Our Angel (Part : 8)

“Baby, finish it fast, I’m getting late for the meeting. Do you want your hubby to get late?” Manik asked, raising his eyebrows when she was showing tantrums in eating breakfast. He was sitting beside her, holding the plate and his feet were on the floor.

She instantly nodded her head. “Hubby, you go. I’ll eat later.”

She was about to hold the plate but Manik jerked her hand away.

“No, I won’t go until you finish it all. I can’t trust you only this.”

“Then trust me. Now I’m a mother, hubby. I’m breastfeeding angel. I’ll take care of myself for our Angel. My tummy is full.” She assured him, putting a hand on his face.

He smiled proudly seeing his baby becoming a responsible mother.

“I love you, my baby.” He lowered his head and gently kissed her forehead.

She smiled and kissed his lips after pulling him closer to herself by holding the collars of his shirt. He smiled, kissing her back. He put the plate on the bed and kissed her softly, clasping her face.

She drew back and whispered. “I love you more, hubby.” She pecked his lips.

“I’m late.” He freaked out as he glanced at the wristwatch. “Bye baby and take care of Angel and yourself.” He placed a quick kiss on her lips and stood up.


“Bye hubby and you take care too.”

Manik went toward the crib. He was getting late but still, he couldn’t able to stop himself from staring at his Angel for few seconds. “Bye, my princess.” He leaned down and kissed his Angel’s forehead.

Nandini was smiling, looking at them.

Manik walked out of the room after glancing at his Angel and picking up his blazer.


Manik was sitting in the backseat of the car and he was already missing his Angel. He wanted to see her and cradled her into his arms.

He picked up the phone which was kept next to him.

Manik: Send me the photos of Angel.

He typed a message hastily and sent it to Nandini.


Nandini stepped out of the bathroom after changing her pad. She was walking toward the crib but stopped as her phone beeped which was kept on the bed. Her lips curved into a smile, seeing his hubby’s message. She chuckled after reading his message. She sent him the smiley emoji and strolled toward the crib.

Angel was sleeping peacefully. She was looking like a doll. Nandini smiled delightfully and looked at her lovingly. She was gazing at her forgetting everything. She came on the earth back when her phone beeped.

Manik: I’m waiting, baby. Where are you?

She read his message and smiled broadly.

Nandini: I was busy admiring our doll.

She sent him the message. Then she immediately opened the camera and clicked her photo.

Manik: I also want to admire her.

She chuckled after reading his message.

Nandini: Now let’s admire her together.

She sent him the message with the photo.

Manik smiled blissfully, seeing her photo and kissed the phone screen like he was kissing her Angel.


After a minute, she received his message when she was caressing her Angele’s forehead.

Manik: She is so beautiful.

She smiled after reading his message.

She leaned down and kissed Angel’s forehead two times.

Nandini: I kissed her on your behalf too.

Manik: My baby is so smart.

She read his message and smiled. That time only, Angel started weeping.

Nandini: Hubby, Angel has started crying.

She messaged him hastily and cradled Angel in her arms after keeping the phone in the crib.

“What happened to my doll? Why she is crying ?” She instantly calmed down as Nandini rocked her. She was just crying to come in her mumma’s arms so that she could hear her mumma’s heartbeat which soothed her. Nandini kissed her forehead fondly.


Nandini was changing Angel’s clothes while talking to her. The doctor had advised her to give Angel a bath thrice or twice in one week for one month. That’s why she was just changing her clothes after feeding her.


Angel smiled at her Mumma when Nandini made cute faces after taking her tongue out.

“Do you know, Angel, your smile is so beautiful?” Angel started crying as Nandini removed her bodysuit.

Maybe she felt cold.

Nandini hastily wrapped her in the white cloth and hugged her close to her heart, holding her upright. Angel instantly calmed down.

“Mumma is sorry for making you cry.” Nandini apologised and kissed Angel’s head.

“Oh.. she slept again.”Nandini chuckled when she placed her on her lap and found her sleeping.

“You sleep my doll, until then your Mumma is deciding what she will make you wear.” Nandini placed Angel in the crib and tucked the tiny angel in the blanket.

She was searching for the cutest outfit for her Angel after opening her cupboard, which was filled with so many outfits and all the necessary things.


“Didu, where is Angel?” Mishti walked into the room, asking for Angel from Nandini.

Nandini turned toward her. “Angel is sleeping in the crib.” She told her, pointing at the crib.

Mishti ran toward the crib. “Oh my god, She is so tiny.” She squealed with joy.

Nandini smiled, folding her arms around her chest and leaned against the cupboard.

“Could I touch her ?” She asked from Nandini. Her eyes were shining with excitement.

“Wait.” Nandini walked toward her and gave her the sensitiser.

Mishti slowly took her hand toward Angel’s face. She touched her face with the tip of her finger and drew back. She giggled, looking at Nandini.

Nandini chuckled. “Mishti, you can touch her. She won’t get hurt.”

“Really ?” Mishti asked excitedly.

Nandini gently caressed Angel’s cheek with her thumb. “Look, she didn’t get hurt.”


Angel started crying as Mishti touched her face. “I hurt her, didu.” Mishti looked down sadly.

Nandini picked Angel gently and checked her diaper. “No, you didn’t. She pooped and that’s why she is crying. You didn’t hurt her, chill.”


“She pooped.” Mishti giggled, placing both hands over her mouth.


“Mumma is just changing your diaper. Don’t cry my doll.” Nandini tried to calm her down, caressing her back and placed her in the crib. Then she went to bring the fresh diaper.

“Angel, stop crying. Your Mumma is just coming. You are so beautiful.” Mishti clapped her hands and made cute faces. Angel stopped crying and stared at her innocently.

Nandini smiled and walked toward them. She kept the things on the bed. “Wow Mishti. You’re are so good at calming down babies.” Nandini stroked Mishti’s face.

Mishti smiled happily.

“Now it’s time to change the dirty diaper of my Angel.” Nandini gently picked up angel and placed her on the bed to change her diaper.

Nandini was changing her diaper and Mishti kept entertaining Angel by clapping her hands and dancing crazily. Mishti didn’t let her cry.




  1. Awesomee mindblowing update…
    Nandu ek mom ban gaye hai fir bhi manik usko abhi bhi ek baby ke tarha he treat karta hai thats why even when he was getting late he first wanted nandu to eat and when she refused he started forcing her so she lovingly told him dat as she was breastfeeding angel she will take care of herself and her food after which manik went away for his meeting but not before kissing his baby and angel both…
    Hehe manik ko angel se bilkul bhi dur nahi raha jata thats why when he was nt even half way for his office he messaged nandu to send him a photo of angel so that he can see his angel as he was missing her so much so that was soo damn cute where nandu and manik where talking abt angel…
    Hayeee mishti tou achi bade behen hou rahi hai first she was afraid to touch angel in fear of hurting her bt when nandu assured her dat she didn’t hurt angel she happily started playing with her which made angel so happy and made nandu smile…


  2. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww💙💙💙💙❤❤❤❤😍😍😍😍😚😚😚😚😚😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘tytytytttttgyyyyyyyyssssssssssmmmmmmm @mehaklovely waiting for the next part eagerly


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