Our Angel (Part : 7)


Manik woke up in the morning. His little daughter had let him slept for only two hours at night. He was feeling tired until his eyes fell on his lifelines. His all tiredness vanished away and his lips curled up into a smile as he saw his baby and chotu baby.

Nandini was roaming across the room, holding Angel upright, close to her heart. Her one hand was kept on her bottom and she’d held her neck with the other hand. She was kissing her hair after every few seconds.

Manik lay down comfortably, keeping his head on his hands which were entwined on the pillow. He was admiring the two most important people of his life. Without them, he was nothing. He had an important meeting after few hours but forgetting everything, he was lost in looking at his small world.

“Very good, my princess.” Angel burped and Nandini placed a kiss on her head. She smiled at her hubby as her eyes fell on him.

“Good morning, hubby.” She wished him cheerfully and sauntered toward the bed.

She gently placed Angel in the crib and lay down, putting her face on his chest. “This is the best pillow for me.”

He smiled and raised his head to kiss her hair. “This pillow is only yours.” He murmured.

“And Angel’s too, right ?” She asked, looking at him after raising her head from his chest.

Manik bit his tongue. “Oops, how can I forget about our Angel.”

She smiled at him and pulled his cheeks. “Hubby, you are becoming cute like me.” She chuckled.

“Really ?” He asked, raising his eyebrows.

“Yes.” She nodded her head. “But not more than me and Angel.” She added and he chuckled.


“I can never become cute like you, baby. But that’s true that you have made me a little cute.” He tucked her hair behind her ear and kissed her forehead.

“Hubby, I asked the doctor that when we can have sex.” She said, playing with his stubble. She was sounding sad.

His eyebrows creased and the line appeared on his forehead. “What doctor said ?”

“That we have to wait for one or two months more.” She made a sad pout.

He sighed and pecked her lips. “It’s fine, baby. Don’t be sad.” He whispered, stroking her cheek with his thumb.

“I love you, hubby.” She placed a lingering kiss on his lips and drew back.

“I love you more, my baby.” He whispered while breathing heavily. Both smiled at each and they were kissing each other souls through their eyes.

Angel started squalling in the crib like she was listening to her parents and she got jealous of them.

“I think our Angel is getting jealous.” Nandini said and both chuckled.


“What happened to my Angel ?” Nandini asked picking up Angel from the crib. She sat down with the support of a pillow. She rocked her and she calmed down. She stared at her Mumma with her open mouth and tiny eyes which were filled with innocence. Nandini smiled at her blissfully.


“Good morning.” Manik kissed Angel’s forehead and then Nandini’s cheek.

“I’m sorry Angel and Angel’s Mumma because daddy has to go, leaving you both alone for few hours. He has an important meeting.” Manik was caressing Angel’s hair with one hand and stroking his baby’s cheek with his other hand.

Nandini made a sad pout and that time coincidently Angel also made a sad pout like she was really sad because her daddy was leaving.

“Aww.. so cute, my princess.” Manik placed few kisses all over her face and his Angel smiled in response.

Nandini was smiling at them but suddenly her expressions changed.

“Do you really have to go ?” She asked, becoming sad. Her corner of lips drawn down, lower lip pouted out and inner corner of the eyebrows drawn in.

“Yes.” Manik nodded his head, pursing his lips.

“Don’t be sad, baby. I will be back in few hours.” He kissed her cheek before sucking her lips.

“Okay.” She smiled and pecked his lips.

He climbed down from the bed and went to the bathroom to take shower after last time glancing at his cute wife and angel.


“Now Mumma will spend some alone time with her Angel.” She rubbed her nose against Angel’s nose after bringing her close to her face. She laughed wholeheartedly as Angel started licking and sucking her cheek and chin.

“Angel is loving Mumma or she is hungry?” Nandini asked Angel, raising her eyebrows.

Now she started sucking fingers of her own hand and Nandini understood that she was really hungry.

“Oh, my baby is so hungry. Mumma will just fill up her Angel’s tummy through the magic.” Angel started crying as Nandini placed her on the bed to open the button of her shirt.

“Mumma is just feeding you. Don’t cry, my baby.” She was opening the buttons of her shirt with one hand and with her other hand, she was caressing her forehead.


She cradled Angel and started feeding her. She smiled delightfully as Angel started drinking milk, putting her tiny hand on her breast. She felt blissful to fill up her baby’s tummy.

“Mumma loves you a lot angel.” She kissed her cheek fondly.


Manik stepped out of the bathroom. Only the towel was wrapped around his waist. He was looking breathtaking hot. That time Nandini was kissing Angel’s face. He smiled, seeing them. He wanted to spend more time with them.

“If the meeting weren’t important to me, I would have cancelled it for sure.” He thought walking toward them.

Nandini bit her lower lip, looking at his hottie hubby. She wanted to suck all the water droplets from his body and wanted to move her fingers in his wet hair.

“Look at your hottie daddy, Ang,” Manik sat on the bed, clasped her face and captured her lips because her biting lip turned him on. Nandini widened her eyes in shock. Then after few seconds, she started kissing him back automatically, putting her one hand on his face. She held Angel with her other hand. They were kissing each other, pouring their all love in the kiss.


“You taste so delicious.” He whispered, caressing the line of her lower lip with his thumb. “Your biting of lower lip turns me on, baby.” Now he was kissing her lips through his eyes.

Nandini was staring at him fondly, breathing heavily.

“I just come.” He stood up after kissing his Angel’s forehead and her mother’s forehead. Then he went to the dressing room to get ready after last time smiling at her baby.


“Seriously Angel, your daddy is a shock giver. But I’m in love with every acts and gesture of your daddy.” She talked to Angel who was sleeping with an open mouth and keeping one hand on her eyelid. Nandini removed her hand and kissed her forehead, leaning down. She was having a blissful smile on her face.


  1. Awesomee mindblowing update…
    Ayeee nandu aur manik dono angel se ketna pyaar karte hai she has became there everything in such a little span of time thats why when manik woke up and saw angel and nandu roaming in there room a smile automatically spread on his lips as he was just admiring the love of his lifes….
    Hehe nandu ketne sad thi when she realised she cant make love to her hubby for more 1-2 months she even asked her doctor abt it uff kya kya chalta rehta hai nandu ke dimag mai…
    Angel tou jealous hou gaye manik aur nandu ko close aate dekhkar so she started crying so nandu picked her up from the crib and them immediately angel stoped crying naughty baby…
    Angel aur nandu dono sad hou gaye jab unko lata chala manik is going to office dono maa bete started pouting which made manik melt bt unfortunately he cant stay as meeting is important..
    Hayee hayeee manan ka romance is always hot and nandu even was telling all this to a sleeping angel who slept immediately after taking her feed…

    Liked by 1 person

  2. U know ….maine bhot din se comment ni kiya hai tumhari story pe……coz ma8 sochti hi rah jati hn ki mai aisa kya likhu ki tumhari writing justify ho jaye…….mai kuch kam likhu gi toh injustice ho ga tumhari hardwork me…….so i only wanna say that i just love the way u write .thats it.period…❣️

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Nice update ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤😍😍😍😍😚😚😚😚😚😚😚😚😚😚😚😚😚😚😚😚😚😚😚😚😚tytytytttttgyyyyyyyyssssssssssmmmmmmm @mehaklovely

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