Love Or Sin (Part : 53 I’m blessed)

“But how can this be possible, Mukti ?” Cabir asked, staring at her shockingly.

She couldn’t able to control her emotions anymore and bursted into tears. “Cabir, I made a big mistake.I became weak in front of my love and this happened. I made a big mistake.” She started crying badly in agony and told him everything that how Shivansh had spent night with her, thinking her as Nandini.

Cabir was shocked to see her condition. He knelt down in front of her. “Mukti, calm down please. We’ll find a solution and please stop blaming yourself. It wasn’t your fault.” Cabir cupped her face and tried to console her.

“Everything will be fine, Mukti.” She was crying continuously. Cabir hugged her tightly and caressed her back.

She cried loudly in his arms and kept blaming herself. “I should have controlled myself that night. When he finds about his baby, he will hate me. I love him Cabir. I can’t bear his hatred. I love him so much. This baby will spoil everything.”

Cabir broke the hug and clasped her face. “Mukti, you’re thinking wrong. Shivansh will understand you and he will accept this baby. You should tell him the truth.”

“No, Cabir. I will never tell Shivansh about that night and this baby. You’re saying right that he will accept this baby but I can’t force him to be with me because of this baby.” She denied instantly.

“Mukti, he is the father of baby. He deserves to know about this baby. You shouldn’t hide this truth from him. It’s a high time, you should confess your love to him.”

Mukti nodded her head. “No, I’ll never tell him.” She wiped her tears with the back of her hand.


“Cabir, my decision will not change.” She cut his word and said staring straight.

“Then what about this baby? Will you abort this baby ?”

She looked at him instantly. “I’m carrying the baby of the person whom I love so much. I will give birth to this baby and take care of him. Shivansh can never be mine but at least his baby will be mine forever. Now, he will become the reason of my life.” She smiled and put her hand over her belly.

“I’m still saying you to tell him the truth.” Cabir said, holding her shoulders.

“Cabir, don’t worry about me. Now I’m happy because I have got the reason to live. Before, I was crazy that I was crying after knowing about my pregnancy. The baby is my happiness. This baby is a gift of god to me. I’m so blessed to carry the baby of the person whom I love.” Mukti smiled blissfully, looking down at her belly.

Cabir shook his head in disbelief, seeing her crazy love for Shivansh.

“I just want you to live happily, Mukti.” He moved forward and placed a kiss on her forehead.

“I’m happy, Cabir.” She smiled and blinked her eyes.

“Now talk to Shivansh. He is worried for you.”Cabir stood up.

She nodded her head at him. He left after last time glancing at her.

“Where I kept my phone ?” She stood up and searched for her phone in the whole room.

“Here it is.” She found her phone under the pillow.

She unlocked the phone and she was shocked to see Shivansh’s hundred plus messages and miscalls. “What will I say to him?” She thought before opening his messages.

“Mukti please talk to me. I’m worried for you. What happened to you suddenly ?” She read his all messages and her eyes brimmed with tears.

“Why are you doing this, Mukti ? What happened to you ? At least please answer me for once. After that I won’t bother you anymore.” Tears trickled down her cheeks, listening to his voice.

“I’m sorry Shivansh that I ignored you. I can’t tell you about our baby. It will ruin everything. I love you Shivansh and I’ll take care of our baby until my last breath. I’m sorry baby, I have to keep you away from your daddy because your daddy doesn’t love your mumma. But I promise, I will be always there for you.” She talked to her baby, putting her hand on her belly. She was having tears in her eyes and a small smile on her face.


Manan were walking hand in hand at the beach, enjoying the beautiful view of sunset. The wind was flowing and her hair were flying in the air. They smiled at each other when Manik tucked her hair behind her ear. He lowered his head and gently placed a kiss on her forehead.

He brought her hand near to his lips and kissed her knuckles, gazing at her. “It feels so good to be with you. For me, every moment is so special with you.” He whispered and she smiled blissfully.

“I wanna kiss you.” He whispered, staring at her lips and her eyes shot up.

She looked around the people who were at beach. He was just smiling at her.

“Here ?” She asked, looking at him unbelievably. He nodded his head. She flushed and moved her eyelashes down.

He clasped her face and raised it to kiss her lips. Her heartbeat became fast. He moved closer to her and she closed her eyes. Their lips met and the magic happened. He kissed her lips slowly and softly, making every dead cell of her body alive. They don’t care about the people who were staring at them shockingly. They were just lost in that moment. They were utterly lost in the kiss which was taking them to heaven.

After the kiss, she hid her face in his chest shyly. Manik smiled and embraced her tightly into his arms after kissing her hair. People who were staring at them, they went off. Few were still staring them secretly.

They broke the hug and Nandini was smiling cheerfully. Her eyes were twinkling and her face was glowing with the happiness. “Always keep shining like this, my star.” He whispered.

She smiled broadly. “I’ll always shine for you, Manik.” He kissed forehead and she closed her eyes in response.


  1. Noo mukti ur doing wrong girl.. Please atleast once try toh kar leti apni feelings confess toh krti 🤦‍♀

    Feel bad for mukti i am sure shivansh accepts mukti n his baby.. Nd shivansh apni feeling kb realize karega 🙄
    I hope shivansh to know the truth n realize his feelings n jaldi Jaldi confess bhi kare.. I want Happy ending 😍

    Chapter was short but Amazing 💕😍

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I want shivansh to know the truth and understand her at the same time I’m feeling sad what if he doesn’t understand her ?? It will lead to a big problem 😭😭😭😭😭

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Nice update… I can’t say mukti is doing wrong or good.. Coz dono taraf se hi problem hai.. But man like shivansh will definitely understand the situation & will support her… But he’ll be guilty too.. & for this reason he’ll be confused for taking the ryt decision.. Maybe after knowing that he’ll be ready to accept mukti for this baby.. But till now he didn’t realized his love for mukti too.. When he’ll realized taab agar mukti ko accept kia to saab thik hoga.. 🙂 Manan scenes was too short because update was short.. But it’s ok.. The other couple’s scenes r also needed to end this story beautifully.. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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