Love Or Sin (Part : 44 Her Happiness is my Happiness)

Shivansh went to office to keep himself engaged in work because he didn’t want to think about Nandini and hurt himself. He wanted to overcome the pain and he wanted to free himself from this pain. After all who wants to live in pain , everybody wants to live happily.

He wanted to distract his mind from the pain but the thoughts weren’t leaving his mind. He was feeling empty from inside. Nandini was revolving in his mind , all the moments which he had spent with her , they were revolving in his mind. He didn’t want to think about her , he wanted to hate her but couldn’t. He wanted to be with her but couldn’t. It was killing him from inside. The pain was killing him from inside. He wanted to get free from this pain any how because he was feeling like that this pain would really kill him or he would go crazy because of this pain.

He couldn’t able to concentrate on work and came back home. He started drinking again to lessen the pain but the pain was not lessening , rather it was increasing more. He was sitting at the bar counter with the bottle of scotch , having tears in his eyes. He was feeling like he has lost everything and now nothing has left with him.

That time only , Mukti stepped inside the mansion. Her eyes fell on him and she felt extreme pain in her heart seeing him in pain. She was sad when Nandini was with him but she was happy too because he was happy with Nandini but now she was more sad seeing him in this state. She had never wished to be with him , she had always wished to see him happy. This was the evidence that she loved him unconditionally.

If some other girl was at her place , she would be happy on knowing that Nandini left him and now she got chance to get him. Love doesn’t mean to get that person anyhow whom you love , love is finding your happiness in that person. If you truly love that person then no matter what , his sadness would never make you happy. In love , you can fight from the whole world for his happiness.

“Shivansh..” she put her hand on his shoulder and called him , standing behind him. He turned his face to look at her. She pursed her lips and fight back with her tears after seeing extreme pain in the eyes of the person whom she loved.

“Mukti, Nandini doesn’t love me.” He whispered in crying tone.

Mukti closed her eyes to compose herself. “I know , she loves Manik.”

“Why not me ?” He asked making Mukti a bit shock with his question because this was the same question she wanted to ask from him that why doesn’t he love her.

“Mukti , I love her so much. It’s really hurting me. I want to be her. I want her.” He cried like a small baby hiding his face with his one hand and in other hand , he clutched the bottle of scotch.

Shivansh was about to drink by taking the bottle near to his mouth but Mukti stopped him , holding his hand. “Shivansh, please, don’t drink more, please.” She requested him and tried to take his hand down.

“So , what I should do ? I want to forget this pain , Mukti , I want to forget her. Don’t stop me , please let me drink.” He begged her to let him drink and tried to remove her hand. But Mukti was determined.

“First answer my question, Shivansh. Is the alcohol lessening your pain ?” Mukti asked in serious tone , staring him.

“No. No , this pain is not getting less.” Shivansh whispered, looking down and put the bottle on the counter. Mukti closed her eyes dejectedly.

“Mukti , I will die.. , everything is over. Nothing is left.” He said sorrowfully, clutching his hair. Mukti stared him shockingly because now he was going in wrong direction.

“Shut up , Shivansh. Are you out of your mind ? What is over ?” She growled at him.

“Nothing has ended , Shivansh. I know , this time is tough for you but you are taking the things in a wrong way. Everybody with are you. Nobody has left you alone. You haven’t lost anything Shivansh.” She cupped his face and made him look at her. He was looking at her like a helpless kid and his eyes were brimmed with tears.

“Do you really love , Nandini ?” Mukti suddenly asked after few minutes of silence. Shivansh looked at her confusingly on her question.

“You love her , right?” She asked again , getting no answer from him.

He answered finally. “I.. love her a lot. But she..”

Mukti cut him off with her words. “But she loves Manik. Shivansh, Nandini’s happiness are with Manik. Was she really happy with you ? I’m sure , she wasn’t and you would be trying to make her happy. Am I right, Shivansh?” He nodded his head sadly having tears in his eyes.

“I don’t know , why she wasn’t happy with me ? Am I bad , Mukti?” Mukti instantly nodded her head negatively. She couldn’t even tell him in words that what he was for her and how much she loved him.

“Shivansh, you have to accept that your love is one sided. I know , one sided love hurts. But we can still remain happily. Because the person whom we love, her happiness is the most important for us. Shivansh, you have to realise that you haven’t lost anything, rather you have got something. You have found Nandini’s happiness which you were trying to find. She was with you for one year , were you really happy with her ? No you weren’t because she wasn’t happy with you. Shivansh, drinking alcohol and engaging yourself in work , all this distraction will not help you to forget your love , it won’t lessen your pain. If you truly love her , then her happiness will keep you happy. Shivansh, I hope , you will understand me because everybody wants to see you happy. Everyone is with you , you aren’t alone.” Shivansh was looking at Mukti in a shock because whatever she said , it was true and he was shocked that how did she know so much about love.

She said right, he wasn’t happy with her. Since one year , he had been trying to find her happiness but he was getting more an more distressed with each passing day. He was doing everything to bring smile on her face.

All the past memories started revolving in his mind. He had really started realising on that moment only that Mukti said right , he hadn’t lost anything, rather he had found something. He found his happiness in the happiness of his loved ones.

“You are absolutely right , Mukti. I wasn’t happy. One side , I was feeling like I’m not able to keep Nandini happy and on the other hand , It was killing me , seeing Manik in pain. From starting, I have always wished to see them happy. It hurts to see them in pain. You really have opened my eyes Mukti. Thank you so much.” Shivansh hugged Mukti tightly, throwing his arms around her and he was having a smile of relief on his face.

Mukti was also having a broad smile on her face because she became successful to make him understand. Now , she was just hoping that Shivansh would not start thinking negative again.

“I know , Nandini will be not mine now but she would be happy and Manik will be also happy with her. I know , they will always keep each other happy. That’s what I want , their happiness. My happiness are in their happiness.” Shivansh wiped his tears and said after breaking the hug and Mukti was looking at him having a small smile on her face. She was really in love with this man. She could go to any extent for his happiness. She was relieved that he understood her.

“Mukti , how do you know so much about love ? Do you love somebody too?” Her heart skipped beating for a moment , as he asked this question from her. The person whom she loved , he was asking from her that she loved somebody. She was staring him silently, no word word coming out from her mouth.


Will Mukti tell Shivansh that she loves him ? What do you think ?

Love Mehak


  1. Finally like finally mukti ne shivansh ko smjha diya.. Nd she handle shivansh loved it.. He is so understanding n mature guy jo ye soche ki nandini gyi toh whole life nashe me guzar dega but no shivansh is smart n understanding 🤭😍

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  2. Woww mukti is really strong woman loved the way she handled shivansh she is really a true friend and a true lover ♥️♥️♥️


  3. No beacause usne aabhi tak nahi Kaha to aab kyun bolengi woh chahti hain ki shivanash iss baat ko khud realized Karen and yaa she was right love is about happiness about we love that whom we love not our own happiness

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