Our Angel (Part : 12)

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One week had been passed since angel was born. They were enjoying every moment to the fullest with their little princess. They were cherishing her like a perfect parents. They were feeling like she was growing so fast like every parents. Angel spent her first week of life adapting to her new environment. Manan helped her their angel to get used to outside world by taking proper care of her. They gave her tender, care, love and lots of cradles and smiles. They were giving their utter attention to her, leaving their all other works. They talked, laughed to bond with their tiny angel.

Angel spent most of the time in sleeping, she just woke up to be fed by her mumma and her brain was growing. If someone else picked her up, she would squall. She loved to be in her mumma and daddy’s arms. She felt safe and secured in their arms. She started recognise their voice and touch. She loved them like they loved her.

Manik also hired a full time nanny for angel, so that she could help Nandini in handling angel in his absence. Nandini’d denied him, saying that she could handle angel alone, but he convinced her. Her name was Trisha, she was an exceptionally dedicated and professional childcarer, but still Manan didn’t leave angel alone with her. They couldn’t trust anybody. They were over protective for their angel. Angel was their life. Manik hired her just he wanted to lessen the burden of his baby.

In morning, Manik was admiring his princess who was sleeping peacefully, placing her tiny hands over her tummy. He was lying on the bed beside her crib, in which she was sleeping. He was beaming, gazing at his princess fondly and he was gently stroking her cheek with his thumb, that time Angel’s mumma was taking bath.

“Hubby..” Manik heard his baby’s voice from the bathroom.

“Yes, baby.” He answered her, still glazing at angel.

“Hubby, I think, I forget to bring my panty. Could you please give me?” He smirked as she asked her to give her undies.

“Don’t worry the door of our room is closed. You can come outside and take it because I’m busy in admiring my angel.” He leaned over angel and gently kissed her forehead, caressing her cheek.

“Hubby, please, I can’t come.” She pleaded.

He was shocked because this was the first time, she was shying to come in front of him without clothes. “Baby, Why are you shying from your hubby?” He asked, looking at the door, utterly confused with her behaviour.

“Oh, hubby, I’m not shying from you. It just that I don’t want to come in front of angel like this.” Manik chuckled as she told him the reason.

“What, really? If this is the problem, then chill because angel is sleeping, you can come.”

He heard her giggles. “Okay,I coming out, but then don’t blame me for awakening your inner desire.” She warned him before stepping out from the bathroom. She aroused him with her words only.

“I won’t, baby.” As he replied back, she sauntered out of bathroom, wrapping the towel around her body. Manik bit his lower lip, seeing her alluring wet body. The water droplets were falling from all over her body. Her hair was wet and that’s why they became curly. She was grinning, looking at her hubby and strolled toward him. He strode toward her hastily after climbing down from the bed.

She flushed, moving her eyes down as he asked. “Can I drink some milk of angel, today.” They both startled as they heard Angel’s cry.

“How did she come know that I was asking for her milk from her mumma?” Manik mused, narrowing his eyebrows.

Nandini chuckled. “Maybe she was awake and listening to our conversation.”

Manik shook his head in disbelief. “How does she come to know always?”

“She’s possessive for her things like her daddy.” Both laughed as Nandini uttered.

They both strode toward her crib. “What happened to my princess?” Nandini asked, picking her up gently in her arms. She cradled her close to her heart. “Is she hungry or angry that her father was asking for the milk?” She asked, rocking her gently and through the corners of her eyes, she looked at her hubby who was standing beside her.

Angel instantly calmed down and furrowed, staring at her daddy with in her tiny innocent eyes. Her eyebrows came closer together and deep lines appear on her forehead. She was frowning at her father like she was really angry from him because he was asking for her milk from her mumma, on which only she had right.

“Oh my god, so much anger. You’re completely like your daddy.” Nandini giggled and Manik gently caressed her forehead and the lines disappeared instantly.

“My tiny angel.” Manik murmured and placed a kissed on her forehead after leaning down. Nandini beamed, staring at them fondly.

“Hubby, first I’m feeding angel. Then I’ll feed you.” She giggled and winked at him. Manik chuckled. Angel again started crying because Nandini said she would feed her milk to her daddy.

“No, no, my angel, mumma is not sharing your milk with anybody. Only you’ve right on mumma’s milk.” She settled down comfortably on bed and started feeding angel after opening the knot of the towel.

“But he’s your father angel, you can share anything with him. Whatever is yours, it also belongs to your daddy and what your daddy has, it yours too. You know, angel, sharing is caring.” She was talking to angel while feeding her.

“So now let your daddy also drink some milk, angel. Don’t worry, he will never leave you empty stomach.” Nandini kissed her forehead. Manik was just gazing at them,sitting beside them. Angel was peacefully drinking the milk, placing her hand over her another breast.

“I can see you both like this all my life. You both are my world, my peace of the life.” Manik whispered, moving his eyes from angel to Nandini.

She smiled blissfully at him. “Ditto, my words for both you. I can’t even imagine my life without you both. I’m utterly satisfied with my life.”

Manik clasped her face and moved closer to her face. He took her both lips in his mouth and sucked them gently. He kissed her lips softly and smoothly, pouring his love into the kiss. She responded him back with the equal flavour. They pulled apart, panting and beaming at each other.

“I love you so much my baby.” He placed a kiss on her forehead and she closed her eyes, smiling blissfully.

“I love you too.” She whispered, gazing into his eyes lovingly.

Then both gazed down at the angel lovingly who fell asleep while drinking the milk. “She has completed us.” Manik whispered, gazing at angel and then moved his eyes upward at his baby.

Nandini nodded her head, agreeing to him. “Now I don’t want anything else from god. I got everything after getting her.” Both gazed at their daughter, smiling contentedly. They were utterly satisfied and happy with their life.


Angel was sleeping soundly and peacefully in the crib while her daddy was stealing her milk from her mumma. Nandini was sitting utterly naked astride his thigh, on her knees. Manik was sucking her nipple and drinking the milk. He was kneading her other twin with his one hand and his other was at her hip. He was squeezing her hip and pulling her closer to himself. Nandini tucking and clenching his hair with her fingers and moaning, throwing her head back. Both were enjoining their romance session after many days.

She smirked because a idea popped her in her mind. He instantly moved up his eyes at her, still the nipple was in his mouth as she slid her hand inside his lower. “Today, I’ll make you do orgasm like you make me do. You would have want it too like me, right?” She asked, raising her eyebrows. He gave a slight nod, grinning at her. As she grabbed his junior, he groaned and bit her nipple, she moaned loudly.

“Hubby, you’re so hard.” She whispered, her eyes shimmering with the amazement. She was rubbing, shaking and squeezing his junior. Manik was feeling so damn good after so many days.

“This is what you do to me, baby.” He clasped her face and whispered near to her lips. She flushed, gazing in his eyes. He captured her soft lips, staring in her eyes. She kissed him back, her hands doing their job down there. He also started rubbing round and round, up and down her clit with his thumb while kissing her passionately and deeply. They made each other discharge at the same time and lay down on the bed, cuddling and kissing each other tenderly. Thankfully now angel let her parents spend some quality time by sleeping in her crib peacefully. They fell asleep for an hour in each other arms.

Love Mehak


  1. Awesomee mindblowing update….
    Awww angel is so cute she can’t share her mumma with anyone not even with the one who brought angel in this world she is so damn possessive about nandu thats why she started crying as soon as she heard that her daddy dearest wanted to drink her share of milk from her lovely mumma but nandu made her understand that sharing is caring so she should share with her daddy as he shares with her….
    Got to see manan ka hot romance after so many days baby ke wajase they dont get time for each other but whenever they get they try to make each other happy….


  2. Cute hot speechless full of happy happy moments waiting for the next part eagerly ❤❤❤❤❤❤@mehaklovely


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