(Part : 18) Inseparable Souls

Sana joyfully sauntered into the office of Sidharth in the beautiful red top with black jeans. Her eyes were shining with the happiness. Her hair were tied up in a ponytail. Her face was glowing and today, she was looking more prettier because the colour of love was spread all over her face. 

“I hope, he likes red roses.” She murmured, looking down at the beautiful bouquet of red roses which she was holding in her hand. She stepped into the elevator with the smile. “Wow, I just can’t believe that in only one day, Sidharth sir accepted me and he changed himself a lot, Yippee.” She squealed joyfully in the lift and clapped her hands.

“Well done Shehnaaz Gill, finally you won because of your brilliant mind.” She blew the hair out of her face in attitude and giggled cutely, covering her mouth with her hands. She was going crazy with the happiness after seeing the changed Sid. She’d never thought that in one night, things would get changed so much. She couldn’t able to believe that the person who used to shout on her and now that person only was pampering her like a baby and cooking for her with his own hand. She was on the cloud nine after seeing his love. She was loving him more now. She was so relived to see him happy, it was the only dream which she’d been seeing since past two months and finally god fulfilled her dream. She was so thankful to god.

On the other side, Sid was going crazy because he was missing angel of his life. It was only one hour passed without her and he became mad and his restlessness didn’t go unnoticed by the staff members.

He’d never thought that he would come out of his pain so easily. Shehnaaz gave him the lesson of life which was very important for the people like Sidharth who spoil their life because of their past incident which has been passed and don’t think about the precious present which is a present (a gift) given by god to the people.

“I’m sure, there is something going between Sidharth Sir and Shehnaaz. Today Shehnaaz is late and that’s why he’s behaving so weird today.” One of male employee, Shekar said to Rita and Sid heard this. Rita looked up at Sid, raising his eyebrows shockingly. “What happened, Rita?” Shehkar asked from Rita after seeing her shocked expression. Then he turned back to look and saw Sid like he saw the ghost. “Shehnaaz is just an employee for me and nothing else, understand?” Sid snapped at him, pointing his forefinger at him. Shehkar nodded his head, looking down in shame and walked from there, bowing his head down. Sid dashed to his cabin in anger.

Shehnaaz heard all this standing at the corner of the hall. Her eyes became moist and she clutched the bouquet in anger. Her heart broke down listening those words. She dumped the bouquet in the dustbin furiously. “I was a fool who thought that the rude Sidharth Shukla can be changed so easily.” She muttered in anger, glaring at his Cabin like with her looks only she would burn the door. She walked into his cabin hastily without knocking the door, her innocent eyes were filled with the anger. She was really hurt.

As she stepped into his Cabin, Sid threw his arms around her and hugged her tightly like he wanted to keep her safe in his arms forever. Sana was taken aback with his sudden hug. She wasn’t expecting this hug after what she’d heard outside. “You know, how much I missed you, my angel.” He whispered, pulling her closer to himself. His words instantly melted down her poor heart and a beautiful smile spread across her face after listening the word angel from his mouth. Her all anger vanished away, seeing his love. This proved that the love is magical. For a minute she forget everything and hugged him back, wrapping her arms around him. She got lost in his peaceful arms which were like heaven, having beautiful smile on her face.

“Shehnaaz is just my employee.” Suddenly his words echoed in her ears and she pushed him away, getting furious again. Sid looked at her shockingly, raising his eyebrows.

Before he could ask anything she asked curtly, glaring at him.” Why was a boss missing his employee so crazily?” It was seemed like his words broke down her all hopes and dreams, she was badly hurt. Sid instantly understood after listening her words that she’d heard everything outside. He looked at her, having concern in his eyes like with his eyes he was telling her that she was thinking utterly wrong, nothing was like that. She was not just a employee for him, she was his world.

His next act made Shehnaaz hell shocked. He grabbed her waist, pulled her toward himself and captured her lips. He sucked her lips crazily, clutching her waist. This kiss was just the answer of her question that what she was for him. First she was taken aback but next moment she also responded him with equal passion. He took his hands upward and clasped her face and she placed her hand on his chest. He was kissing her lovingly and pouring his all love in that kiss. Shehnaaz forgot about everything with this kiss, she just got lost in the kiss which was full of love and concern. “So now did you get that what you are for me, Miss Shehnaaz?” He instantly asked, gazing in her eyes as they broke the kiss. She was panting, gazing in his eyes intensely. She gave him a slight node.

“You’re my whole world and my shining star. I adore you. I feel so lucky to have you in my life. I found my home in you. You’re the peace of my soul. Whenever I see you, it feels like you’re the image god. I see god in you who has shown me the right path. That’s why I call you my angel.” He was stroking her cheek with his thumbs, gazing at her. Now he was telling her in words that what she was for him. Now listening his words, she felt guilty to distrust him for the first time.

“But why you said outside that I am just a employee for you ?”She asked, staring at him bemusedly after catching her breath back. Sid turned on another side, facing his back to her and sighed deeply after shutting his eyes. Sana was waiting for his answer silently. “Shehnaaz, actually, I want to keep our relationship secret.” He answered her after opening his eyes but didn’t turn toward her.

He closed his eyes feeling peaceful as he felt his angel’s arms around him. She hugged him from behind, wrapping her hands around him and resting her head on his chest. “But why, sir, why can’t we love openly, why this fear?” She asked, having concern in her voice.

“I don’t know.” He was sounding so helpless. She understood that something was still bothering him. She gripped him tighter and pulled him closer to herself to assure him that she is with him. His lips drawn up into a blissful smile and he kept his hands over her hands and she too smiled.

He turned toward her after pulling down her hands. He gazed at her, his eyes filled with immense love. “But I’m am sure the way you taught me how to love, and in the way in future, you will do a magic and my this fear will also be gone.” He had now utter trust on her, she gave him winsome smile. He entwined his hands with her. His finger perfectly filled the gape between her fingers like their hands were also made for each other. He took his one hand near to his lips and gently kissed her knuckles, gazing at her and in the same he kissed the knuckles of her other hand. Her smile grew bigger, seeing his gesture of his immense love and a shiver ran down her spine when his lips touched her skin. He was now kissing every inch of her hand tenderly and she was enjoying the touch of his lips, having beautiful smile on her face. Both were gazing into each other eyes fondly.

“But for now I am not ready to tell anyone about our relationship.” He told her after sighing deeply. “Do you trust me, Shehnaaz.” He asked suddenly and she instantly nodded her head.

“I trust you blindly from the day when I’ve seen your golden heart and I trust you blindly from the day when I came to know you’re not what you show to the world.” She whispered each and every word from the core of her heart, looking deeply into his eyes after grabbing the collars of his coat. Her words were clearly showing that how crazily she loved him and how much she trusted him. Sid got speechless after listening her words because her words showed him that she trusted him blindly.

He raised her face after clasping her face and placed a lingering kiss over her lips after leaning down. He just wanted to tell her that how much he loved her. She kissed him back, encircling her arms around his neck. He slightly pulled his head backward after rolling his ponytail around his hand and kissed her deeply and passionately. He didn’t come to know while kissing her when he slid his hand inside her top and start massaging her twins inside her top over the fabric of her under wear. It just happened in the heat of the moment. She was moaning inside his mouth and enjoying a lot whatever his hand was doing. The way he was pressing her twins, she was feeling heavenly great.

“Do you like it, baby?” He broke the kiss just to ask this question from her because he didn’t want to do something which she didn’t like. “Just don’t stop.” Listening to her answer, he again slammed her lips, kneading and squeezing her twins inside her top. Nobody could say after seeing them that they had kissed each just a few minutes ago because they were kissing each other lips hungrily like they were craving from ages. His hands were doing magic on her, she was loving his touch. Her body was on fire and she feeling something down in between her thighs. She flexed her hips and rubbed herself against his crotch mechanically in the heat of the moment. She didn’t know, her body was automatically doing this, he smirked.

They instantly pulled away from each other as they heard the knock on the door. Both straightened their clothes and settled on their respective seat. Sana sat on the couch and Sid sat on his chair. Sana was blushing, thinking about their hot kiss, still she was feeling something down there. Sid glanced at her and smiled, seeing her blushing lost in her thought. “Come in.” Then he asked the person to come inside and mentally scolding that person because he’d spoiled their intimate moment.


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