(Part : 24) Inseparable Souls

The sun rose and the love birds were sleeping peacefully in each other arms, white duvet was covering their naked body, their legs were entangled with each other, coming out from the duvet partially. Sana’s head was placed on his chest. Yesterday, they had spent their first beautiful night and they became one, their clothes were scattered in the corner of the terrace. Yesterday, their true love had been witnessed by the moon and stars. It was best night of their life. Yesterday, they’d become two body and one soul.

Sid woke up. He was about to move his hand, but he realised, his angel was in his arms. He instantly opened his eyes and smiled blissfully, looking at his angel who was sleeping peacefully. Her breath was caressing his chest, sending a shiver down his spine. He could stare at her like this all day long without getting bore. She was so beautiful like an real angel. Her heart was pure like crystal. She was truly a angel.

“Beautiful” this word came out of his mouth automatically, seeing her beauty. Her face was glowing more after the last night because of his love.

“Good Morning, baby.” He kissed her forehead and wished her good morning. She moved in her sleep and a pretty smile spread across her face automatically as his lips touched her skin. She could recognise his touch in her sleep also.

“Yesterday was my best birthday.” She uttered, hugging him tightly. Sid was about to hug her back but suddenly stopped to hear that yesterday was her birthday.

“What? Yesterday was your birthday?” He asked, staring at her shockingly after breaking the hug. She nodded her head, having smile on her face.

“Why didn’t you tell me?” He asked disappointingly. He was so upset that he didn’t even know about her birthday.

“You never asked, Sidharth.” She shrugged her shoulders.

“I’m such a fool. I didn’t even know when is my girlfriend’s birthday.” He uttered, having guilt in his voice.

“No baby, you’re not a fool, you’re a big fool.” She teased him and laughed loudly. He sat up, folding his knees and placed his hand on it, his lips were drawn down. He was disappointed with himself.

She sat up, wrapping her hands around him from behind and rested her face on his back. “Sidharth, It doesn’t matter to me, if you didn’t remember my birthday. The thing matters to me is that we were together last night. Yesterday night was very special for me. I never felt so complete and heavenly like I felt yesterday. You’ve completed me yesterday, you make me feel alive. You freed me from my past completely.” His lips curved into a smile, listening to her words automatically.

He clasped and took her hand near to his mouth. “Yesterday, we’ve completed each other.” He placed a soft kiss on her hand, she smiled against his back blissfully. His kiss always sent a shiver down her spine. After that he made her sit on his lap. Both were naked but they didn’t care. They were completely comfortable with each other.

“You’re perfect for me.”He whispered after clasping her face. He looked at bemusedly as she nodded her head negatively.

She straddled him, her knees were against his thigh. She was gazing in his eyes passionately “No, we both are perfect for each other.” She whispered near to his lips and took him deep inside her after placing her hands over his shoulders. They go for one more round in the morning.

“Let’s take a shower together.” Sid suggested after her climax because he still didn’t get satisfied, he needed more. “Then what are we waiting for?” She winked at him, breathing heavily under him. He instantly climbed down from bed and took her downstairs, holding her fragile body in his arms. He directly sauntered into the bathroom and laid her inside the bathtub after turning on the tap. He also stepped inside the bathtub, gazing at her. Now the bathroom was filled with their giggles, moans and groans.


Sana was sitting on the slab of kitchen and gazing at her boyfriend with so much love who was preparing breakfast for her. As always she was in his shirt and he was only in his shorts. She loved the way, how he always prepared breakfast for her with so much love. She could see him like this for hours. She loved him so much and never wanted to lose him.

“Sidharth, don’t you want to know that why I couldn’t able to contact you yesterday and where I was ?” As she asked, he nodded his head, smiling at her.

“No, I don’t want to know because I’m sure, you must be stuck somewhere and that’s why you didn’t call me, otherwise why would you go leaving me alone. I know my angel can’t go leaving me like this without any reason because she loves me a lot.” He whispered, coming close to her face. His words brought happy tears in her eyes, seeing his trust toward her. Finally she succeeded to bring him out of the darkness completely and this was the happiest moment of her life. She took out the fear of losing her from him. She was so happy.

“That night, I was just about to call you, but before that I got a call from Delhi and I came to know, my mom is not well. I informed this to bhai and Bhabhi and then we hurriedly left for Delhi by our private jet and when I reached there, I came to know that it was all drama of mom because she wanted to give me a birthday surprise. I scolded my mom because I hate this type of stunts. She didn’t even know what was my condition when I came to know that she is unwell.” She sadly uttered last line and Sid embraced her in his protective arms. She felt peace in his arms.

“I couldn’t able to contact you because in all this I forgot my phone at home. I didn’t remember you phone number. I came back to Mumbai in hurry, giving excuses to my family because I wanted to spend my birthday with you.” She told him everything, looking at her  after coming out of his arms. He smiled after knowing that she came back for him and now he was calling himself a fool because he was thinking that she left him.

“Could I kiss you, now?” He asked like gentleman, brushing her lips with his thumb and staring at them having so much love in his eyes.

“You never have to ask, Sidharth.” As she whispered these words, he instantly captured her lips, he sucked her upper lips and she sucked his lower lips, after that both of their lips started moving in rhythm. She wrapped her legs around his torso and encircled her arms around his neck. He deepened the kiss, pulling her closer to himself by grasping her waist. While kissing her, he pushed her little backward and the things which were kept behind her, they fell down. Both chuckled after breaking the kiss for a moment and again started kissing each other hungrily.

Days started passing like this. Sana lied to her brother that she was staying at her friends home once a week to spend night with Sidharth and sometime she gave the excuse of meeting in Pune.

One fine day Sidnaaz were sitting in the conference room, meeting was just about to begin. Sana was smirking because something naughty was going in her mind. Sid noticed her smirk and raised his eyebrows, staring at her. Then she just winked at him. He looked around, rubbing his nape shyly, she chuckled seeing his reaction. After that the meeting started and he started giving the presentation. “Let’s make this boring meeting interesting.” She thought in her mind looking at him while smiling evilly.

Sidharth stopped for a moment as she started moving her hand on his thigh under the table. He glared at her through the corner of his eyes, she just smiled, still roaming her hand all over his thigh. He sighed and again started giving presentation. It was getting so difficult for him to continue the meeting because she was rubbing his junior over the fabric. She was arousing him, he was becoming harder by each passing second and dying to come inside her. He started coughing, Sana instantly gave him the glass of water still having smirk on her face, he glared at her, taking the glass of water. After drinking the water, he still acted to cough. The smart Sana instantly understood that why he was doing this, he was doing this to stop the meeting.  He started coughing more badly after standing up from the chair, putting hands on the table for support. Sana was controlling herself from laughing very difficultly after seeing his acting.

“Wha, yeh toh kamal ka actor hai, matlab yeh toh mujhse bhi badha actor nikla. What a great actor he is.” She murmured to herself, getting impressed seeing his acting.

“As you can see, Mr. Shukla is not well. So we have to postpone the meeting.” Sana stood up and told them. Sidharth was still coughing.

“So sorry, gentlemen.” He apologised from dealers and then moved his eyes to Sana from dealers. He glared at her angrily, she just again winked at him. Then all started to leave the conference hall.

Sana was about to leave the conference room, he blocked her way by coming in front of her. “Where are you going, Miss Shehnaaz?” Now he was smirking at her.

“I..” As she opened her mouth to speak something, he shushed her, placing his finger over her lips. They stared into each other eyes intensely.

“You don’t know what you’ve done to me few minutes ago.” He said huskily, clasping her hand and still gazing at her. “see how hard you have made me.” He placed her hand over the bulge in his jeans. She instantly moved her eyes down and widened her eyes in shock to see his junior which was dying to come out from his tight pants. She shyly looked up at him, raising her eyelashes, he smirked.

He locked the door and turned toward her. “Now will you go leaving me and my junior like this ?” He asked, cupping her face. She nodded her head negatively, he grinned at her. “So what will you do?” He asked, raising his eyebrows at her.

Then only Sana knelt down before him. She undid his jeans button, looking up at him shyly. She pulled down his jeans with his underwear and made his junior freed. She gulped down, staring at his hard junior. He was just smirking, looking at her expression. “This is what you do to me baby.” She looked up at him as he whispered.

She held his junior with her both hands, rubbed it and shook it before kissing and sucking him. He started moaning and groaning, placing his one hand over the table which was kept behind him and grasped her hair with his other hand. After a minute, he picked her in his arms and made her sit on the table. He hastily undid her jeans button and zipper, and pulled down her jeans. He slid inside her deeply after pulling her closer to himself by grasping her waist. She screamed clutching his shirt. He thrust her hard and fast. Finally his junior got what he needed. They spent few hours in the conference room, those few hours were filled with love and only love. More than home, they spent quality in the office.


In the morning, Sid was busy on his phone from one hour. Sana was getting bore. She smirked and sauntered toward him, he was sitting on the couch. She suddenly snatched the phone from his hand and dashed outside.

“Baby, it is important call.” Sidharth rushed behind her, yelling.

“Is it more important than me?” She yelled back running downstairs.

“Be careful, baby and Nothing is more important than you for me.” He shouted, coming downstairs. Suddenly his eyes fell on a butler of the house who was leering at Sana’s thigh, she was in his shirt. He clenched his fist furiously, glaring at the butler. He rushed downstairs and stood in front of Sana, covering her, facing his front to butler and back to Sana. She was confused that why he stood in front of her.

“Out of my house right now.” As Sid roared at the butler in fury, Sana flinched and he bowing his head down left the mansion. Sid turned toward her, still boiling in anger.

“What happened, Sid?” Sana asked concernedly, placing her hand over his face. He closed his eyes, feeling the touch of her hand. He was getting lost in her touch, forgetting everything, but he again became furious as the flashback of the butler, ogling at his Sana came in front of his eyes. He snapped open his eyes and grasped her hand suddenly. He was taking her upstairs, grasping her hand firmly. Sana was continuously asking from him that what happened but he wasn’t answering her.

As they reached inside, Sana opened her mouth to ask him again that what happened but he shushed her, putting finger on her lips. “Just stay quite.” He said coldly, staring in her eyes.

“Lie down on the bed.” He commanded, she complied without any argument because she trusted him that he wouldn’t do anything wrong with her. He was angry now and she decided when he would get back to normal, then she would talk to him. She was ready to take his anger whatever the reason was because she loved him and she knew, he would never hurt her, not even in anger.

He sat on the bed in front of her leg. He leaned down and start placing kisses on her milky thighs. She enjoyed the touch of his lips, closing her eyes, forgetting everything. She moaned loudly, clutching the mattress as he gave her love bite on her thigh, marking her thigh his. “You’re only mine, baby. Only mine.” He spoke, looking up at her intensely.

“I’m only yours, Sidharth. Sana is only yours.” She answered him back. He undid his jeans button hastily and pulled down his jeans with the boxer. He removed her undies too.

“Open you legs.” He commanded again, staring in her eyes intensely after coming over her. She complied, staring in his eyes, her eyes filled with love. He shoved into her without any warning, making her scream loudly. He slammed her lips and kissed her wildly, ramming into her roughly with full force, thinking about the butler. He wanted to kill him for ogling at his Sana like this. “You’re mine, only mine.” He was repeating this. She was moaning, scratching his back, she was loving his wild side also. She loved everything about him. If she took his love, care, attention then she could take his anger also because his anger was also the part of him and she loved him utterly. They climaxed and Sid finally came back to his senses. He lay down beside her.

“I’m so sorry, baby. I don’t know..” he apologised, stammering and looking at her, having guilt in his eyes. “I hurt you, I’m sorry. I don’t deserve you. I’ve anger issue. I..” She shushed him, putting finger on his lips after coming over him and straddling him.

“Relax, you didn’t hurt me and you can never hurt me.” She clasped his face and stated, looking deeply in his eyes. “Okay?” She asked and he gave her a slight nod. “Now tell me, what happened to you suddenly?” She asked, he told her about the butler.

“It wasn’t your fault but I took my anger out on you. I’m so sorry, baby. I love you.” He apologised again, feeling guilty and stroking her cheeks.

“It’s okay, Sidharth. You can take your anger out on me more often because I love my wild Sid too.” She winked at him, making him smile.

“You’re so.. , I don’t even have words. You always make me speechless baby with your love. I love you.” He kissed her forehead. “I love you too, Sid.” She rested her head on his chest and he embraced her, kissing her hair. He was having a blissful smile on his face. He thanked god every second for giving her to him.

A month passed like this, they were living a life which is every couple dream because here both the partners understood each other, they trusted each other, here both the partners were selfless, they thought about each other before themselves. In this one month, they became like a drug for each other. They tried to make their each and every moment special and their love never let them to think about their dark past. They were perfect for each other, they were happy together.


Do comments. Hope you like the possessive Sid😉.

Love Mehak


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