(Part : 8) The Professor And His Princess

I’m reading novel ‘twilight’ at night before sleeping. I’m trying to distract myself from the thoughts of professor Manik. I just can’t believe that I kissed him. I’ve decided that I won’t go college tomorrow because I need at least one day to muster up the courage to attend his class.

My phone vibrated which is kept beside me on the bed. I picked up the phone. I received a message from Mr. Stranger on whatsApp. Who is this Mr. Stranger? Again this question started ringing in my mind.

Mr. Stranger : Hi, Princess.

Princess? Really?

Nandini : Oh, hello Mr. Stranger.

Mr. Stranger : Can I call you Princess ?

Nandini : You’re already calling me.

He sent laughing emoji.

Mr. Stranger : So I think, you don’t have any problem.

Call me anything but just please reveal your identity fast.

Nandini : No problem at all.

Mr. Stranger : How was your day?

Nandini : Just don’t ask.

Mr. Stranger : Okay fine. I’m not asking.

Nandini : Aren’t you feeling sleepy?

I yawned and sent him the message. I put the phone on side. I placed the book on side table and laid down comfortably on bed after covering myself with the blanket. I picked up my phone from side.

Mr. Stranger : I don’t sleep. I’m an insomniac.

Now, this is a serious problem. I’ve gone through it when I had lost my brother. It was a painful time. You want to sleep but your mind doesn’t let you sleep. But I’m happy that I’ve come out of it successfully.

Nandini : I was an insomniac too. Any specific reason of insomnia?

Mr. Stranger : My life is fucked up.

I yawned, covering my mouth with my hand. I’m feeling sleepy.

Nandini : Everybody’s life is fucked up.

Mr. Stranger : You don’t know what I’m going through.

I’m feeling like I’m talking to my past right now. I was like this only. I used to blame my life, blame god for giving me this type of life and I used to think that the problems of my life are biggest. I’m the one who is suffering the most in this world.

I was so stupid to think all this.

This Mr. Stranger really needs my help.

Nandini : And you don’t know what I’m going through. Look, problems and pain, they’re the part of our life. They‘ll never going to end. So stop waiting for the day when you’ll have no problem in your life. Try to find the cause of it and you’ll get the solution.

Mr. Stranger : It is not so easy.

Why it is not easy?

Nandini : First just stop thinking that It’s not easy. You’ve to change your mindset, Mr. Stranger. Nothing is difficult in this life, Everything is easy.

Mr. Stranger : I don’t know, What to do? How to come out of my messed up life? I can’t find any solution

Nandini : If there is a problem, there will be it’s solution too. Before finding that solution, you’ve to relax your mind first.

Mr. Stranger : That’s the main problem, I can’t relax my mind.

It was my problem too. Don’t worry, Mr. Stranger I know what I have to do because you think completely like I used to think in my past.

Nandini : Not a big problem. I’ll help you, Mr. Stranger. You’ve come at right place. I can completely understand you because I was like you only. You were right, you really need my help.

Mr. Stranger : Thank you so much. I’m feeling good to talk to you, really. You’re a great person, Nandini. I wish you get all the happiness of life.

Nandini : I’m not so great. I’m just a ordinary person like you Mr. Stranger.

My eyes are getting heavy now.

Mr. Stranger : It’s too late, you should sleep now.

Nandini : Good night and you too try to sleep, keeping your problem at side.

Mr. Stranger : I’ll try. Good night and take care.

I sent the smiley emoji. I kept the phone on table. I’m feeling good to help a person who really needs my help. Earlier my motive of talking to him was to know his identity but now my main motive is to help him out. I fell asleep with in few minutes.

Next morning, I woke up and went to get fresh. I’m not going college today because I can’t face professor Manik. I wore a loose T-Shirt and short. As I messaged Anu that I’m not coming college, she called me.

“If you’re not coming then I’m not going too.” She said as I picked up her call.

“I knew it.” We both chuckled.

“I’ll call you later, Anu. I’ve to make breakfast.” We bid bye and hang up the call.

As I hang up the call , I received message from Mr. Stranger.

Mr. Stranger : Good Morning, Princess.

Nandini : Good morning, Mr. Stranger. Did you sleep last night ?

Mr. Stranger : Just for an hour.

Nandini : Just keep trying.

Mr. Stranger : Getting ready for the college?

Nandini : Nope, I’m not going.

Mr. Stranger : Why ?

Should I tell him?

Nandini : Because yesterday I kissed my professor on his cheek. It was a dare. Now I can’t face him.

He sent laughing Emoji.

Mr. Stranger : You’re a daring girl.

Nandini : Yes, I’m. Any doubt?

Mr. Stranger : No doubt at all.

Nandini : And you know what, that professor is my first crush ever. He’s so hot. So, How could I miss the chance to kiss him?

I laughed after sending him this message. He sent the laughing emoji.

Mr. Stranger : You’re incredibly amazing, really.

I smiled broadly.

Nandini : Thank you, Thank you.

Mr. Stranger : Haha..

Nandini : I’ll talk to you later, I’ve some work.

Mr. Stranger : I’ll wait for your message.

Nandini : Bye.

Mr. Stranger : Take Care.

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Love Mehak


  1. Omg she really said that manik is her crush 😂😂😂 now she really is in a big trouble 😂😂😂
    I’m just waiting for her to know the stranger’s real identity 😉

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  2. I am 100% sure Stranger manik hi hai..
    Loved this chapter ❤❤❤
    Now I want next chappy immediate 😂😂

    Allah.. I loved this story too much..😍😍

    What do i say??? I mean….. U take my breath away by ur beautiful writing..

    Ab toh or maza aayega aage padhne me 😍😍

    I want to know manik ke sth kya hua hai 🤨
    Literally feel aa gyi 😍💃

    Waiting for next Update.. ❤❤

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  3. Mehkuuuuuu i hate you stop being so rude yar😑😑😑yeh kahani mujhe har din chahiye plz na jldi jldi post karona mam…. agle mahine coaching class k paise double denge plz🙏🙏🙏

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  4. Awesomee mindblowing update….
    Poor Mr Stranger he is seriously going some difficult time as he described but our nandu is there na to help him get out of this stressful situation as the Mr Stranger went on describing his problem nandu started seeing herself in that situation as she felt the same when her brother got expired but she recovered from it and she made her aim to get this Mr Stranger out of his life’s pain….
    Poor nandu can’t face manik so she decided to skip clg and when one friend is skipping clg then how can other one go to clg so anu also decided she wont go and they did an mass bunk…
    Firse subha Mr Stranger ka msg aya where nandu told him about her crush aka Manik Malhotra who is her professor….

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  5. Hayyyyyyy so amazing pata hain ham bahut Dino se aapki iss story ka wait kar rahe the mohtarma. Seriously ham hame badi Khushi hui padhkar aap roz isske update nahi de Sakti miss mehak ji 💓💓💙💙


  6. Amazing all 3 chappy…sooo amazing love this story yrr…but ay Mr stranger hay kon 😦😦😦 manik tou nhi…just loved it nd waiting for nxt 😊😊

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Ohh myyyy this is beautiful😍😍😍😍😍😍 I just read all the parts today.. N I’m already in love with the story♥♥
    Don’t know why but I always love these type of stories where one main lead hiding his/her identity talks with another main lead.. I find it much more exciting I guess.. It’s always thrilling (though I know it creates problems later) weird me🤪🙈
    Also I just loved the dare part.. Nandu really has some guts to kiss her professor😂 n also that viral pic wala part.. Damn she was disappointed coz the pic was blurry 🤦🏻‍♀ But I understand after all it was a moment to cherish😌😆
    & the way she was telling her Mr. Stranger about her kiss & crush so casually it made me laugh out loud.. I was Like girl your telling that to your crush itself😂😂😂
    In short.. I’M SO LOVING THIS STORY🤗😍♥♥
    Anyway now I’m eager to know what happens next.. Try to update soon if possible🙈🙈

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  8. Am become your lover too i just luvs your yhis idea i❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍💋💋💋💋too @mehaklovely waiting for the next part eagerly please post it asap waiting for the next part eagerly please post it asap

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  9. Omg I really madly in love both of them dear I really waiting for next dear seriously luv u dear lots of love it’s amazing story and my heart feeling like jumping while reading dear lots of love 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

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