(Part : 14) Inseparable Souls

Sana saw Sid through the corner of her eyes that he was climbing up the stairs of the temple. She grinned at Cabir and She told him with the gesture of her eyes that Sid arrived. He smiled back, looking at her. Priest started enchanting the mantra as according to their plan. Her heart was jumping with the joy inside because her plan was getting successful, Sid finally came to stop the marriage. “Thank you, thank you so much god for sending him. Now leave everything on me because I know that now how I have to bring my rude boss on the right track.” She thought, having a beautiful smile on her face.

Her lips drawn down, she became disappointed because Sid sat down beside her silently like a guest without interrupting their marriage. She pouted and cried. “Why he is not stopping the marriage? Has he came here to see my marriage? Why are you doing this, sir, stop this marriage please. God please help me and stay with me.” She prayed, looking upward while priest was doing his work.

Sid’s eyes bulged in shock as Cabir placed a kiss over Sana’s cheek to make Sid jealous. It was the part of their plan. “I know, if you love me then surely this kiss will make you jealous. Mr. Sidharth Shukla, just wait and watch that how will I make you to stop this marriage.” She smirked, looking at Sid through the corner of her eyes. He was glaring at Cabir in anger, clenching his fist, controlling himself. She was behaving like a vamp, but she was a heroine and becoming evil just to bring happiness in her beloved’s life. She knew, his happiness was with her only because only she could take him out of his darkness.

After every few seconds, Cabir was nuzzling  her neck, hair and face. Sid’s expressions were worth watching at that time, he was fuming in anger because of jealousy. He wanted to beat Cabir blue and black, but controlling himself. He clenched his fist tighter to control his anger and glared at Cabir like he would kill him through his eyes. His eyes were smouldering with anger. “Oye, will he stop our marriage or not? Don’t tell me, you want to marry me.” He whispered in her ears. Sana glared at him.

After few minutes, Priest asked Cabir to apply the vermilion on the middle of her hairline. Cabir held the case of vermilion and moved his other hand toward her hairline after taking the vermilion between his thumb and two fingers. “Sir please, stop it, please.” Sana begged, closing her eyes. Her heartbeat was accelerating with each passing second because she was afraid that if he didn’t stop their marriage today then she would lose him forever. She didn’t want to lose him at any cost.

She opened her eyes instantly, grinning as she heard the sound of falling of vermilion case. As she turned her face to look at Sid, she found him glaring at her in anger, his eyes were spitting fire, she got scared for a second.

She flinched as he pulled her toward himself, grasping her arms and snapped at her. “Have you gone mad? Do you have mind? How can you marry anybody, just to make me jealous?” He was spitting with the fury. Her acts were making him hell angry because what she was doing , it was utterly wrong.

She shut her eyes to compose herself because she didn’t want to argue with him, she just want to make her plan successful. “I’m not doing this to make you jealous. You asked me to move on, I’m moving on, and for your kind information, sir, I’m not marrying to any stranger. He’s cabir,  I know him from past six years. So I hope, now I’m clear to you. Now leave me and let me marry him.” She was trying to push away Sid with her tiny hands, he was just glaring at her in furry. Cabir was staring at Sana in a disbelief because he never knew that her best friend was such a good actor.

“Don’t try to act smart, Shehnaaz. I know, you’re doing this marriage just to make me jealous. If this is a real marriage, then why can’t I see your your family here? Where are they? I can’t see them.” He questioned her, looking around, gripping her arms tighter. She was glaring at him angrily. Both of them were equally smart.

“Okay, so let’s come to the point. I’m doing this marriage not just to make you jealous, I’m marrying him to make you agree for our marriage and if you don’t want to marry then please leave.” She yelled, pushing him away by applying her all strength. Cabir was enjoying the entertaining show in front of his eyes.

“Bro, let me marry her, she’s hot man. I just want to take her on my bed and want to enjoy our first night.” Sid eyes became red in anger as Cabir tried to act smart and whispered these words in Sid’s ear.  Sana stared at him bemusedly, narrowing her eyebrows because this was not the part of their plan. Next move of Sid shocked her, he punched Cabir on his face. Sana’s eyes bulged and she palmed her mouth in shock. Sid lost his mind, imagining his Sana with someone else on the bed and how could anybody talk about his Sana like this. He was so furious.

“How dare you?” He roared at Cabir in fury after grabbing the collars of his coat, Cabir stared at Sid in shock. He was not expecting this. “Sana please, save me.” He asked for help, looking at Sana with pleading eyes. “Speak to me.” He growled, forcing him to look at him by holding his collars tighter, now Cabir was staring at Sid like a scared cat.

“What did you say in his ear, Cabir? I’ve no clue that how to calm down this angry hulk.” She mused, staring at them when Sid was killing Cabir with his looks. “Sana, you have to calm down this monster before he makes this the last night of your bestie.” She murmured to herself, looking at them .

“Sir, leave him, why are you creating the scene? If you don’t want to marry me, you can leave, nobody is forcing you and let me marry peacefully.” She was pulling his hand to make him leave his collars.

“Sana, I’m sorry, but I can’t do this acting any more because I don’t want to die so soon.” He cried like a baby, looking at Sana. Sid instantly left his collar after listening to his words. Sana closed her eyes and grimaced because he was spoiling her all plan.

“Listen, Sana is just my friend. I have no intention to marry her and I said those words just to provoke you. She is all yours, please forgive me.” He held Sidnaaz hand and made them hold each other hand. Sana was grimacing and making adorable faces annoyingly like a baby because his coward friend spoiled her plan. Sid was now glaring at in anger. “Pandit ji, drama has finished. I’m advising you to rush from here before he will kill you.” As Cabir asked the Priest to leave, they both got disappeared in a minute. Sid followed Sana as she rushed toward the stairs.

“Cabir, I’ll kill you tomorrow with my own hands. Why did you ask pandit ji to go. Now how will i marry Sid Sir?” She cried like baby. After all this drama, she was still thinking to get marry Sid. Next act of Sid shocked Sana, he pinned her against the wall after grabbing her arms tightly and gave her deadly glares, Sana stared at him with pleading eyes. She wanted to heal him badly but he was making the things more complicated.

“For you everything is a joke, right? Who gave you this stupid idea? Marriage is such a pure ritual which joins two souls forever till their last breath and you’re making fun of it.” Sid spoke disappointingly, staring at her because he never thought that she would do such stupid things. He just wanted to keep her safe that’s why he was pushing her away, but she was not ready to understand him. He loved her and he wanted to confess but he couldn’t even confess. It was killing him from inside.

As Sana suddenly chuckled, Sid looked at her bemusedly. “And what you are doing, is it right? Is it right to make fun of our love and our feelings?” This time she asked him, grabbing his collars, staring at him with her innocent eyes.  “You know what, I can spend my whole life with you without marrying you. I don’t want any tag to live with you. It just that you believed in marriage, that’s why i planned all this drama. Yes, my plan were crazy but my intentions weren’t wrong. I just want to make you realise that how much you love me and you can’t come out of your darkness without my support. Why are you not understanding? Why are you thinking about future? Why can’t you live in present? The life is so beautiful, it just depend on us, how are we’re seeing it. If you look at the life through my eyes, you would get know that the life is so beautiful. Please, just stop being so selfless, think about yourself, about your happiness, please.” She pleaded him, her eyes brimmed with the tears. She was trying hard to make him understand. “For how long, you will live in darkness, you will die one day, sir. I can’t see you like this because I love you.” She suddenly bursted into tears in front of him, few drops of tear trickled down from her eyes and directly fell over his hand.

He was staring  down and as the tears dropped down on his hand, he shut his eyes dejectedly after seeing them. He was feeling so helpless at that moment because the angel of his life was crying in front of his eyes and he was letting her cry. The thing which was breaking his heart more is that he was the reason of her tears. It hurts you deep inside when you see your beloved in pain and what more hurts is that the reason of her pain is you only. This breaks your heart into millions of pieces. Sid was doing wrong with Sana, but more than that he was doing wrong with his own life. He was breaking his broken heart more by himself. Sana said right that if he continued doing like this, one day he would die because of the pain.

“I won’t let this happen. Are you listening to me? Shehnaaz will never let this happen.” She screamed, yanking him closer to herself with his collars. “You want or you don’t want but I’ll heal you and take you out from the darkness and no one can stop me, not even you. You don’t know what is love but now I’ll show you what is love, how powerful love is.” She was saying each and every word from core of her heart. She didn’t want anything from him, she just want his happiness. She was also craving for his love but more than that she was craving to heal him, to make him see the world through her eyes and she knew, if she stopped fighting for her their love, she would lose him forever and he would never able to come out from his darkness.

“Why, why do you love me so much? Please hate me, please.” He begged her to hate him, moving away from her. She cried dejectedly, pursing his lips. Her heart was shattering into million of pieces because all this was clearly showing that how much pain he was in, how much scared he was to be happy and how much he had endured in his past. The past which was not leaving his mind, she really never wanted to know about his past, the past which made his this condition, she was scared to know about his past. She wanted to become his strength, not his weakness.

“I am afraid, I’m so afraid. Shehnaaz, I live in the darkness and I don’t want you to step into my dark world because I’m scared that you will get lost in my dark world. You’re a shining star and I don’t want that your light to be vanished in my dark world. I don’t want you to suffer because of me. I’m so scared.” He tried to explain her his point of view. She was just looking at him with pleading eyes , she was utterly understanding him, but she wanted to make him understand her point of view because she knew, she was right.

“I can understand you, sir, but who is saying that I want to enter into your dark world? I never ever said that I want to come in your dark world. In fact I want to make you enter into my world where there is happiness and love.” She closed eyes and exhaled deeply before saying. “Sir, I just want one thing from you. Will you give me? After this I’ll never come back in your life. Whatever you’ll say, I will do, but I just want one thing from you.” She suddenly asked him to give something to him, Sid stared at her confusingly

“Will you give me?” As she asked, he just nodded his head positively and she smiled faintly at him. “Can you give me your one night?” She asked, having hope in her eyes. This was the last hope and this was her last try to save her love. “Please..” She implored, holding out her hand before him, staring at him with her pleading eyes.

Sid couldn’t able to deny her. “I can even die for you, giving you my one night is nothing for me.” He whispered, placing his hand over her hand and she held his hand firmly, smiling at him slightly. His words were clearly showing that how much he  loved her. Sana felt blessed after listening to his words because what he said, it was not easy task to do. To die for someone is not easy, only true lover have courage to do this task. Sid’s words clearly showed that how truly he loved her. He could to anything to keep her safe from this cruel world.

“Thank you so much.” She hugged him, smiling blissfully like he gave her permission to heal him. But she was utterly sure that after this night, Sid’s point of view would surely get changed. He lifted his hand up to hug her after fighting with his mind. He embraced her into his arms, smiling contentedly, forgetting everything. As he hugged her, she smiled wholeheartedly and hugged him more tighter, pulling him closer to herself. Both were getting peace in each other arms. They felt like to freeze the time here because they wanted to stay in each other arms forever. “One night is enough for me to show you that how powerful love is. The thing which I’m going to do today, It would hurt me and break me down, but I know you would handle me and would never leave me after that.” She thought, having hope in her eyes. They pulled away, their eyes stared into each other intensely. Sid gently kissed her forehead before touching his forehead with her. Both of them got lost in each other utterly, closing their eyes and having a faint smile on their face. “Shehnaaz, I don’t know what you’re going to do tonight but deep inside I want you to give me the reason to stay with you forever, the reason which would change my mind.” He thought, utterly lost in her.

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