(Part : 1) Inseparable Souls

A Quick Introduction

Shehnaaz Kaur Gill

• Age : 24

• Occupation : Finding Job

• She is cute, kindhearted, Smart, intelligent, bubbly, Brave, Daring, Strong and a drama queen and she want to live a independent life.

Sidharth Shukla

• Age : 30

• Occupation : Owner of a big company

• He is rude, Aggressive, Arrogant, Controlling, Manipulative, Ruthless from outside but from inside he is broken.

Abhimanyu Gill

• Age : 30

• Occupation : Owner of a Big company

• He is brother of Sana, He is kindhearted, clever and cool man.

Noor Gill

• Age : 30

• Occupation : Working in her husband Company

• She is wife of Abhimanyu and she is sweet , supportive, Kindhearted, Calm and Caring .

Few days back only, Sana had come to Mumbai. Earlier she used to live with her parents in Delhi. Her father was an owner of a big company. She wanted to become a independent girl, she wanted to do a job but her father was against this that’s why after convincing her brother to let her do the Job in Mumbai, she had come to Mumbai where Abhi was living and handling a big company. He had been living in Mumbai since eight years. He had come Mumbai for college and settled down here only.

It was a cheerful morning, Noor and Abhi were having breakfast in the dinning Room.

“Good Morning Bhai and my sweet bhabhi” Sana sauntered there, having bright smile on her face. Her face was glowing, she was wearing a crop top and long skirt, she used to apply very light make up, only eyeliner and lipstick. She was naturally beautiful from outside and from inside too.

“So ready for the interview, Drama queen.” Noor asked as Sana hugged her from behind and placed a kiss on her cheek. She wrinkle her nose adorably as Noor called her Drama queen. Then she sat beside Noor.

“Bhabhi, agar apko yaad na ho toh mein apko bata do, Sana humesha challenges ki ready rehti hai.” She blew hair out of her face which were coming in her eyes. It was her cool way to show her attitude.

“But what is the need of doing job ?” Sana glared at his brother as he uttered.

“Oh god, please, bhai, don’t start again like mom and dad. Dad is handling his company, you and Bhabhi are handling your company here, where do i stand ? what is mine ?” She asked in serious tone because she wanted to become a independent girl.

“Abhi, dare if you stop her from doing job, your noor bhabhi is with you, drama queen.” She pulled Sana’s cheeks and Sana showed her tongue to her brother. He became quiet and started eating breakfast because he knew it was waste of time to fight with two girls and somewhere he also knew that they were right at their places.

“Bhai, come on now, give me a smile and say all the best to me. Dekho agar Mujhe yeh job milegi toh mein bhut khush hojaungi aur agar mein khush toh aap bhi kush.” Sana stood up from chair after few minutes and hugged him from behind.

“All the best and i am sure, you will get the job because i know my sister is talented, smart and intelligent” He wished her good luck while clasping her hand and kissed her knuckles.

“Aww, I love you, bhai.” She hugged him more tightly from behind and rubbed her cheeks against his stubble. Noor was smiling at them.

After biding bye to them, she left the house. She was driving the car, enjoying the music and humming the tune of song which was playing in the car when she was on the way to S. S. Company. She had no idea that her life was going to be changed utterly as soon as she would step into that company. She never wished for a handsome life partner like others girls, she just wanted her Prince Charming to respect girls and love her truly.


“Miss Shehnaaz, you are next.”  A girl said to Sana when she was sitting outside of the room where the interview was going on. She was waiting for her turn. She wasn’t nervous, rather she was excited to give the interview. She nodded at her and stood up from her seat. She sauntered toward the door, hanging the bag properly on her shoulder.

She knocked the door before walking inside. “Come in”after getting permission, she opened the door and stepped into the room. Her breath got stuck in her throat for a second as her eyes fell on the person who was taking the interview.

He was non other than Sidharth Shukla, the owner of S.S. company. He was busy in laptop when Sana stepped into his cabin. She found him attractive, hot, handsome and charming. She couldn’t stop herself from staring at him.

“Focus on the interview, not on him, you are getting distracted, tujhe kabse hot boys itne attract karne lag gye. Just Control yourself, sana, control.” Her mind said to her when she was busy in admiring him. She sighed after listening to her mind. She strolled toward the desk where he was setting.

“Good Morning, Sir” She gathered courage and greeted him while taking her seat in front of him. Finally he looked at her, moving his from the laptop to her. She got lost in his eyes, she found darkness and pain in his eyes.

“Focus Sana, Focus.” Her mind shouted on her. She took a deep breath.

He stared at her, frowning because she was just silently staring at him. He raised his eyebrows and she instantly took out the file from her hand bag and gave it to him.

He flipped the pages. “You mentioned that you know french, german, Chinese, Russian do you really know or you have just mentioned ?” She widened her eyes in shock as he asked in serious tone, putting hands on the table.

“What do you mean?” She frowned. “If I’ve mentioned then off course I know all the mentioned languages.” she answered him confidently but he was looking at him, having doubt in his black eyes.

“Nǐ hǎo ma (How are you?)”He asked in Chinese language to clear his doubt. He waited for her reply patiently. He didn’t know why he was feeling that she was lying to him.

“Xiānshēng, wǒ hěn hǎo ( I am good, Sir.)”She smiled at him and replied back confidently. Sid was impressed after seeing her confidence but still he remained silent.

“I have seen your file and you are capable for this job, so you can join from tomorrow. “Her heart jumped joyfully inside after hearing his words because she got a job in her first interview only. She wanted to hug somebody now because it was her way to show her happiness but she controlled herself difficultly.

“Thank you so much, Sir.” She stood up from chair, grinning. She put her file back in her bag. Sid again got busy in his laptop. She happily sauntered toward the door but she stopped in the middle after hearing his voice.

“Don’t be late, sharp at 9 am, you should be here.” she turned to look at him and he continued. “I hate those people who aren’t punctual, so be on time or else you will be punished.” She widened her eyes in horror after listening the word punishment.

“Oh god, Punishment. This is very bad “she thought and nodded at him.

“I won’t, be late.., sir.”She stammered and hurriedly stepped out of his cabin after opening the door.

“What type of punishment he is talking about? Mujhe toh dar sa lag rha hai.” She started biting her nail anxiously. “Why i am thinking about this? I’m sure, I won’t be late.” she blew hair out of her face in attitude, having full confidence on herself.


“I was sure that my little princess would surely get the job. You always make your brother feel proud.” Abhi embraced Sana into his arms when she gave him the good news that she got the job. She was grinning happily.

They broke the hug. “Intelligent bhai ki sister jo hoon.” Abhi chuckled on her words and kissed her forehead.

She hugged noor. “Bhabhi, I’m super happy.” Noor kissed her hair. She was blessed to get the world best brother like Abhi and bhabhi like Noor. They supported her every time. They weren’t less than her parents for her. Sana was apple of their eyes.


At night, Sana was trying to sleep hugging her teddy but couldn’t .She was not understanding, why again and again her boss’s face was coming in her mind and was not letting her to sleep. She was rolling all over the bed and changing the position, she was trying to sleep in every possible way but couldn’t.

“Yeh meri need ko kya hogya hai? Kal mujhe time se office puchna hai aur yeh meri need mujhe itne nakhre dikha rhi hai.” She cried and threw the pillow on floor.

“Meri neend ke nakhre bhi bilkul mere jaise.” She chuckled.

“Vaise boss smart toh bhut hai. Haye mera toh dil hi aagya but mere type ke kyu nhi hai voh. Itne gusse se dekhte hai, jaise ki kha hi jaege. Kher ab issi boss se hi kaam chalna padhega sana tujhe.” She slept, hugging her teddy while thinking about her boss.


Next morning, Sana woke up lazily and picked up the phone in half sleep which was kept beside her on the bed. She widened her eyes in shock, seeing the time. It was eight O’clock.

“Don’t be late, sharp at 9 am, you should be here. I hate those people who come late, so be on time or else you will be punished.” Sid’s words echoed in her ear.

She started biting her nails. “You’re gone, Sana, today. Pata nhi kya hi punishment denge sir mujhe.” She jumped out of the bed, throwing the blanket and rushed into the bathroom.

She took bath and just combed her hair, but still she was looking pretty because of her natural beauty. She came downstairs, she was wearing off shoulder top and black jeans.

“Bhai, I’m getting late. I’ll eat the breakfast there only” Abhi and Noor were sitting in the living room and before they could say something, she told them. They asked her to stop but she rushed out of the house, ignoring them because she really didn’t have time to listen them. She didn’t want to be get punished on her first day of job.

“I know, this girl will not eat breakfast today.” Abhi shook his head.


“Why this Auto Driver coming in front of my car again and again ? Somebody please, tell him that i am getting late or else i will kill him. Meine sach mein maar dena isse.” On the way to office She was taking out her frustration by shouting on Auto Driver, Bus Diver. She constantly seeing the time in her wrist watch. She didn’t want to get late and she was also afraid to be punished on her first day of work.

Finally she stopped her car in front of S.S. Company at 8:55. She hurriedly parked her car and rushed into the office.

She bumped with someone in a hurry. “Sorry” She apologised and dashed toward the lift.

The lift was at 12th floor and it was coming down. “Hogya siyapa.” She cried, kicking the lift and few people stared at her.

“You are seriously dead, Sana. Aaj toh mujhe koe bhi punishment se nhi bacha sakta. Phele hi din late hogye. Pagal hoon mein puri ki puri.” She started biting her nails anxiously after seeing the time, it was 9 o’clock. Suddenly the lift opened and she hurriedly walked into the left.

Lift was about to get closed but it again opened suddenly because somebody put his feet in between the door. “Yaar mein ab iss issaan ko mardungi sachi. Ek toh mein already late ho chuki hoon uparse yeh nawab ji lift ko band hone se phele hi khol diya. Are bhai mein late ho rhi hoon aur mere jo boss hai voh pata nhi kya hi punishment denge mujhe.”Sana glared at him like she would kill him with her looks only.

Sid’s cabin was on the 15th floor, it took her three minutes to reach on 15th floor. She rushed to his Cabin as the lift opened. She checked the time standing at the door in her wrist watch. It was 9:15.

“Chalo sirf fifteen minute late hoon. Jada nhi, thank god. I hope fifteen minute ke liye toh koe mujhe punishment nhi denga. Are bhai itna toh chalta hai.” She knocked the door of his Cabin, panting.

“Come in” She opened the door and stepped into the cabin after getting his permission. She found him sitting on his chair . She slowly sauntered toward him. She didn’t know why her heartbeat was accelerating.

“It’s 9:16. You’re late, Miss Shehnaaz” He glared at her. She instantly looked down after hearing his words.

“Sirf fifteen hi toh late hoon yaar.” She mumbled to herself.

“Sir, you know about Mumbai traffic, it always make everybody late and what should I tell you about people of Mumbai. In mid way someone was fighting, I..” She started giving excuses and he lost his temper.

Before she could complete her words, he scowled at her. “I am not sitting here to listen your useless excuses, Miss Shehnaaz.” He stood up from his chair, frowning.

“I am sorry, sir.” She apologised, staring down in guilt but inside she was angry.

“I had warned you yesterday that I don’t like when people like you arrived late at work.” He growled, striding toward her. She made faces, her eyes still looking down on floor.

“How rude, I am just only fifteen minutes late and look how he is behaving. Gussa toh aise ho rha hai jaise meine iska pata nhi kaya hi chura liya ho.” She thought in her mind and said something else after moving her eyes at him . “I won’t be late from the next time, sir.”

“Yes, you won’t be late next time, Miss Shehnaaz if you get punishment. ” As he said, she widened her eyes in shock and thought what type of punishment he would give to her.

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