb bishwas hai.. Aur jaha bishwas hai waha dosti v hai.. Q ki dosti k siva na koi rishta banta hai aur nahi koi rishta tika hai..
    Mohabbat azadi dete hai, keid bhari zindegi nahi….


  5. For me love is letting go if that person whom you love he can’t love you back I letting him go beacause I want his happens more than myself and then if he returned back to me then I thought he loved me otherwise it’s one sided love for me love is my partner is happens not mine

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Amazing 💖💖💖💖💞💞💞💟💟💟❤❤💜💜💜nothing is come into our life without any pain and love is the most precious thing this can’t be enter in your life either without waiting or pain so please be ready for it.

    Tytytytttttgyyyyyyyyssssssssssmmmmmmm @mehaklovely for your ❤❤❤❤

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  7. Mukti does not deserve this pain and she has been bearing it from so long and no one understands this
    Mukti’s determination and strength is what makes me have some faith in true love

    Liked by 1 person

  8. Sorry di i got late.
    Awesome update di….

    my answer for ur question is love for me is friendship,trust ,respect.and if we love someone be it anyone they can be our parents,frnds,partner whoever the thing is we will love there small small antics like they holding ur hands ,feeding food from there hands sometimes,fighting with u this all can make u happy more than u won a daimond thats what love ..

    About update .
    Shivansh is in pain but he understand that there is no ones fault this make me love shivansh more….
    Mukti she is a gem we cant meassure her pain .when u love someone and he make love to u by thinking u are someone he loves this was the worst thing u can bear ….but i hope she will get her happiness soon .

    About manan love the way manik make her understand with his calmness …and nandhu she is in guilt i hope every thing will be alright soon …
    Love it di.lots of love .take cate

    Liked by 1 person

  9. Being together and fight for your love far better than scarficing for society or any other reason when you clearly know you and you love will never be happy after that⭐

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  10. Love for me is what my grandparents and parents share❤️ The way they understand each other🌻 is bliss💜 tbh my parents have arranged marriage but no one say that they don’t have love marriage, because the love they have for each other seems in their eyes so well❤️ being each other support and and do little little sacrifice for each other are them , they are just so much in love✨ and my grandparents,ah they are my favorite,they keep fighting with each other like tom and jerry but they never ever in their 50 years marriage eaten in different plates 🌼 they fight i agree but at the end they eat together so i don’t think they need to i love you often because their actions show that how much they love each other ❤️ so this is love for me where we don’t need speak out loud to world that we are in love ,but the way we treat our partner reflects your love✨

    Liked by 1 person

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