(Part : 2) The Professor And His Princess

I parked my Scooty in the parking area of college and climbed down from it after removing my helmet. Oh shit I’m getting late. I freaked out as my eyes fell on the the wrist watch. I rushed toward the main door of college with many more students. This is the daily morning scene of the college, students are getting late, running and trying to enter in the college before closing of the gate like me.

I stepped into the college after showing my Id card to security guard and sighed deeply. Two more students entered behind me and then security guard closed the gate on the faces of other students who remained outside. Poor them. I chuckled, seeing them. They are literally begging security guard to open the door and let them come inside.

I hied toward my class without looking here and there because I’m already late. I dashed into the room, panting.

Students are gossiping and there is no teacher in the class. I’m shocked that why at this time, there is no teacher in the class. I narrowed my eyebrows, staring at the students bemusedly.

“Nandu, Mr. Singh left the college.” My best friend, Anushka shouted, approaching toward me. I grinned, listening to the news first but then doubted her.

Is she joking?

“Really ?” I asked to confirm.

“Yes, yes.” She nodded her head, her eyes are shining with the happiness.

“Wow..” I jumped on her and hugged her tightly, throwing my arms around her neck. It is really a great news because Mr. Singh was a very arrogant teacher. All the students had been complaining to HR about his behaviour since day one and finally he is out of the college. I’m on so happy. I’m feeling like to dance crazily.

Then we strolled toward our desk and settled down. I kept my handbag on table in front of me.

Whole class is my friend but Anu is my one and only best friend. Anu is completely like me. Our opinions are same and our choices are same. Her heart is pure like crystal and she is a fun loving girl. She’s a loyal friend. She has long back hair, pretty brown eyes and thin lips. Her completion is fair like me. But she’s prettier than me.

She’s like my soul sister. She changed my life completely. She knows me more than I know myself. We understand each other so deeply. Our love for each other is limitless and It can’t be describe in words. If something is wrong, we understand by the tone of each other’s voice. If one day the whole world turns against me, I know, she is the only the person who will be standing beside me, holding my hand. She’ll always support me because she understands me. I trust her a lot. I’m so lucky to have her. We met two years ago but it feels like we know each other since ages.

“I’m wondering, who will be our new english teacher.” She uttered and I looked at her. She is thinking, putting her forefinger over her chin.

“I’ve no idea.” I shook my head. “but I’m sure, he’ll be better than that Mr. Singh is King .” We both chuckled.

“You’re absolutely right, Nandu.”

Whole class was making noise few seconds ago but suddenly everyone became silent. At that moment, I felt something in my heart, I don’t know what. I raised my head to look what happened.

As my eyes fell on the tall, well dressed up, attractive man standing in the center of room, I felt like my heart stopped beating for a moment. He’s damn hot.

Is he our new English professor?

I have a doubt because he is so young and charming. He’s very tall, dressed in black blazer, white t-shirt and black jeans. Sleeves of his blazer were rolled up to his elbow. He has dark black eyes and a powerful, muscular physique.

I’m literally gawking at him like an idiot. What is happening to me ?

“Good Morning, class.” As his perfect lips moved and I’m dead. I’m seriously going crazy. There’s surely something wrong with me.

“Stop it Nandini, just stop staring at him.” I muttered, shaking my head.

“I’m your new English teacher.” He continued in his sweet voice and I stared at him. “But a temporary teacher.” My face fell down after listening to this bad news.

“Why can’t he be our permanent teacher ?” I heard the whisper of a girl from behind. Same is my question. I looked around and found all the girls of the class staring at him like me only. So, I’m not alone, all girls are going crazy like me. I chuckled.

“And my name is Manik Malhotra.” He told his name and I murmured his name after him. I don’t know why but I felt a strong connection with him.

I instantly moved my eyes down as his eyes directly looked at me. My heart is beating so fast at this moment, I can hear it. After few seconds, I looked at him, moving my eyes upward. I’m shocked because he is still staring at me. This time, I looked into his deep black eyes. His eyes are gloriously intense. His eyes are filled with so many emotions. He looked away when I was trying to read his eyes like I’m an eyes reader. Seriously, what is happening to me.

He turned around and strolled toward the whiteboard. He started writing on it after picking up the marker. I moved my head down. I don’t want to look at him. He is making me crazy.

“Oh my god, Nandu. Our English professor is so hot.” Anu whispered in my ear. “You can date him. I’m giving you the green singal.” I glared at him instantly. She is saying nonsense.

“What ? Don’t you find him hot?” She asked shockingly. I think she has lost her mind. It’s true that he is hot but that doesn’t mean I’ll date my professor.

“Shut up, Anu. He is my professor.” I shouted on her, forgetting that we’re sitting in the class room.

“The girls who are sitting on the third desk. Please stand up.” Then I heard his stern voice. I know, he is asking us to stand up. I’m feeling so embarrassed. I stood up sheepishly, still looking down. Anu also stood up with me.

“First, you both tell me your name.” Finally, I moved my eyes at him. He is standing, leaning against the desk and folding his arms across his chest. He is giving us serious look.

“Anushka, Sir.” Anu instantly told her name and I looked at her.

I looked at him. “And yours?” He pointed his finger at me. I don’t know why no word is coming out of my mouth, I’m tongue-tied because of his presence.

He raised his eyebrows at me. He’s asking me in a gesture to answer him.

“Na.., Nandini.” I finally opened my mouth and told him my name.

“Miss Anushka and Miss Nandini, you both may go out of the class and talk because I don’t like disturbance in my class.” He said sternly and his eyes scorching.

It’s good that he asked us to the leave the class because it’s getting difficult to attend his class for me. I’m relieved.

“We’re sorry sir.” Anu apologised. Why she’s doing this ? I want to go out of the class.

“We..” he cut her words. “Out of the class now.” He said strictly, pointing outside. We picked up our bag and dashed out of the room without looking around. I’m relieved now and my heartbeat back to normal. Seriously, his presence was affecting me a lot. I don’t know, what is happening to me. I’ve never felt like this for anyone before. I’m utterly bemused.


Love Mehak


  1. Finally manik’s entry I loved his entry 😍😍🔥🔥
    I could imagine all the scene like it’s happening in real😍😍😍 so beautiful ❤️❤️

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  2. Awesome mindblowing update…
    Late comer nandu baghte baghte classroom poche bt she got a good news that her khadus professor has left and was damn happy hearing it bt she didng knew ke joh naya teacher ana wala hai he is gonna create a havoc in her life poor nandu phas gayee…
    Hayeee hou gaye humare hot and handsome Manik Malhotra ke entry and as always ate he usne sba lakiyo ko apne hot looks se capture kar liye they where staring at him as if they have never seen any hot guy hehe…
    Nandu tou pure uske dekhkar drool kar rahi thi she didnt want she was feeling and uske chakkar mai she got punishment from him on his first day…

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  3. Wow 😮😯
    Eeeeeeeeee!!!!!! 😍

    That is my happy response seeing the Manik Entry 🙈
    Nandini….. naughty, sweet, gentle, caring, lovely and very optimistic girl…nd her friend Anushka i loved that girl already.. Unki friendship dekh kar Hme hamari yaad aa gyi Soul sister Hai na Sweetu 😍🙈

    Manan first meeting me hi bomb blast ho gya 😂😂
    Maza hi aa gya Feel aa gyi the way nandini feels lag rha love story jaldi hi start hogi 🤪🙈
    The way both stares each other loved that scene Kuch kuch hota hai 😜🙈😘

    Killed it sweetu 😍😘
    Gudiya 💋

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