(Part : 16) The Professor And His Princess

I woke up lazily next morning, stretching my arms. I climbed down from my bed, lumbered to the bathroom. Thankfully today is Sunday and I can sleep more because I’m feeling so sleepy. I again slumped down on the bed after coming back from the bathroom. Haye, I love my bed.

I woke up after sleeping for two hours more. I picked up my phone from the side table. I opened the messages of Mr. stranger which he’d sent me last.

Mr. Stranger : I’m sorry. I know, you were worried for me and that’s why you wanted to meet me up. But I can’t meet you now. It’s not the right time. I’m sorry that I can’t even tell you that why can’t you meet me.

Mr. Stranger : I promise, I’ll surely meet you one day myself.

Mr. Stranger : I don’t want to lose a friend like you Nandini. Please, try to understand and I’m really sorry that I can’t meet you now.

My poor heart melted down instantly after reading his messages. There must be something very serious which’s stopping him from meeting me and revealing his identity to me. But he said, one day he’ll meet me. That’s great.

I called him and placed the phone on my ear.

“Hey, Good morning, Princess.” Like always, my lips curved into a beautiful smile as I heard his voice. His pleasant and sweet voice touch my heart.

“Good morning, Mr. stranger. How’re you now?” I asked concernedly.

“I’m utterly fine. It was just a mirror accident.”

“But I got so scared last night when I came to know about your accident. Thank god, you’re fine.” I sighed.

Really, I’m so thankful to god that he’s fine. Meri toh jaan hi nikal gye thi, sachi.

“So what’s your plan for today. Going somewhere or enjoying the Sunday in the home only?” He asked.

“No plan because Anu is going out with her family today. What’s your plan?”

“Work and work.” He replied.

“Aren’t you get tired of working all day?” I asked.

“Nope. Nowadays I enjoyed working . I’m enjoying every moment of life like you say.” He’s sounding extremely happy.

“I’m impressed but take some rest too from the work.” I answered.

“If I enjoy working then why should I take a break. For now, I don’t need any break.” I smiled broadly, seeing him so full of life. I can’t believe that he’s that same person who was crying over his messed up life few days back.

“I’m happy to see you like this, really.” I expressed my happiness, smiling contentedly.

“It happened because of you only, princess. Thanks a lot.” Smile wasn’t leaving my face. Hope he stays happy like this always.

“Now I’m going to take bath. Talk to you later, Mr. Stranger.”

“Can I join you, princess?” He suddenly asked, I widened my eyes in shock after listening to his words. I wasn’t accepting this from him.

“Are you trying to flirt with me, Mr. Stranger.” I asked, placing the phone on my other ear.

“Yes. You know what I was thinking, we can do friends with benefits.”

Is he serious?

I smirked. “For that you’ve to meet me, Mr. stranger. If you’ll meet me then I’m ready for this friends with benefits.” I started playing along with him.

“Really? I’m ready.” He squealed with excitement. I shook my head in disbelief.

“You’re crazy. I’m going, bye.” I laughed loudly.

“Wait, but I’m serious about that friends with benefits relationship.”

“Bye, Mr. stranger.”

“But..” I disconnected the call.

He’s crazy. Like seriously friends with benefits? I shook my head and sauntered to bathroom, laughing.

I spent whole day with my family today. We go out for lunch and also spent our evening there. Next day, I reached college on time. Thank god, today I won’t be get scolded by professor Manik.

“How was your day, Anu?” I asked her as she settled down beside me on desk.

“It was great. We enjoyed a lot. Tell me about yours?” She asked, resting her chin over her hand and her elbow is pressed against the table.

“We went out for lunch. It was nice.” I replied her. Then only Professor Manik stepped into the class room. He’s looking so damn hot in black jeans and blue blazer with white t-shirt. How can anybody look so hot every time? But I won’t stare at him, he’s not my crush anymore. When I was just about to move my eyes away from him, the wound on his forehead grabbed my attention and then I noticed that his hand is also bandaged.

I narrowed my eyes bemusedly. Mr. stranger met with the accident one day back and Professor Manik is also injured. Is he my Mr. Stranger?

What I’m thinking?

I’m seriously crazy, there is no comparison between Mr. Stranger and Professor Manik. Mr. Stranger is so nice, so sweet, sensible, so calm and a humble person, and on the other side Professor Manik is so rude, weird, short tempered and a crazy person. He can never become like Mr. stranger. I raised one corner of lips, staring at Professor Manik with contempt. I just really can’t forget that how he’d behaved in the library.

The day flew away and now I’m talking to Mr. Stranger at night before sleeping. This has become my daily routine of talking to him for hours before sleeping. I enjoy talking to him, I feel great.

“Nandini, I’ve talked to Dr. Shelly about your mother case. I’ll send you the number of her. Just tell your name to her and she’ll understand. Your mom is gonna be fine very soon. I’ve full faith on her.” He reassured me and I smiled. He’s again giving me hope to me.

“Thank you so much, Mr. Stranger. It really means a lot to me.” I thanked him wholeheartedly.

“We’re friends, Nandini. Who will help if friends don’t help each other in need? You’ve also helped me a lot. I’m so grateful to you for your all help. You’ve shown me the right path and the reality of life. You taught me how to live in every moment of life. You showed me a complete different world. You’ve brought back happiness into my life. I’m really so grateful to you. Thank you.” I’m just smiling happily. I’m glad that he came on the right track.

“You know Mr. Stranger, today Professor Manik was also injured. So I thought you’re professor Manik.” I laughed loudly.

I stopped laughing instantly as he uttered in serious tone. “I’m really your Professor Manik.”

Like seriously, he’s saying that he’s professor Manik. Am I fool?

“Nice joke.” I chuckled.

“I’m serious.”

Yeh, I know you’re very serious.

“You can’t make me fool, Mr. Stranger. Professor Manik is so rude and you’re sweet like sugar. This can’t be possible. There’s no comparison in between you both.” Now he chuckled.

“Oh really I am sweet like sugar. Don’t you wanna taste me ?” He again started flirting with me.

Men will be men. I shook my head.

“Again flirting, Mr. Stranger?”

“I’m serious about friends with benefits relationship. You should also think about it for once.”

Not again this topic. I put my hand over my forehead and shook my head.

“I’m sleeping, Mr. Stranger and find somebody else for your benefits. Good luck and good night.” I hung up.

Then I received his message after a minute.

Mr. Stranger : Good night, Princess and take care. By the way friends with benefits is a not a bad idea. I don’t know why are you overreacting on this.

I laughed after reading his message. Seriously he has gone crazy.


  1. This guy 😂😂😂 he said the truth but this girl isn’t believing 🙄 anyways she will get to know na one day😉 His teasings are😂😂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I know it’s stupid to thing but Is he married or what??🙄😂🙊
    He always keeps on saying I can’t meet you.. I just want to be your friend n all.. So I can’t help but think of the possibilities that what’s the reason of his behavior.. & such questions keep on popping in my mind🤦🏻‍♀️ #SillyMe🤪🤪

    Anyways I’m loving the story so far! It’s getting more n more interesting with each passing update! I may not comment in every part but I’m really loving the story🤩🤩♥♥♥


  3. Awesome mindblowing update….
    Mr. Stranger ke sweet words sunkar nandu ka heart melt hou gaya and she called him to talk but he started flirting with her like a pervert and suggesting they should be in friends with benefit relationship hehe that was funny…..
    Professor Manik was also injured so for a second nandu thought that Mr. Stranger and Professor Manik are the same but as she has already pictured manik as a bad guy she doesnt want to think he can be her Mr. Stranger and she even shared her thought Mr. Stranger an he to said he was Professor Manik but still she is not ready to accept it…
    Lets see wang happens when the truth comes out and she finds out Mr. Stranger and Professor Manik are the same….


    • OMG ….Fabulous update…waiting 4 dis twist 2 happn 👍seriously yar not only professor &d princess. Each and every story has a beautiful &emotional connection with d readers. Most of the updates are nail biting one. But professor part story is like …different at the same time cute ,curious to knw wats gonna happn nxt and neat work too…keep rocking. Expecting more interesting updates from you👍👏👏👏👍

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