Our Angel (Part : 1)


“Hubby.” Manik was taking shower in the morning and Nandini’s screams from outside startled him. He became anxious.

“Baby, relax, I’m just coming.” She was yelling in pain continuously from outside and he was going crazy. He turned off the shower and wore his clothes immediately. He opening the door, walked outside.


“Hubby, It’s hurting a lot. Ahaaa, please do something fast.” She was sweating badly and shrieking in pain, holding her stomach.


Manik rushed to her. “Relax, baby, you will be fine.” He assured her, caressing her hair and kissed her forehead.


“Hubby, aaa… it’s paining aa… a lot.” She cried in extreme pain, holding his shirt and he scooped her up into his arms.


He led her out of the room, holding her in his arms. She was screaming in pain.

“Ask Shankar to take out my car fast.” He yelled at a maid and she immediately ran to inform his driver, Shankar.


“Baby, you will be fine.” He was constantly assuring her and kissing her all over her face. He couldn’t see his baby in pain. It was killing him from inside.


Abhi saw them and listening to Nandini’s scream, he understood where Manik was taking her. “Manik, I’m also coming.” Abhi shouted from behind when Manik ran out of the mansion with Nandini.


The maid was standing, holding the door of the car for them outside the mansion. He hastily made her sit inside and himself settled down with her.


As they settled down, the driver started the car’s engine and drove off.


“Hubby, I think, chotu baby is finally going to come .” She smiled slightly in pain also thinking about their chotu baby.



“Yes, baby.” Manik smiled too, looking at her and kissed her forehead. His eyes were brimming with tears and his heart was beating so fast.




Nandini was on the hospital bed and her legs were wide open. She was trying hard to bring her chotu baby into this world. She was putting up her all energy.


“Yes, You can do this, baby, Come on..” Manik was constantly encouraging her, standing beside her in the Labour Room. His one hand was entwined with her and his other hand was stroking her hair.


“Aaa….” she was trying to push out the baby, clutching the bed sheet and digging her nails into his hand. Manik was trying hard to be strong at this moment for her and their chotu baby. He never wanted to see his baby in so much pain.


“Hubby, I’m tired. I can’t..” she cried out in pain, looking at Manik helplessly.


“You can, baby. You can, come on push. I’m with you.” He tried to give her strength.

“I have to bring our chotu baby in this world, I can do this.” She murmured to herself. She closed her eyes tightly and screamed, putting her all strength for the last time. Finally, the baby came out. She sighed with relief, closing her eyes, hearing chotu baby’s first cry and she fainted.


Manik had tears in his eyes and a blissful smile on his face, seeing his chotu baby for the first time. The baby was squalling in low voice, moving her hands and legs, in the arms of Doctor.

“It’s a baby girl.” The doctor told Manik after giving the baby to the nurse for cleaning. Manik smiled contentedly and looked at Nandini.

“Baby..” he became worried for her and started waking her up, patting her cheeks.

“Relax, Mr Malhotra. She will get her consciousness back within an hour.” The doctor told him, putting her hand on his shoulder from behind. Manik sighed deeply, closing his eyes.

“You made it, baby, I’m proud of you.” He whispered and kissed his wife’s forehead.

He turned around and asked the doctor “How is, my..” he was short of words.

“The baby is healthy, Mr Malhotra.” The doctor put her hand on his arms. “We are shifting Nandini to the wardroom. You can meet your baby there.” Manik nodded his head.



As he walked out of the Labour room, Cabir, Abhi and Navya, started asking him lots of questions. Mukti was at home with her son, she was taking care of him.

“It’s a baby girl,” Manik told them joyfully, having a smile on his face. They all congratulated him with the hug one by one.


“So, how are you feeling after becoming daddy?” Abhi asked teasingly.

“I…” he opened his mouth to speak something but he didn’t know, how to explain to them that what he was feeling at that moment. He was feeling so blessed at that time. They all laughed at his condition.


“Now let me inform Mukti or else she would kill me.” Abhi said dramatically, taking out the phone from his pocket and went in the corner to call Mukti.


“How is our Nandini?” Navya asked concernedly.

“She’s fine. The doctor has said that she will get back her conscious within an hour.” Manik told them.

That time only, a nurse stepped outside, holding Manik’s little princess in her arms, who was wrapped in a white sheet. She was sleeping peacefully. Manik got lost in her as his eyes fell on her. She was so beautiful and perfect.


When Nurse was giving the baby to Manik, he was clueless, how to hold her. He was afraid that he might fall her down because She was so tiny.


He cradled his princess tenderly in his arms and few tears streamed down his cheeks automatically. She recognised the touch of her father and smiled slightly in her sleep after coming into her father arms.


“She smiled.” Manik squeaked joyfully like a small baby, seeing her smile. It was the best moment of his life. She started crying with her eyes closed in his arms as he shouted.


“I’m sorry, I’m sorry.” He apologised to her and started placing kisses on her forehead. She instantly calmed down and stopped crying. Cabir and Navya were laughing with the nurse.

Manik again got lost in her. He was looking at her every feature so deeply, her tiny nose, her tiny pouty lips, her red cheeks. He felt like he was holding the whole world in his arms.


“My Princess.” He whispered blissfully, touching his face with her face. He chuckled when she started licking his face, taking out her little tongue. He kissed her forehead, saying thank you to God for blessing him with the beautiful daughter. He even apologised to his princess because he was going to kill her in starting. She was in his arms and came into this world because of her mother only.


He fell in love with her in the first sight. He had never thought that he would fall in love with somebody else except Nandini but his little princess proved him wrong, made him fall in love with her.


  1. So so amazing miku 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 after reading this seriously I am so emotional and happy at the same time Yaar ek ek word Yaar tune Aise Likha hain Jaise bilkul Maine manan ko samne dekh rahi hoon I am speechless I am

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Awesomee mindblowing update….
    Aww poor nandu ketne pain mai thi bt still she was happy as now her chotu baby was going to come in this world and also in labour room she was so tried and felt like she cant do anything more bt with manik being at her side n to bring chotu baby in the world she got the strength and delivered a healthy baby girl….
    Manik was so happy to finally hold his baby girl in his he first thought he will never anyone more than nandu bt as soon as he held his baby in his arms he loved her and even felt guilty as he had tried to kill her when he got to know abt nandu’s pregnancy….


  3. Amazing finally the cherry of the family came in this world waiting for the next part eagerly tytytytttttgyyyyyyyyssssssssssmmmmmmm @mehaklovely ❤❤❤❤❤❤💐💐💐

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  4. I love this.. this was my favourite one ❤️❤️ Finally manan got their baby ❤️😭can’t wait for upcoming chapters🙏🏻! Thank you for updating this. I have one more question when will you update the new story of yours.. the professor one. I’m waiting for that one too. Hope you will update both of them soon.

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  5. Di di diiiiii …… U dont know how much i was waiting for this am so happy after getting the notification loved itttt…..
    I cant say it was like am there with thats what i felt when am reading it…..
    Loved the manik hold her and apologized to the baby …..yaarr di u are best at words seriously loved it……
    Lots of love .take care ….and thanks for the wonderful update ……..

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