Our Angel (Part : 6)

Nandini fed Angel and she slept while drinking the milk. Manik kissed her forehead and she kept Angel in the crib gently after admiring her for a few minutes.

“She is so beautiful, hubby. I can stare at her all day without getting bored.” She murmured after coming into his hubby’s arms. Her head was on his chest, she was listening to his soothing heartbeat.

Manik kissed her hair. “Thank you.” He thanked her again for bringing Angel into this world.

“Hubby, give me my phone.” She shouted, suddenly jumping out of his arms.

His eyebrows creased. “What happened, baby ?” He asked concernedly.

“First give me my phone then I’ll tell you.”

He nodded his head and then gave the phone to her after picking it up from the side table. She started doing something on phone, sitting beside him.

He was looking at her, narrowing his eyebrows, confused. “Now will you tell me, what are you doing?”

“I’m setting the alarm because I have to feed angel after every two hours.” She told him while still, she was busy on phone.

Manik lips curled into a broad smile, seeing his baby becoming responsible for Angel. It said truly that time makes everybody responsible.

Moving her eyes from the phone, she looked at him and he whispered. “I love you a lot, baby.”

“How much ?” She asked after leaning over him.

He clasped her face with his hands and moved closer to her lips, raising his head from the pillow. He planted a lingering kiss on her lips, telling her indirectly that how much he loved her through his kiss. He pulled away, breathing heavily. They both gazed at each other, her hands were on his chest.

She was panting. “I love you more, hubby.” She whispered and placed a kiss on his forehead.

“Now sleep, baby.” He said, embracing her into his arms.

“Good night, hubby.” She murmured, snuggling in his hubby’s arms.

“Good night, baby.” He kissed her hair. She fell asleep, having a blissful smile on her face.

After one hour, Angel started crying in the crib. Manik instantly woke up, listening to her crying sound. He carefully shifted his baby’s head from his chest to pillow. She cried in sleep like a small baby after coming out from his hubby’s arms. He calmed her down by caressing her forehead. Her face softened and crease disappeared from her forehead. He leaned down and kissed her forehead before climbing down from the bed.

“Daddy is coming, Angel, stop crying.” He strolled toward the crib, where his angel was sleeping.

He found her crying, moving her tiny hands and legs.

“What happened my princess?” He asked picking her up in his arms. He rocked her, cradling close to his heart but she cried more loudly.

He held her upright over his shoulder with one hand and he checked her diaper from his other hand. “oh this is the matter. You pooped.”

“Don’t cry, my angel. Daddy will change your diaper.” He kept her back in the crib and put the pacifier in her mouth. She stopped crying and started sucking it, looking at Manik innocently. He smiled at her. He leaned to her face and kissed her forehead.

He went to bring the sheet, wipes and a fresh diaper from her cupboard. He walked to his angel after putting all the things on the bed.

“Daddy is back, Angel.” He said, standing in front of her crib.

Angel passed him a cheerful smile, moving her big eyeballs from the ceiling to her daddy’s handsome face. He smiled broadly, picking her up in his arms and kissed her cheeks. She was looking at him and sucking the pacifier, making the sound.

He walked toward the bed and laid her on the sheet. He knelt on the floor in front of her. He removed her lower and tore the dirty diaper carefully from both sides.

She started crying again as the pacifier fell from her mouth. “Do you want to disturb your mumma’s sleep? No, right? Then don’t cry.” He said, putting the pacifier in her mouth. She again started sucking it, having tears in her eyes. He made her wear the fresh diaper and lower after cleaning her buttocks with the wipe gently. Last time glancing at her, he went to throw the dirty diaper in the dustbin.

“Daddy is just coming.” Keeping her back in the crib, he went to wash his hands in the bathroom.

He came back and smiled looking at his Angel who was sleeping peacefully. Her one hands were on her eyes.

After lovingly gazing at his princess for few minutes, he came back to sleep with his wife. He lay on his one side and stared at his beautiful baby fondly. He caressed her cheek with his thumb. She smiled in sleep, recognising his touch. He smiled back and kept stroking her cheek. He was really thankful to her for giving him Angel and he was so happy to see that how perfectly his baby was taking care of Angel.

After a few minutes, her phone started ringing. She yawned, opening her eyes. She turned off the alarm because she didn’t want to disturb her hubby’s sleep. She smiled at him and kissed his cheek, running fingers on his hair.

“Feeding time, Angel.” She picked up the sleeping Angel from the crib after opening the buttons of her shirt. She lay on her one side next to Angel, facing her front to Manik. She started feeding Angel, holding her close to herself. She was playing with her tiny hands. She was caressing them and kissing them while feeding. She placed Angel between her and Manik and burping her. She fell back to sleep, gazing at her angel, her one hand was her belly.

After few minutes, she again started crying, waking her Mumma and daddy both.

“What happened to my Angel?” Nandini sat up on the bed with the support of the bed, cradling angel.

Manik was looking at them, lying on his side. His face was kept on his hand and elbow on the bed. “I think, she won’t let us sleep tonight.” He chuckled.

“Hubby, you sleep. I will handle her.” She asked her hubby to sleep while rocking Angel who was crying constantly.

“Let first Angel sleep, then I will sleep. I’m bringing the rattles.”

She stopped him by holding his hand. “Hubby, you have a meeting tomorrow in the morning. Please, sleep.” She requested him, looking at him pleadingly.

“Baby, I’m fine. Don’t worry.” He blinked his eyes, putting his hand on her face.

She rolled her eyes. “Are you seeing, Angel? Your daddy never takes care of himself and scold your Mumma for not taking care of herself.” She indirectly taunted her hubby while talking to Angel who was still sobbing in her arms.

He shook her head and went to bring the rattles.

“Why are you crying so much, Angel?” She got up from bed and started roaming in the room. She held her upright over her shoulder. She was caressing her back with one hand and her other hand was at her bottom. “Shh, Stop crying, my chotu baby, please.”

Manik shook the rattles, in front of her eyes, standing behind Nandini but still, she didn’t stop crying.

“What happened to her, hubby? I’m worried.” She said worriedly after turning toward her hubby.

“Give her to me.” Manik cradled Angel in his arms after taking her from Nandini. As she came into her father arms, she calmed down instantly.

They both sighed and Manik kissed her forehead.

“Oh, so Angel was crying to come into his father’s arms.” She said caressing Angel’s hair while she was staring at her daddy. She yawned and fell asleep.

“I can’t take my eyes off her. She is so pretty.” He murmured, gazing at his Angel.

Nandini smiled, moving her eyes from Angel to her hubby. “Now, you should sleep hubby.”

He nodded at her and went to keep Angel in the crib. As he placed her down, she again started crying in sleep. He instantly picked her up and she calmed down.

“Hubby, I think, Angel wants to sleep in her daddy’s arms.” Nandini chuckled.

He kissed her forehead. “No problem..”

After that he lay down on the bed, placing Angel over himself, on her tummy. Nandini lay down on her side, placing her one hand under her head and kept her other hand over Angel’s back.

“Angel, you took your mumma’s place.” She made a fake sad pout, looking at Manik because she wanted to see her hubby’s reaction.

“Only I have given my Angel the right to take my baby’s place.” He kissed Angel’s head and Nandini smiled broadly, looking at them.

“Except Angel, nobody can take your place in my heart and my life both, my baby.” They both were gazing into each other eyes deeply. They were kissing each other souls through their eyes.




  1. Awesomee mindblowing update….
    Awww angel is so cute she slept as soon as her tummy was full and nandu is also such a good mom she takes care of angel so good as doc said to feed angel after every 2 hours so she set alarm for every 2 hour how sweet….
    Manik bhi ek daddy ka role full lovingly kar raha hai as he heard angel crying he got up so dat nandu’s sleep doesn’t get disturbed and as he realised ahe has popped in her diaper he changed it so lovingly and even gave her a pacifier so she doesnt wake up nandu…
    Angel bhi bhot naughty hai she wanted to be in her daddy’s arms so she was crying and was nt getting quite when nandu tried to make her stop crying bt as soon as she went into manik’s arms she stopped her crying and fall asleep and even didnt allow manik to make her sleep in her crib…


  2. Awwww super cute update diiiiii…
    When am reading this am smiling like a fool …mom was seeing me like is she gone mad .🤣🤣🤣…
    Loved it di…lots of love Take care

    Liked by 1 person

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