(Part : 10) Inseparable Souls

“What happened sir?” Sana asked after stepping out of the car when Sid was checking the problem, opening the hood of the car.

“I think, there is some problem in the engine.” As he answered, still checking the car, Sana smiled broadly.

“Now how we’ll go back home, sir?” She pretended to be worried but inside her heart was jumping with the joy and she wanted to dance crazily because she would able to spend more time with him, the more she would spend time with him, the more he would open up with her. She was so thankful to god for doing this.

“Don’t worry, we’ll book a cab.” Her lips drawn down as Sid said, looking at her.

“No.” She instantly uttered and Sid narrowed his eyebrows in confusion.

“Oh god, why I said no in front of him. Now what I’ll answer to him.” She closed her eyes and mad adorable faces.

She opened her eyes and found him looking at her suspiciously, waiting for her to answer him. “No, we shouldn’t book the cab.” She replied him without thinking anything.

“Why, we shouldn’t book the cab, Miss Shehnaaz?” He asked, raising his eyebrows and staring at her warily.

“Sir, because..” She stretched the word ‘because’ so that she could get the time to think.

“Oh god, What do i say ? “She asked from herself.

“Why, Miss Shehnaaz?” He asked again after not getting any answer from her.

“Because the cab’s drivers are dangerous, they are not safe at night, they can do anything, sir.” She spoke like she was really afraid to travel at night in the cab.

“Stupid you, he’s so strong. What a silly reason, you’ve given to him.” She mentally slapped herself. “In fact I feel safe with him.” She thought in her mind and he stole away her heart all over again with his next words.

“You don’t need to be worried. I promise you, you’ll be always safe with me. I won’t let anything happen to you. I’ll always protect you.” He reassured her like her lover.  She smiled with utter happiness, staring into his eyes which were filled with love, she could see it. He touched her soul directly through his words.

After a minute only, they heard the sound of thunderclap. Sana flinched and instantly jumped over Sid, getting afraid. She hugged him, wrapping her arms around him tightly. He was taken aback for a second and he tried to stop himself from hugging her back, clenching his hands and shutting his eyes. “Sir, I often get scared after hearing the sound of lightning.” She whispered and clutched his shirt tighter, pulling him closer to himself like a small baby hugging her mumma. As they heard the sound of another thunderclap, she trembled with fear, burying her face in his chest and holding him tighter. Now Sid couldn’t able to control himself more from hugging her back. He lifted his arms up  and wrapped his strong arms around her firmly. He closed his eyes, overwhelmed with the feeling of utter contentment after holding his world into his arms. He didn’t want to break the hug because  the peace for which he’d been craving from ages, he found in Sana’s arms finally.

Sana calmed down instantly and her all fear vanished like a magic as soon as she felt his arms around her. She felt so safe in his arms, she felt like home. She was having a content smile on her face.

After five minutes, they broke the hug, staring into each other eyes intensely. One side, Sana found extreme pain in his eyes and she was trying to know that what pain he was hiding in his eyes. On the other side, Sid found so many emotions in her innocent eyes but he didn’t know, what kind of emotions he was seeing in her eyes because he was not aware about the feeling of love because neither anybody had ever loved him as truly as Sana nor he’d seen this type of emotions in anybody’s eyes before, that’s why it was getting difficult for him to figure out the emotions of love which he was seeing in her eyes.

“I should book the cab, we are already so late.” He uttered breaking the silence after few minutes. Sana nodded her head, disheartened.

Her eyes glinted with happiness as she found him waving his phone in the air above his head. She instantly understood the reason that his phone had no network. “I shouldn’t have doubted you god before. Today, you’ve proved me that you are great god. Sometimes I feel like I’ve my personal god with me because god always hear me on the right time.” She was thinking, having a big smile on her face.

“Network is not coming.” She instantly hid her smile as he looked at her, but his sharp eyes caught her smiling and she again came in trouble.

She widened her eyes in shock as he asked, staring at her bemusedly. “Miss Shehnaaz, why were you smiling?”

“Why god, why you’ve given so sharp eyes to my monster boss?” She complained to god after closing her eyes and made cute faces like baby.

“Sir, why would I smile in this situation? I’m afraid, so many bad thoughts are coming in mind. The darkness and this deserted place is making me so scared. What will happen, sir?”She tried to show him that she was really scared. “wow, what a great actor you are Sana.” She praised herself in her mind.

“Miss Shehnaaz, don’t worry. Nothing will happen to you. Let me try to contact someone, you please sit inside the car.” He ordered her, opening the door of the car. She pouted sadly and he closed the door as sat inside the car. “I’m feeling like this Monster will take relief after contacting someone. What should I do, god? Show me the way.” she started talking with herself, sitting in the car while outside he was trying to find the network.


“Sir, I think, network won’t come. We’ve to spend the whole night here only. So please you also come and sit inside.” She rolled down the glass window and asked sid to come inside after waiting for fifteen minutes. He nodded at her and opened the door of the car. “Thank god, he listened to me.” Sana sighed with relief as he settled inside.

“Oh god, what type of person he is ?” She frowned as Sid started working on the laptop.

“Always work and work. Here I’m getting bore. I want to talk to him, want to spend sometime and he, he like always just want to do his work.” She cried like a small baby, seeing him working and looked out of the window, pouting sadly.

“Shehaaz.” After fifteen minutes, Sid called her and she instantly looked at him. “Why do you.” He paused and exhaled deeply. “Why do you trust me?” He asked, staring at her.

Sana was shocked with his unexpected question.

“What?” She asked to confirm that did she hear right or wrong. “Why do you trust me, Miss Shehnaaz.” He asked, his eyes filled with extreme pain.

It was seemed like he’d been not working on laptop since few minutes, he was just thinking about the morning incident because he still couldn’t able to believe that Sana trusted him. Something was there which was stopping him to believe that she trusted him and he also wanted to know that why she trusted him.

“Sir, why I won’t trust you? I’ve been seeing that how much you respect girl since day one. The person who without thinking about himself for once even, he saved a girl’s life, the girl who was a stranger to him. Then how can I believe on that news? One news can’t change the image of you which you have formed in my mind. You’re a great person and you can’t hide this truth from me anymore.” She smiled and said each and every word with full confident, having no doubt in her mind for him because she’d utter faith in him.

Sid was still staring at her incredulously. He was in a state of shock after knowing that how much she trusted him because before her nobody’d trusted him. Without even asking for any explanations, they all had put him behind the bars and declared him the culprit. After so many years which were like ages for him, suddenly a girl walked into his life who trusted him after seeing the news also. It was unbelievable for him.

“Don’t you hate me after seeing the news?” He asked because he wanted to get utterly sure. “Why will I  hate you, sir? In fact I love you.” she thought in her mind.

“Sir, that news doesn’t matter to me, it was just a piece of trash. Rather I feel bad for you because you’d spent a year in jail without any fault.” She said, clasping his hand and looking at him with full confidence, but he still couldn’t able to believe that somebody could trust him so much.

“Or If I say that I almost raped someone then?” As he asked, she left his hand instantly and widened her eyes in shock.

“I know, he’s just examining me that I trust him or not, and if he really tried to do this then I’m sure there must be some reason because my Sid for me, he’s a god in the face of human.” She thought, having full trust on him. She truly loved him.

When Sana left his hand, Sid misunderstood her. “I knew that you would also not trust me after knowing this.” He whispered dishearteningly because she was his only hope.

“No, I still trust you.” She uttered and Sid looked at her, raising his eyebrows in shock. She placed her hand over his face and Sid closed his eyes to feel the touch of her soft hand. She slightly caressed his stubble with her thumb and he enjoyed her touch. “Maybe there must be some reason behind your that act because you can’t rape, in fact you can’t even think of raping a girl.” As she continued, he opened his eyes and stared into her beautiful eyes which were filled with love. “I know you, I have utter faith in you. If god himself comes down and tells me that you’re not a good person, then too I will believe you.” Her each and every word was clearly showing that she loved him truly and that’s why she had a blind trust on him. He was speechless, staring at her in a utter shock because he thought that after hearing that he’d almost raped someone, she wouldn’t trust him like others. His heart felt happy after ages, knowing that somebody trusted him. At that moment, he understood that she is the only one who could heal him, who could take him out of the darkness and who could make him feel alive again.

“Really, you still trust me?” He asked, staring at her incredulously and he placed his hand over her hand which was on his face, she nodded her head, slightly smiling at him. This was the only thing, he’d been craving from so many years. He was yearning for someone who would trust him blindly, someone who would understand him and someone without any explanation who would trust him, finally god listened to him and blessed him with Sana.

Sana had never thought that the person who used to boss all around, he would be in agony in reality and one day he would be sitting in front of her and craving for the love like small baby.

“Why, I mean when and how did you start trusting me so much?” He again asked the same question from where their conversation had started. He really wanted to know, why she trusted him so much that not any news, nothing was breaking her trust.

“It is the right time to confess your love, Sana. If you not confess today then you would loss the golden opportunity to confess your love and you’ll regret all your life.” As her heart told her, she sighed deeply and finally confessed. “Because I love you.” He widened his eyes in shock because her love confession was unexpected for him, he’d never thought she would fall in love with him because the way he’d treated her before, it was impossible for anyone to fall in love with that person but she made the impossible thing possible by seeing his pure heart and soul.

“When you fall in love with me?”He asked, staring at her unbelievably, utterly shocked. “Maybe when you were busy hiding your goodness behind your anger.”she chuckled and he was just staring at her incredulously because she was giving him shock after shock. He still couldn’t able to believe that anybody could love him too.

“I don’t know that I love you or not and will I  able to trust you like the way you trust me or not, but I’m utterly sure about one thing that you’re the only person, for whom I’ve been waiting since so many years, the person who will bring light into my dark life and hope in my hopeless life, the person who will trust me blindly, never believe on others, who will only believe me, will heal me and who will love me unconditionally.” He paused and clasped her hand. “That person is you,Shehnaaz. I’ve been waiting for you since so long time.” He put his heart in front of Sana and finally he gave her permission to heal him. Sana was on the cloud nine after hearing him out, this was what she was craving for, craving to heal him, craving to bring happiness in his life, craving to bring light into his dark life and finally she got permission to do what she wanted. Her happiness was beyond limit.

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