(Part : 4) The Professor And His Princess

I reached back home at three in the afternoon. I came to my parents’ room and a broad smile spread across my face, seeing Mom and dad. Dad is pressing Mom’s leg and her legs are kept on his lap. She is sleeping. I adore them. Dad loves mom so much. I’m just speechless like always seeing dad’s love for mom.

I sauntered from there silently without disturbing them. After keeping my bag in my room, I strolled into the kitchen. I filled my glass of water from the water purifier. I gulped down the water from the glass. I came back to my room and directly went to bathroom to get fresh. I walked out of the bathroom. I’m feeling relaxed.

I heard the knock on the door. “I know, it’s you dad.” I smiled and shouted, sitting on the sofa comfortably.

Dad stepped into the room after opening the door, having smile on his face. “When did you come back?” He asked, strolling toward me. He settled down beside me.

“When you were busy in pressing mom’s legs.” I answered him, beaming.

He too smiled, caressing my hair.

“I love you, dad.” I rested my head over his chest.

He hugged me and kissed my hair. “I love you a lot, my doll.”

We broke the hug. “How was your day?” As he asked, I again started thinking about professor Manik. His handsome face has been revolving in my mind since the time I saw him. I’m attracted to him. I can’t tell dad about him. I can’t tell this to anybody.

“It was good.” I sighed and he just smiled at me.

“So, I’m leaving. You just take care of you and your mom.” He said, putting hand on my face.

“I’ll take care of mom, dad. Don’t worry.” I reassured him, blinking my eyes.

He lowered his head and gently kissed my forehead before standing up. He sauntered out of the room after last time glancing at me.

I came to my parents’ room and found mom still sleeping. I leaned down and kissed her forehead after covering her with the blanket properly. I settled down there on the sofa. I started using my phone to kill the time.

Nandini : I’m sorry for my behaviour. I was just upset.

I sent the message to Vikas. I shouldn’t have shouted on him. Sometimes your mind makes you do the things which you never want to do.

Vikas : It’s okay, I understand.

I replied him with the smiley emoji.

Anu : What’s up, my Nandu?

Anu messaged me on what’s app and I opened it.

Nandini : Just using my phone. You tell?

Anu : Are you thinking about our hot professor?

I frowned. Why she is again and again talking about him?

Nandini : Not again, Anu. Please..

Anu : haha.. you know that I love to tease you.

She’s just teasing me. I have to calm down myself. I sighed.

Nandini : You know, I’m really thinking to date him.

I’m smirking while typing the message. Now I’ll make you fool, Anu my darling . I sent the message excitedly.

Anu : Who?

She replied me instantly and smiled broadly. The fun has just begun.

Anu : Vikas ?

Vikas, I’ll never date him in my dream even.

Nandini : Oh stupid girl, I’m talking about our hottie professor.

Anu : What ? Really ?

I chuckled because she is coming into my trap.

Nandini : Yup. I really like him a lot. Will you help me ?

I’m loving it.

Anu : You idiot. Why didn’t you tell me earlier ?

Oh my god, she’s believing me. I’m laughing loudly, covering my mouth with my palm.

I calmed down myself instantly, seeing mom who is sleeping.

Nandini : I’m telling you now. Will you help me?

I giggled.

Anu : Off course, I will but I’m shocked. More than that I’m happy for you my girl because you’re finally going to date a man.

Anu baby, you’ve become fool. I’m so happy. I’m laughing like a drain.

Nandini : I’m feeling nervous. He’s our professor.

Anu : So what ? He’s not so old. Luckily he’s young.

Now, I’m laughing uncontrollably, throwing my head back.

Nandini : Anu, I’ll die. Please help me.

Now, I’m trying to tell her indirectly through this message that I’m just making fun of her.

Anu : Wait, Are you serious?

Anu : You’ve been making me fool since starting. I’m going to kill you, Nandu. Just meet me tomorrow.

I fell about, reading her reply.

Nandini : Oh, my poor baby is angry now.

Anu : Just don’t talk to me.

After that she went offline and I’m still laughing crazily. I enjoyed a lot.

Mom woke up after an hour. I ate lunch and fed my mom. Then I took her for a walk in the garden of our home. I gave her medicine and she slept again.

Now, I’m calling Anu but she’s not answering my call. I think, she’s showing her anger to me. I want to see for how long she will be angry. I’m calling her constantly, lying in the blanket beside mom.

She finally answered my call. “Are you not understanding that I don’t want to talk to you.” She shouted on me over the phone, breaking my eardrums.

“Oh god, stop overreacting. You’re just angry because I made you fool.” I said the truth.

“Shut up and bye.” She yelled and cut the call.

I again started calling her constantly.

“I’m sorry, my Anu. I was just making fun. I love you. Please ignoring me.” As she answered, I apologised.

“Now, my heart is melting.” I chuckled on her words. She’s so adorable.

“I love you, my Anu.” I really love her.

“I love you too. I became fool, I’m so stupid.” She cried like a small kid.

I smiled. “ You’re cute, Anu.”

“Haye.. really ?” She asked, getting happy.

“No, I was just kidding.” I joked again.

“I’ll kill you.” She roared and I giggled.

“You’re really cute, my baby.”

We talked for an hour and then I hang up the call. I went in my room. Dad is on the way and I’ve to get ready for the coaching center. I teach 10th to 12th class in evening and Dad teaches 6th to 9th class in the afternoon. We have 20 to 30 students batch of each class.

The door bell rang and I rushed outside to open the door. Dad hugged me and kissed my forehead. We sauntered inside. He directly went to see his wife and I walked into kitchen to bring water for him.

As I walked into the room, I saw dad tenderly caressing mom’s cheek, gazing at her lovingly. He’s sitting beside my mom.

Aww.., I love them so much.

Why mom, why are you not getting fine ? Can’t you see dad’s love ?

I again started thinking about those things which make me upset. I really just can’t stop myself from thinking about all this, seeing mom condition. I don’t know when she will get fine.

I took a deep breath to calm down myself. I strolled toward them. “Dad, water.” I put my hand over dad’s shoulder.

“Thank you, my doll.” He turned and took the water, smiling at me. I gave him faint smile.

His eyes are moist. He tries to hide his pain behind his smile but he doesn’t know that eyes can’t hide the pain. They are window to soul. I can clearly see pain in his moist eyes.



  1. Awesomee mindblowing update…
    Loved the bond nandu shares with her father as her mother cant take care of her her father has to carry out both the roles of mom and dad both so he tries to give her all the love possible it is clearly seen in his actions the way he cares for her and tries to understand her….
    Poor anu nandu ne usko fool banaya and woh ban bhi gaye it was soo funny nandu tou bass haase he ja rahi the while massaging and messing with anu bt when she got to know nandu is joking she got damn angry bt koi nandu se gussa thodi reh sakta hai at last usko gussa bhi chala gaya…

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Coming to the update.. 😍😍

    Like chapter start with good notes.. Nandini is happy.. I am happy for her already.. Nandu be aware apka ye prank mast hai Ullu mat banao hm smart Reader hai already 😂😂😝😝

    I know she already in love with Hot professor 🤭😝

    Loved this friendship alot..
    Also loved father n daughter bonding.. And lastly Her mother will fine so time heal everything.. So everything will be fine ❤❤

    Love u sweetu 😘😘

    Gudiya 💋

    Liked by 1 person

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