(Part : 22) Inseparable Souls

Sid stopped the car in front of Gill’s Mansion. He came to drop Sana at her home. Both stared at each other, smiling faintly but their heart was crying inside. They weren’t understanding that how they would spend a night without each other. Their pain was clearly visible in their eyes.

“It just the matter of one night.” Sid whispered, placing his hand on her face. She gave him a nod before unlocking her seat belt.

“I’ll miss you. I hope this night pass soon.” She gave a peck on his lips.

“I’ll miss you too.” He whispered. As she turned her face to open the door, Sid grasped her arm and yanked her toward himself. He just slammed her lips, she widened her eyes in shock with his sudden and unexpected kiss. She responded back, pulling him closer to herself by grabbing his shirt’s collars. They were kissing each other passionately, forgetting about the whole world. She came over his lap without breaking the kiss. Sid took his hand inside her top and she shivered as his hands touched her bare skin. He was roaming his hand all over her bare skin inside the top, she was kissing him deeply, his touch was driving her crazy. Her body was on fire. The kiss was turning wild with each passing second. She started moving back and forth mechanically, rubbing herself against his hardness. They forgot that they were inside the car, not at their home and that too in front of Sana’s house. Sidharth came back to reality as Sana started opening his shirt buttons hastily without breaking the kiss.

He instantly broke the kiss and held her hands to stop her from opening the buttons of his shirt. “We’re not at home baby.” He whispered. Both were panting, gazing at each other.

She rested her head on his chest. “I just don’t want to go leaving you alone.” She murmured and a lone tear rolled down her cheek.

“I’m fine now, bacha. Don’t worry about me. It just the matter of one night.” He tried to calm her down, stroking her hair.

She raised her head from his chest to look at him. “I want you to make me yours forever. Marry me.” She suddenly proposed him.

“I’ll marry you soon, my baby.” He tucked her hair behind her ears, gazing at her lovingly. She was looking at him like a innocent baby. He pulled down her face and placed a tender kiss on her forehead. She smiled contentedly. After that she climbed out of the car and last time glancing at him, she sauntered into her home. He kept staring at her until she walked into the house.

Sana lumbered into her room after meeting her bhai and bhabhi, her lips were drawn down. “I don’t know, how he’ll spend a night without me and how I’ll able to sleep without him. Usne apni itni gandi adat jo dal di hai.” She sat down on the edges of her bed sadly, murmuring to herself.

Her phone rang up in her hand. Her lips curved into a beautiful smile, seeing his name flashing on her phone’s screen. “I miss you.” She answered the call instantly after placing the phone on her ear.

“Look out of your window.” Sid said, she widened her eyes in shock.

“You haven’t gone yet.” She asked in disbelief.

“Nope.” He replied back.

She stood up and rushed toward the window. Her smile grew bigger as she saw Sidharth, standing outside of his car. He was grinning at her, leaning against the car.

“I love you.” She confessed, gazing down at him.

“I love you more.” He gave her a flying kiss which she caught in her fist and kept it in her heart.

“I don’t want you too go, but you should go now and take some sleep.” She uttered sadly.

“Just wanted to see you again. Bye.” He waved his hand before settling into his car. He glanced at her from the car’s window and then drove away. She kept staring at his car until it disappeared from her eyesight.

For both of them even passing a single night without each other was becoming very difficult because in short span of time, they both had become habitual of sleeping in each other arms. They were not calling each other because they didn’t want to disturb each other.

But they were not aware that the next day was going to become more difficult for both of them.

Finally at six o’clock in the morning, he called her putting his guitar on the side. Whole night he was playing guitar and singing song, imagining her in front of him. His eyebrows creased, he became tensed because she wasn’t answering to his call.

“She must be sleeping, Sidharth.” He murmured to himself and then went to take shower. He sauntered out of the bathroom, towel was wrapped around his waist. He called her again after picking up his phone from the table but she wasn’t answering to his calls. He got anxious for her now.

“Relax, she’ll call you herself after waking up.” He started getting ready for the office, glancing at the phone after every few seconds. He was desperately waiting for her call or a message.

Before leaving for office, he checked his phone and he smiled when he found notification of miss-call, but his smiled vanished away as the miss-call was not from her number.

“Where are you angel? I am dying to meet you.” He sat into the car and left for the office. He was expecting to meet her in the office after the long night, but he was not aware that the god was planning something else for them.

He reached office and got disappointed when he didn’t find her there too. After that he started calling her constantly, getting anxious for her. After few hours, her phone got switched off. He instantly sent somebody at her home to check. By this he came to know she was not at home. He was going crazy thinking about her, many bad thoughts were coming in his mind. He started throwing things in his cabin, he was not understanding what he should do. He was going insane because he needed her badly. He never wanted to lose her.

“She also left me like others. Why I trusted her? I shouldn’t have trusted her.” He slumped down on the floor with a thud, tears trickling down his cheeks mechanically.

“Sidharth.” Sana’s voice startled him. Then he looked at the direction from where her voice had come. His lips curved into a smile as he saw her standing on the door, smiling at him. He instantly stood up and rushed toward her, having smile on his face, his heartbeat quickened. He was so happy because after so many hours, he was finally seeing his angel in front of his eyes.

But as he lifted his arms to hug her, she disappeared and his heart broke down into million of pieces. For a minute, he stood there, staring straight numbly. He couldn’t able to believe that he was imagining her few seconds ago. After that he started finding her crazily everywhere in the room. “You can’t leave me, Shehnaaz, you are my angel.” He uttered these words and dashed out of his cabin.


“You’ve to come back my angel.” He was yelling, standing on the railing of terrace. Tears were constantly trickling down his cheeks, he was broken and shattered. He was thinking wrong that like others, she also left him alone in this world. He wanted to jump down from the roof, but couldn’t because he wanted to see her, wanted to feel her around his arms and wanted to hug her tightly for the last time.

“Sidharth.” Sana shouted her lungs out standing down as she saw him standing on the terrace. Sid just stared at her, having faint smile on his face, but he didn’t react because he thought that he was again imagining her. “Sidharth, what are you doing, please come down.” She screamed loudly, bursting into tears. He was just smiling at her like a crazy person.

“Please, don’t do this.” She begged him and rushed into the house to save her life, he was his life and she couldn’t lose him. She reached on the terrace hastily and sobbed, seeing him still standing on the railing.

“Sidharth, I’m here now, please come down.” She begged, lumbering toward him and crying badly. He turned his face to look at her.

“You also left me like others, nobody wants to live with me because I’m bad, very bad.” She cried more, nodding her head negatively. “Please go away from my mind, I want you in real, I want to hold you in my arms, I want to kiss you, but now I can’t do this because you are my imagination. In real, my angel went away leaving me alone.” He spoke dejectedly, looking at her with sorrowful eyes. Sana was just crying woefully, shaking her head and strolling toward him.

“I’m in real, Sidharth. Believe me.” She told him, crying miserably, but he wasn’t ready to believe her.

“No, you are not.” He shouted, shaking his head and cried dejectedly after closing his eyes.

“Sid.” She shouted horrifyingly as he lost his balance and he was about to slip down. Her heart stopped beating for a moment. She thought, she lost him forever, now she would never able to see him and hold him in her arms, feel him and touch him.

She rushed toward him. She hastily grasped his hand and yanked him toward herself. He fell on the floor above her.

“Are you crazy?” She shrieked angrily after grabbing his collars, he stared at her in disbelief. “Don’t you trust our love. How could you think that I would go leaving you alone here ? I love you, Sidharth, I love you and my love is not a joke. I love you from the core of my heart. I can’t even think of leaving you alone intentionally, never. How could you think that I left you.” She started crying, burying her face into his chest and clutching his collars.

“You know, how difficult it was for me to spend twenty hours without you. Every second, I was thinking about you, but I was having no way to contact you , here you were thinking that I left you. It hurts, Sidharth. It is hurting a lot after seeing that you still don’t trust our love and you still don’t trust me.” She was so disheartened to know that he still didn’t trust her.

“I am sorry.” He apologised, realising his mistake and hugged her tightly.

“I’m so sorry. I don’t know why it is so difficult for me to trust you also. You’ve done a lot for me, still doing a lot for me and I don’t know why my heart still didn’t trust you, why my heart thought that you left me. I love you a lot too. I never want to make you cry. I want to live with you happily, but my fear of losing you is not leaving my mind.” He told her everything whatever was going in his mind and she could completely understand him.

She looked at him. “Sidharth, you have to trust me, you have to trust our love. If you truly love me then you have to trust me and our love because love is trust and if you can’t trust me then you can’t even love me.” She said in serious tone. He was staring at her with his sorrowful eyes.

“I promise you, from now I’ll trust our love and never ever distrust you because I really love you a lot. You know, I think today all this happened to make me trust you utterly and on our love. Now I’m completely sure that you will never go leaving me alone and if you even go, I’ll find you because our love is true.” He clasped her face and said each every word from the core of his heart. She smiled contentedly, gazing in his eyes and happy tears trickled down her cheeks. Her ears were craving to hear that he trusts her. This was really a very special moment for her.

“I love you.” She raised her body from floor and hugged him tightly, throwing her arms around his neck. He hugged her back, pulling her closer to himself and smiled contentedly. She suddenly broke the hug, thinking about today incident that without her, he was about to end his life. She again became disappointment. “Sidharth, I want one more promise from you.” She said in serious tone looking at him. “Whatever promise you want, I’m ready to give you.” He kissed her forehead and she closed her in response.

“Sidharth, you know life is uncertain, anything can happen to me, i can d..” before she could complete her sentence, he put his finger on her lips and stopped her from saying that she can die. “Please, let me complete because I’m scared for you because I never want that you should go back into the darkness from where I’ve taken you out.” She was looking at him with pleading eyes. He gave her a slight nod, asking her to continue.

She sighed. “I want you promise me that you’ll never spoil your life, if in future god plans to separate us and I’m not with you, you will never try to end your life because I live in your heart, Sidharth. Will you promise me?” She asked looking at him, having hope in her eyes because she was scared to see him pain in future without her.

Her words scared him like hell because now he couldn’t imagine his life without her but for her, he promised her. ” I promise you that you will always live in my heart and I’ll never try to end my life. I’ll trust you and our love.” He promised her and again kissed her forehead, this kiss was a promise to her that he would never distrust their love. She smiled blissfully, looking deeply into his eyes and he smiled back and both got lost in each other eyes.

“Make me yours today, Sidharth. I want you to make me yours. Please, complete me by making me yours today.” She suddenly begged him to complete her by making her his forever and always. He just captured her lips, without saying a single word.

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