(Part : 19) Inseparable Souls

Sidharth was discussing something with a female employee while Sana was sitting, making a sad pout because she was getting bore. She wanted to spend some quality time with newly formed boyfriend. Her lips drawn up into a naughty smile when an idea popped in her mind. “It’s time for some fun, Mr. Shukla.” She blew hair out of her face and smiled naughtily looking at him.

Next moment she started coughing to get Sidharth’s attention but he was so busy in his discussion that he didn’t even notice her. She frowned and pouted angrily, staring at him because she thought that he ignored her, after that she coughed more loudly. “Still no reaction, oh god.” She muttered looking upward to god and continued to cough more loudly.

“Miss Shehnaaz, please have some water, you’re disturbing us.” He uttered in curt tone without looking at her, his words were unexpected for her and she glared at him furiously. “Oh god again rudeness, when he will start behaving like my proper sweet boy friend?” She asked from god looking upward and then moved her eyes down at Sid, pouting angrily.

As the girl left, Sid sighed and turned his face to look at his Sana who was glaring at her.

“You know, I have given you the right name, Rude Sidharth Shukla. I’m your girlfriend now and you again talked to me rudely.” She complained cutely, averting her eyes and crossing her arms in anger. Sidharth felt guilty now.

“Sorry bacha, I was just too much engrossed in the work.” She moved her eyes at him frowning, but her lips curved up into broad smile, seeing her cute boyfriend. He was looking at her pleadingly and sitting holding his ears. He was looking so adorable. Her poor heart melted down, seeing his cuteness.

She stood up from sofa and strolled toward him, smiling now. “I’m sorry to disturb you.” She apologised, putting his hands down. Suddenly Sid grasped her wrist and yanked her down onto his lap. Sana stared at him, widening her eyes in shock. He was smirking at her. He snaked his one arm around her waist, holding it firmly, and placed his other hand over her face. She shivered and her heartbeat accelerated because of his touch and their proximity.

“You know what, you have right to disturb me anytime. So never apologise for that.”He was stroking her cheek with his thumb, gazing at her lovingly. She’d never thought that Rude Shukla would behave like this with her one day. She was going crazy, seeing his love. She was loving this Sidharth Shukla more.

“Sir..” As Sana opened her mouth to say something, he shushed her, putting his index finger over her lips. “Call me Sidharth, please. I want to hear my name in your sweet voice.” He whispered, brushing her lower lip with his thumb. She was just staring at him silently, his act were driving her insane. She was breathing heavily because of their proximity.

“Mr. Rude Shukla.” She tried to tease him at this moment also, he gave her pleading looks and she made a naughty pout.

” Please, baby.” He implored, looking at her pleadingly like a baby who is craving for the chocolate to eat.

“Aww, you’re looking so cute.” She squealed delightfully, holding his chin.

“Hayee, I never thought that the rude Shukla could also look so cute.” She spoke dramatically, placing her hand over her heart. He chuckled, shaking his head.

“Okay, now enough of your drama, now do what I’ve asked you to do.” He uttered again like a desperate baby.

“What? I forgot.” She rubbed her temple with her forefinger, averting her eyes. She was enjoying to tease him.

He pulled her closer to himself, grasping her arms. “Miss shehnaaz, I think, you’re also forgetting that who’s the boss here? So it’s the order from your boss, call me by my name.” He smirked, acting smart, taking the advantage being her boss on right time, but Sana was no less clever than him.

“Hww, how can I call my boss with his name?” She shrieked dramatically, placing her one hand over her mouth. “It is bad manner and you know, I’m a good girl. I respect my boss.” She stifled her giggle and he was glaring at her, she was seriously testing his patience.

“Shehnaaz, this is the last time, I’m asking you, after that I’ll make you say my name in my own style.” He warned her sternly, she chuckled.

“Now I won’t say until you show me your style.” She pulled him closer to herself, grabbing his collars, he smirked.

“You’ll regret, Miss Shehnaaz.” He again warned her in stern tone. His warnings were just making her more excited to see his ways. She was loving to play this type of game with him where there was no tension that who would win and who would lose.

She moved closer to his ear, smirking. “You don’t know, Mr. Shukla, what you’re doing to me? I’m loving the real you more.” She whispered in his ear and made him shocked him by suddenly biting his earlobe gently, her act aroused him.

Next moment, he pulled her head back by grasping her ponytail and attacked toward her neck, he was holding her face with his other hand. Sana was shocked with his sudden move, but with in second, she started enjoying his touch. He was placing wet kisses all over neck. She was moaning, moving her hands in his silky hair. His hand traveled down from her face to her arm. He slid down her sleeveless top from one side of her shoulder, while kissing her neck. He reached down to her shoulder, trailing kisses all over. He kissed and nibble her shoulder. His hand was massaging and kneading one of her twin over the fabric, she was utterly lost in him, he was driving her crazy. She was just moaning, arching her back. He was driving her crazy.

“Si, Sid, Sidharth” She moaned his name loudly, throwing her head back as he bit her collar bone. He grinned against her skin because he finally won the game. He made her speak his name in his own style. He sucked her hickey gently after that.

He smirked, looking up at her condition. Her eyes were closed and she was breathing heavily. “Do you like my style, baby?” She instantly open her eyes as he asked, placing his hand on her cheek.

“I just love it, Sidharth.” She whispered, coming closer to his face. His lips curved into blissful smile, hearing his name in her pleasant and sweet voice.

“Say it again.” He asked her to say it again like a excited kid, coming closer to her lips.

She was just smiling. “Sidharth, Sidharth, Sid..” and he shushed her by suddenly capturing her lips. He was kissing her lips softly and gently, pouring his all love and happiness. She was kissing him back with equal love, clutching his blazer. He pressed her forehead against her while kissing her lovingly and deeply. The kiss was full of love, not lust, only and only love. They didn’t only kiss each other lips, they kissed each other souls.

“I love you, baby.” He whispered, after breaking the kiss.

“I love you, more Sidharth.” She whispered back, he smiled, hearing his name again. Their forehead were pressed against each other and their eyes were still closed. They were in their own la la land, forgetting everything.

The knock on the door startled them. Sana instantly stood up from his lap.

“Come after ten minutes.” Sidharth wanted to spend some more quality time with his personal favourite employee, that’s why he sent back the person whosoever was on the door. Sana smiled at him. He stood up from his chair and stood before her. She shivered as he leaned down and placed a kiss over shoulder before pulling up her top from her shoulder. He smirked, staring at the love bite which he’d given to her few minutes back only.

“You’re mine now.” He moved his eyes up at her face from the hickey and saw his baby blushing.

“You look even more cute when you blush, baby.” He complimented her, yanking her closer to himself after snaking his hand around her waist and stroke her cheek with his other hand. Her cheek became pink and she gave him a adorable smile.

“And you look more beautiful with open hair.” He suddenly pulled down her rubber band and her long hair fell over her back. “So keep them open.” He tucked her hair behind her ear gently and she gave him a slight nod, smiling.

“Sorry, Sir to interrupt you, but clients are waiting in the conference room.” They heard the knock and a girl’s voice from outside of room.

“Okay, I’m just coming.” He replied back curtly.

“I’m sorry, I want to spend time with you but this work.” He apologised from her.

“It’s okay, work is also important. I can understand.” She blinked her eyes, placing her hand on his face. He smiled at her and after leaning down, he placed a tender kiss on her forehead. She closed her eyes in response, smiling blissfully. Then they sauntered out of the cabin for the meeting.


It was nine nine o’clock and Sidnaaz were still working in the office. They were exhausted after handling the meeting after meeting. They trudged into the cabin, utterly tired. Sana closed her eyes and slumped down on the couch, exhaling deeply. She opened her eyes and raised her eyebrows in shock as she found Sidharth still doing the work in his laptop. “Oh god, doesn’t this man get tired?”She asked from god moving her eyes up. She stood up and strode toward him.

“Oh hello, have you forgotten that I’m also here with you and If you want to marry with your work, tell me before only.” She closed his laptop in attitude. He got lost in her as he looked up at her pretty face.

“Sidharth, where did you get lost? I’m talking to you, not to the walls.” She shrieked, waving her hand before him, but still she didn’t get any response from him, he was just gazing at her beautiful face without blinking his eyes.

“I don’t want to go home because you won’t be there with me. I just can’t live without you.” He suddenly murmured absentmindedly, still gazing at her, and thinking that how he would live without her in his big mansion. This was the only reason that he’d started doing work on his laptop because he didn’t want her to go away from him. Shehnaaz smiled after knowing this.

“Sidharth, don’t worry, bhai and Bhabhi both are not at home, they have gone out of Mumbai for few days. So I’ll stay with you at your home.” Sid’s lips drawn up into a smile after knowing this. He was on cloud nine after knowing this.

“What did you think, I would leave you alone at night, when I know you won’t be able to sleep without me, the dark nights will remind you about your past, nightmares will haunt you and won’t let you sleep. Even after knowing all this, how could I think of leaving you alone at night.” He was just staring at her unbelievably after listening her words, he was like always speechless, seeing her unconditional love for him. He was just wondering that how could anybody love him so much.

“I can’t..” He shushed her by suddenly pulling her into his strong arms and held her firmly, burying his face in her shoulder like small baby. She was taken a back but next moment she also hugged him back. He pulled her closer to himself as he felt her arms around him. “I love you, I love you a lot, Shehnaaz. I just love you, love you so much.” He hugged her tighter. She smiled blissfully, listening to his true and pure confession which directly touched her soul.


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Love Mehak

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